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13. I think there's a big difference between someone's not caring
Thu Nov 5, 2015, 09:26 AM
Nov 2015

… about whether or not another person actually votes and in someone growing weary of hearing about it. It's a mistake to confuse the two or to draw conclusions by conflating the two.

I feel the same way as the OP. The so-called "conscience voters" whose "vote is not for sale" are merely seeking attention and having a tantrum. They're feeling fearful and helpless and frustrated. They are likely seeking validation from other like-minded individuals, or they want to regain some sense of control by engaging with others who feel obligated to try and talk them down.

Ugh. What a waste of time to indulge their vanities. Why reward bad behavior? It only encourages more of the same. At its most base level, that type of behavior reminds me of a toddler having a fit at the candy rack of the grocery store. They know they've lost the battle, yet they persist because the parent gives them attention.

It doesn't matter that the attention is negative, it's attention and that's good enough. The child "forced" the parent to do something, to respond, and that's apparently all they need to feel as though they're in control of an uncontrollable circumstance.

So, when a frustrated toddler threatens to hold their breath until they turn blue in the face, I say LET THEM (for all the good it will do). At least when they pass out, they'll be quiet.

This graph tells me that her nomination is not settled. redgreenandblue Nov 2015 #1
Here's something to understand about math... brooklynite Nov 2015 #4
Well, the graph shows a development of poll results over time. redgreenandblue Nov 2015 #5
I see only one strong fluctuation.... VanillaRhapsody Nov 2015 #9
I will repeat my comment "Show me who beats the cons with a poll in May, and that is randys1 Nov 2015 #76
She can't fall in the future? Dawgs Nov 2015 #15
She didn't fall in 2008... brooklynite Nov 2015 #24
But She Did Fail... WillyT Nov 2015 #61
Largely due to tactical errors with respect to campaigning in Caucus States... brooklynite Nov 2015 #62
So it's Fail but with an asterisk now is it? cherokeeprogressive Nov 2015 #95
She lost the Primary. Aerows Nov 2015 #93
It tells me.. DCBob Nov 2015 #47
You seem to spend a lot of time telling the world you don't give a shit tularetom Nov 2015 #2
I think there's a big difference between someone's not caring NurseJackie Nov 2015 #13
I like you. trumad Nov 2015 #18
Awww. I like you too. :-) NurseJackie Nov 2015 #28
My sentiments exactly. A bunch of childish tantrums, with concurrent delusions. Lil Missy Nov 2015 #29
#BlueInTheFace ;-) NurseJackie Nov 2015 #38
This is quite entertaining.. peace13 Nov 2015 #104
Actually, it is THEY who are indicating that their vote doesn't matter. What contemptible behavior! NurseJackie Nov 2015 #107
Oh god...you you you you randys1 Nov 2015 #78
:-D NurseJackie Nov 2015 #103
Good post. Dem2 Nov 2015 #81
Thanks. (nt) NurseJackie Nov 2015 #102
So well said NurseJackie mcar Nov 2015 #83
Thanks. (nt) NurseJackie Nov 2015 #101
Love your post, especially the last sentence Hekate Nov 2015 #86
Thanks. (nt) NurseJackie Nov 2015 #100
What you said. Tipperary Nov 2015 #21
+1. Her supporters know she will lose in the GE. closeupready Nov 2015 #25
Really? trumad Nov 2015 #27
anyone. nt restorefreedom Nov 2015 #59
Anyone? trumad Nov 2015 #63
anyone running repub. however, restorefreedom Nov 2015 #67
Hillary will lose to Ben Carson? trumad Nov 2015 #68
i smoke nothing restorefreedom Nov 2015 #69
The Fucking Daily Caller? trumad Nov 2015 #70
did you not notice the nbc/wsj article? restorefreedom Nov 2015 #72
The Daily fucking Caller? trumad Nov 2015 #73
polls are meaningless at this point anyway restorefreedom Nov 2015 #74
Desperate people will do anything! MoonRiver Nov 2015 #90
generalizations are seldom clever Doubledee Nov 2015 #79
And Bernie won't make it through Super Tuesday, if he lasts that long. Lil Missy Nov 2015 #30
