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29. Huh?
Fri Sep 13, 2013, 03:42 PM
Sep 2013

I was going to try to answer you, but the more I think about it the less sense it makes. You would rather make me a convenient target, so go for it. Evil, evil man here.

Lust is an involuntary emotion TheDeputy Sep 2013 #1
omFg... 5 yrs old. gonna tell me some creep lusting over a 5 yr old is involuntary. seabeyond Sep 2013 #5
All 5-year old lusters make the voluntary choice to do so? NoOneMan Sep 2013 #12
Unfortunately, it is involuntary Warpy Sep 2013 #13
I disagree LanternWaste Sep 2013 #21
i agree. none of how i "feel" or think or act has been hard for me. seabeyond Sep 2013 #26
I'm guessing that how a pedophile "feels" and "thinks" isn't hard for her either. Schema Thing Sep 2013 #71
i can just as easily allow myself anything and all with no restriction what so ever. and ya. seabeyond Sep 2013 #72
That is really interesting to me. nt ZombieHorde Sep 2013 #27
As I said, few of them act on it. Warpy Sep 2013 #33
warpy, i had mostly naked 16, 17, 18 yr old boys around me seabeyond Sep 2013 #37
You're also a FEMALE. Genetically programmed to lust after George Clooney... TheMadMonk Sep 2013 #88
geez that is such fuckin bullshit that you men are PROGRAMMED to believe on a regular bases by seabeyond Sep 2013 #89
And if we kept our teens and children on shorter rations like we did in the past... TheMadMonk Sep 2013 #113
this is where the story telling fails at the very beginning. you take your brain today and apply it seabeyond Sep 2013 #116
Exactly how is "ALL BEHAVIOUR IS VOLUNTARY" a better hypothesis? TheMadMonk Sep 2013 #120
you throw out bs evo psychology the scientist scoff at. i challenge. now you go into a rant about seabeyond Sep 2013 #122
I didn't call girls bitches. I Suggested it as an example... TheMadMonk Sep 2013 #191
You aren't allowed to see shades of gray. NoOneMan Sep 2013 #187
You are being sarcastic I hope ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #193
While I have a number of issues with this post ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #192
and as far as older man? well hell, she is more likely to get a less child with an older man. and seabeyond Sep 2013 #90
You're ignoring social context and intelligence.... Moonwalk Sep 2013 #129
and you are forgetting it is said this is innate, biology when what you describe is social seabeyond Sep 2013 #134
It's not biological? You should tell that to the apes. And the Lions. And wolves... Moonwalk Sep 2013 #144
again, you associate this woman with the development of brain today, tell us they had the ability seabeyond Sep 2013 #146
Learned? Apes, lions, wolves may not know that sex = baby, but they know... Moonwalk Sep 2013 #152
lets bottomline this. do you fight the urge to fuck a child. i did not fight the urge to hook up seabeyond Sep 2013 #153
You actually believe this? ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #159
Actually there is some thought ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #103
Wow...unreal! chervilant Sep 2013 #160
I justified, nothing. Whatever you may think, the desire... TheMadMonk Sep 2013 #203
My assertions are grounded in chervilant Sep 2013 #208
Post removed Post removed Sep 2013 #217
per the post hidden. you tell everyone pecking order and everyone just suck it up and deal. seabeyond Sep 2013 #223
That post was vile. redqueen Sep 2013 #227
yes it was. and seems to be we are the bad people for calling out vile posts. odd that. nt seabeyond Sep 2013 #229
omfg, glad that trash is kicked to the curb. WTF!? boston bean Sep 2013 #238
I am of course, discounting any brain which may be hard-wired from birth... LanternWaste Sep 2013 #54
From various things I've read, even brains that are normal at birth can develop these problems NoOneMan Sep 2013 #66
I've read that and others like it ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #162
How do you define 'acting'? redqueen Sep 2013 #56
I've never thought of it in quite that way ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #53
"Abstract" Yes! Academic, even. LanternWaste Sep 2013 #58
Oh yes ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #65
me too. i am there to do my job. i am Tuesday Afternoon Sep 2013 #112
Apples and oranges..."In THAT environment" is the key here, right? Moonwalk Sep 2013 #140
And what does a 5 year old do to inspire lust? ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #168
You really like to put words in other people's mouths, don't you? You should watch that... Moonwalk Sep 2013 #206
Clear? ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #222
To be honest, quite a few patients can appear just as "normal", just as healthy and just as objectiv LanternWaste Sep 2013 #226
Wouldn't you think they would think twice before "exposing" themselves on a public board? hlthe2b Sep 2013 #25
They think they're more anonymous than they really are Warpy Sep 2013 #30
And here we have an excellent demonstration of the purpose of derailing. redqueen Sep 2013 #36
thank you redq. perfectly said. that Op should have been shut down, fuckin immediately seabeyond Sep 2013 #39
