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Truth doesn't have the microphone these days mmonk Jan 2016 #1
hell...reality dosen't have th mic these days! Ferd Berfel Jan 2016 #14
Le Sigh. I miss Air America Radio... Bubzer Jan 2016 #173
When ya got nuttin'......you fling poop. Speaks for itself. nc4bo Jan 2016 #2
Hartman is nothing but a political hack for Sanders lewebley3 Jan 2016 #17
it didn't take long for this spew I see roguevalley Jan 2016 #22
Well if lies are going written by Sanders supporters they will be lewebley3 Jan 2016 #73
Right.... Bubzer Jan 2016 #172
Link or slink. Oh, and also see Replies 157 and 99. merrily Jan 2016 #178
This little one's been busy today. Too busy to conjugate their verbs! arcane1 Jan 2016 #254
Spoken Like A True HRC Supporter Oldtimeralso Jan 2016 #26
That is right I am a Hillary supporter: I know Hartman has been lewebley3 Jan 2016 #75
Hartmann has been supporting Hillary all along. senz Jan 2016 #79
No he has not: He starts by saying program saying he supporters lewebley3 Jan 2016 #82
If she's the nominee he'll gladly vote for and promote her. senz Jan 2016 #84
In meantime he makes crazy theories about Hillary: and Pushes lewebley3 Jan 2016 #96
So everything that ever went wrong is Thom Hartman's fault? AgingAmerican Jan 2016 #169
Hartman is in love with his own voice: He dosen't know Hillary lewebley3 Jan 2016 #217
Your posting style seems different. merrily Jan 2016 #179
Agreed. Almost as though a completely different person's at the helm, trying to immitate lewbely3 Bubzer Jan 2016 #205
Had the same experience with another Hillary supporter poster merrily Jan 2016 #211
Maybe there was a shift change? arcane1 Jan 2016 #255
Always a possibility. I was told by someone who claimed to have retired from the DNC merrily Jan 2016 #272
There was like a sea of change with that one. Autumn Jan 2016 #320
I saw a couple of posters point it out and s/he/it never acknowledged it. merrily Jan 2016 #322
I can see that you don't listen to his show much RoccoR5955 Jan 2016 #157
Not only does he say good things about her, Paka Jan 2016 #99
Exactly! I've seen the same thing. senz Jan 2016 #103
I only get 30 minutes to an hour as I drive to work, SusanCalvin Jan 2016 #115
Hartmann not messenger: he is a talk show host: lewebley3 Jan 2016 #234
a practical politician that work(s) for the best for their country. AlbertCat Jan 2016 #31
Isn't that totally absurd? Duval Jan 2016 #35
not only totally absurd yuiyoshida Jan 2016 #46
Crazy talk! Enthusiast Jan 2016 #90
+1 Mbrow Jan 2016 #39
Don't know who you mean by (those) : What said was true lewebley3 Jan 2016 #72
You forgot LiberalLovinLug Jan 2016 #54
I have listen to Hartman's for years: He doesn't help Dem's lewebley3 Jan 2016 #78
You just proved you have never listened to him, not once. n/t cui bono Jan 2016 #85
No, he comes on after Stephanie Miller: I was a fan for years lewebley3 Jan 2016 #92
Prove it. Post audio or video of him bashing Hillary. cui bono Jan 2016 #118
mmkay... cui bono Jan 2016 #167
I second cui bono'S request: link or slink. merrily Jan 2016 #180
Strange that a person could be a fan for years and have no idea about the show's actual content eh? Bubzer Jan 2016 #213
Or how to spell his name... Fawke Em Jan 2016 #262
Um yeah SammyWinstonJack Jan 2016 #163
That's right Hartmann supports Bernie RoccoR5955 Jan 2016 #159
Thank you for 'splaining it to me. pangaia Jan 2016 #63
Okay, how many back and forths must we go this time? cui bono Jan 2016 #83
I will repsond when I want: You are always able to pass lewebley3 Jan 2016 #97
Can't you see that no one believes you because a) they know better, and b) you refuse to link? DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #133
Post the audio of Hartmann bashing Hillary. JRLeft Jan 2016 #165
Buy the pod cast lewebley3 Jan 2016 #224
Homie you're fool of shit. JRLeft Jan 2016 #240
NO I don't have time tutor lewebley3 Jan 2016 #244
You seem to not have any available time ... TheFarS1de Jan 2016 #266
That's their job: ridiculous, left-smearing assertions n/t arcane1 Jan 2016 #268
