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2016 Postmortem

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Rosa Luxemburg

(28,627 posts)
Sun Nov 1, 2015, 01:06 PM Nov 2015

Bernie Sanders Sends Shock Waves Through American Politics With $2 Million Campaign Ad [View all]

Just in case you didn't see this! Here comes the Bernami!

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is sending shock waves through the 2016 presidential election with a $2 million television that takes his message of change to the masses.

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YAY!!!! marym625 Nov 2015 #1
Real change = Real hope!!! n/t 7wo7rees Nov 2015 #102
Exactly. And the status quo not only doesn't change anything marym625 Nov 2015 #103
yes...last thing we need is more of the same. InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2015 #240
The media may suddenly start viewing Bernie favorably. Bubzer Nov 2015 #247
+1 marym625 Nov 2015 #276
No shock wave tipicial campaign AD lewebley3 Nov 2015 #107
Yeah, it was nice. BeanMusical Nov 2015 #160
lewebley3, you always make me chuckle. Bubzer Nov 2015 #249
Three Cheers for HIllary!!! lewebley3 Nov 2015 #294
Yup, people who were going to vote Bernie before now like the ad. That's about it. nt stevenleser Nov 2015 #292
I like it.nt Andy823 Nov 2015 #2
Very nice! That's going to wake up the masses! in_cog_ni_to Nov 2015 #3
"The masses?" Really? Are you guys talking about people or Hortensis Nov 2015 #272
Very inspiring. I love it! monmouth4 Nov 2015 #4
I notice no mention of the Dorothys whatchamacallit Nov 2015 #5
Dorothys? What have I missed? SheilaT Nov 2015 #44
This whatchamacallit Nov 2015 #53
Oh. Haven't seen the ad, although I have heard of it. SheilaT Nov 2015 #63
You're welcome whatchamacallit Nov 2015 #64
I support Hillary, but that was bit of a lame ad ...started out OK to tell a compelling story, Fred Sanders Nov 2015 #149
I'm not a hillary supporter... but credit where credit is due, that was pretty good ad. Bubzer Nov 2015 #248
Chelsea looks like her grandma--especially her smile. nt tblue37 Nov 2015 #164
I realize you are going out of your way to mock Secstate Clinton's mother, MADem Nov 2015 #106
Lol whatchamacallit Nov 2015 #108
Like Senator Sanders "tries" anything? See post 126. Funny how it's OK for some, but not others. MADem Nov 2015 #127
I made a joke comparing two political ads whatchamacallit Nov 2015 #128
That was NOT a joke. And I like Senator Sanders just fine. MADem Nov 2015 #132
You do? whatchamacallit Nov 2015 #136
Just because he's my 2nd choice doesn't mean I don't like him. MADem Nov 2015 #139
Back at ya whatchamacallit Nov 2015 #146
Lets not pretend that either side of this election season squable is innocent. Bubzer Nov 2015 #250
I think both candidates have great backstories, and I think people want to hear them. MADem Nov 2015 #285
We will certainly find out. It would seem theres 4 months left till our candidate is determined. Bubzer Nov 2015 #293
No. The USE of the mother by the daughter. senz Nov 2015 #113
You mean like how Senator Sanders tells us that his entire father's family was murdered by MADem Nov 2015 #126
Thanks for caring about the Jews that died at the hands of Hitler. Hepburn Nov 2015 #138
Excuse me? I think you need to work on reading for CONTEXT. MADem Nov 2015 #140
You say that a lot about people 'working on their reading for context'. Maybe it isn't those reading sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #267
Well, when people don't read the entire post, it's easy to misconstrue. MADem Nov 2015 #286
