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2016 Postmortem

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Cosmic Kitten

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Tue Jul 28, 2015, 06:00 PM Jul 2015

BERNIE: July 29th... 3344 Organizing Meetings 94,425 RSVPs [View all]

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Can you believe it!?!

3344 Organizing meetings!


94,425 RSVP's!
94,425 people have said YES
to Bernie's call for a mass movement.

If half of those people bring a friend
that's.... a hella lot of people for
Organizing meetings!

NO OTHER candidate could mobilize
that many people nationwide.

Check this map of the national meetings

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No Citizen Need Settle For The Lesser Of Two Corporate Evils - Go Bernie Go cantbeserious Jul 2015 #1
No need indeed! Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #2
It is really remarkable. So looking foward to it. Luminous Animal Jul 2015 #3
Outside the continental US kenn3d Jul 2015 #4
If you zoom out, you can see Hawaii and Alaska. Luminous Animal Jul 2015 #23
This is turning into a real revolution. wilsonbooks Jul 2015 #5
I'm looking forward to it! Will report Thursday a.m. Find an event near you at ... Scuba Jul 2015 #6
There are 80 events within 10 miles of my house in San Francisco! Crazy. Luminous Animal Jul 2015 #7
K&R! beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #8
Been looking forward to it since this azmom Jul 2015 #9
Getting PSYCHED!!!! Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #10
cool! my little, very red village has 32 RSVPs magical thyme Jul 2015 #11
Huge K & R !!! - Thank You !!! WillyT Jul 2015 #12
Kicked and recommended a whole bunch! Enthusiast Jul 2015 #13
92K now. Wonder if they'll break 100 before tomorrow night. n/t winter is coming Jul 2015 #14
92,138 RSVPs and rising tomm2thumbs Jul 2015 #15
Updated number from campaign! Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #16
And those are just the official RSVP's ! The one in my neighborhood is already fully booked but 2banon Jul 2015 #40
If everyone of us can reach just 10 people aspirant Jul 2015 #17
It's a helluva start, Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #20
This is a historical moment. Because RSVPs don't count the people the RSVPer's are bringing with Luminous Animal Jul 2015 #18
Absolutely. This is a BIG effin deal ;~) Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #19
Wow. I'm pretty surprised at the number in North Raleigh. WorseBeforeBetter Jul 2015 #21
Bernie's campaign transcends traditional boundaries Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #31
I'm just bummed I couldn't make one... work. WorseBeforeBetter Jul 2015 #71
they provided the link to watch restorefreedom Jul 2015 #22
Do they sell Doritos by the barrel aspirant Jul 2015 #24
I'll be joining 149 other people in a brewery eridani Jul 2015 #25
I saw that! artislife Jul 2015 #28
NOW THAT sounds like a great time Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #30
Had a diet coke--had to drive there and back eridani Jul 2015 #73
A brewery would have been a great spot. LWolf Jul 2015 #61
This is so very very exciting !!!! SamKnause Jul 2015 #26
I'm going with my son and my parents dreamnightwind Jul 2015 #27
K&R.... Get psyched, people! Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #29
Catch the Bern TONIGHT live stream Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #32
99,587 RSVPS. n/t winter is coming Jul 2015 #33
Good. Maybe he'll tell his supporters to... JaneyVee Jul 2015 #34
AUTOMATED MESSAGE: Results of your Jury Service Android3.14 Jul 2015 #36
Hey, I'm a Bernie fan myself... JaneyVee Jul 2015 #38
<sigh> Android3.14 Jul 2015 #41
LULZ you just called 90% of DU the worst persons on the interwebz Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #43
K&R for grassroots reality. nt raouldukelives Jul 2015 #35
Reality is exactly right! This isn't a phone "poll" of 500 people! Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #47
Now you just need to see how many actually show up. nt BainsBane Jul 2015 #37
Hopefull more than the 500o that attended Hillarys BIG Campaign kickoff! Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #48
You think this is about a social event? BainsBane Jul 2015 #49
Percents are meaningless without raw numbers. Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #50
Well conservative is as conservative does. ismnotwasm Jul 2015 #51
M'Kay My conservative neighbors REALLY like Bernie! Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #52
I'l take Sanders Republicans over Reagan Democrats any day o' the week Agony Jul 2015 #53
Crazy world, eh? Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #62
... Agony Jul 2015 #68
A huge chunk of people who self-identify as conservatice actual hold liberal views. Luminous Animal Jul 2015 #56
Gosh, we get to meet local people artislife Jul 2015 #54
I provided the link to the poll BainsBane Jul 2015 #60
Bummer! I couldn't RSVP (officially) becuase my event is already fully booked and it's just 2 blocks 2banon Jul 2015 #39
Multiple meetings in each of the 50 states RoccoR5955 Jul 2015 #42
UPDATE: 3,520 Organizing Meetings 100,886 RSVPs Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #44
C'mon, this is DU. winter is coming Jul 2015 #45
Mah bad Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #46
Hefner? George II Jul 2015 #55
At every Bernie organizing meet-up that I have been to, more people have shown up than RSVPd. Luminous Animal Jul 2015 #57
+1 True, this isn't some Hillary "intimate gathering" Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #63
You'd better let Bernie Sanders know. He was just on the Ed Show and HIS numbers...... George II Jul 2015 #69
Perhaps Bernie hasn't had time to check his website. Luminous Animal Jul 2015 #70
Tonight's the night. LWolf Jul 2015 #58
Woooo Hooooo ! Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #64
That's a breathtakingly staggering amount. AtomicKitten Jul 2015 #59
It is! I would guess even Bernie is in awe of this response. Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #65
Shut the front door! I do believe it's a political revolution. AtomicKitten Jul 2015 #66
W0ot W0ot! Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #67
We met our RSVP numbers, and better yet...! Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #72
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