The pod cast ready and waiting anytime: But I doubt Sanders people lewebley3 Jan 2016 #236
You made a claim. GoneOffShore Jan 2016 #176
I did; lewebley3 Jan 2016 #233
Links and citations GoneOffShore Jan 2016 #239
Yep, you will respond again and again, endlessly, but not with proof of your claims. merrily Jan 2016 #181
I have made one claim that I support HIllary a Democratic for President lewebley3 Jan 2016 #216
FALSE. You made claims about Hartmann, right on this thread. merrily Jan 2016 #218
As Clinton supporter that I Claim to be: Hartmann talks out of two lewebley3 Jan 2016 #220
As I said, you will reply endlessly, but without supporting your claims. merrily Jan 2016 #222
Hillary record has supported my claims and if not all opinions lewebley3 Jan 2016 #223
FALSE. Hillary's record does not support your claims against Hartmann. Link or slink. merrily Jan 2016 #225
Wrong: Hartmann cannot support his claims about Hillary: he just lewebley3 Jan 2016 #227
Endless replies. No support for claims. Link or slink. merrily Jan 2016 #228
This post is deliberately misleading. chknltl Jan 2016 #110
+1 merrily Jan 2016 #182
+1 Bubzer Jan 2016 #214
Conservatives hate Hartman and all that dare speak truth to power. Thom is a progressive rhett o rick Jan 2016 #146
Hartmann doesn't speak truth to power: He has never run for office: He lewebley3 Jan 2016 #232
What does Thom support that warrents you calling him an "ideologue"? rhett o rick Jan 2016 #235
Sanders lewebley3 Jan 2016 #237
That's what I thought. It's Sanders' personality not issues. rhett o rick Jan 2016 #245
No both lewebley3 Jan 2016 #246
This message was self-deleted by its author Bubzer Jan 2016 #260
You disparage the left or progressives as ideologues. What issues do these ideologues rhett o rick Jan 2016 #265
The verdict is in... Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2016 #303
Thanks for posting that. Sadly a "politically liberal" DU member wants to silence rhett o rick Jan 2016 #305
Half right wing isn't practical AgingAmerican Jan 2016 #168
Another crazy useless theory: What works is people coming together lewebley3 Jan 2016 #230
what you are talking about does not exist AgingAmerican Jan 2016 #274
Yes it does: its call the Dem party and Hillary with other lewebley3 Jan 2016 #293
No ideology = no core beliefs AgingAmerican Jan 2016 #307
lewebley3, you're completely out in right field on this one. Bubzer Jan 2016 #171
Left field, my friend. There's nothing rightabout making false claims, esp. about Hartmann, not even merrily Jan 2016 #184
The choice of right versus left was actually intentional in this case. Bubzer Jan 2016 #199
Not obtuse and I appreciate the explanation. merrily Jan 2016 #201
Same here. Bubzer Jan 2016 #204
Yep. OT, but watching Manny Ramirez act up and finally getting my merrily Jan 2016 #280
Happy to oblige Bubzer Jan 2016 #288
He doesn't speak for Dem's: He bashes the Dem party: He is a Sanders supporter lewebley3 Jan 2016 #226
Link or slink. Its your claim, you have the burden of proof. Bubzer Jan 2016 #259
No the burden you to do your homework, and get a pod cast lewebley3 Jan 2016 #295
Sorry but that's not how argumentation works. You made a claim, you have the burden of proof. Bubzer Jan 2016 #296
The SCOTUS handed the country to Bush. blackspade Jan 2016 #208
Then you are sick of the truth: Sanders people are Nader people lewebley3 Jan 2016 #219
Dude, I live in Tennessee and I voted for Gore. Fawke Em Jan 2016 #263
+1 blackspade Jan 2016 #270
Someone I love in Missouri offered to "trade votes" with me in 2004. merrily Jan 2016 #331
What a torrent of counterfactual bullshit. blackspade Jan 2016 #269
Yes they are! lewebley3 Jan 2016 #294
I thought older Democrats were breaking for Clinton by huge margins..... blackspade Jan 2016 #297
Media matters says; Hillary has one of the strongest level lewebley3 Jan 2016 #298
Having a "Squirrel" moment? blackspade Jan 2016 #299
No I have been in same place: You just don't like it. lewebley3 Jan 2016 #300
Don't like what? blackspade Jan 2016 #301
That I am Dem: not a Sanders supporter lewebley3 Jan 2016 #302
