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Response to bravenak (Original post)

He's fighting for us. tecelote Jan 2017 #1
Why does he disparage democrats if he is on our side? bravenak Jan 2017 #3
Mention Bernie on this site and watch out. tecelote Jan 2017 #4
So we cant complain about him but he can complain about us. Got it. He's more important bravenak Jan 2017 #11
Exactly. LisaM Jan 2017 #16
I feel the same way. Seems positively giddy bravenak Jan 2017 #29
Thank you! LisaM Jan 2017 #36
You're not radical noodle Jan 2017 #58
You're not the only one who feels that way. BlueCaliDem Jan 2017 #102
Ditto. brush Jan 2017 #152
+1 nt JTFrog Jan 2017 #92
It keeps him on the front page and groups keep paying to have him speak. redstatebluegirl Jan 2017 #242
And sells them books too I bet bravenak Jan 2017 #243
You can see that in his subtle "I told you so" post election comments. liquid diamond Jan 2017 #84
You want one of our most vocal progressives to go away womanofthehills Jan 2017 #281
Very PC otohara Jan 2017 #86
Oh, yes, that's quite obvious lunamagica Jan 2017 #105
Bernie campaigned aggressively for Hillary MrPurple Jan 2017 #106
+1 nt jonno99 Jan 2017 #275
Anyone (yes I read the responses below) who feels this way KPN Jan 2017 #204
Oh, you are not alone in this! I have noticed he seems very giddy lately. R B Garr Jan 2017 #278
Shut Up tecelote Jan 2017 #17
He should do so until he reflects on HIS OWN FAILURES with minority democrats bravenak Jan 2017 #24
Walk the Talk. tecelote Jan 2017 #32
That's what I'm telling him. Walk the walk. Can't learn from anybody if he's the one doing all bravenak Jan 2017 #34
Introspection is good for everyone to practice as often as possible. tecelote Jan 2017 #35
Speaking of "walk the walk", have we heard a single word in defense of Rep. John Lewis... George II Jan 2017 #66
Good question Eliot Rosewater Jan 2017 #76
I was also wondering about this Gothmog Jan 2017 #101
He has never once defended Civil Rights Legend John Lewis from attacks bravenak Jan 2017 #173
Color me surprised!!! George II Jan 2017 #175
Yes! sheshe2 Jan 2017 #177
They were horrific, she mcar Jan 2017 #225
Ye Gods. sheshe2 Jan 2017 #228
Yeah, it was intense mcar Jan 2017 #229
Yes -- you obviously just chose not to see his statement. It was posted on this site KPN Jan 2017 #206
I "chose" not to see it? Before I said anything about it I checked his website. Not there (yet) George II Jan 2017 #212
He also denounced Trump's attack on Congressman Lewis in his appearance KPN Jan 2017 #216
I see it differently based on my 69 years' life experience. George II Jan 2017 #218
I'm sure you do. I haven't heard a single substantive argument against KPN Jan 2017 #219
Substantive is in the eye of the beholder. As for "woulda, coulda, shoulda", perhaps.... George II Jan 2017 #226
Sanders campaign is premised on this revolution which did not occur Gothmog Jan 2017 #236
Do you have a link? I do not remember seeing Sanders on MTP Gothmog Jan 2017 #235
this is why I can't take you seriously. Exilednight Jan 2017 #199
Exactly -- KPN Jan 2017 #207
Didn't the polling data suggest that the more Bernie campaigned, more POC voted for him? aikoaiko Jan 2017 #73
I said pipe down not bow down bravenak Jan 2017 #163
As a woman, WhiteTara Jan 2017 #85
As a Bernie supporter I think you are wrong. MadCrow Jan 2017 #143
Well, you lost me on this one. WhiteTara Jan 2017 #151
Exactly k8conant Jan 2017 #182
So sheshe2 Jan 2017 #183
Why are you defending Hillary in this thread when all the other posts are KPN Jan 2017 #213
Chill bravenak Jan 2017 #247
With all that's coming out about the ruskies cyber-hacking and perhaps more than that... LenaBaby61 Jan 2017 #187
That was a personal choice. My wife and daughter KPN Jan 2017 #208
That was their choice too. WhiteTara Jan 2017 #210
I don't think Bernie is trying to shut down any criticism NWCorona Jan 2017 #88
They need to pick their battles bravenak Jan 2017 #156
Yes NWCorona Jan 2017 #157
