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2016 Postmortem

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Sun Nov 6, 2016, 06:35 PM Nov 2016

BREAKING: Newsweek's Eichenwald story just released on FBI investigation of emails. [View all]


The night of the disclosure (Comey's letter to Congress - kstewart33), Newsweek reported that the emails were from as many as three accounts—one through Yahoo, one on the domain clintonemail.com, and one from an account Abedin used in support of one of Weiner’s campaigns for office. Last week, Newsweek learned that that account was through Gmail. In other words, Abedin’s personal account provided by the State Department for non-classified emails was not involved. Abedin, who did not know Clinton used a private server for her emails, told the bureau in an April interview that she used the account on the clintonemail.com domain only for issues related to the secretary’s personal affairs, such as communicating with her friends. For work-related records, Abedin primarily used the email account provided to her by the State Department.

From the information obtained that first day by Newsweek, it was already clear that, because of the accounts involved, almost all of the documents were going to be duplicates or personal emails. In other words, from the opening moments of this inquiry, there were people in government who already knew what the outcome of this new FBI effort would be, yet it took the bureau another nine days to confirm those details.[div]

More at: http://www.newsweek.com/what-fbi-found-emails-anthony-weiner-laptop-517652
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Hell! I knew it. underpants Nov 2016 #2
What's "there" is''.. LakeArenal Nov 2016 #16
Well, hopefully cannabis_flower Nov 2016 #38
Can't the House initiate them anyways? LiberalLovinLug Nov 2016 #40
and the repukes are still spewing that an investigation is still going on. We really need the still_one Nov 2016 #3
Yeah, I can see how Guilani came to the conclusion that an indictment was likely. Not. bmpbmp Nov 2016 #4
Ghouly was told this by a "handful of corroborators" (FBI) so he said to Wolf wordpix Nov 2016 #18
They should ask him why the FBI has been leaking lies to him bettyellen Nov 2016 #37
So Newsweek is saying that this fuzzy inquiry was KNOWN to be a review of duplicates The Wielding Truth Nov 2016 #5
That's spot on Cosmocat Nov 2016 #10
Useful info for Franken's hearings spooky3 Nov 2016 #12
Three Words Best_man23 Nov 2016 #13
YES YES YES. This absolutely must happen. rivegauche Nov 2016 #39
Let the truth ring out! Hillary must win and we must restore truth to politics. The Wielding Truth Nov 2016 #14
I totally agree. I would fire Comey 11/9 but then again, Pres. O knows more than I wordpix Nov 2016 #19
It would be good just to have some facts out there and some protocol explanation. The Wielding Truth Nov 2016 #22
He is the FBI Director. He is not stupid. Dustlawyer Nov 2016 #25
I really thought that he was legit when he first took over and I heard him speak. Now...not so much. The Wielding Truth Nov 2016 #27
+1 uponit7771 Nov 2016 #34
You could see almost instantly they slow walked this getagrip_already Nov 2016 #6
They knew before they made the announcement on 28 Oct (Friday) ILFightinDem Nov 2016 #29
Just because it failed doesn't mean he didn't break the law. world wide wally Nov 2016 #8
I'm not expert in this area but it does appear Comey violated the Hatch Act + wordpix Nov 2016 #20
Comey has crossed a line and needs to go Gothmog Nov 2016 #11
It sure looks that way. TryLogic Nov 2016 #24
K & R for exposure. SunSeeker Nov 2016 #15
Most of us knew it too. Just common sense. n/t Lucinda Nov 2016 #17
Guess Rapey the Orange Clown isn't gonna Make the WH Jabba's Palace Again after all Rocknrule Nov 2016 #23
That explains Comey saying he had not seen them, otherwise the dirty trick couldn't go operational. Coyotl Nov 2016 #28
I honestly don't think Comey cares. Esp if he was offered a job in trade. Crash2Parties Nov 2016 #31
yeap, fuck Comey... damage was done at the right time for the GOP too; 11 days before an election uponit7771 Nov 2016 #35
Makes me sick that the FBI interfered in this election. I'd like to see Comey's head on a pike Nitram Nov 2016 #36
k and r niyad Nov 2016 #41
This Is Exactly What I Said DallasNE Nov 2016 #42
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