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Joe Shlabotnik

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3. We need more exposÚs of this shit,
Sat Feb 23, 2013, 02:01 AM
Feb 2013

because until it filters through the white middle class bubble, its not going to change. And what those in the bubble have to realize is that its no longer just some poor inner-city kid who never had a future anyway, its their lily-white precious sons and increasingly daughters that are in the cross hairs of this machine.

Our society is becoming a society of no-second chances, with an ever widening net of what constitutes criminal behaviour. Every misstep we say or commit is logged to be used against us. Vast numbers of people are becoming unemployable, unable to travel, afraid to speak up publicly or lodge complaints, are denied loans and mortgages, and are unable to even help themselves acquire the skills to lead 'productive' lives.

K/R (nt) NYC_SKP Feb 2013 #1
repubs + dems + president = ever more restrictive police state. thanks a lot nt msongs Feb 2013 #2
We need more exposÚs of this shit, Joe Shlabotnik Feb 2013 #3
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+1 nt Live and Learn Feb 2013 #6
Even as a non-drug user and a non-smoker, Jamaal510 Feb 2013 #5
The war on drugs has been a tremendous success for the rich Fire Walk With Me Feb 2013 #8
This: CrispyQ Feb 2013 #9
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