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2016 Postmortem

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Ken Burch

(50,254 posts)
Thu Nov 17, 2016, 03:46 PM Nov 2016

The campaign we ran was centrist. Being MORE centrist in '20 won't help us. [View all]

We need a larger electorate. We need to find new ways of getting people to the polls. "Vote for us and we'll be LESS different" won't do that...and it won't flip the Upper Midwest back.

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Find a candidate that has the capacity to inspire the people to vote. Buzz Clik Nov 2016 #1
Agreed. And saying that isn't an expression of hatred. Ken Burch Nov 2016 #3
NOBODY connects with voters better than Bernie! He will lead us out of the wilderness. InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2016 #59
We had Bernie Sanders .. he got clobbered by Super Delegates !! YOHABLO Nov 2016 #21
Clinton had more delegates of every kind, more total votes, etc etc Buzz Clik Nov 2016 #30
Yes - the Democrats spoke. And we got a candidate that got more votes than any white guy ever. (nt) ehrnst Nov 2016 #43
... but not distributed properly. Buzz Clik Nov 2016 #44
Yes, in states that were weighted to give rural voters more say than urban voters. ehrnst Nov 2016 #45
No, he failed to win enough pledged delegates, i.e., votes. Maven Nov 2016 #52
She inspired more people to vote than any white man in history. And she inspired more than a million pnwmom Nov 2016 #25
Hillary had a very low voter turn out. Else You Are Mad Nov 2016 #26
Overturning the voting rights act in 2013 led to the suppression of millions of votes. pnwmom Nov 2016 #33
Yep. (nt) ehrnst Nov 2016 #50
That is true... Else You Are Mad Nov 2016 #53
Trump exploited white male rage at 8 years of Obama. ehrnst Nov 2016 #49
ugh. Buzz Clik Nov 2016 #29
Did you happen to read this? pnwmom Nov 2016 #48
Please read this too... Else You Are Mad Nov 2016 #55
And the effect of 8 years of a black president on a simmering underbelly. ehrnst Nov 2016 #46
Centrist would be OK. HassleCat Nov 2016 #2
How does one go from centrist, to more centrist? NCTraveler Nov 2016 #4
Most of that wasn't emphasized in the ads and on the stump. Ken Burch Nov 2016 #6
Strange. All the way around strange. NCTraveler Nov 2016 #9
I'm not attacking. I'm not bashing. Ken Burch Nov 2016 #10
Never said you were. nt. NCTraveler Nov 2016 #11
He always does that. When cornered or when an irrefutable point has been made... NurseJackie Nov 2016 #28
He has done it three times to me today. NCTraveler Nov 2016 #31
The vast majority of women who voted, voted for Hillary. And People of Color. ehrnst Nov 2016 #51
Sanders supporters weren't all white men, and our campaign was anti-oppression and pro-choice, too. Ken Burch Nov 2016 #56
It's very simple MurrayDelph Nov 2016 #35
While you have a solid point. NCTraveler Nov 2016 #36
When the "important" and "neglected" demographic takes their Democratic party back....(nt) ehrnst Nov 2016 #47
Nailed it! I have to believe we're not going to make the same mistake twice in a row. It's time to reward Bernie for his loyalty... InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2016 #60
About sums up much of what I'm seeing. Lol nt NCTraveler Nov 2016 #61
We MUST go economic populist meow2u3 Nov 2016 #5
"Economic populism on steroids is the way to go in '20 or we lose big time!" NCTraveler Nov 2016 #7
The thing missing was a unifying theme meow2u3 Nov 2016 #12
I like every word you have written here. NCTraveler Nov 2016 #13
"Stronger together." yallerdawg Nov 2016 #42
My number one issue will most likely remain the same. Stop the looting at the top! Only one brewens Nov 2016 #8
Hoo boy! NurseJackie Nov 2016 #14
we lost the election because of Bernie Sanders and JPR. Period. Warren DeMontague Nov 2016 #15
I saw what you did there. hedda_foil Nov 2016 #16
yeah, and I'm right. Warren DeMontague Nov 2016 #17
How about someone with some charisma? MrScorpio Nov 2016 #18
Millions of people think she has plenty of charisma. pnwmom Nov 2016 #20
Actually, I was referring to future elections MrScorpio Nov 2016 #62
No, it wasn't "centrist." A call for raising taxes on the wealthy, for providing free college pnwmom Nov 2016 #19
"Exit polls show Hillary was perceived as too liberal," Hogwash YOHABLO Nov 2016 #22
At the end the poll average had her up about 3 points - within the margin of error. pnwmom Nov 2016 #24
Nonsense. This was the most progressive platform in decades. Even Bernie said so. scheming daemons Nov 2016 #23
I don't think she ran as a centrist. The platform was the most progressive according to Sanders. hrmjustin Nov 2016 #27
THANK YOU. (nt) ehrnst Nov 2016 #38
it's the most progressive agenda that has ever been put forth La Lioness Priyanka Nov 2016 #32
If white straight men feel left out, then apparently, it's problematic ehrnst Nov 2016 #40
exactly. La Lioness Priyanka Nov 2016 #66
How many times is this broken record still being played? duffyduff Nov 2016 #34
you mean the "blame teh berniebrooos" record? Warren DeMontague Nov 2016 #65
If "centrist" means that you continue to honor PoC, women's issues, Latinos, LGBTQs ehrnst Nov 2016 #37
I'm so tired of people ignoring true liberals mcar Nov 2016 #39
1000 yes. ehrnst Nov 2016 #41
Nobody was asking anyone to kowtow to racists or misogynists. Ken Burch Nov 2016 #58
Nobody in the entire campaign ever argued for NOT honoring those issues. Ken Burch Nov 2016 #57
there was nothing centrist about a major party POTUS candidate talking "white privilege," ericson00 Nov 2016 #54
Obama was more Centrist than Clinton . although neither was centrist but in comparison Obama ran JI7 Nov 2016 #63
I'm responding to the argument some are making that we lost because we weren't "centrist" enough. Ken Burch Nov 2016 #64
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