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154. Hey, are practicing the authoritian crap and towards others what to do?
Thu Jul 9, 2015, 08:29 PM
Jul 2015

Colloquialism are sometimes difficult to understand.

Where is Bernie on legalization? LordGlenconner Jul 2015 #1
Because she can beat the GOP in the general election. DanTex Jul 2015 #2
That was her 2008 argument against Obama n/t ram2008 Jul 2015 #4
You asked, I answered. This is 2016, and there is no Obama. DanTex Jul 2015 #6
No, there is no Obama, but there is Bernie. Man of Distinction Jul 2015 #18
But there is Donald Trump. Voice for Peace Jul 2015 #81
Oh Dan, Dan, Dan ... ronnykmarshall Jul 2015 #87
There is someone better than Obama. I supported Obama but sabrina 1 Jul 2015 #234
I was talking about electability, not policy. DanTex Jul 2015 #235
Electability? Then you should be more worried about Hillary. Bernie has been sabrina 1 Jul 2015 #238
I'm pretty confident that Hillary is much more electable. DanTex Jul 2015 #239
Seems to me like Sanders will have a harder time beating HRC than the GOP phantom power Jul 2015 #23
Do NOT underestimate the GOP as weak. The did that with bush W. Also, the Koch brothers are still_one Jul 2015 #34
Yeah, and the general is likely to be Bush V Clinton tavalon Jul 2015 #58
At which point I write in E. Windsor. Jester Messiah Jul 2015 #191
And a few millions to rig the voting. erronis Jul 2015 #65
And I think a lot more will join Anonymous if they try to rig the counting, etc. too cascadiance Jul 2015 #77
You don't know that madokie Jul 2015 #31
Not for certain, no. But that's my best assessment of political reality. DanTex Jul 2015 #38
The name is Bernie Sanders madokie Jul 2015 #40
Elizabeth Warren zentrum Jul 2015 #62
Hopefully I'll still be here to see that madokie Jul 2015 #64
I hope so too! zentrum Jul 2015 #85
I would rather see her stay in the senate and become even more of a powerhouse. eggplant Jul 2015 #128
Not if Bernie wins! n/t aggiesal Jul 2015 #153
I love your confidence re Bernie. Voice for Peace Jul 2015 #86
Bernie is taking his message into conservative strongholds. Voice for Peace Jul 2015 #83
What Bernie is saying is what hifiguy Jul 2015 #113
I respectfully disagree. Bernie has Moderate R's as well as liberal progressives in his camp. His peacebird Jul 2015 #101
Fair enough. But that disagreement answers the OPs question. DanTex Jul 2015 #130
Understood, please know - we like different candidates, but ultimately are on the same side! peacebird Jul 2015 #135
I agree. We are all on the same side. DanTex Jul 2015 #137
Cheers! peacebird Jul 2015 #140
We can't know until someone starts polling Bernie matchups. Adrahil Jul 2015 #198
This "reason" bugs me. Beartracks Jul 2015 #104
All things being equal, I prefer Sanders. DanTex Jul 2015 #131
Oh Contraire Caretha Jul 2015 #144
Unlikely Man from Pickens Jul 2015 #109
There is a veritable hifiguy Jul 2015 #120
It isn't the skeleton. kenfrequed Jul 2015 #148
Completely agree dreamnightwind Jul 2015 #172
That's it, exactly. Sanders would just end up another "great 'populist' hope." I don't want it to Hoyt Jul 2015 #182
+1 nt Adrahil Jul 2015 #197
The best reason I've heard is that she's more likely to win the general drm604 Jul 2015 #3
For example, me. If I believed Bernie could win the GE, then I would support him. DanTex Jul 2015 #7
One thing I've noticed is that some right-wing acquantances seem to like him. drm604 Jul 2015 #12
I worry about him being able to get independents/moderates/swing voters. DanTex Jul 2015 #21
people just need to listen to him ONCE and those socialist labels lose their meaning. Voice for Peace Jul 2015 #91
Bernie will do best with independents AgingAmerican Jul 2015 #165
There really are very few, TRUE indies/swing voters. John Poet Jul 2015 #216
Sanders frames the economic and social debates in moral terms, which they like. Qutzupalotl Jul 2015 #27
The Primary is not the General tavalon Jul 2015 #60
Yes - voting for the Lesser Good in the Primary, Maedhros Jul 2015 #11
Wow, concise and says it all, that's a keeper - eom dreamnightwind Jul 2015 #174
There's just no way she'd do better in the general election. dirtydickcheney Jul 2015 #17
I would suggest they don't need to "give" a reason... Agschmid Jul 2015 #5
I can not answer that question. SamKnause Jul 2015 #8
. 99th_Monkey Jul 2015 #9
Because I am liberal and I am supporting a liberal candidate Hillary Clinton. Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #10
"Talking, Advocate" ram2008 Jul 2015 #13
You ask the question why liberals supported Hillary and I provided some reasons why I support her. Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #25
This why I didn't reply .... ronnykmarshall Jul 2015 #90