^^^THIS^^^ beam me up scottie Nov 2015 #144
Umm, your side called out for the example. Amimnoch Nov 2015 #233
Cruel? Mild compared to some of the things I've read here lately from Hillary's followers. InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2015 #242
Neither ad is exploiting anything....the personal histories of politicians are often fascinating. Fred Sanders Nov 2015 #150
Well, that WAS, in fact, MY POINT. MADem Nov 2015 #189
Really.. some just love to read an insult into every comment.. Amimnoch Nov 2015 #234
It really is Through the Looking Glass up in here. MADem Nov 2015 #283
Wow. Aerows Nov 2015 #157
No, it wasn't. Read it again. ALL of it. MADem Nov 2015 #184
Well telling me that I'm an idiot Aerows Nov 2015 #185
Look, if you think it's OK to mock Clinton's mother, and then try to pass it off as a "joke," MADem Nov 2015 #188
Uh, yeah. I clearly mocked Hillary Clinton's mother Aerows Nov 2015 #190
I give up. MADem Nov 2015 #191
I mirror your frustration Aerows Nov 2015 #192
You have been a great member here. MADem Nov 2015 #198
The Primaries can't get here fast enough for me. n/t Aerows Nov 2015 #203
here's the thing - ish of the hammer Nov 2015 #207
I can walk and chew gum at the same time. Anyone can spout a laundry list. MADem Nov 2015 #208
Please start your own thread MADem. saidsimplesimon Nov 2015 #246
Who died and made you the Board Boss? This is a discussion board--the idea is to discuss, not to MADem Nov 2015 #280
My ingidnation stems from the fact that 1% of the American population controls 90% of the wealth ish of the hammer Nov 2015 #279
Your backstory is compelling. And if you weren't so abrasive, I'd probably give even more MADem Nov 2015 #281
not with the Clintons ish of the hammer Nov 2015 #288
I have to come to MADem's defense here. Comment 126 isn't being read right by folks. Bubzer Nov 2015 #261
Wow, your post gets more disgusting every time I read it. beam me up scottie Nov 2015 #161
Not sink any lower? There is NO limit. WorseBeforeBetter Nov 2015 #166
My mother barely escaped the Nazis. beam me up scottie Nov 2015 #168
Was she poor, too? Exploit it? WorseBeforeBetter Nov 2015 #169
I'm going to bookmark that post, every time that person lectures someone else beam me up scottie Nov 2015 #170
Oh, please DO, BMUS--but next time, cut and paste the WHOLE post--so my intent is not MADem Nov 2015 #176
Yeah--there's no limit, here, at all. MADem Nov 2015 #186
You are the LAST person who should be lecturing ANYONE... WorseBeforeBetter Nov 2015 #193
None of us are responsible for that post about her mother - except the person who posted it. beam me up scottie Nov 2015 #195
It's the nastiness, the MO of absolutely POUNCING... WorseBeforeBetter Nov 2015 #197
The POUNCING happened when Clinton's mother was mocked, and it was passed off as just a "joke." nt MADem Nov 2015 #200
And always having to have the last word, doubling down when they know they're wrong. beam me up scottie Nov 2015 #202
Keep stirring now! Keep mischaracterizing! Add a little more outrage to the pot, too! MADem Nov 2015 #199
I have reread it, and it's fine. Deliberate mis-interpretation for political purposes is not cool. MADem Nov 2015 #196
Oh, no, it's about hostility... WorseBeforeBetter Nov 2015 #204
This entire subthread has me in absolute tears Aerows Nov 2015 #206
One person's "pouncing" is another person's discussion. MADem Nov 2015 #226
Nice job of editing--but I expect that of you. Here, get the rest, now--if you are gonna MADem Nov 2015 #173