Excellent point, bravenak. But, we won't be Cha Jan 2017 #142
Sanders was rejected soundly by Jewish, African and Latino votes Gothmog Jan 2017 #93
Why does your post sound like a threat? sheshe2 Jan 2017 #158
That's so weird bravenak Jan 2017 #174
Bingo. sheshe2 Jan 2017 #178
Right. Sanders criticizes a democratic to make us stronger. LanternWaste Jan 2017 #223
Maybe if you replace Democratic with kacekwl Jan 2017 #8
No. bravenak Jan 2017 #12
Yup KPN Jan 2017 #211
By the way Uponthegears Jan 2017 #20
Maybe we should find somebody besides either candidate? bravenak Jan 2017 #26
Truth n/t Uponthegears Jan 2017 #39
This is the answer, too much hurt feelings and distrust left over from this election Eliot Rosewater Jan 2017 #81
Because a lot of democrats are not on our side krawhitham Jan 2017 #68
And Bernie's pharma donations? Also full tax returns? Yeah I thought so. bettyellen Jan 2017 #145
Bingo!! KPN Jan 2017 #209
We always call out our own.. this isn't something new. secondwind Jan 2017 #126
He is trying to help fix a party that has been GUTTED all over the country at every level! RBInMaine Jan 2017 #285
His ideas wont work everywhere bravenak Jan 2017 #286
He may be fighting for you - but he's not doing a thing for me EffieBlack Jan 2017 #15
So, you vote for shut up. tecelote Jan 2017 #19
So, you think it's cool to tell us 'identity folks' that we are the problem? bravenak Jan 2017 #30
What? tecelote Jan 2017 #33
Ok bravenak Jan 2017 #37
I don't agree 100% with everything anyone I support (as far as I can tell). tecelote Jan 2017 #40
Then why is he decrying identity politics and political correctness bravenak Jan 2017 #41
Yes. Yes. Yes. tecelote Jan 2017 #46
I only criticise him based on his views of issues important to me bravenak Jan 2017 #49
How do his views actually differ with your views of issues important to you? KPN Jan 2017 #215
Identity politics are like the most important thing along with political correctness and things of bravenak Jan 2017 #244
And once again, black people and other minorities are the MOST reliable members forjusticethunders Jan 2017 #273
We always come through and are treated like an afterthough bravenak Jan 2017 #277
No - I vote for him to stop telling ME to shut up EffieBlack Jan 2017 #71
Sanders ran in the Democratic primary for media coverage Gothmog Jan 2017 #94
He can fight for progressive goals without fighting the Dem party. Fight the effin repugs... brush Jan 2017 #153
Well said. LisaM Jan 2017 #21
He is not the hero who will sweep us up in his arms and carry us from danger. randome Jan 2017 #18
Badmouthing or criticism? tecelote Jan 2017 #22
Maybe Sanders should become a Democrat. That would be "walking the walk", IMO. randome Jan 2017 #25
Maybe because 40% of America is Independent? tecelote Jan 2017 #28
Maybe Democrats shouldn't be labeled as worse than Republicans betsuni Jan 2017 #42
Where did you see "worse than Republicans"? tecelote Jan 2017 #48
I found all of those things right here, of course. betsuni Jan 2017 #59
+1000! mcar Jan 2017 #118
Sanders likes that label 'Democrat' when it benefits him, doesn't he? randome Jan 2017 #44
What if being anti-war is very important to you? tecelote Jan 2017 #51
How could there be a choice? Democrat, of course. randome Jan 2017 #54
You answered your own question. tecelote Jan 2017 #57
Well, yeah, change is inevitable. And should be welcomed. randome Jan 2017 #61
Well said. I don't disagree other than the anti-war bit but I'll leave that alone. tecelote Jan 2017 #65
Definitely too much conflict between factions. We need to emphasize working together more. randome Jan 2017 #67
Sanders was on the ballot in 2016 and under performed Clinton Gothmog Jan 2017 #98
Exactly , I don't care what you call yourself kacekwl Jan 2017 #139
I'd rather believe in unicorns kacekwl Jan 2017 #141
would you be jumping up and down to join a party RazBerryBeret Jan 2017 #133
Would you be welcoming someone who keeps bad-mouthing you? It works both ways. randome Jan 2017 #202
