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2016 Postmortem

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3. Another impressive resume
Sat Nov 21, 2015, 01:54 PM
Nov 2015

* Voted and encouraged others to vote for the Iraq War in the absence of hard intel proving WMDs were present. The effect was to destabilize the region, with ISIS emerging as a powerful terrorist force.
* Encouraged a proactive business perspective towards monetizing Iraq for the U.S.
* Switched positions on bankruptcy bill after receiving substantial Wall St. monies to fund her 2000 senatorial campaign; hurt women in single families and lower income individuals at the benefit of her corporate masters.
* Outspoken advocate of anti-LGBT rights, right up to when she abruptly changed her position 2 years ago. As secretary of state urged against LGBT efforts to have Spouse 1/Spouse 2 as guardians on passports, instead advocating for the hurtful Husband/Wife designation. Now claims to be a strong advocate for this community.
* Switched positions numerous times on her position on gun rights, as helped her campaign.
* Helped overthrow the democratically elected government of a Latin American country.
* Helped rig the democratic elections of another Latin American country.
* Worked on and praised the TPP trade deal to hurt American workers at the benefit of large corporations; these corporations have since donated large sums of monies to her campaign. Switched positions on the TPP to court the progressive Dem base; refuses to be active in her opposition to the bill. Her supporters
* Delays a declaration for her position on Keystone, a pipeline for transporting dirty fossil fuels across America with effectively no impact on American jobs but great impact on corporate profits. Now claims to oppose it.
* Takes money from lobbyists of private prisons.

Her most telling endorsements:

“I’d lie if I said I wasn’t disappointed with the statement that she made on TPP. Everyone knew where she was on that and where she will be, but given the necessities of the moment and a tough Democratic primary, she felt she needed to go there [against the TPP] initially. --Representative Kind

“Hillary will bend a little bit, but not so much that she can’t get herself back on course in the general [election] and when she is governing." --Al From, DLC