Not mutually exclusive. blackspade Jan 2016 #304
Thom Hartmann liberalmike27 Jan 2016 #210
A. He does not lie about Clinton. Fawke Em Jan 2016 #261
Hartman only knows Hillary from the cheap seats of knowledge lewebley3 Jan 2016 #332
What lousy policies she is not President of US now: lewebley3 Jan 2016 #333
Message auto-removed Name removed Jan 2016 #328
I don't buy that firebrand80 Jan 2016 #3
you have third way in your sig line, jkbRN Jan 2016 #6
k firebrand80 Jan 2016 #7
This message was self-deleted by its author bahrbearian Jan 2016 #16
Think that's your call to make, do you? Number23 Jan 2016 #100
The commenter made a polite request. senz Jan 2016 #120
Telling someone to "just go away" over a sig pic is a "polite request" now? Number23 Jan 2016 #121
Don't misquote. They said, "Please just go away." senz Jan 2016 #124
I have absolutely no idea why you feel the need to insert yourself into this conversation Number23 Jan 2016 #128
LOL senz Jan 2016 #130
Every bit as pointless as your other contributions here so props on the consistency Number23 Jan 2016 #131
Your posts to and about everyone not in line with you have been quite consistent as well. merrily Jan 2016 #188
Always the same. Puglover Jan 2016 #250
Yep. And ad homs. And now, merrily Jan 2016 #273
Wow, I actually skipped right over this post when it showed up in My Posts! Number23 Jan 2016 #252
Tangle, my ass. Six minutes, my ass. Hanger on? What on earth are you on about? merrily Jan 2016 #275
Damn, I was haughty downthread and now I've been promoted to "imperious??" Number23 Jan 2016 #277
Sow. Reap. Play victim. Attempt a smear. O.K. nt merrily Jan 2016 #278
I don't need to "play a victim" everyone here sees what you guys are about Number23 Jan 2016 #281
Everyone here has been your posts to and about Bernie supporters. merrily Jan 2016 #282
Oh, I know you guys must have seen my posts re: Sanders supporters because NOTHING ELSE Number23 Jan 2016 #283
Shit....they should just call you "uppity" and get it the fuck over with. nt msanthrope Jan 2016 #311
I said the exact same thing. I love how some of these folks around here think that they are subtle Number23 Jan 2016 #312
Subtle as a brick. nt msanthrope Jan 2016 #313
Hat tip for you.... Docreed2003 Jan 2016 #327
Thank you. I appreciate it. merrily Jan 2016 #330
I wish I had a nickel for every time a Hillary supporter told this person or group or another to merrily Jan 2016 #185
Probably the same reason I feel the need to insert myself right here. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #134
An excellent use of your time. As long as this keeps you out of threads on BLM, have at it Number23 Jan 2016 #136
What do you have against BLM? DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #140
LOL!!!!! Number23 Jan 2016 #141
I'm not DEAR to you. Don't ever do that again. Clear? DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #143
You jumped up into this for no other reason than you wanted to get into it with somebody Number23 Jan 2016 #144
I asked you to stop calling me Dear. I meant it when I asked you that. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #153
FLOAT ON and I won't have to call you anything at all. And believe me, NO ONE wants that more Number23 Jan 2016 #155
You won't have to, or you won't choose to? DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #158
The person who called a black activist "subhuman" is now whining about being called "dear" Number23 Jan 2016 #162
Asking for civility is surreal, hypocritical and boring? And all while being hypocritical yourself. Bubzer Jan 2016 #221
I love this idiotic pile on. Please keep it coming. Number23 Jan 2016 #241
I dont recall you asking for civility. Bubzer Jan 2016 #247
Your very clear defense of a poster who called a black activist "subhuman" is FAR more damning than Number23 Jan 2016 #248
Your very clear defense of a poster who supports the third way is FAR more damning and legimate Bubzer Jan 2016 #249
Glad that you acknowledged that my "defense" of the Third Way is something you pulled squarely Number23 Jan 2016 #251
