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39. No surprise Matt Taibbi would join the Hillary haters, Glen Greenwald and Jill Stein in defending.
Sat Dec 31, 2016, 02:25 AM
Dec 2016


They're in the process of disclosing information.. JHan Dec 2016 #1
Well, it's a story by Matt Taibbi who has been an outspoken critic of Democrats and Hillary Clinton BlueCaliDem Dec 2016 #2
I'm inclined to agree with you. However, as JHan eludes to above, I'll feel jonno99 Dec 2016 #5
this. LaydeeBug Dec 2016 #6
He went after Bush when he was president. He goes after those in power. m-lekktor Dec 2016 #9
In this story he's an OVERT hack with false equivalence and what he leaves out says more than uponit7771 Dec 2016 #21
Yeah, he is.. I don't care if he went after bush.. who the hell wouldn't? Cha Dec 2016 #45
Oh hell NO.. I was just wondering who wrote it.. meanwhile Greenwald and Cha Dec 2016 #43
Aloha, Cha! Thanks for your comment. I agree with you, those two tools are busy normalizing tRump BlueCaliDem Dec 2016 #54
+1000 baldguy Dec 2016 #53
Wow, actual journalism!!! Must be a full moon AND a leap year!!! Lurks Often Dec 2016 #3
Taibbi engaging in speculation is hardly journalism. lapucelle Dec 2016 #7
Not everybody is falling in line! m-lekktor Dec 2016 #8
No, it's not journalism. It's Taibbi's fictional account of how things happened. KittyWampus Dec 2016 #13
+1 uponit7771 Dec 2016 #22
It's not journalism.. it's speculative bullshit.. enabling trump. Cha Dec 2016 #44
It will be interesting to see... Yurovsky Dec 2016 #4
Oh, it's Taibbi... SidDithers Dec 2016 #10
Yeap, read the article ... Tiabbi leaves out a bunch of shit in his false ass'd equivalence to Iraq uponit7771 Dec 2016 #18
It is bullshit, and him trying to equate it to the WMDs in Iraq story somehow makes his point valid, still_one Dec 2016 #35
Like greenwald and tucker trying to debunk it on foxscrews?.. Cha Dec 2016 #46
He has zero credibility with me BainsBane Dec 2016 #52
Well it is easy to find out. Put Donald Trump and Roger Stone under a security investigation. UCmeNdc Dec 2016 #11
Works for me. nt jonno99 Dec 2016 #12
While I feel it is quite possbile that Russia did hack the DNC and ... spin Dec 2016 #14
"The Rolling Stone"? Ken Burch Dec 2016 #15
You're right - jonno99 Dec 2016 #19
No Probs. Ken Burch Dec 2016 #20
Charlie's gone undercover and is getting ready to blow the lid off the whole thing. NBachers Dec 2016 #28
FUCK TIABBI, No Mention of Benedict Donald inviting Russia to hack and the tangible ties between uponit7771 Dec 2016 #16
good post triron Dec 2016 #17
Yep. blue neen Dec 2016 #23
What's up with these guys?! They all seem left leaning anti government... uponit7771 Dec 2016 #24
I dunno, but it sure seems like a coordinated effort at dividing Democrats. blue neen Dec 2016 #25
+1, or giving hope to KGOP that we are divided ... we're not, just pissed about the treason and uponit7771 Dec 2016 #31
Really.. why is he enabling trump with all this shoddy reporting? Cha Dec 2016 #47
Some of these guys want access, that's what happened with Hitler but in the US there are too uponit7771 Dec 2016 #50
Speaking of stories that stink Nick Otean Dec 2016 #26
Amazing to hear Taibbi parroting Trump's twitter talking point. lapucelle Dec 2016 #27
+1 uponit7771 Dec 2016 #32
Yeah, wth.. why is taibbi enabling monster trump? Cha Dec 2016 #48
Rolling Stone, that font of journalistic integrity Warren DeMontague Dec 2016 #29
Thanks for the link. Snackshack Dec 2016 #30
Horrible read, false equivalencies and omissions as if we never knew about Manafort uponit7771 Dec 2016 #33
Ok. Snackshack Dec 2016 #36
Don't know Tiabbi not to like him but know false equivalencies when I see them. He might have uponit7771 Dec 2016 #37
No surprise Matt Taibbi would join the Hillary haters, Glen Greenwald and Jill Stein in defending still_one Dec 2016 #34
Yes, and the false equivalencies out the whole article and the lack of mentioning the obvious... uponit7771 Dec 2016 #38
Saw your post above and you are absolutely right still_one Dec 2016 #40
No surprise Matt Taibbi would join the Hillary haters, Glen Greenwald and Jill Stein in defending. LenaBaby61 Dec 2016 #39
Yeah, matt taibbi joining greenwald and tucker on foxscrews to enable trump.. Cha Dec 2016 #49
Taibbi, like Cenk Uygur -- used to like before infected with false equivalency disease. betsuni Dec 2016 #41
Typical Matt Taibbi n/t kcr Dec 2016 #42
I've met Matt in person marlakay Dec 2016 #51
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