Ugh. Doubling down on one of the most revolting things I've ever read here. beam me up scottie Nov 2015 #175
You're the one doubling down--and all the little 'puke' icons in the world can't MADem Nov 2015 #183
... SammyWinstonJack Nov 2015 #277
I don't think so, but thanks for your input. The "three dots" approach says more about you than me! MADem Nov 2015 #282
I really tried, but here's where I draw the line. Z_California Nov 2015 #273
I think it's important to note, MADem Nov 2015 #284
This sort of stuff really alienates Sanders supporters. Vattel Nov 2015 #155
Oh really? Sure looked that way to me. Nudge, wink--and all that. MADem Nov 2015 #194
send money now grasswire Nov 2015 #6
Yes, good idea. I will donate $25 today. We the people can help pay for these ads. sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #19
+1 Bubzer Nov 2015 #263
Yes! Give Bernie a few bucks! SoapBox Nov 2015 #42
Yes! This is how we introduce him to the country. senz Nov 2015 #100
Great idea. Will do now. GoneFishin Nov 2015 #120
good idea. I just sent in a donation. liberal_at_heart Nov 2015 #143
Money well spent. InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2015 #243
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Nov 2015 #7
Nice ad, but "shockwaves"? zappaman Nov 2015 #8
As the media try to pretend he is not there Rosa Luxemburg Nov 2015 #9
If the media is trying to pretend Sanders is not there zappaman Nov 2015 #10
They tried hard, Admiral Loinpresser Nov 2015 #71
Interesting that some Democrats that used to recognize the bias of the Corporate-Media rhett o rick Nov 2015 #85
+1 a huge bunch! Enthusiast Nov 2015 #90
How dare you imply that Hillary is pro Citizens United! L0oniX Nov 2015 #253
+1 Bubzer Nov 2015 #264
I am sure she will tell us that she is against, but her actions of taking the black money proves rhett o rick Nov 2015 #269
Inspiring too. InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2015 #244
Great clear, honest ad. Just like Bernie. CharlotteVale Nov 2015 #11
Great ad...time to make another donation! Nt dorkzilla Nov 2015 #12
You got that right, dorkzilla! It's Donation O'Clock! merrily Nov 2015 #211
+1 Bubzer Nov 2015 #265
K&R - Bernie takes the high road, sticks to issues, not personal attacks. GO BERNIE! nt 99th_Monkey Nov 2015 #13
Bernie is such a decent authentic person...that's what comes across to me. InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2015 #245
Awesome ad! Cassiopeia Nov 2015 #14
K&R nt Live and Learn Nov 2015 #15
Um, where are the shockwaves? brooklynite Nov 2015 #16
Nothing but it's a great ad Armstead Nov 2015 #18
I knew it! Rosa Luxemburg Nov 2015 #20
Not bad at all...my one question is the 60 sec runtime... brooklynite Nov 2015 #29
The material was poll tested Rose Siding Nov 2015 #54
Better go spread the word... cui bono Nov 2015 #74
That's odd...Hillary's dorothy ad is 60 seconds too. passiveporcupine Nov 2015 #179
Interesting point. Bubzer Nov 2015 #266
They'll cut that up--that's what they usually do. MADem Nov 2015 #287
The headline is typical Jason Easley hyperbole (aka clickbait) (n/t) thesquanderer Nov 2015 #39
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2015 #47
Some people are sick of big money politics. I would hope all Democrats would agree. rhett o rick Nov 2015 #92
Yeah, on a scale of 1-10, this ad is a solid 6. I hope Sanders and his fans aren't counting on it to stevenleser Nov 2015 #289
"People are sick and tired of establishment politics!" Yep. Enough with the corrupt system. K&R Tierra_y_Libertad Nov 2015 #17