There you go, stretching things again. The truth is a real problem for you it would seem. Bubzer Jan 2016 #253
I defended absolutely NO ONE. The fact that this very simple fact escapes you is one of the reasons Number23 Jan 2016 #256
You defended absolutely no one? Really? Bubzer Jan 2016 #257
Yes, I can see why "think that's your call to make?" comes across as this strong defense to you Number23 Jan 2016 #258
It's what happens on a thread on a discussion board. People reply to whatever merrily Jan 2016 #187
And yet another of DU's finest chimes in for no reason Number23 Jan 2016 #242
LOL! Look who's talking about personal attacks! merrily Jan 2016 #271
Yes, you guys have done a fine, exceptional job of showing me how wrong I am to think that alot Number23 Jan 2016 #276
See Reply 278. FYI, I am one poster. merrily Jan 2016 #279
Oh, I know full well and good who you are Number23 Jan 2016 #284
That you've never had me on your jury blacklist before speaks volumes. merrily Jan 2016 #285
I'd just be happy if you floated on and left me alone Number23 Jan 2016 #286
Oops. Did I imply making you happy is my goal? Or that I value your input? Nitey nite. merrily Jan 2016 #287
You jumped into this thread to talk to me and now won't leave me alone or put me on ignore Number23 Jan 2016 #289
"Jumped into a thread" on a message board. LOL! Too funny. merrily Jan 2016 #290
You inserted yourself into the converation, why can't senz? Fawke Em Jan 2016 #264
This has reached new levels of absurdity now Number23 Jan 2016 #267
Lord have mercy!! Bobbie Jo Jan 2016 #306
Because apparently to some, NOTHING proves "Sanders supporters are good, kind and noble" Number23 Jan 2016 #310
Post removed Post removed Jan 2016 #314
LOL!! I thought I was taking up space in that other poster's head Number23 Jan 2016 #315
And there you have it... Bobbie Jo Jan 2016 #316
Because being nasty is such a life skill and so courageous when you're invisable on the Internet ismnotwasm Jan 2016 #318
"Please go fuck yourself", is polite because I used "please" ? Sheepshank Jan 2016 #317
Right? Bubzer Jan 2016 #174
The DNC would not rather have Bernie collect money for the DNC. If Bernie were to collect and A Simple Game Jan 2016 #154
I think you could be on to something. merrily Jan 2016 #186
Thanks for the praise, it means a lot coming from you merrily. A Simple Game Jan 2016 #196
I agree with you. merrily Jan 2016 #197
Politicians of Hillary's and DWS's caliber rarely do anything without a reason. A Simple Game Jan 2016 #198
Yep. Once again, "Follow the money" is revealing in US pollitics. merrily Jan 2016 #200
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Jan 2016 #4
I thought that the DNC was evil? JoePhilly Jan 2016 #5
False dichotomy. Ed Suspicious Jan 2016 #8
Yep. Bernie is not Thirdway. Bernie offers Phlem Jan 2016 #27
yep see my sig! sonofspy777 Jan 2016 #145
Nice! Phlem Jan 2016 #166
Who has the Turd one Marty McGraw Jan 2016 #170
Good question. We should find out who has that sig line and get them to share the link! Bubzer Jan 2016 #209
Ha! That's it! Marty McGraw Jan 2016 #212
Any organization can fall into bad hands. senz Jan 2016 #12
Then why do I see the DNC being trashed regularly ... JoePhilly Jan 2016 #45
Because with DWS, the DNC fell into bad hands. senz Jan 2016 #74
Then again, why give DWS any help? JoePhilly Jan 2016 #86
I don't think Bernie sees it that way. senz Jan 2016 #91
I'm repeating what I hear from Bernie ... JoePhilly Jan 2016 #94
Not from Bernie, from some of his supporters senz Jan 2016 #101
But shouldn't Bernie shun the DNC? JoePhilly Jan 2016 #102
That's what I meant by exaggeration senz Jan 2016 #111
By your logic he should also shun running for President LiberalLovinLug Jan 2016 #119
Beautifully logical. Thanks, LLL. nt senz Jan 2016 #122
But if the DNC is helping to elect more Dems ... JoePhilly Jan 2016 #138
You keep equating the current DNC leadership with the DNC. The DNC has been co-opted. Bubzer Jan 2016 #215
Nice move of the goalposts there LiberalLovinLug Jan 2016 #243
That's some fancy thinking there Joe. Phlem Jan 2016 #29
Folks keep explaining how bad the DNC and JoePhilly Jan 2016 #88