LOL, right... redqueen Sep 2013 #48
Would have been, if I'd seen it Scootaloo Sep 2013 #92
Good points, I didn't see the original thread Warpy Sep 2013 #47
INDULGING in thoughts CAN be controlled. redqueen Sep 2013 #51
And starting up a thread on a discussion board, so they can share their attraction for young girls Squinch Sep 2013 #106
We have the capacity to deny, enhance or minimize any emotion LanternWaste Sep 2013 #15
"We *choose* to feel or not feel desire, lust, anger, happiness, frustration" NoOneMan Sep 2013 #18
No. Merely my own experience... which does deny that your statement is absolute LanternWaste Sep 2013 #24
The same stimuli (input) will always result in a single output in the same brain (multiplexor)/state NoOneMan Sep 2013 #45
Unless we choose otherwise. LanternWaste Sep 2013 #87
yes. seabeyond Sep 2013 #91
Do you somehow think you and your ability to "choose" is separate from your brain? NoOneMan Sep 2013 #95
My brain tells me to rob a bank, but I don't. Why is that? boston bean Sep 2013 #117
Because it tells you not to as well NoOneMan Sep 2013 #118
That is why men can control themselves. thanks. boston bean Sep 2013 #119
Most Men and Women, yes NoOneMan Sep 2013 #121
none of that makes lusting after young girls normal, which is what is being boston bean Sep 2013 #125
I agree. Its not normal NoOneMan Sep 2013 #143
In many it is. That is where we disagree with the sickness boston bean Sep 2013 #145
"they do have control over those thoughts" NoOneMan Sep 2013 #149
LOL, you have gone back to the cave man days. boston bean Sep 2013 #151
Free will is a religious concept NoOneMan Sep 2013 #154
Most religions deny the free will... ie god makes things happen boston bean Sep 2013 #158
"none of this is based in any choice at all" NoOneMan Sep 2013 #185
Disagree wholeheartedlywith your take. You won't convince me. boston bean Sep 2013 #186
You cannot defeat truthiness in the end NoOneMan Sep 2013 #188
Having a mind and believing making choices of ones own makes it perfectlly freaking clear boston bean Sep 2013 #190
Im actually a computer scientist that dabbled in a variety of neuroscience/psychology in undergrad NoOneMan Sep 2013 #194
You can tell a brain isn't make a conscious choice. boston bean Sep 2013 #195
"No doctor would believe that humans don't have control over the choices they make" NoOneMan Sep 2013 #197
I know it, and you leftout part of my sentencein that quote. boston bean Sep 2013 #198
Yet you keep responding. Funny how thats working. NoOneMan Sep 2013 #204
Choice is an illusion? ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #189
Its an illusion, yes, because at that specific time and circumstances, there is only one possible NoOneMan Sep 2013 #196
Oh FFS ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #199
What if we do? If a quantum flucuation changed processing behavior significantly is that a "choice" NoOneMan Sep 2013 #200
Well that is a question isn't it? ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #201
But isn't this the same argument for why gay people should not be gay? Moonwalk Sep 2013 #147
Are you suggesting Gay people and pedophiles are in the same category? ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #163
Putting words in my mouth? Shame, shame, shame.... Moonwalk Sep 2013 #202
*sigh* ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #205
That's absurd. Union Scribe Sep 2013 #216
? upaloopa Sep 2013 #2
I would agree that it's creepy to ask that... Bay Boy Sep 2013 #3
it is also funny to beat up women who don't cooperate in a 3 way according to some DUers nt msongs Sep 2013 #4
i didnt read the replies. and another said thing about du, regardless, violence to another seabeyond Sep 2013 #7
What post are you refrring to? Summer Hathaway Sep 2013 #6
thank you. i will make the correction. seabeyond Sep 2013 #8
A whole new level or creepiness, that one. LanternWaste Sep 2013 #9
Easy question.... daleanime Sep 2013 #10
not rude, just damn pathetic that you feel no more passion about fucking with children seabeyond Sep 2013 #11
Now that is really a sick reply. Where is the fucking children part? upaloopa Sep 2013 #20
wtf do you think we are talking about in this thread. grown fuckin men fuckin with children, even seabeyond Sep 2013 #28
What is it in you that makes you feel you have it so upaloopa Sep 2013 #40
that is sad. so so sad. go away. nt seabeyond Sep 2013 #43
Not sad on my part, on yours yes. Go read some psych books upaloopa Sep 2013 #50
You came here ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #55
^^^ yes ^^^ Tuesday Afternoon Sep 2013 #57
I know ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #63
I am reacting to all the posters like you saying anyone here is upaloopa Sep 2013 #70
Then what are you trying to say besides harassing Seabeyond? ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #100
Heh! Sheldon Cooper Sep 2013 #104
Huh? daleanime Sep 2013 #29
you throw out a sarcastic dismissive answer to this OP. a man makes an OP about the earliest age seabeyond Sep 2013 #32
