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Daily News Bin? Seriously? magical thyme Oct 2015 #1
It's propaganda polling. AtomicKitten Oct 2015 #71
New poll -- CBS Nat'l Poll (Sans Biden) Clinton 56% Sanders 32% /With Biden-Clinton 46% Sanders 27% riversedge Oct 2015 #76
Your first link has been debunked.... BooScout Oct 2015 #78
So, the Daily News Bin is the pinnacle of excellence in journalism and polling? bwaaahaha AtomicKitten Oct 2015 #86
Wow, Mark Penn. MBS Oct 2015 #106
That really resonated like a stuck car alarm. AtomicKitten Oct 2015 #108
" " " n/t MBS Oct 2015 #109
Thanks Bernie, it was fun while it lasted. lobodons Oct 2015 #2
Are you kidding me? SmittynMo Oct 2015 #4
Her biggest donors are unions. JaneyVee Oct 2015 #6
Of course she's the front runner SmittynMo Oct 2015 #9
recognition enid602 Oct 2015 #63
Bernie will crush Hillary in these debates. Why do you think the DNC had to limit the number of debates? InAbLuEsTaTe Oct 2015 #64
Bingo SmittynMo Oct 2015 #65
Ummmmm..... BooScout Oct 2015 #75
Got a link for that? bvf Oct 2015 #13
Her biggest donors are wall st. Fearless Oct 2015 #20
Not according to FEC filings: JaneyVee Oct 2015 #22
Do you even read things? Your post shows exactly what I said! Fearless Oct 2015 #23
Did you read it? JaneyVee Oct 2015 #24
If you can't understand it, I'm not going to help you Fearless Oct 2015 #25
You do realize it highlights INDIVIDUALS JaneyVee Oct 2015 #27
Do you realize how corporations get around individual donation limits? Fearless Oct 2015 #28
That list has been debunked, those are not her top contributors. JaneyVee Oct 2015 #30
Now you're defending Goldman Sachs? Fearless Oct 2015 #33
No, I'm defending INDIVIDUALS. JaneyVee Oct 2015 #34
Complete bull. Fearless Oct 2015 #35
Ok. Good talk. JaneyVee Oct 2015 #36
Hee hee. Any argument beginning with bvf Oct 2015 #68
It's the Fox News "people say" argument. Fearless Oct 2015 #85
Lehman brothers the organization doesn't even exist any more....... Sheepshank Oct 2015 #61
Lehman Bros still exists Demeter Oct 2015 #66
And that surely makes for a happy Hillary. bvf Oct 2015 #69
That article is a year and a half old. Sheepshank Oct 2015 #79
That doesn't make it any less true. bvf Oct 2015 #89
They are not operating as any sort of investment banking firm that donates to campaigns Sheepshank Oct 2015 #73
This message was self-deleted by its author Sheepshank Oct 2015 #81
Let's be completely honest and open about these lifetime numbers..... Sheepshank Oct 2015 #84
Note the column headings! "Indivs" means INDIVIDUALS, i.e., not corporations.... George II Oct 2015 #92
I think that they are largely under the same impression that she's electable. BernieFan57 Oct 2015 #37
well, unions sure do support her financially... riversedge Oct 2015 #47
Did you know that union workers have no control over where donations go? BernieFan57 Oct 2015 #49
Been in unions most of my life. Workers do have input on this issue. Sometimes we riversedge Oct 2015 #51
What unions are those? bvf Oct 2015 #70
You go first.... BooScout Oct 2015 #77
I wasn't asking you. bvf Oct 2015 #87
So? You asked for a poster's qualifications..... BooScout Oct 2015 #90
Are the hosts aware that you're divulging bvf Oct 2015 #91
What on earth are you talking about? BooScout Oct 2015 #96
You just did it again. bvf Oct 2015 #98
The only thing I can think you are alluding to... BooScout Oct 2015 #99
BooScoot did not give any personal information about me. You are rude and I do riversedge Oct 2015 #104
Thank you Riversedge... BooScout Oct 2015 #105
That's a pretty lame excuse for failing bvf Oct 2015 #110
Union leadership is mostly by election of union members upaloopa Oct 2015 #102
Yes they do. George II Oct 2015 #93