Great Ad, Great Message, I'm sharing it on Facebook Armstead Nov 2015 #21
That's HTML 5, not Shockwave. Gore1FL Nov 2015 #22
. merrily Nov 2015 #220
... Bubzer Nov 2015 #268
"Taking on a corrupt political system"? ucrdem Nov 2015 #23
Systemic corruption going back to 1980, at least Armstead Nov 2015 #30
Graham-Rudman sent it into hyperdrive. southerncrone Nov 2015 #181
I didn't get that from this ad. chervilant Nov 2015 #34
Nicely said. senz Nov 2015 #115
here is the corruption questionseverything Nov 2015 #35
I will assume your question is honest, and you are not being purposely dim... modestybl Nov 2015 #38
I think you had a bad assumption. sorry to say. aidbo Nov 2015 #68
Likely so... modestybl Nov 2015 #201
Assume nothing. A hard lesson that I have had to learn over and over. merrily Nov 2015 #214
Answer this "yes" or "no," if you have the guts: Admiral Loinpresser Nov 2015 #73
Corrupt political system dominated by big money. We are fed up with big money rhett o rick Nov 2015 #86
Is Obama a system? You don't get our political system is corrupt? You have the same clout as Koch merrily Nov 2015 #212
It's amazing how clueless the masses are about political corruption. L0oniX Nov 2015 #254
Just Donated (More) To Bernie Yallow Nov 2015 #24
Me too Rosa Luxemburg Nov 2015 #25
Love it. Woohoo! azmom Nov 2015 #26
+1 merrily Nov 2015 #219
I'm not up on ad buys. Is $2 mill for an ad buy for Iowa and New Hampshire way above the normal? Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2015 #27
Nope. Not even close. ConservativeDemocrat Nov 2015 #36
Hillary's campaign spent ~$4 million not too long ago in those two states. aidbo Nov 2015 #70
He doesn't have to spend too much to start--the fact that he's finally On The Air is newsworthy. MADem Nov 2015 #135
FWIW, I doubt it will be only two states. For example, I see NH political ads in Boston. merrily Nov 2015 #213
Uhhhhh RandySF Nov 2015 #28
I was wondering the same. riversedge Nov 2015 #32
This message was self-deleted by its author merrily Nov 2015 #215
This message was self-deleted by its author Amimnoch Nov 2015 #239
Kicketty Kickin' Faux pas Nov 2015 #31
One more ad to fast forward through Blue_Adept Nov 2015 #33
I bet you fast forward through Hillary ads too. passiveporcupine Nov 2015 #180
I fast forward through all political ads Blue_Adept Nov 2015 #232
K and R (nt) bigwillq Nov 2015 #37
To the point and honest. Lazy Daisy Nov 2015 #40
Bernie Sanders, party of one - notice there is no mention of the Democratic Party nt msongs Nov 2015 #41
Why waste time on that? SoapBox Nov 2015 #43
Especially since the Party can't seem to see Bernie as one of their own Demeter Nov 2015 #49
And saving the Party! n/t Admiral Loinpresser Nov 2015 #62
The last I heard he was neither so it stands to reason a party isn't mentioned. Walk away Nov 2015 #235
gooble-gobble frylock Nov 2015 #50
Who cares pinebox Nov 2015 #58
Why, has the party been heavily promoting Bernie? GoneFishin Nov 2015 #121
Doesn't phase me in the least. WorseBeforeBetter Nov 2015 #167
Did you see the Hillary ad in post 53, above? passiveporcupine Nov 2015 #177
Double standards since Bernie announced, but just laugh. merrily Nov 2015 #218
Tiresome. merrily Nov 2015 #216
The DINO's have their party. L0oniX Nov 2015 #255
LOVE IT! Fast Walker 52 Nov 2015 #45
I for one think that six duplicates aren't enough for this important story Orrex Nov 2015 #46
I know. Why can't we go back to multiple posts of the same poll favoring Hillary? frylock Nov 2015 #51
As long as they vote for her in Nov 2016, I guess I don't mind. Orrex Nov 2015 #57