yes, yes I do... daleanime Sep 2013 #61
Who was that who made you a convenient target? I think you did that all on your own. Squinch Sep 2013 #38
thank you... daleanime Sep 2013 #62
"maintains the zombie patriarchy" NoOneMan Sep 2013 #14
No it isn't. ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #59
"The best answer is "lusting after children is fucked up" period." truly seems too hard for too seabeyond Sep 2013 #75
Let me be blunt here, seabeyond... Violet_Crumble Sep 2013 #219
it would help your argument if you even knew what youw ere arguing before admittedly not seabeyond Sep 2013 #221
I'm very clear on what I've seen from you here and in that other thread... Violet_Crumble Sep 2013 #224
you want all this consideration for a post in mens forum, and totally have no ability to give to my seabeyond Sep 2013 #225
Can you not read timestamps? redqueen Sep 2013 #228
Meh ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #234
Prostitution is already legal in Australia. redqueen Sep 2013 #235
apparently you have no idea what yr talking about Violet_Crumble Sep 2013 #240
Me? I'm even tempered ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #241
Oh PLEASE. redqueen Sep 2013 #242
I like Stoya ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #236
Yes, you are wrong in saying the other OP was self-deleted before seabeyond started this OP here. MadrasT Sep 2013 #232
obviously didnt take time to read the thread boston bean Sep 2013 #239
Just to be clear--That was MY comment; Sea was agreeing with it ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #233
You have utterly failed in reading this situation Violet. boston bean Sep 2013 #230
+ 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 kestrel91316 Sep 2013 #133
Well I remember that Jimmie Carter admitted to upaloopa Sep 2013 #17
lusting a child... born with? or only men born to lust, women.... nah, no lust seabeyond Sep 2013 #19
I did not put child in my reply. upaloopa Sep 2013 #31
This message was self-deleted by its author seabeyond Sep 2013 #34
i didnt know what you are saying men are born with. lusting over children or just lust. so, women seabeyond Sep 2013 #35
The discussion is about lusting after children. No one attacked you. Squinch Sep 2013 #41
Women have no sexual desire? No "lust"--such a biblical term-- ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #60
Lust is in all of us. This OP is a trap so the upaloopa Sep 2013 #68
LOL, it's not a "trap"... FFS redqueen Sep 2013 #73
If you actually thought the OP was a trap, you wouldn't have waded in. So here's what Squinch Sep 2013 #82
don't have too upaloopa Sep 2013 #83
or there are pathetic human beings that have to validate disgusting behavior by saying everyone has seabeyond Sep 2013 #84
that's not what I said is it? upaloopa Sep 2013 #85
ya bubba, and you can read about my scenario also. they both are documented. you throw out shit seabeyond Sep 2013 #86
If you are talking about projection, you really are missing the big fat wad of irony that you Squinch Sep 2013 #97
You're the bully ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #102
Can't we do better than 'lust'? ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #107
you know? really huh. lol. only men lust. those women have it easy. geeezus seabeyond Sep 2013 #76
What the hell? ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #52
i keep seeing that face. seabeyond Sep 2013 #77
Its Pris in he movie Bladerunner ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #101
ah. thank you. nt seabeyond Sep 2013 #109
Are you seriously unable to distinguish between children and adults? BainsBane Sep 2013 #213
Somehow I miss these posts from the bottom of the cesspool, & I'm glad. -nt CrispyQ Sep 2013 #16
i walked away from it when it first hit latest thread. knew it was one i never wanted seabeyond Sep 2013 #23
I saw that and could not move a way fast enough--how damned creepy... hlthe2b Sep 2013 #22
wasnt it? isnt it? and here is sits in du. on a fucking progressive board that protects children seabeyond Sep 2013 #42
Yeah. A little bird linked me to that ... redqueen Sep 2013 #44
Who asked such a thing? R. Daneel Olivaw Sep 2013 #46
Good God ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #49
I've seen some attractive teenagers at my daughter's high school. redqueen Sep 2013 #64
Exactly ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #67
EXACTLY. It is disgusting. redqueen Sep 2013 #69
"compared to me, they are children." exactly. nt seabeyond Sep 2013 #79
very good. very very good. adn this should be explored in its own OP so men will realize seabeyond Sep 2013 #78
eew that is kinda creepy gopiscrap Sep 2013 #74
saw that yesterday and could barely believe it was coming from a long time member - Kali Sep 2013 #80
kali... seabeyond Sep 2013 #81
I have no idea what you're talking about. Link? pitbullgirl1965 Sep 2013 #93
Can someone please link to the thread? Sheldon Cooper Sep 2013 #94
Never mind, I just figured it out. Sheldon Cooper Sep 2013 #98
I am officially creeped out by some of the responses in this thread. boston bean Sep 2013 #96
