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2016 Postmortem

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Thu Nov 17, 2016, 03:09 PM Nov 2016

We are doomed [View all]

As long as the "Hillary lost because of racism, misogyny, xenophobia, an Islamophobia" becomes the new theme at DU.

There is do doubt that the 61 million people in this country are either racist, xenophobic, misogynist, Islamophobic, or a combination of all four. If you cast your vote for Donald Trump you are either these or stupid beyond all belief.

(Aside here, if anyone among are midst cast such a vote, you deserve everything that happens to you. I couldn't care less. I am a black man who has spent his entire life fighting for the most vulnerable of people of color and they are going to be imprisoned, executed, disenfranchised and shot down in the street under Trump.)

The fact is, however, that Trump received approximately the same number of votes (possibly even fewer votes) than Mitt Romney. There was no groundswell of FIRCs flocking to the polls carrying Trump to victory.

Instead, there was Hillary Clinton drawing the least number of Democratic voters of any Democratic nominee in over two decades. Think about this. Hillary Clinton drew fewer voters to the polls than a black man with a Muslim name who said he was going to provide a path to citizenship to 10 million undocumented workers. It's worse than that, however.

In Leon County, Florida (where I was in 1999-2000, trying in vain to get the Party to get behind our dramatically underfunded efforts to restore the constitutional right to vote of tens of thousands of convicted felons), for example, Hillary Clinton drew 4% fewer black voters to the polls (even with the help of the most inspirational and transformational president in history) than JOHN KERRY. That kind of failure was repeated all over the country. While we stood behind her, as we always have percentage wise, she offered so little that even many of us stayed home (and that's even with not just our President's help, but people like me out there working the streets for months).

As for white folks, again, a black man with a Muslim name, promising amnesty, running less than 10 years after 9/11, drew millions upon millions more white voters to the polls (and won hundreds, perhaps thousands, more predominantly white precincts) than Hillary Clinton.

Hillary and her campaign lost this election. Until we start to talk about how they lost it, we are doomed

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We are doomed [View all] Uponthegears Nov 2016 OP
You are thinking they are the same voters. What makes you believe that? boston bean Nov 2016 #1
What makes you think they are different? Uponthegears Nov 2016 #5
Dark Doesn't Describe The Hate otohara Nov 2016 #6
Thank you Uponthegears Nov 2016 #40
I'm Not White otohara Nov 2016 #45
Maybe it was this Uponthegears Nov 2016 #46
And Maybe You Left Out The First Line On Purpose otohara Nov 2016 #47
You seriously don't Uponthegears Nov 2016 #57
Yes, because it's more acceptable to hate women- and women that are smarter than the average man? bettyellen Nov 2016 #41
I'm going to let this drop Uponthegears Nov 2016 #44
Murdering 6 million people for religious reasons -Hitler pbmus Nov 2016 #53
Probably not the place Uponthegears Nov 2016 #58
Didn't Hillary get more votes than Gore or Kerry? LisaM Nov 2016 #2
And I just saw they are predicting she may have over 2,000,000 more than Trump when it's done. C Moon Nov 2016 #17
She's already got well over a million more LisaM Nov 2016 #27
Great. Yeah, I heard when the counting is complete, she may have over 2,000,000. C Moon Nov 2016 #31
Facts are amazing aren't they. That at least 10% of those who supported Bernie made a difference still_one Nov 2016 #60
I wasn't picking on Hillary or her supporters. I voted for Hillary and went numb when I saw her lose C Moon Nov 2016 #61
I assumed you did, and actually was agreeing with you still_one Nov 2016 #62
Sorry. I misread. :) C Moon Nov 2016 #65
no problem, I don't always communicate that well. Thanks still_one Nov 2016 #67
It was a lackluster performance. HassleCat Nov 2016 #3
Respectfully, I advise you to compare Trump's vote totals in Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin and geek tragedy Nov 2016 #4
Okay Uponthegears Nov 2016 #9
Pennsylvania was over a 7% increase in votes for Trump. geek tragedy Nov 2016 #10
Actually I was a little further off than than Uponthegears Nov 2016 #13
that one state was enough to swing the presidency geek tragedy Nov 2016 #15
True enough Uponthegears Nov 2016 #18
lots of mistakes get revealed when one loses. geek tragedy Nov 2016 #21
Yes, and Clinton was way behind Obama Uponthegears Nov 2016 #14
the party needs to own this too. Clinton and her campaign were certainly flawed. geek tragedy Nov 2016 #16
1 jimlup Nov 2016 #7
She and Bill will no longer directly participate in presidential campaigns and that is good BeyondGeography Nov 2016 #8
I'll preface this by saying I have great admiration for years in public service and her amazing geek tragedy Nov 2016 #11
Really good analysis...to the end. Wilms Nov 2016 #12
I'm sure the Trump voters have some idea of what you're bashing about! yallerdawg Nov 2016 #24
Enough voters switched from Obama to Trump to elect the latter President. geek tragedy Nov 2016 #25
I know of no voters who switched from Obama to Trump. yallerdawg Nov 2016 #29
Trump has about the same total as McCain and Rmoney Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #30
We don't know if they stayed home, though. yallerdawg Nov 2016 #34
Your last paragraph Uponthegears Nov 2016 #48
The toxic icing on the cake was the deplorables comment... Raster Nov 2016 #39
Yeah, and that was planned, not impromptu. nt geek tragedy Nov 2016 #63
Yes. She did have pneumonia at the time. yallerdawg Nov 2016 #64
.........sigh......... alittlelark Nov 2016 #19
Doomed? Please get a grip. kstewart33 Nov 2016 #20
I live in Alabama, where... yallerdawg Nov 2016 #22
I live in South Carolina, and they guy who supposedly represents me in Congress GoCubsGo Nov 2016 #32
Which Democrat will carry Alabama in a presidential race? SMC22307 Nov 2016 #66
Are you familiar with Nixon's 'southern strategy'... yallerdawg Nov 2016 #68
All of the Trump voters I've talked with voted against Hillary, not for Trump. Kablooie Nov 2016 #23
Of course .....none will admit to the prejudices that moved them to Laurian Nov 2016 #26
I think the FBI and Russia had something to do with it. lark Nov 2016 #28
It's a tried and true tactic to come out and loudly accuse the other of what you're afraid you might bettyellen Nov 2016 #42
Last I checked wysi Nov 2016 #33
You're spot on. fleabiscuit Nov 2016 #35
I've lately been having a rational discussion... wysi Nov 2016 #37
I empathize (CA here). The argument that if we abandoned moonscape Nov 2016 #70
La,La,La,La - She Can't Hear You otohara Nov 2016 #51
Clearly not wysi Nov 2016 #52
Bullshit. n/t duffyduff Nov 2016 #36
Now Uponthegears Nov 2016 #38
That's a fair point. In my view this was a change election. ... spin Nov 2016 #43
Or how Obama faced more sexism. fleabiscuit Nov 2016 #69
I think we're doomed by blaming her LibraLiz1973 Nov 2016 #49
For the record- LibraLiz1973 Nov 2016 #54
she lost because of "racism, misogyny, xenophobia, an Islamophobia." jmg257 Nov 2016 #55
People always vote for "change" especially when one party has been in "power" for 8 years. TrekLuver Nov 2016 #50
Swastikas Are USA Now - Change otohara Nov 2016 #56
Not in my USA...I'm not handing it over to these assholes. Let's all remember that segregation was TrekLuver Nov 2016 #59
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