Yes I know, they ask a question but do not want an answer. Where do some people get their Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #115
There seems to be some joy over attracting conservative votes, but aren't liberal. So I pose this freshwest Jul 2015 #162
It's not puzzling. They want Bernie to win the primaries so the Republicans don't have to face lunamagica Jul 2015 #180
I've read GOP websites that say exactly what you said... n/t freshwest Jul 2015 #184
Yep- he's not the magic candidate who can talk about raising taxes and get away with it- bettyellen Jul 2015 #199
Advocating is most of what Bernie Sanders has too mythology Jul 2015 #150
+1 especially the immigration reform part lunamagica Jul 2015 #30
...... daleanime Jul 2015 #41
Does Bernie have any experience on ending wars? Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #44
Didn't want to start them. daleanime Jul 2015 #45
I don't like war either but sometimes the realization of needed action. I would bet if Israel was Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #47
Are we down to hoping an ally gets attacked? daleanime Jul 2015 #51
Is that how you read what was written? I didn't. But why are you arguing? Moonwalk Jul 2015 #72
My apologies, but please tell me exactly what I said.... daleanime Jul 2015 #84
Thinkingaboutit answered honestly a question about why a liberal would support Hilary.... Moonwalk Jul 2015 #175
Gun control is authoritarian Mnpaul Jul 2015 #46
Oh really. Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #48
Not hard to figure out Mnpaul Jul 2015 #57
Now I hear the choir preaching to the preacher. I am aware if what liberal is. Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #119
Suing a manufacturer because an individual shoots someone with a gun Mnpaul Jul 2015 #121
Let's agree to disagree. Every thing on gun issues is opposed by NRA. Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #129
Maybe you should lose the preacher crap Mnpaul Jul 2015 #134
Hey, are practicing the authoritian crap and towards others what to do? Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #154
She is Third Way tavalon Jul 2015 #63
The Third Way is a think tank, people getting together to find solutions for problems, they have Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #200
I have researched it tavalon Jul 2015 #207
You are joking, right? AgingAmerican Jul 2015 #211
The Third Way are neither Liberals nor Democrats LondonReign2 Jul 2015 #240
No, look at their membership. I for one refuse to be renamed by others who wants to run this Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #243
Truth isn't a talking point. Third Wayers explicitly promore Republican economic policies. LondonReign2 Jul 2015 #244
They have a business plan, something which is needed to an operation as large as the givernment. Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #245
What you laughably refer to as a business plan is a conglomeration of the LondonReign2 Jul 2015 #246
It is over, bye. Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #247
I'm sorry, facts sting, don't they? LondonReign2 Jul 2015 #248
Hillary is corporate owned who will promise us cake... Rockyj Jul 2015 #195
Owned like Bernie is owned by NRA and listens to lobbyists from energy, tobacco and oil industries? Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #201
I call bs on your "ownership" canard corkhead Jul 2015 #202
I used his voting record on gun issues, it is Bernie's voting record. Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #203
Something about stones and glass houses comes to mind when it comes to you talking about lobbyists corkhead Jul 2015 #204
Swift boat attacks was lies, you can not say Bernie's voting record is a lie. Also, Wall Street is Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #205
Follow the $$$ Capn Sunshine Jul 2015 #212
Ifollowed the money. When Bernie was running against Peter Smith the NRA gave $18000 in ads against Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #219
The NRA gives Bernie a "D minus" on their issues. John Poet Jul 2015 #217
NRA rates Bernie as an "F" LondonReign2 Jul 2015 #241
Did he vote against the Brady Bill? Yes, that rates him a F on gun control issues for me. Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #242
That depends how you define liberal sadoldgirl Jul 2015 #14
Defining liberal as being the same liberal voter for fifty years, this would make me a lifelong Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #32
Who was the most liberal president ever? JaneyVee Jul 2015 #39
I like Hillary more than Sanders. hrmjustin Jul 2015 #15
DUCK!!!! ronnykmarshall Jul 2015 #94