i hear ya bb. nt seabeyond Sep 2013 #99
So. Am. I. And talk about DEFENSIVENESS --not to mention deep resentment at the disturbing sense of MotherPetrie Sep 2013 #105
now it is being said it is all about may/dec relationships with adults. so where does pedophilia seabeyond Sep 2013 #110
I can umderstand why they'd delete it and try to spin it as a "May-December" issue. redqueen Sep 2013 #114
Facts are facts DonCoquixote Sep 2013 #108
thank you don. and how easy is that. that fuckin simple. and that simple to shut the disgusting seabeyond Sep 2013 #111
That was yet another thread I passed over and didn't really think about. Now I kind of regret that. nomorenomore08 Sep 2013 #115
and then to pretend it wasn't about BainsBane Sep 2013 #123
Yup. Delete and put out how they will be accused of something not said. Pedophilia seabeyond Sep 2013 #124
The thread where the same men are arguing no responsibility in the rape culture. Right here seabeyond Sep 2013 #126
What is creepy is accusing people upaloopa Sep 2013 #127
AUTOMATED MESSAGE: Results of your Jury Service LittleBlue Sep 2013 #130
Go away. boston bean Sep 2013 #132
But there's disruptive behavior to assist with! redqueen Sep 2013 #138
I assisted, glad the community abrogates their responsibility and wants hosts to handle it all. boston bean Sep 2013 #148
our fault. not being nice enough discussing our men lusting after our daughters. nt seabeyond Sep 2013 #150
No one accused you of anything. nt boston bean Sep 2013 #131
and those that defend a man asking how young can we lust after our girls without being considered seabeyond Sep 2013 #135
If you have to ask, you're being creepy. gtar100 Sep 2013 #128
i have been thinking about this. and i think... the poster as much as anything wanted to bond and seabeyond Sep 2013 #136
You're such an optimist. nt redqueen Sep 2013 #137
i believe a lot of these men don't want to fuck our kids. kids are a tool for their manhood in front seabeyond Sep 2013 #139
even more than sex, their image of their manhood takes precedent to decency and all things. seabeyond Sep 2013 #141
pretty fucking creepy ... I know - it was rhetorical but, you asked! Tuesday Afternoon Sep 2013 #142
From my pov, the question is creepy because it is asking for permission... Moonwalk Sep 2013 #155
It's not moot ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #164
In what forum is this thread in you are talking about? hrmjustin Sep 2013 #156
It was self deleted ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #165
Lol I checked the men's room because I figured it was from there. It was. hrmjustin Sep 2013 #166
Ew. ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #170
I stopped posting there. Than again I never really did post there. hrmjustin Sep 2013 #173
the other thing they specialize in BainsBane Sep 2013 #174
They're out whining in GD now ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #177
They can't get over Iverglas BainsBane Sep 2013 #179
Oh I know! ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #181
3 IP checks BainsBane Sep 2013 #182
OMG, it would be hilarious if she was still reading ... redqueen Sep 2013 #183
She's their ultimate nemesis ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #184
I think her biggest fan BainsBane Sep 2013 #214
someone threw iverglas and eloise at me in one of the threads. didnt think much of it, or know what seabeyond Sep 2013 #215
Huh. Well, it isn't normal for a grown man to lust after children. Deep13 Sep 2013 #157
The problem is that a thread like that can show up on a supposedly liberal, progressive, Sheldon Cooper Sep 2013 #161
Yep. It's (sadly not) amazing that this important point isn't glaringly obvious to everyone. (nt) redqueen Sep 2013 #180
I never liked like the DU juries... Deep13 Sep 2013 #212
The argument being made in this thread ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #167
are you kidding? BainsBane Sep 2013 #169
Nope ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #171
1-5 to leave BainsBane Sep 2013 #172
And this is why it's intellectually lazy, very sick ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #175
The only similarity is that neither can control his/her desires. Deep13 Sep 2013 #211
Woe!!!!! No one asked me !!! Mental excess of any kind tells a story orpupilofnature57 Sep 2013 #176
Thank you! ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #178
I just watched ' Blade Runner ' for the Zillionth time, my wife asked why orpupilofnature57 Sep 2013 #209
Now I have to watch it again! ismnotwasm Sep 2013 #210
I also have all three versions, this is the scene that made me a believer . orpupilofnature57 Sep 2013 #220
I'm rather ignorant regarding this entire subject. I have gut feelings about such things... BlueJazz Sep 2013 #207
"...brings to mind heartbreak and evil things..." Which I guess is why the post in the Men's Group nomorenomore08 Sep 2013 #218
I'm usually a day late and a dollar short in regards to this stuff. LanternWaste Sep 2013 #231
Ya... seabeyond Sep 2013 #237
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