and yet we keep talking about it. n/t RazBerryBeret Jan 2017 #237
But Sanders has not joined the Democratic Party and is running for re-election as an indie Gothmog Jan 2017 #250
Actually, Bernie has been so successful in passing amendments womanofthehills Jan 2017 #282
We did NOT lose the country. LisaM Jan 2017 #60
We lost on many levels. tecelote Jan 2017 #64
The hell we didn't. SMC22307 Jan 2017 #260
I'm fully aware of that. LisaM Jan 2017 #268
That's one component... SMC22307 Jan 2017 #271
Ok, how many times? Are you stuck on "stop saying "Shut Up" or "Pipe Down"? brush Jan 2017 #154
Good. Holding out for magical heroes is how the nation got here. Orsino Jan 2017 #274
I like the real world and for me Sanders' platform was not realistic and was based on a "revolution" Gothmog Jan 2017 #276
He's been disparaging Democrats since Autumn. George II Jan 2017 #63
He is selling his book Gothmog Jan 2017 #96
No he is busy selling books Gothmog Jan 2017 #91
Agreed! GreenPartyVoter Jan 2017 #122
+1000 putitinD Jan 2017 #252
"too bombastic in my opinion. I decided it was too rude" melman Jan 2017 #2
Saw this at Jezebel earlier today and regular commenters said, betsuni Jan 2017 #5
I saw it at The Root.. I agreed with it and was grateful for Michael Cha Jan 2017 #7
The swarms never rest bravenak Jan 2017 #9
Buzzing insects are so annoying! betsuni Jan 2017 #43
We used to have some good swatters around here bravenak Jan 2017 #45
The Protectorate must defend all things Bernie... SidDithers Jan 2017 #80
Not that Michael isn't legit Uponthegears Jan 2017 #6
Nobody ever called him racist. It was called tone deaf. And the point stands with his anti PC bravenak Jan 2017 #10
See #20 Uponthegears Jan 2017 #23
There are good reasons why Sanders is not appealing to African American and other voters Gothmog Jan 2017 #97
And there are good reasons why many African American Uponthegears Jan 2017 #114
As you noted, you were in the minority of the African American community on this issye Gothmog Jan 2017 #131
A very good... tonedevil Jan 2017 #147
It's not the only minority I am in, now is it? Uponthegears Jan 2017 #160
So you do approve of Bernie wanting to primary President Obama Gothmog Jan 2017 #191
Thank you for all your work on behalf of all people, Gothmog. yardwork Jan 2017 #195
Thank you for the explanation from the point of view of YOUR demographic Uponthegears Jan 2017 #197
I got to meet Congressman Lewis iniatially because of my work in voter protection Gothmog Jan 2017 #220
I dispute your contention that only a "minuscule" number of DUers posted on JPR. yardwork Jan 2017 #194
Go for it Uponthegears Jan 2017 #198
I don't do screenshots. Go look for yourself. yardwork Jan 2017 #224
Thanks for the confirmation n/t Uponthegears Jan 2017 #238
Check back in my journal to july 2015 and beyond bravenak Jan 2017 #245
TY Brave! Uponthegears Jan 2017 #267
I look at the people who endorse the various threads attacking John Lewis Gothmog Jan 2017 #222
Thank you for your cut and paste Uponthegears Jan 2017 #161
You are welcome-you may want to consider using facts in these discussions Gothmog Jan 2017 #189
I missed what he's had to say about Russian influence seaglass Jan 2017 #13
I have heard nothing from him on the Russian hacking bravenak Jan 2017 #14
Strange how so many have nothing to say about Russian hacking or Donald's Russian support UCmeNdc Jan 2017 #31
I suppose they must think it's aokay bravenak Jan 2017 #38
Perhaps because his "operatives" hacked the DNC first? George II Jan 2017 #72
hmmmm.... nt Quayblue Jan 2017 #112
YAWN Chasstev365 Jan 2017 #27
You're talented at creating huge threads here! n/t Buckeye_Democrat Jan 2017 #47
You should give it a shot bravenak Jan 2017 #50
There is some great content on this thread Gothmog Jan 2017 #100
Bravenak - what would you have him do? Red Oak Jan 2017 #52
Listen to somebody else bravenak Jan 2017 #53
He could start with stop smearing allies of the left who disagree with him on minor points. JHan Jan 2017 #55
He could bravenak Jan 2017 #56