Hillary's resume. [View all] DCBob Nov 2015 OP
Impressive. randys1 Nov 2015 #1
And that's just a brief summary. DCBob Nov 2015 #2
Indeed there is! I summarized some of the missing accomplishments in Post #3. You're Welcome n/t JonLeibowitz Nov 2015 #4
Another impressive resume JonLeibowitz Nov 2015 #3
Thats an impressive list of exaggerated claims. DCBob Nov 2015 #5
Which ones are you skeptical of? Be specific. JonLeibowitz Nov 2015 #6
I dont doubt the basic truth of each of those items. DCBob Nov 2015 #9
They are not necessarily negative. That depends on your perspective. JonLeibowitz Nov 2015 #13
Even us regular Democrats dont see them as negatives. DCBob Nov 2015 #14
Some do, some don't. I doubt most democratic voters know the full list I posted. JonLeibowitz Nov 2015 #15
Yeah we do ibegurpard Nov 2015 #16
As if you understand how a regular Democrat feels. DCBob Nov 2015 #19
How in touch are you with the contempt people have for Hillary ? I mean one's who orpupilofnature57 Nov 2015 #29
I think their "contempt" is totally misplaced. DCBob Nov 2015 #35
There are some outright lies in that list, okasha Nov 2015 #76
Thanks for catching that. DCBob Nov 2015 #77
You're welcome. okasha Nov 2015 #80
She has however received enormous sums for "speaking fees" JonLeibowitz Nov 2015 #87
. JonLeibowitz Nov 2015 #82
Straightsplaining, and indeed a lie. okasha Nov 2015 #85
"straightsplaining" -- what a load of horsepoo. That is pure rhetorical garbage. JonLeibowitz Nov 2015 #86
Thank you for your admission okasha Nov 2015 #89
That's a pathetic statement about a systemic problem . orpupilofnature57 Nov 2015 #27
We just want her whole resume Politicalboi Nov 2015 #57
I don't know where Al From is from but I wish he'd go the fuck back there. Chan790 Nov 2015 #17
+1 Ed Suspicious Nov 2015 #18
+1. n/t Smarmie Doofus Nov 2015 #33
Nothing like a dose of cold , hard facts to flesh it out . TheFarS1de Nov 2015 #81
Six years on the Board of Directors UglyGreed Nov 2015 #7
New bullet point coming... onehandle Nov 2015 #8
YES!!!! DCBob Nov 2015 #11
!!! :-) !!! NurseJackie Nov 2015 #20
Yes, and she will add bullets as she serves as president. Thinkingabout Nov 2015 #32
Yes indeed. And so much more. SunSeeker Nov 2015 #10
Yes. I missed the Beijing speech. DCBob Nov 2015 #12
The "little" things are important too. Like her work with migrant farm laborers. SunSeeker Nov 2015 #24
Many dismiss the small under the radar stuff she has done... DCBob Nov 2015 #25
In that same time frame, okasha Nov 2015 #78
Yes, that's one of the reasons Hillary beat Obama 2-1 among Latino vote in the 2008 primary. SunSeeker Nov 2015 #100
We got nowhere near $21b. nt Depaysement Nov 2015 #22
The 911 responders disagree with you. SunSeeker Nov 2015 #23
Amount promised Depaysement Nov 2015 #50
How do you know, you were there Politicalboi Nov 2015 #59
I would say Depaysement Nov 2015 #65
What amount was "never delivered"? Links? nt SunSeeker Nov 2015 #72
"instrumental" is quite vague. Did she write the bill? No. merrily Nov 2015 #56
Got it. You think those first responders are full of shit. SunSeeker Nov 2015 #73
Bull. I don't where they got their info. merrily Nov 2015 #74
Yep. You don't trust first responders--think they could be making "their info" up. SunSeeker Nov 2015 #94
Thanks. That would explain why all of the stories of Hillary's "accomplishments" merrily Nov 2015 #95
Gee, the first responders and Sen. Schumer are liars, only you know the truth. SunSeeker Nov 2015 #96
First Responders made nothing up, but you are. merrily Nov 2015 #99
not the Garifuna MisterP Nov 2015 #21
Voted for the biggest US disaster in decades MannyGoldstein Nov 2015 #26
Along with most of the other Senate Democrats.. DCBob Nov 2015 #28
Most Congressional Democrats voted against war. MannyGoldstein Nov 2015 #30
Hillary was a Senator. DCBob Nov 2015 #34
So? MannyGoldstein Nov 2015 #36
Why would 58% of Democratic senators (29 of 50) vote for the resolution? DCBob Nov 2015 #38
So? MannyGoldstein Nov 2015 #40
But why did they get it wrong? DCBob Nov 2015 #42
Stupid, bloodthirsty, or ruthless, MannyGoldstein Nov 2015 #44
That is rediculouos to say to all those 28 senators are either stupid bloodthirsty or ruthless. DCBob Nov 2015 #46
What other explanation holds water? nt MannyGoldstein Nov 2015 #51
I think many good Democrats were duped by the Cheney/Bush war dance. DCBob Nov 2015 #54
War. MannyGoldstein Nov 2015 #58
I agree that the Iraq war was probably one of the biggest blunders this country has ever made. DCBob Nov 2015 #61
I think you miss the point Depaysement Nov 2015 #68
So you are a mind reader?? DCBob Nov 2015 #69
Yep. okasha Nov 2015 #92
Like the mistake we made bombing China instead of Japan Politicalboi Nov 2015 #60
I don't recall there was any intel indicating that China bombed Pearl Harbor?? DCBob Nov 2015 #62
They were lied to. okasha Nov 2015 #83
Then why did most Congressional Democrats vote against it? MannyGoldstein Nov 2015 #84
Ask them. okasha Nov 2015 #88
Obama was a Senator then? MannyGoldstein Nov 2015 #90
You're right; my bad. okasha Nov 2015 #97
It totally follows the rest of your train of thought here MannyGoldstein Nov 2015 #98
Obama? BootinUp Nov 2015 #91
As pointed out by several on the IWR vote, Sanders voted against the ISIS Resolution and now he is Thinkingabout Nov 2015 #31
Yep.. Bernie is a bit inconsistent when it comes to the MIC. DCBob Nov 2015 #37
Sounds like someone who has been around DC way too long. bigwillq Nov 2015 #39
Bernie has been there for 24 years straight. DCBob Nov 2015 #41
No bigwillq Nov 2015 #43
So O'Malley is your man?? DCBob Nov 2015 #45
1. Bernie 2. O'Malley bigwillq Nov 2015 #47
So your choice has nothing to do with being in DC too long. DCBob Nov 2015 #48
Yes, it does. bigwillq Nov 2015 #49
But that decision is not based simply on being in DC too long. DCBob Nov 2015 #55
"We came, we saw, he died" peacebird Nov 2015 #52
...+1 840high Nov 2015 #53
As a potential employer of hers, I do background checks. Clinton fails my background check, and I_AM_SAM Nov 2015 #63
Welcome to DU! Bernie has many weaknesses if he is our nominee. DCBob Nov 2015 #64
Thanks for the welcome. I_AM_SAM Nov 2015 #70
Well, that's your point of view which is understandable given you are a Bernie supporter. DCBob Nov 2015 #71
GREAT POST!!! Welcome to DU! riderinthestorm Nov 2015 #93
What's oddball about his past? okasha Nov 2015 #101
Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate in the field Gothmog Nov 2015 #66
Indeed she is. DCBob Nov 2015 #75
I am surprised no Bernie supporter posted Bernie's resume. DCBob Nov 2015 #67
I figured this would be another attack post Dem2 Nov 2015 #79
Yeah I thought some might think that. DCBob Nov 2015 #102
Thank you for posting this. NurseJackie Nov 2015 #103
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