Why would people vote for someone not on the ballot? Lordquinton Nov 2015 #66
When I ask what Sanders' supporters will do when he's not on the ballot... Orrex Nov 2015 #77
No, that just means people are tired of voting for people they CAN'T believe in. IokuA Nov 2015 #94
"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." Orrex Nov 2015 #114
You know....this post makes you the walrus. Well done. nt msanthrope Nov 2015 #278
I doubt that they'll get the opportunity. frylock Nov 2015 #76
Sure. Orrex Nov 2015 #78
that sword cuts both ways roguevalley Nov 2015 #252
As long as it does indeed cut both ways, then it's fine by me! Orrex Nov 2015 #259
. merrily Nov 2015 #221
LMFAO L0oniX Nov 2015 #256
Great video angrychair Nov 2015 #48
Shock waves? workinclasszero Nov 2015 #52
Yes, we know. Unknown Beatle Nov 2015 #61
Everything Bernie does is Berntastic! No one has ever done an ad like this! Nitram Nov 2015 #79
The only reason why his ad didn't air sooner is that Clinton is afraid of him Orrex Nov 2015 #82
Sorry, Orrex, I don't follow. Nitram Nov 2015 #83
Yes Orrex Nov 2015 #84
So why didn't he release the ad sooner? Nitram Nov 2015 #87
Because people were afraid of him, probably Orrex Nov 2015 #89
Afraid of his MESSAGE. Not of him. senz Nov 2015 #119
No, that's not it. Orrex Nov 2015 #137
Well I don't know if you're tuned in enough senz Nov 2015 #172
That, too, is a preemptive strategy Orrex Nov 2015 #231
It's a good start in introducing the only presidential candidate senz Nov 2015 #95
That's it! Puts the American people first! That's all we're asking for! Fuck the banks! Grrrrrrrrr!! C Moon Nov 2015 #209
Hillary released a new ad today too. ForgoTheConsequence Nov 2015 #55
I am pretty sure you meant humbled_opinion Nov 2015 #59
Oh, snap! Admiral Loinpresser Nov 2015 #67
I hadn't really looked at her face while watching the video. Unknown Beatle Nov 2015 #72
Wow. That is disconcerting. cui bono Nov 2015 #75
Looks to me like that's the only part of the speech where she looks like Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2015 #131
Must have been the editing. merrily Nov 2015 #222
Is that an ad? Rosa Luxemburg Nov 2015 #99
Its purpose was to sell the Iraq War to Americans, so I guess it can be called an ad. merrily Nov 2015 #224
That's a wonderful ad which is totally 100% the Hillary we all know. L0oniX Nov 2015 #257
real change DaveT Nov 2015 #56
Love it artislife Nov 2015 #60
I like the 'grandfather' part. pangaia Nov 2015 #65
KnR! n/t Admiral Loinpresser Nov 2015 #69
Wonderful! Warm and inspiring ! 4139 Nov 2015 #80
Save the production Fees Marty McGraw Nov 2015 #81
Very effective dpatbrown Nov 2015 #88
It's good! Rosa Luxemburg Nov 2015 #97
You will be voting for Bernie Sanders in 180 seconds. merrily Nov 2015 #223
Kicked and recommended to the Max! Enthusiast Nov 2015 #91
Shock waves? That ad won't create a ripple in American politics. George II Nov 2015 #93
I'm glad they have a new leader in Canada Rosa Luxemburg Nov 2015 #96
So am I. And they don't spend a fraction of what they do down here on political ads. Now.... George II Nov 2015 #101
How much money does the Clinton campaign spend every month? senz Nov 2015 #116
Why ask me? George II Nov 2015 #130
Why not ask you, Georgie? senz Nov 2015 #174
yes Rosa Luxemburg Nov 2015 #142
Except for one summer on my uncle's farm in Ontario about 40 years ago, I've never lived... George II Nov 2015 #147
And this is why we want Bernie passiveporcupine Nov 2015 #182
Touche coyote Nov 2015 #230