You weren't paying attention when the world switched from 8- to 64-bit, were you? DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #139
Is that all you have? JoePhilly Jan 2016 #149
Yep. You've found the limit of my intellect, in a one-line post. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #156
If 10 is the highest, then 7.1 is way too generous for merrily Jan 2016 #326
That settles it. I don't know senz Jan 2016 #150
And I don't really know who you are, but I've been enjoying your posts. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2016 #160
+1 stonecutter357 Jan 2016 #62
C) The DNC is engaging in an elaborate scheme to bypass limits Mnpaul Jan 2016 #147
Then why is he helping the DNC? JoePhilly Jan 2016 #148
How much did he raise for them? Mnpaul Jan 2016 #152
No end to the fscking "damned if he does and damned if he doesn't" gotcha bs, now is there? None. merrily Jan 2016 #189
Thom, like Bernie, speaks the truth. Thank you, Thom and thank you, berni_mccoy! senz Jan 2016 #9
Which makes "some people" fredamae Jan 2016 #10
Not buying it. One bit. NCTraveler Jan 2016 #11
You think Thom is passing the buck?!? berni_mccoy Jan 2016 #15
indeed, some gladly become the best witness for their own prosecution stupidicus Jan 2016 #50
Really? I've seen he Clintons pass the buck PLENTY. What I have seen only rarely, and only merrily Jan 2016 #190
Follow the money, no, the money has not arrived. Thinkingabout Jan 2016 #13
Totally missing/ignoring Hartman's point. Why am I not even a little surprised about? merrily Jan 2016 #191
Hillary supporters are lying???? Doctor_J Jan 2016 #18
Hartmann doesn't have BS on Hillary: He only has BS on Sanders lewebley3 Jan 2016 #19
Oh OK. Phlem Jan 2016 #24
BOOM! 99Forever Jan 2016 #20
This should be posted in the Bernie group. JDPriestly Jan 2016 #21
Right. Because it's always so much better to get a one-sided response. pnwmom Jan 2016 #58
Have you watched Bernie's speech yet? He gave it today. JDPriestly Jan 2016 #70
K&R!!!! Phlem Jan 2016 #23
This message was self-deleted by its author postatomic Jan 2016 #25
Been meaning to ask senz Jan 2016 #319
This message was self-deleted by its author postatomic Jan 2016 #321
Okay. senz Jan 2016 #323
This message was self-deleted by its author postatomic Jan 2016 #324
Appreciate the reply, postatomic. senz Jan 2016 #325
... senz Jan 2016 #335
Is THAT what I've been seeing? Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2016 #28
I'm glad Thom has time to call out random internet commentators. Blue_Adept Jan 2016 #30
Thom has consistently discussed topics on DU, mentioning DU specifically when it sources from here. berni_mccoy Jan 2016 #32
"Random"? bvf Jan 2016 #42
I don't particularly care one way or another Blue_Adept Jan 2016 #55
Yes, don't vote. Always good advice. n/t bvf Jan 2016 #59
I'm not invested in the primary. I'll let those who are the strong advocates fight it out. Blue_Adept Jan 2016 #60
I can't believe what I'm reading here! bvf Jan 2016 #66
45 years of being jaded by politics. One can give only so many fucks after awhile. Blue_Adept Jan 2016 #67
You've got maybe five years on me bvf Jan 2016 #69
in my state, if you do not vote for a candidate in the primary hopemountain Jan 2016 #175
What state is that so I can make sure I never move there Blue_Adept Jan 2016 #195
He's a DU member. n/t in_cog_ni_to Jan 2016 #44
YES, Thom Did Mention It AND It Does Happen To Be ChiciB1 Jan 2016 #33
I just heard him! Hartmann always knows what he's talking about. Duval Jan 2016 #34
They are both wrong. Sanders and the DNC *have* a joint fundraising committee. ieoeja Jan 2016 #36
oh I know that... PatrynXX Jan 2016 #37
Hey. A few months ago, I unsubscribed to the DNC. They ask why. I keyboarded that DWS DhhD Jan 2016 #151
if you have ever donated,or just answered a phone survey that says you support any dem candidate questionseverything Jan 2016 #238
Hey berni_mc !!! - You Might Find This Interesting: WillyT Jan 2016 #38
Sanders campaign inks joint fundraising pact with DNC postatomic Jan 2016 #40
