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2016 Postmortem

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6. It is starting to remind me of the old META forum.
Wed Dec 21, 2016, 01:56 PM
Dec 2016

I was a host for that shit-show. It devolved into a real Lord of the Flies atmosphere.

I really like a civil conversation, with parameters. DU offers that.

There are lots of places on the internet where people can get their Mean Asshole Contrarian on, to their heart's content.

It just shouldn't be here.

I always thought the admins should issue an invitation to DISCUSSIONIST to every jerk they tombstoned--that way, they keep the trade, but we don't have to smell their stink! Make it a pop-up when they click to log in: Hi, Your posting privileges have been revoked, but we invite you to continue the discussion at www.discussionist.com or whatever the URL was.

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The cadaver has pretty much lost all its flesh. We're picking through the bones now. jalan48 Dec 2016 #1
hmmmm Afromania Dec 2016 #7
If you don't like the forum, don't use it. Skinner will take it down when HE is ready. shraby Dec 2016 #2
Skinner has a long track record of listening to the members here. NCTraveler Dec 2016 #5
Your opinions matter, but what does it hurt to let the people who run this site do shraby Dec 2016 #9
What does it hurt to let our opinions be known? NCTraveler Dec 2016 #12
"If you don't like the forum, don't use it" misses the point Justice Dec 2016 #19
There are 2017 elections besides North Carolina Jim Lane Dec 2016 #31
How about renaming it to "General Discussion Politics" to separate flamingdem Dec 2016 #3
Or "How Can We Win In '2018 and '2020"? Ken Burch Dec 2016 #17
I like it - we need to be all about motivation flamingdem Dec 2016 #25
What about an option on your poll for re-naming that forum? mtnsnake Dec 2016 #4
It is starting to remind me of the old META forum. MADem Dec 2016 #6
They still haven't brought the other site back. bluedigger Dec 2016 #14
That might be the source of the hack...? nt MADem Dec 2016 #15
Seriously need an "Oh, FUCK YES!!!" option... n/t TygrBright Dec 2016 #8
No one is forced to come here. Joe941 Dec 2016 #10
And less and less are coming every day CajunBlazer Dec 2016 #13
Why all these threads to end this forum? Va Lefty Dec 2016 #11
Bump oh, and K & R nt Persondem Dec 2016 #16
Feelings are still raw. We need an outlet, but eventually it needs to be shut down...n/t asuhornets Dec 2016 #18
The same discussions will just move over to GD RonniePudding Dec 2016 #23
imho leave it until Jan. 21 nt 0rganism Dec 2016 #20
Just checked. There is a "Trash Forum" option for this forum. Goblinmonger Dec 2016 #21
I voted no because I find your crusade annoying. RonniePudding Dec 2016 #22
thank you ... eom Kolesar Dec 2016 #26
Same here, and it's just as nervy as it is annoying mtnsnake Dec 2016 #29
But then you wouldn't have anything to moan and grown about CajunBlazer Dec 2016 #30
Oh I'm sure I could find something mtnsnake Dec 2016 #32
I'm sure you could CajunBlazer Dec 2016 #33
CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP pablo_marmol Dec 2016 #38
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMEY, VOTER SUPPRESSION, RUSSIA - FACTS NOT IN DISPUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uponit7771 Dec 2016 #24
The day we stop thinking about what we did wrong is the day we keep right on losing. n/t Binkie The Clown Dec 2016 #27
My guess is that Skinner has a plan of when to "get over it" and rid us of the forum. CTyankee Dec 2016 #28
It's just getting crazy now, and I think General is the best place for future strategy Yo_Mama Dec 2016 #34
Yes, starting in January I think mvd Dec 2016 #35
Skinner has already said the date will be Inaugeration Day. n/t Lil Missy Dec 2016 #36
Kick for visibility CajunBlazer Dec 2016 #37
Ironic that "xyz"-2016 forum does the least harm now and the most when it was andym Dec 2016 #39
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