I swear I didn't read your response when I wrote mine upthread. But you are right stevenleser Nov 2015 #290
Super Campaign Ad! Duval Nov 2015 #98
Great Ad! monicaangela Nov 2015 #104
Love it Duckhunter935 Nov 2015 #105
Donating all I Can to Him McKim Nov 2015 #109
Thank you, McKim! DianeK Nov 2015 #110
lol, shockwaves? More silly yellow sensationalistic "journalism" from PoliticsUsa. tritsofme Nov 2015 #111
Wow. SusanCalvin Nov 2015 #112
Apparently, a minute long Hillary ad is ever so much shorter. merrily Nov 2015 #225
Great ad, straight and to the point. All positive, no negative. Vinca Nov 2015 #117
I absolutely love this ad Samantha Nov 2015 #118
That actually gave me chills hifiguy Nov 2015 #122
Great ad! Mike Nelson Nov 2015 #123
Great ad. I love it. liberal_at_heart Nov 2015 #124
Real change, real hope for a better future. mountain grammy Nov 2015 #125
I not only liked it, I think it will be effective Babel_17 Nov 2015 #129
I'd replace the fear mongery Koch voice over, plus stress future expansion not cuts to soc sec stuffmatters Nov 2015 #133
The first campaign ad in my lifetime that I actually like n/t deutsey Nov 2015 #134
Very nice! Elmer S. E. Dump Nov 2015 #141
Sent a C-note Plucketeer Nov 2015 #145
Viewed the video without reading anything else on this or in the thread. Fred Sanders Nov 2015 #148
How much time is the campaign getting for $2 million? NT Eric J in MN Nov 2015 #152
No idea...or the geographical or demographic reach....that would be an interesting factoid. Fred Sanders Nov 2015 #153
Very good ad. klook Nov 2015 #151
+1,000 !!! CountAllVotes Nov 2015 #154
Most Excellent !!! - K & R !!! WillyT Nov 2015 #156
Actually, the shock wave part applies only to political junkies eridani Nov 2015 #158
Good point. merrily Nov 2015 #227
For those of us uneducated to the Bern GitRDun Nov 2015 #159
Better Bernie than an ex-Walmart director and war mongering Wall Street shill who can't separate whereisjustice Nov 2015 #162
Are you sure those are all he insults you could work into one sentence? brooklynite Nov 2015 #236
The truth has become an insult to Clinton and her supporters. You cannot rewrite history. whereisjustice Nov 2015 #241
She voted for the Iraq war = insult. Yep ...it insults all the right people. L0oniX Nov 2015 #260
Sort of makes you want to contribute towards the next ad, doesn't it? MrMickeysMom Nov 2015 #163
Wowie Zowie! I watched it 3 times, and paused each scene. Go Bernie! NBachers Nov 2015 #165
BRAVO! DJ13 Nov 2015 #171
Brilliant! beam me up scottie Nov 2015 #178
I really don't see any "shock wave." demosincebirth Nov 2015 #187
Well, I have to say ... NanceGreggs Nov 2015 #205
Great ad! JDPriestly Nov 2015 #210
I think it's a great ad. lovemydog Nov 2015 #217
Good, not great Bernin4U Nov 2015 #228
I approve this message, too! colorado_ufo Nov 2015 #229
Why I am soooooo shocked! VanillaRhapsody Nov 2015 #237
Best. Campaign Ad. Ever! n/t RoccoR5955 Nov 2015 #238
Who ever heard of a politican running an ad. Shocking FloridaBlues Nov 2015 #251
Great Ad Keep-Left Nov 2015 #258
This will piss off all the right people. L0oniX Nov 2015 #262
Now there's a winning strategy. ucrdem Nov 2015 #270
...like voting for the Iraq war? L0oniX Nov 2015 #271
Like running against a popular Dem president. nt ucrdem Nov 2015 #291
K&R azmom Nov 2015 #274
In it to win it. We need Bernie Sanders as our President. nt Zorra Nov 2015 #275
I have to say 320 Rec's is the most I've seen for any thread--so far. Duckfan Nov 2015 #295
A lot of support! Rosa Luxemburg Nov 2015 #296
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