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Yep. They had closed minds and looked for anything to justify their boston bean Nov 2016 #1
She absolutely did BainsBane Nov 2016 #2
Have you seen that estimate about how much time the networks devoted to emails? LisaM Nov 2016 #3
And also 8 or 9/10 they DID cover policy was what Trump or Sanders said about her policy.... bettyellen Nov 2016 #7
Post removed Post removed Nov 2016 #4
yes because the handful of DUers who despised her are the most important people to listen to OKNancy Nov 2016 #8
That's what happens when you silence a sizable part of the party B Calm Nov 2016 #11
Easy to answer- they ARE NOT part of the Democratic Party. Lil Missy Nov 2016 #16
Then next election don't be surprised if they go with a new party. There B Calm Nov 2016 #25
That's my point - they SHOULD form their own party. Lil Missy Nov 2016 #36
If that happens and the democratic party stays out of power for the next 25 years B Calm Nov 2016 #38
Bill Clinton figured out how Democrats could win after 12 years in the wilderness. yallerdawg Nov 2016 #78
Jill Stein got 1% of the vote. TwilightZone Nov 2016 #83
Well this time Bobbie Jo Nov 2016 #50
There were many "democrats" who never really were until they saw an opportunity.... George II Nov 2016 #63
You mean representing his constituents as an I that voted for an I? Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #72
Please research the evolution of his political career vs. the Democrats in Vermont. It's sordid. George II Nov 2016 #73
Your holding his arrest for civil rights activism against him? Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #75
Who the fuck said that? I said his history vs. the Democrats in VERMONT, not something.... George II Nov 2016 #76
I pointed out they both evolved over time Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #77
When did Sanders begin to "evolve", when he was 65 or 70? George II Nov 2016 #79
He voted consistent D in the House & Senate starting in 1991 Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #80
So he was at least 50 years old when he seemingly "evolved", but up in Vermont.... George II Nov 2016 #111
Hillary was still evolving on issues in the last several years Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #118
This!!! DemonGoddess Nov 2016 #101
Let them go with our blessing CajunBlazer Nov 2016 #128
Post removed Post removed Nov 2016 #40
You seem to be taking this so personally. I assume you 1) voted 3rd party 2) voted for Trump or boston bean Nov 2016 #51
Why does that concern you now? B Calm Nov 2016 #54
You certainly seem to be concerned about who voted for Hillary? Why can't you answer. boston bean Nov 2016 #56
Post removed Post removed Nov 2016 #57
Wonderful.... thanks for helping to undo the New Deal, and the Great Society you boston bean Nov 2016 #58
I can easily say the same to you too, but that's not accomplishing anything B Calm Nov 2016 #59
I voted for Hillary, you tossed your vote to Trump by writing in BS. boston bean Nov 2016 #60
Everybody is entitled to an opinion. B Calm Nov 2016 #62
And you got DU'S opinion of you. William769 Nov 2016 #92
Hey o William!!!!!!! boston bean Nov 2016 #124
By that metric Sanders was a pathetic candidate- Dems in RL roundly rejected him bettyellen Nov 2016 #9
Bernie won Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana. B Calm Nov 2016 #13
If Stein voters had voted for Hillary she would have won Michighan and Wisconsin CajunBlazer Nov 2016 #20
Hell, just the voters who couldn't vote for her or Trump and B Calm Nov 2016 #28
Bernie won Michigan Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #33
So do you support those who voted for Stein instead of Hillary in Michigan? CajunBlazer Nov 2016 #55
Do you support those that voted for Johnson/Weld (LIB) instead of Trump? Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #67
Nice deflection and I think we can figure out why you are deflecting CajunBlazer Nov 2016 #99
Maybe Hillary's campaign should have paid attention in MI & WI? Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #102
Perhaps so, but the need was anything but obvious CajunBlazer Nov 2016 #109
I repeat Johnson voters for Trump would beat every Stein vote for Hillary Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #117
