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8. if the GOP were to split
Fri Oct 28, 2016, 12:42 PM
Oct 2016

into a reformed conservative/libertarian party and a "deplorables" party, I wonder which would get the bigger share? I'm all too afraid it would be the latter.

The outcome I'm sort of hoping for now is that the GOP starts losing massively, and all the moderate conservatives flee and join the democratic party, until it becomes so overwhelming that the schism happens there, leaving us with a progressive party and a moderate-conservative party, with the hardcore racists and fascists relegated to a third-party rump status. But that probably won't happen... and if it did, it would certainly be a sad end to the legacy of Lincoln. I think the more likely outcome is that the Republicans will stick together despite being in permanent chaos and dysfunction, until they either come up with a charismatic post-racist leader, or finally manage to age out all the racists who keep making them lose elections.

K&R! stonecutter357 Oct 2016 #1
K&R! sheshe2 Oct 2016 #3
Shameful, isn't it? This is not the America I thought I knew. eom BlueCaliDem Oct 2016 #4
But I read on DU that it's only the older gen that has racists & sexists. CrispyQ Oct 2016 #5
Racists & sexists are made, not born. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2016 #9
You can't argue with the proportions IronLionZion Oct 2016 #25
If only millennials voted IronLionZion Oct 2016 #29
yeah. barbtries Oct 2016 #6
k and r niyad Oct 2016 #7
if the GOP were to split paulkienitz Oct 2016 #8
Without question. Dawson Leery Oct 2016 #10
We're lucky Trump is an incompetent clown. Jerry442 Oct 2016 #13
If Pataki was their nominee, his Presidency would not be the end of the world. Dawson Leery Oct 2016 #16
Yes we *are* lucky. Thank you for showing us your 'shortcomings', DJT... if this liberalla Oct 2016 #22
It's not pretty, but I'm more comfortable knowing about them and what they're up to than TonyPDX Oct 2016 #11
And they whip their hatred into motivated voters like this guy. ffr Oct 2016 #12
I'm shocked and depressed that...... northoftheborder Oct 2016 #14
After Clinton is elected NewJeffCT Oct 2016 #15
Where the fuck have you been the last eight years? You just noticed this now? TeamPooka Oct 2016 #17
It has been going on longer than 8 years, it is just I don't recall any major political still_one Oct 2016 #19
Damned straight, and it's a national security issue. sofa king Oct 2016 #18
This is the truth. classykaren Oct 2016 #20
May they go the way of the dinosaurs... FailureToCommunicate Oct 2016 #21
I'd rather have the dinosaurs BlancheSplanchnik Oct 2016 #26
It is horrible hibbing Oct 2016 #23
And our Supreme Court happily struck down important parts of the voting rights act IronLionZion Oct 2016 #24
have been posting, for yrs, that racism/sexism is alive, thriving, and on luvmybluestate Oct 2016 #27
I know. The last eight years, and in this election they have sure come out of the woodworks still_one Oct 2016 #28
I always knew this country was loaded with racists and sexists. Dark n Stormy Knight Oct 2016 #30
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