Some evidence of who the Unions are really supporting... BooScout Oct 2015 #40
Hmmm. Ed Suspicious Oct 2015 #54
And it's not like Hillary will STAY to the Left Demeter Oct 2015 #12
I agree! mdbl Oct 2015 #14
Yep. SusanCalvin Oct 2015 #19
Hillary-Clinton-s-Liberal-Ranking BlueStateLib Oct 2015 #29
Feel free to search the FEC filings here: George II Oct 2015 #57
Yeah thanks Bernie workinclasszero Oct 2015 #11
Yep nankerphelge Oct 2015 #15
Don't blame you a bit workinclasszero Oct 2015 #59
Another vote of confidence for the republican party by someone bearing the Clinton avatar Scootaloo Oct 2015 #80
Game over, man! Game over.... frylock Oct 2015 #67
It's easy to side with the big money, but I will fight them to the end. rhett o rick Oct 2015 #83
We all knew this was coming. Go Hills! leftofcool Oct 2015 #3
Exposure tecelote Oct 2015 #5
Steady and getting stronger! FloridaBlues Oct 2015 #7
Amen SmittynMo Oct 2015 #56
K&R! stonecutter357 Oct 2015 #8
Good for her. Quackers Oct 2015 #10
Simply summarizing how it has been and is. Go HRC! Hortensis Oct 2015 #16
Sounds to me like Hillary is toast! Helen Borg Oct 2015 #17
If winning is toast! nt Walk away Oct 2015 #58
All these pollsters must get together and choose asjr Oct 2015 #18
Andd the latest Gravis NH poll had Clinton & Sanders in a statistical tie. riversedge Oct 2015 #21
That's right he lost ground in NH according to that poll. She is basically tied in NH. FloridaBlues Oct 2015 #38
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2015 #72
When We Stand Together - No Citizen Need Settle For The Lesser Of Two Corporate Evils - Go Bernie Go cantbeserious Oct 2015 #26
Good polling numbers Gothmog Oct 2015 #31
This might be a good time for Team Bernie to plan a graceful exit. nt ucrdem Oct 2015 #32
A lot of people feel Bernie is WORKING FOR US by raising enthusiasm Hortensis Oct 2015 #45
The person that should be gracefully exiting Time_Lord Oct 2015 #48
It Might Be A Good Time For HRC To Admit That She Is Owned And Controlled By The DLC Third Way cantbeserious Oct 2015 #53
I predict Biden will perform poorly in the debate and his numbers will go down and mostly go to Fred Sanders Oct 2015 #39
I predict Biden won't perform in the debate at all, lol BooScout Oct 2015 #42
At least Biden will not have to live up to any expectations the media have decided to assign him! Fred Sanders Oct 2015 #43
They will include him until.... BooScout Oct 2015 #44
Gallup pretty much admitted that most polls are just for laughs and giggles and pundit pay checks. Fred Sanders Oct 2015 #50
they are so silly, they will probably include Biden in the post debates polls even if he not present riversedge Oct 2015 #46
If Biden's "numbers" rise - leaving the horse race concept being disgusting aside for the moment - Fred Sanders Oct 2015 #52
Day after tomorrow. CNN has HRC placed center stage as the Hortensis Oct 2015 #60
Wasn't she over 50% in the summer and has dropped to 45%? Rosa Luxemburg Oct 2015 #41
Just to be fair in this narrative Sheepshank Oct 2015 #62
Great news Evergreen Emerald Oct 2015 #55
This primary poll will not tighten. upaloopa Oct 2015 #103
Add new poll CBS Nat'l Poll (Sans Biden) Clinton 56% Sanders 32% /With Biden-Clinton 46% Sanders 27% riversedge Oct 2015 #74
Presidential Race duggie99 Oct 2015 #82
Great attitude, positive post. Welcome to DU. oasis Oct 2015 #88
Thanks for posting BooScout R B Garr Oct 2015 #94
Kick & highly recommended! William769 Oct 2015 #95
Afternoon kick. William769 Oct 2015 #97
So which Hillary supporter runs Daily News Bin? n/t Avalux Oct 2015 #100
Massive! Massive I tell you! HassleCat Oct 2015 #101
Oh suuuuuure she does. in_cog_ni_to Oct 2015 #107
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