That does not refute what Thom has said nor does it counter the fact that berni_mccoy Jan 2016 #43
It's up to Bernie to follow through with this postatomic Jan 2016 #52
"Thom is just playing to the anger and fear." berni_mccoy Jan 2016 #61
"Now I know you are full of shit" postatomic Jan 2016 #64
A Sanders spokesman said just a few days ago that the DNC have never come forward with any dates Kentonio Jan 2016 #192
This message was self-deleted by its author postatomic Jan 2016 #308
I'd love for you to dig further and find some evidence to support what you're claiming. Kentonio Jan 2016 #309
Lies! It's all they've got. in_cog_ni_to Jan 2016 #41
K & R AzDar Jan 2016 #47
well, ignorant or dishonest aren't flattering choices stupidicus Jan 2016 #48
DON'T BELIEVE THEIR BULLSHIT! passiveporcupine Jan 2016 #49
Yep. Zorra Jan 2016 #51
It's not as if DU isn't loaded with divisive anti-Hillary talk. laureloak Jan 2016 #53
I just saw where an alert was posted on Thom Hartman's YouTube Channel INdemo Jan 2016 #56
I"m calling bullshit on Thom Hartmann. Sanders could have helped through the DSCC pnwmom Jan 2016 #57
Lol this line.... Agschmid Jan 2016 #65
hillary supporters are not real liberals Blue_Adept Jan 2016 #68
Such a lame attack. Agschmid Jan 2016 #93
Bernie signed an agreement with the DNC to raise funds Progressive dog Jan 2016 #71
This message was self-deleted by its author nc4bo Jan 2016 #77
Huh Progressive dog Jan 2016 #80
Sorry Progressive, that's what I get for surfacing (and responding) on DU nc4bo Jan 2016 #109
'Fraid ya lost me, nc4bo senz Jan 2016 #89
I thought the OP was about Sanders refusing to name CEOs. nc4bo Jan 2016 #105
LOL, thanks. senz Jan 2016 #112
Hartmann's partisan bias is showing. eom MohRokTah Jan 2016 #76
Thank you Thom...at least the Swarm can't give you a Hide! SoapBox Jan 2016 #81
Maybe Debbie was on a conference call with Sheldon Adelson when he tried to tell her? Warren DeMontague Jan 2016 #87
I 2nd the bullshit call! Enthusiast Jan 2016 #95
Was Hartman a Naderite? redstateblues Jan 2016 #98
I am glad you are a fan of Thom's, so when he says OF COURSE he will support Hillary if she randys1 Jan 2016 #104
I'll support her if she's the nominee. But she's not the nominee, yet. Warren DeMontague Jan 2016 #108
Not all of his fans are DUers senz Jan 2016 #113
True Thom fans will vote for whoever the Dem candidate is. randys1 Jan 2016 #114
LOL, they'll vote for whomever they please. senz Jan 2016 #116
And true fans of his will freely vote against the terrorists. NOt complicated randys1 Jan 2016 #117
Because you say so? senz Jan 2016 #129
Hey, if anyone knows about fans of Sanders, merrily Jan 2016 #183
At least 4. nt raouldukelives Jan 2016 #207
Hi Thom. If you're still on the air RandySF Jan 2016 #106
He shoots. He scores. Boom! redstateblues Jan 2016 #125
Illogical senz Jan 2016 #127
But I thought he's a close friend RandySF Jan 2016 #135
Yeah, Thom would have actually provided a bit of proof if this had been his OP Number23 Jan 2016 #132
Typical tactics noiretextatique Jan 2016 #107
OK Thom. Name the fundraiser SBS held. MeNMyVolt Jan 2016 #123
If Thom said it, House of Roberts Jan 2016 #126
This message was self-deleted by its author MeNMyVolt Jan 2016 #137
This message was self-deleted by its author Corruption Inc Jan 2016 #142
this doesn't pass the smell test bigtree Jan 2016 #161
Hartmann sounds like a snake oil salesman. RandySF Jan 2016 #164
And another solid Democrat goes under the bus. merrily Jan 2016 #177
You're attacking Thom frikkin Hartmann now? Seriously? Kentonio Jan 2016 #193
Thom Hartmann has been a DU member since 2006 Ichingcarpenter Jan 2016 #194
This message was self-deleted by its author bigtree Jan 2016 #203
I love Thom Hartmann! blondie58 Jan 2016 #202
DNC Beowulf42 Jan 2016 #206
Kicketty Kickin' Faux pas Jan 2016 #229
If Thom Hartmann says something rjsquirrel Jan 2016 #231
Thom Hartmann that's the guy on Russian TV doc03 Jan 2016 #291
Hartman: Another Naderite that gave us Bush and the Iraq war redstateblues Jan 2016 #329
Drat! Major Hogwash Jan 2016 #334
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