I read below a poster doesn't think we are real Democrats. hrmjustin Jul 2015 #95
Oh course we're not! ronnykmarshall Jul 2015 #99
Comments like the one below is why DU feels like it is going downhill. hrmjustin Jul 2015 #100
Same thing I've been saying marym625 Jul 2015 #16
Beats me. AtomicKitten Jul 2015 #19
Then this makes Bernue's vote on AUMF not liberal also. Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #26
Shhhhh! ronnykmarshall Jul 2015 #102
Gotcha Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #116
Who was the most liberal president ever? JaneyVee Jul 2015 #37
What point are you trying to make for the 2nd time??? Okay, I give? You name the most liberal !!!! trueblue2007 Jul 2015 #54
Twentieth century only DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #59
Because they (and she) are not liberals, but Repub Lite. kath Jul 2015 #20
There are millions of prople who fought for the Working CLass and Organized LABOR... bvar22 Jul 2015 #22
I have been a union organizer also, I am a liberal and despite a claim otherwise does not change the Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #29
No, one thing Third Wayers are not is liberal. n/t cui bono Jul 2015 #33
Your post survived an alert, 0-7, LOL hay rick Jul 2015 #88
Wow what a shocker .. ronnykmarshall Jul 2015 #98
I am liking you. nt sheshe2 Jul 2015 #122
Mob rule is teh awesome! Bobbie Jo Jul 2015 #132
Thanks! Looks like someone won't be alerting for the next 16 hours or so. kath Jul 2015 #170
Jury results. zeemike Jul 2015 #89
Thanks for posting that. I think the poster who was alerted on should always receive jury resultsand kath Jul 2015 #171
. hrmjustin Jul 2015 #92
I know right? ronnykmarshall Jul 2015 #105
Typical. hrmjustin Jul 2015 #106
Who are "they"? ronnykmarshall Jul 2015 #96
You are calling Clinton supporters Republicans? oberliner Jul 2015 #111
Quite true Doctor_J Jul 2015 #118
What drivel. Bobbie Jo Jul 2015 #139
Wow, that is some hilarious shtick shenmue Jul 2015 #168
Given the number of Democratic votes ... NanceGreggs Jul 2015 #183
that would mean most Democrats and large majority of all minorities, lgbt and women are repub lite JI7 Jul 2015 #173
That is ok Kath. I feel similarly about some of her detractors here. hrmjustin Jul 2015 #210
This message was self-deleted by its author DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #24
Pony? daleanime Jul 2015 #28
Good for you. I'm supporting whoever the Dem nominee is. JaneyVee Jul 2015 #35
and THAT is exactly Bernie Sanders position as well Capn Sunshine Jul 2015 #213
A very good question. 99Forever Jul 2015 #36
If Bernie wins the nomination it will be a replay of 1972, and I will vote for him. What will demosincebirth Jul 2015 #42
Not with voters under 50 fbc Jul 2015 #78
You were obviously not around in 1972 eridani Jul 2015 #187
Sir/Madame, your assumption, in this case, is wrong. The first president I voted for was JFk, demosincebirth Jul 2015 #220
How did you ever manage to miss the culture wars? eridani Jul 2015 #223
either you didn't read my 1st post or you're assuming (again) what you think I said, which I didn't demosincebirth Jul 2015 #224
I think it comes down to fear and hate, which are intertwined. Maedhros Jul 2015 #43
Boom. hifiguy Jul 2015 #123
I'm a liberal and I support Clinton. demosincebirth Jul 2015 #49
Woop! Woop! ronnykmarshall Jul 2015 #97
Insulting voters is not a good way to advocate for your candidate. frazzled Jul 2015 #50
why.would.a.Progressive.Democrat.support.Bernie.over.OMalley? KittyWampus Jul 2015 #52
Seriously? DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2015 #152
Hes.progressive.Even.on.gun.control.which.Bernie.isnt KittyWampus Jul 2015 #193
broken.windows. frylock Jul 2015 #236
A Very Good Question - Why Would Any Democrat Support A DLC Third Way Corporatist cantbeserious Jul 2015 #53
Because they are usually the only ones left in the General tavalon Jul 2015 #66
Hillary isn't a liberal. She's a centrist, establishment candidate. jalan48 Jul 2015 #55
good question nt heaven05 Jul 2015 #56
I am a liberal and old time DUer realFedUp Jul 2015 #61
Because 72% of identified liberals support her...... Historic NY Jul 2015 #67
0% of liberals support her. FiveGoodMen Jul 2015 #69
Prove it.... Historic NY Jul 2015 #70
If the word liberal has any meaning at all FiveGoodMen Jul 2015 #75
That's a very authoritarian perspective on the definition of liberal.... kjones Jul 2015 #124
You do realize that if words have no fixed meaning, then no conversation is possible FiveGoodMen Jul 2015 #127
Ah, but you're not fighting for the fixed definition kjones Jul 2015 #143
Circular "reasoning." okasha Jul 2015 #166
This message was self-deleted by its author Corruption Inc Jul 2015 #76