examples of smearing people who disagree with him on minor points, please, particularly as JCanete Jan 2017 #230
I'm not going to rehash the primaries here. JHan Jan 2017 #231
your first post was rehashing. These 13 dems didn't have a minor disagreement. nt JCanete Jan 2017 #232
It was relevant to the OP. JHan Jan 2017 #233
what was flawed about it. I'm here to learn. nt JCanete Jan 2017 #234
this: JHan Jan 2017 #239
In the interest of "transparency", the bombastic title is "Shut Up Bernie Sanders" (not my title) George II Jan 2017 #62
Some of the anti-Democratic delecate flowers were offended. baldguy Jan 2017 #70
K&R baldguy Jan 2017 #69
Post removed Post removed Jan 2017 #74
"considering the source" - Interesting turn of phrase. JHan Jan 2017 #77
... Buckeye_Democrat Jan 2017 #78
It wasn't Bernie's fault that Clinton lost the election.... Talk Is Cheap Jan 2017 #75
BS. He dragged out the primaries even though it was liquid diamond Jan 2017 #87
So, you are saying that because Sanders ran a campaign to win the election... Talk Is Cheap Jan 2017 #89
It's no stretch at all. liquid diamond Jan 2017 #146
No, The Systems Not Totally Rigged. But That Idea Sure Helped Donald Trump. Gothmog Jan 2017 #99
Does the system work for the poor and working class? immoderate Jan 2017 #107
Sanders claimed that the system was rigged and Trump quoted Sanders on numerous occassions Gothmog Jan 2017 #134
But the system IS rigged for the rich... Talk Is Cheap Jan 2017 #110
sigh JHan Jan 2017 #115
How are things supposed to change if we don't point out the problems... Talk Is Cheap Jan 2017 #119
My argument wasn't staying silent on anything.. JHan Jan 2017 #121
So you are happy that Trump used Sanders' bogus claims to win? Gothmog Jan 2017 #125
Is that a type of trolling? Talk Is Cheap Jan 2017 #128
Trump used Sanders claim that the process was rigged to great effect Gothmog Jan 2017 #132
As I stated before - the system is rigged against 99% of the people... Talk Is Cheap Jan 2017 #138
Yes, stating the truth about Sanders' is not a bad thing, either. R B Garr Jan 2017 #192
Would you like everyone to 'tell the truth' about... Talk Is Cheap Jan 2017 #201
So back to reality. Clinton was Sanders' scapegoat. R B Garr Jan 2017 #203
Yes, he did help Trump win, and thank you for your factual links and contributions R B Garr Jan 2017 #193
So is any criticism of Democratic Party policy permitted? guillaumeb Jan 2017 #79
DU rec...nt SidDithers Jan 2017 #82
How dare Bernie continue to promote liberal ideals! NobodyHere Jan 2017 #83
Have you bought his latest book yet? Gothmog Jan 2017 #95
I read this article last night Gothmog Jan 2017 #90
I won't alert this time HassleCat Jan 2017 #103
Oh, you poor thing! baldguy Jan 2017 #120
Sorry I alerted when you posted it HassleCat Jan 2017 #149
Post removed Post removed Jan 2017 #155
No, we can't, As a matter of fact. HassleCat Jan 2017 #159
"I will alert on any post that throws personal insults etc at any Democrat" baldguy Jan 2017 #162
Yes. HassleCat Jan 2017 #164
You don't get to decide that. You should apologize & delete your post. baldguy Jan 2017 #165
Of course I get to decide. HassleCat Jan 2017 #166
Posts critical of Bernie never get removed, OTH,posts critical of Corey Booker do. m-lekktor Jan 2017 #127
Two very similar posts were removed. HassleCat Jan 2017 #150
Keep speaking up, Bernie! 50 Shades Of Blue Jan 2017 #104
Post removed Post removed Jan 2017 #108
?????? JHan Jan 2017 #111
Post removed Post removed Jan 2017 #109
Should he withdraw from speaking at the ACA rallies we are having? hollowdweller Jan 2017 #113
Many upset with the article may ignore the following excerpt: Garrett78 Jan 2017 #116
K&R mcar Jan 2017 #117
This ... BlueMTexpat Jan 2017 #123
Friends who are ... LenaBaby61 Jan 2017 #148
To be fair, BlueMTexpat Jan 2017 #181
A thread you should look at.... alittlelark Jan 2017 #124
Yes, enough of him criticizing the Democrats treestar Jan 2017 #129
Just like he will lose next time if he doesnt come correct bravenak Jan 2017 #172
