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5. I'd Hate to Be a Wet Towel, But...
Thu Nov 27, 2014, 10:16 PM
Nov 2014

I'd hate to put a damper on something that's intended to be lighthearted, but I really do hate that presidents do these ridiculous turkey pardoning events. Making light of Americans' love affair with meat consumption belittles conversations that animal rights activists and environmentalists are trying to have. Animal rights activists rightly bring attention to the vast number of inhumanities suffered by animals in the meat industry. Environmental activists rightly point out the detrimental effects on our planet that result from the activities of those in meat industry. It's just frustrating to see your president, who as a Democrat has both animal rights activists and environmentalists in his base, joke about all the turkey eating on Thanksgiving, or about eating barbecue, etc.

I often wonder what exact number of turkeys must die for the general public to stop and consider their actions more deeply. You may assume 45,000,000 is a large enough number (which is how many turkeys die every year just for Thanksgiving meals), but you would be wrong.

Okay, vegetarian hissy fit out of the way, I'm ready to be called a hypersensitive party pooper.

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