... BlueCaliDem Nov 2015 #32
Oooo, what you said Hekate Nov 2015 #87
LOL! - nt KingCharlemagne Nov 2015 #46
Sure you do. mmonk Nov 2015 #3
Well the Op's purpose it to say... trumad Nov 2015 #8
You should give a fuck. Dawgs Nov 2015 #16
We're talking--what--20 at the most here on DU. trumad Nov 2015 #19
I'm talking about Hillary having zero chance on becoming the next President. Dawgs Nov 2015 #35
Based on Republican fuzzy math? Or BlueCaliDem Nov 2015 #39
One, my PREDICTION has nothing to do with Sanders. Dawgs Nov 2015 #45
Oh. I assumed you understood we're still in a primary season. My mistake. BlueCaliDem Nov 2015 #98
Well who is going to beat her? trumad Nov 2015 #56
I don't know, Trump, Cruz, Rubio. Pick one. n/t Dawgs Nov 2015 #58
. trumad Nov 2015 #60
Your numbers are bullshit. You made them up. Lil Missy Nov 2015 #31
Of course they're made up. It's a prediction. Dawgs Nov 2015 #44
PredictWise and others totally disagree with you. MoonRiver Nov 2015 #77
What won't be tolerated? Opinions on how a Democrat will do in the GE? n/t Dawgs Nov 2015 #80
You're forgetting that President Obama hasn't even begun to campaign for the BlueCaliDem Nov 2015 #41
What trumad said! MoonRiver Nov 2015 #6
It's fucking stupid... trumad Nov 2015 #7
My parents told me I threw the biggest tantrums ever. MoonRiver Nov 2015 #12
I don't trash those threads... VanillaRhapsody Nov 2015 #10
Well, I often do that too! MoonRiver Nov 2015 #11
Only one love bug ? voteearlyvoteoften Nov 2015 #14
LOL trumad Nov 2015 #20
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2015 #17
Whether or not you're an "actual Liberal", 108vd, still remains to be seen. BlueCaliDem Nov 2015 #36
I'm thinking that's a slip of the tongue (so to speak). NurseJackie Nov 2015 #50
I'm thinking along those very same lines. BlueCaliDem Nov 2015 #52
It appears that our suspicions were correct. NurseJackie Nov 2015 #97
Yes, they were, N.Jackie. Yes, they were. BlueCaliDem Nov 2015 #99
I don't you understant the term troll in this context aikoaiko Nov 2015 #64
My check is late. They promised me a HillaryPhone too. I feel used. nt Hekate Nov 2015 #88
Yes! leftofcool Nov 2015 #22
Great! Thanx! tazkcmo Nov 2015 #23
Well don't you think you should be banned if--- trumad Nov 2015 #26
LOL - a "Virgin Mary miracle"? Well, Sanders is a Jewish Socialist, much like his KingCharlemagne Nov 2015 #49
OK---part the Red Sea miracle... trumad Nov 2015 #53
LOL.. I remember lovebugs in Florida... Blast from the past! Cha Nov 2015 #33
The impact of DU and how DUers vote elections is highly overrated. Tierra_y_Libertad Nov 2015 #34
Your thread was alerted upon, and here are the results: CaliforniaPeggy Nov 2015 #37
Well good. That is something we share. 99Forever Nov 2015 #40
Metacratic Underground frylock Nov 2015 #42
. mmonk Nov 2015 #51
Do any of you Hillary supporters "give a shit" that NOT ONE VOTE has been counted yet HomerRamone Nov 2015 #43
I think you give many fucks. aikoaiko Nov 2015 #48
Honest---I swear to God I don't. trumad Nov 2015 #54
I think you're going to have to sign a pledge. n/t MoonRiver Nov 2015 #55
Probably! trumad Nov 2015 #57
Glad to hear it whatchamacallit Nov 2015 #65
Allow me to enumerate.. Cha Nov 2015 #66
+1 Historic NY Nov 2015 #71
I love this Gothmog Nov 2015 #75
Oh, I'm stealing that. one_voice Nov 2015 #82
Have at it one_note~ Cha Nov 2015 #89
LOL, love it! n/t Spazito Nov 2015 #105
.. Cha Nov 2015 #106
This Floridian salutes your love bug mcar Nov 2015 #84
Ew, is that what a lovebug looks like? ?! I just assumed they'd be cuter. n/t prayin4rain Nov 2015 #85
Lovebugs actually look like this Art_from_Ark Nov 2015 #91
That's better! n/t prayin4rain Nov 2015 #92
And if you take the position to convince people to vote for Hillary when she loses? Fearless Nov 2015 #94
The Green Party might get above 0.5% of the vote. joshcryer Nov 2015 #96
Thanks for your permission. I can now sleep at night. EndElectoral Nov 2015 #108
Late shift? trumad Nov 2015 #109
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