Granted! So what! Why do you feel the need to defend Stein voters? CajunBlazer Nov 2016 #120
You keep blaming Stein Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #121
Again why do you feel the need to defend Stein voters. CajunBlazer Nov 2016 #123
I'm un-DU to defend Bernie from being lumped in with Stein? Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #129
Bernie esentially told people they would be stupid if they voted for Stein CajunBlazer Nov 2016 #131
You can lead a horse to water.... Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #132
I'm not the one trying to defend the indefensible ones CajunBlazer Nov 2016 #136
So much for the DU not being a hate site!!! Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #137
Simple question - Why do you find it necessay to defend Stein voters? CajunBlazer Nov 2016 #139
If Johnson voters had voted for Trump he still would have won Michigan and Wisconsin Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #66
Duhhhh..... CajunBlazer Nov 2016 #104
Actually, she needed Michigan, Wisconsin AND Pennsylvania, BlueProgressive Nov 2016 #31
I know that. B Calm Nov 2016 #32
Faulty logic. That doesn't mean Bernie would win those states in the General. Lil Missy Nov 2016 #37
I know the difference between a primary and the election. I was pointing out B Calm Nov 2016 #39
Well then Lil Missy Nov 2016 #42
Perhaps Bernie should have done more to win over those voters for her? After all, he.... George II Nov 2016 #65
Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton (July 12, 2016 ) Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #82
Read the article, it was a strained and awkward "endorsement", and he didn't........ George II Nov 2016 #85
And knew there was no place for him in a Clinton Cabinet Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #86
So? What does that have to do with him "(not) doing everything he could to get her elected"? George II Nov 2016 #87
Conceding NOTHING Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #94
His support of Clinton in the campaign was weak at best, nonexistent at worst. George II Nov 2016 #96
First page of a goggle search Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #97
I don't see any events in July or August, or too many events more than a couple of hours drive.... George II Nov 2016 #98
You asked me to do research earlier Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #100
Clinton's loss was only 9 days ago, Sanders' was four months ago, yet many Sanders supporters.... George II Nov 2016 #112
I got past it Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #119
Then why does everyone keep bringing up Sanders, he wasn't even a candidate in the GE. George II Nov 2016 #122
Maybe because many DUers keep blaming Bernie for the loss? Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #130
I was referring to all the Sanders supporters here who are claiming that he would have won. George II Nov 2016 #134
No one's paying attention until after Labor Day... SMC22307 Nov 2016 #140
What??? And just how do I "know that"? George II Nov 2016 #147
Pssst...there are 50 states in the Union! George II Nov 2016 #64
If Sanders was so popular, why is it that just about every candidate he endorsed lost? George II Nov 2016 #115
She was an excellent candidate and a horrible one both at the same time because of this unbridled TrekLuver Nov 2016 #10
This!!!! CajunBlazer Nov 2016 #21
Yeap, makes the vote for the reasons outlined irrational... so very true uponit7771 Nov 2016 #142
I saw a Hillary ad about jobs and heard her speak last May 24 at UCR about jobs. ucrdem Nov 2016 #5
Never saw that tv ad ONCE. Do you know for a FACT it ran on tv? That it ran in Wisconsin? KittyWampus Nov 2016 #69
Hillary spent more on TV for Omaha's lone EC vote than she did in Wisconsin and Michigan combined Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #84
Yes, I saw it on TV last summer on TV, on a regular cable channel. ucrdem Nov 2016 #135
K & R, yes she did, she has pushed forv a minimum wage increases to occur when Congress Thinkingabout Nov 2016 #6
It is a sure indicator of who didn't bother watching speeches, or reading her website. Lucinda Nov 2016 #12
The issues isn't posters on DU. It's the large number of Americans KittyWampus Nov 2016 #70
