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9. I'll give this a shot
Fri Oct 23, 2015, 01:00 AM
Oct 2015

I'm a democrat, I'm going to vote straight dem ticket in any election. In my primary I will vote for Clinton.
I am also white and stand with black activists. The democratic party has not progressed towards racial equality without black activists pushing the party forward. So I support that. I think both candidates have fallen short and don't get what the issue is.
When blm got on stage with Bernie, there was a backlash against blm and some Bernie supporters were more interested in defending their candidate than supporting blm. It was disgusting. African American members of this site were out on the defensive and followed to the AA group and alerted on personally I came to the conclusion the only way to fight racism is for white people to stop being racist. There was out right barely concealed racism, calling an AA group member a race nagger. Claiming AA members of du were racist because they supported black lives matter. Otoh, there was the subtle responses of if only blm had nicer tactics etc.
Give me a break, if blm did that to Hillary or any GOP they would not complain about the tactics.
On the Hillary side, and I support her, she has not so far responded effectively to the concerns blm and other activist groups brought to her but I don't read many Hillary supporters on this site taking this criticism personally. I expect her to do better.
To me, white people are responsible for racism and the continued assault on black lives in this country. It's a fact. White people need to fix themselves. I can't act hurt and defensive when I belong to the group that caused all this misery in the lives of black folks.
Individually some of us are less racist overtly than others, some whites have put their bodies and lives on the line but we have been the group who holds the power and apparently there aren't enough of us who really want equality because if there was, the country would be different. To me, it then falls to white people who don't want to be racists to confront our own racism, individually and with our peers. It is not up to black folks to make white folks stop being racist.
So in response to black people dying in the country because of racists its kinda tone deaf when white folks are upset if they are made to feel like racists.
This is not a personal attack, its what it is.

I must hate my own people because I am black and big JRLeft Oct 2015 #1
Because the USA is a racially divisive country. delrem Oct 2015 #2
Not all the Founding Fathers thought slavery was cool Art_from_Ark Oct 2015 #43
The tone of your post Chitown Kev Oct 2015 #3
And we were wrong he's bought and paid for. He's showing his true colors daily. JRLeft Oct 2015 #4
Maybe...maybe not...that's not my point Chitown Kev Oct 2015 #10
Unfortunately, the country was so racist at the time no way we could benefit. JRLeft Oct 2015 #14
Why are you bringing up Bill Clinton in response to Kev's point about FDR? Number23 Oct 2015 #15
Sorry about that, I wanted to point out how Wall Street's policies JRLeft Oct 2015 #17
Well, black folks (and other POC) are kind of used to being fucked over Chitown Kev Oct 2015 #21
True, even under Bush with the option arm aka adjustable rate mortgages. JRLeft Oct 2015 #42
That's my point... Chitown Kev Oct 2015 #18
I made a post years ago that talked about the white liberal left's harassing and haranguing Number23 Oct 2015 #32
Well this Bernie Sanders supporter thinks the African American community owes Snotcicles Oct 2015 #37
It isn't really Fumesucker Oct 2015 #5
It was the reaction to Black Lives Matter that did it BainsBane Oct 2015 #6
Good OP, thank you. DU is not racially divisive. There are a few people here TRYING to make it so, sabrina 1 Oct 2015 #7
I think the best way to understand might be to murielm99 Oct 2015 #8
+100000000000 BainsBane Oct 2015 #11
Yup! Cali_Democrat Oct 2015 #13
I went the Blacklivesmatter website and I am confused. Bread and Circus Oct 2015 #38
You are talking to the wrong person. murielm99 Oct 2015 #39
I am not sure if I am to take your post as being helpful or arrogant. Bread and Circus Oct 2015 #40
I was trying to be helpful. murielm99 Oct 2015 #47
ok thank you Bread and Circus Oct 2015 #48
I'll give this a shot gwheezie Oct 2015 #9
Great post. nt Cali_Democrat Oct 2015 #12
Perfect response from you. As usual Number23 Oct 2015 #16
+1 Starry Messenger Oct 2015 #22
This....all of it. nt Bobbie Jo Oct 2015 #24
Nothing to add Dem2 Oct 2015 #29
Well spoken. Skidmore Oct 2015 #30
Beautifully stated! n/t Spazito Oct 2015 #34
Nailed it. Agschmid Oct 2015 #44
Most of it is done by a small group of people AgingAmerican Oct 2015 #19
IMO it started when it became very beneficial to one candidates supporters to make it that way azurnoir Oct 2015 #20
Calling Black Lives Matter a "Soros funded Hillary group" didn't help. JaneyVee Oct 2015 #23
Ask the guy who diagnosed black and LGBT Hillary supporters as suffering from Stockholm Syndrome..nt SidDithers Oct 2015 #25
^^^ This right here MohRokTah Oct 2015 #31
Start here Bobbie Jo Oct 2015 #26
BJ, I think the genesis of all of this was Cali_Dem's OP in May where he dared to note Hillary's Number23 Oct 2015 #33
Ah, right you are... Bobbie Jo Oct 2015 #36
That gif... Agschmid Oct 2015 #45
Exactly Armstead Oct 2015 #27
Sour grapes. randome Oct 2015 #28
I put the people who try to stir up crap on ignore. liberal_at_heart Oct 2015 #35
Bernie has a 100% rating from the NAACP Art_from_Ark Oct 2015 #46
Excellent post and sorry I did not see this earlier ... slipslidingaway Oct 2015 #41
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