Yes, yes, of course. NanceGreggs Jul 2015 #138
This is ridiculous oberliner Jul 2015 #145
that means there are very few liberals in this country so how is sanders going to win ? JI7 Jul 2015 #177
No liberal ever would. FiveGoodMen Jul 2015 #68
fear ibegurpard Jul 2015 #71
Actually what I'm seeing is a lot of fear that he can win. RichVRichV Jul 2015 #108
That's not coming from liberals though ibegurpard Jul 2015 #136
self-identified liberals, nonetheless frylock Jul 2015 #237
This message was self-deleted by its author Corruption Inc Jul 2015 #73
"There will be no Hillary supporters voting for Bernie" kjones Jul 2015 #133
This message was self-deleted by its author Corruption Inc Jul 2015 #156
Well, to put it simply, you're operating with false assumptions kjones Jul 2015 #188
Rec'd ibewlu606 Jul 2015 #74
They believe Hillary has a better chance of getting liberal policies passed... Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2015 #79
I see what you did there! 99Forever Jul 2015 #93
Brilliant! kath Jul 2015 #125
yes, we have to nominate a conservative so we can win and pass liberal laws Doctor_J Jul 2015 #158
Of course! You can't risk conservative criticism! Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2015 #159
good post fbc Jul 2015 #80
And how could ANY knowledgeable progressive vote for anyone who ... DrBulldog Jul 2015 #82
I don't get it either. cui bono Jul 2015 #103
Beats the living bejesus out of me hifiguy Jul 2015 #107
The differences are astounding, and the choice NorthCarolina Jul 2015 #110
She's not promising things she can't deliver. And with a Republican House until Jan 2023 at least stevenleser Jul 2015 #112
I hope that thise who "don't get it" and say "beats me" read this post lunamagica Jul 2015 #157
^^^^ THIS ^^^^ COLGATE4 Jul 2015 #227
No idea Doctor_J Jul 2015 #114
Because she can beat the Republicans.. DCBob Jul 2015 #117
What makes you so sure she can? morningfog Jul 2015 #164
Several reasons.. DCBob Jul 2015 #189
So are you saying anyone who supports Hillary can't be a liberal? still_one Jul 2015 #126
They would certainly be inconsistant. HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #146
Good points still_one Jul 2015 #160
He can't win a general Kammer Jul 2015 #141
I like Bernie and would certainly vote for him if he wins the primary. I still favor HRC. kelliekat44 Jul 2015 #142
I think it comes down to competitiveness smiley Jul 2015 #147
Most liberals will not support her over Sanders. DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2015 #149
They're all just politicians. wildeyed Jul 2015 #151
Some want the "sure win" over actual liberal ideas. (nt) Inkfreak Jul 2015 #155
They're not playing to win, they're playing not to lose. Maedhros Jul 2015 #178
I am voting for Hillary because LuvLoogie Jul 2015 #161
Many reasons BainsBane Jul 2015 #163
Preach it, Sister! okasha Jul 2015 #167
Yes! Sing it! shenmue Jul 2015 #169
Bam!! ismnotwasm Jul 2015 #179
Bravo!!! lunamagica Jul 2015 #181
That was a mind and soul soothing post. LuvLoogie Jul 2015 #185
*crickets* kjones Jul 2015 #226
Good for you! BainsBane Jul 2015 #228
Don't think of it as being ignored kjones Jul 2015 #232
I guess the real question should be why would a Democrat (Liberal) be supporting Bernie over Hillary Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #176
Money. 1%ers. They want theirs. LeftOfWest Jul 2015 #186
Which is exactly why I have lost faith in the one person one vote system davidpdx Jul 2015 #218
because she will be an awesome president. nt arely staircase Jul 2015 #190
I generally find money is a fairly large factor for some reason. raouldukelives Jul 2015 #192
Hillary can win the general election Progressive dog Jul 2015 #194
Answer: Liberals don't. Le Taz Hot Jul 2015 #196
OK...I live in the liberal state of California Hepburn Jul 2015 #206
--> BECAUSE SHE CAN WIN <-- Herman4747 Jul 2015 #208
Bernie tried to stop H-1b visa abuse, Hillary pushed for more H-1b visas HFRN Jul 2015 #209
Getting tired of being told what this liberal can do and whom she can support. McCamy Taylor Jul 2015 #214
Why does a liberal have to be reminded different people think differently? Recursion Jul 2015 #215
Liberalism and socialism are very different things The Second Stone Jul 2015 #221
They wouldn't. n/t PowerToThePeople Jul 2015 #222
Neo-liberals support her. LWolf Jul 2015 #225
The main reason we hear is 'he can't win' AgingAmerican Jul 2015 #229
If it's just an "excuse", explain clearly how he campaigns and wins a national election. brooklynite Jul 2015 #231
It's a generic excuse AgingAmerican Jul 2015 #233
That was a great break down showing how far right WDIM Jul 2015 #230
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