k&r Starry Messenger Nov 2016 #14
Tho Hartmann said he got lots of email campaign letters ErikJ Nov 2016 #15
She's my favorite politician. Buckeye_Democrat Nov 2016 #49
So you saved your vote for Warren? She was not running. She heartily endorsed Clinton. Hekate Nov 2016 #90
Yes, I voted HRC. U think I'm a fool? ErikJ Nov 2016 #113
I got a zillion emails asking for money mountain grammy Nov 2016 #17
K & R SunSeeker Nov 2016 #18
An oldie but... Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #19
Perfect! CajunBlazer Nov 2016 #22
And then Trump voters would be all radical noodle Nov 2016 #30
wonderful cartoon. 1 NT. andym Nov 2016 #35
Too bad that wasn't posted on every street corner DFW Nov 2016 #41
She'd make a policy speech and it would be referenced on the last page of the paper. CBHagman Nov 2016 #23
Plus 2 million for the close to 2 million more votes she got than Trump in spite of that Hekate Nov 2016 #91
Personally think the campaign blew it. some of us here said focus ONLY Laura PourMeADrink Nov 2016 #24
Me too, more than myself, I feel for HRC... I feel terrible that we did something less MyNameIsKhan Nov 2016 #26
Wish this wasn't your final postmortem. NCTraveler Nov 2016 #45
She spoke about jobs many times. The media simply refused to cover issues during this election. LonePirate Nov 2016 #27
It was all there on the website for anyone to read radical noodle Nov 2016 #29
I cannot get over the navel gazing going on here. Ford_Prefect Nov 2016 #34
Hillary didn't fail us. We failed Hillary. Paladin Nov 2016 #43
Actually the White Nationalists were not the largest portion of Trump's support. Ford_Prefect Nov 2016 #46
You just lost me, F_P. (nt) Paladin Nov 2016 #47
1 Buckeye_Democrat Nov 2016 #81
They aren't dems. NCTraveler Nov 2016 #44
Speaking of jobs, the unemployment rate in Wisconsin is 4.1% and falling. ucrdem Nov 2016 #48
So many experts here mcar Nov 2016 #52
Yes, if they were really paying attention they would know this. wisteria Nov 2016 #53
They were too busy sulking because the majority of Democrats (and Independents too!!) chose her. George II Nov 2016 #61
You Are WRONG There were no tv ads I saw where she mentioned JOBS. KittyWampus Nov 2016 #68
economic anxiety is the least of Trump voters' worries bigtree Nov 2016 #74
absolutely. It was about racism pure and simple. What is troubling is those that voted third party still_one Nov 2016 #93
I saw quite a few, can't say they played (or should have) in your market ... bettyellen Nov 2016 #116
yep bigtree Nov 2016 #71
absolutely. The media did their part looking the other way. "emails, emails, emails, pneumonia, still_one Nov 2016 #88
She did all that. The Party took on Bernie's platform and she embraced its language, added to her... Hekate Nov 2016 #89
Hell, Russ Feingold and Zypher Teachout lost. Besides the FBI, the MSM distortions, the social still_one Nov 2016 #95
Funny how the experts forget that mcar Nov 2016 #105
It's infuriating n/t DemonGoddess Nov 2016 #107
But not surprising mcar Nov 2016 #127
and Zypher Teachout was a ideological disciple of Bernies, and she lost by 10% still_one Nov 2016 #126
This!!! DemonGoddess Nov 2016 #106
We give greater weight oldtime dfl_er Nov 2016 #103
They did not cover her jobs platform on the news. It was up to her applegrove Nov 2016 #108
K&R CajunBlazer Nov 2016 #110
How many times did she visit those rust belt TexasMommaWithAHat Nov 2016 #114
Their own irrational hatred filled their ears and blocked all other senses. NurseJackie Nov 2016 #125
Did she run any campaign ads on it or finagle the press to make a big deal about it? yurbud Nov 2016 #133
How could she "finagle the press" exactly? She did run ads on it. bettyellen Nov 2016 #138
Shame always works. For sure. jalan48 Nov 2016 #141
what- you want to let the untruths stand? why? bettyellen Nov 2016 #143
"Untruths"? The Democratic Establishment needs to look in the mirror. jalan48 Nov 2016 #144
The OP was about specific untrue things- not you're vague laments. bettyellen Nov 2016 #145
Actually, it's the labeling of those you disagree with that's bullshit. jalan48 Nov 2016 #146
I'm talking about disinformation being spread by Dems.... you're deflecting. bettyellen Nov 2016 #148
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