Bernie is a BIG part of the problem with his free this and free that. democratisphere Jan 2017 #130
Sanders made promises that he could never deliver on Gothmog Jan 2017 #135
Wow...that's one way to talk about things that should be human rights. nt JCanete Jan 2017 #137
And WHO do you think is going to pay for these human rights? democratisphere Jan 2017 #140
if you haven't been paying attention, there has been a great consolidation of wealth in the pockets JCanete Jan 2017 #144
Unnuanced articles that simply want to make one of the voices of the left/center-left bad or wrong, JCanete Jan 2017 #136
"majorly melanin-deficient crowds" Vermijelli Jan 2017 #167
Well, when you open your campaign at a monochromatic Regatta bravenak Jan 2017 #171
Monochromatic is an acceptable way of describing the crowds Vermijelli Jan 2017 #185
No one implied superiority, simply sameness bravenak Jan 2017 #186
K&R! I think the original title was just fine, and it needs R B Garr Jan 2017 #168
Well, you know we have to be nicey to him at all times or else bravenak Jan 2017 #170
Yes, I know exactly what you mean about....everything. R B Garr Jan 2017 #188
There it is melman Jan 2017 #190
K&R ismnotwasm Jan 2017 #169
Post removed Post removed Jan 2017 #176
You bored? bravenak Jan 2017 #179
Yup. Boring Arazi Jan 2017 #180
No gracias por la suerte! bravenak Jan 2017 #184
HRC 2020 HRC2020 Jan 2017 #196
Interesting reactions here Chitown Kev Jan 2017 #200
Remember his campaign surrogates attacking civil rights icons.... LexVegas Jan 2017 #205
Yep! bravenak Jan 2017 #240
I sure do remember, including the attacks on John Lewis! yardwork Jan 2017 #241
Such a needlessly divisive post hueymahl Jan 2017 #214
Meanwhile, as Democrats are down to fully controlling a measly six states... SMC22307 Jan 2017 #221
Your neener-neener posts don't change the fact that Bernie lost the primary. Sorry, R B Garr Jan 2017 #256
Such a failed message that he was invited to participate in yesterday's tribute to MLK, Jr... SMC22307 Jan 2017 #259
EVERYONE was invited to commemorate MLK day. It's a national holiday set aside R B Garr Jan 2017 #264
LOL! Were you invited to speak at the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church? SMC22307 Jan 2017 #270
Well, none of us are SENATORS on this board, so it's a silly analogy to ask why R B Garr Jan 2017 #272
100 SENATORS, 435 representatives... SMC22307 Jan 2017 #279
The Church is described as a "favorite" of politicians. Seriously, it fits the pattern that you R B Garr Jan 2017 #280
This author was a Bernie supporter and donor bravenak Jan 2017 #246
So he saw the light or was asked to buy bernie's latest book Gothmog Jan 2017 #248
It was the whole anti-PC/identity politics diatribe that bravenak Jan 2017 #249
Sanders attacks on identity politics are really upsetting to me Gothmog Jan 2017 #251
That was a strange thing for any liberal to say bravenak Jan 2017 #253
Yes, he's done quite an about-face on identity politics now that he can get media attention R B Garr Jan 2017 #257
The only thing that Sanders cares about is book sales Gothmog Jan 2017 #258
One man's opinion hueymahl Jan 2017 #265
Most of my friends voted for Hillary bravenak Jan 2017 #266
Almost all of my friends did too hueymahl Jan 2017 #269
Preach it... SMC22307 Jan 2017 #217
Why did sanders call for the end of identity politics? Gothmog Jan 2017 #283
This bettyellen Jan 2017 #284
Kicking! sheshe2 Jan 2017 #227
Did the Root cheer for Joe Lieberman when he consistantly stabbed Dems in the back? Larkspur Jan 2017 #254
Why dont you look it up yourself bravenak Jan 2017 #255
FDR was the first Democratic Presidential candidate to win the majority of black Larkspur Jan 2017 #261
And we got sold out bravenak Jan 2017 #263
Were you alive back then? Larkspur Jan 2017 #287
We were sold out. My Grandma was left out which fucked over her kids bravenak Jan 2017 #288
kick Blue_Tires Jan 2017 #262
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