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2. Twice I got a message
Tue Jul 12, 2022, 06:00 PM
Jul 2022

that I couldn't "sign in" because I was already "signed in." But I didn't even try to "sign in a second time!!!"

Me too. sheshe2 Jul 2022 #1
Twice I got a message claudette Jul 2022 #2
I have also, several times. wendyb-NC Jul 2022 #3
I also received the 'forbidden ' notice. revmclaren Jul 2022 #4
me too a single refresh clears it DBoon Jul 2022 #5
also seeing lots of image boxes with little x's replacing avatars or sig images Kali Jul 2022 #6
question marks for me... bahboo Jul 2022 #11
i got it when I clicked the name of a poster. n/t ariadne0614 Jul 2022 #7
Same here. Won't let me log out or select certain things yonder Jul 2022 #8
Same here. Won't let me log out or select certain things yonder Jul 2022 #9
Me too onecaliberal Jul 2022 #10
Got it on cell, not on laptop captain queeg Jul 2022 #12
The "Forbidden" message... ultralite001 Jul 2022 #13
It just started doing this to me, over the last 20 minutes or so. CaliforniaPeggy Jul 2022 #14
Same. luvs2sing Jul 2022 #15
Me to. I tired a restaart on my tablet. No help. i just hit backspace or refresh. c-rational Jul 2022 #16
hear . hear . can't stand du withdrawal AllaN01Bear Jul 2022 #18
thank you . i am glad i aint the only one . i can come in via safari and not my browser of choice . AllaN01Bear Jul 2022 #17
Me Too utopian Jul 2022 #19
Try this: Qutzupalotl Jul 2022 #20
THANKS, I'm going to save that link! 👍🙂 nt Raine Jul 2022 #25
Same here - quite often now purr-rat beauty Jul 2022 #21
Same here, dozens of times when I tried to reply to a post and just now when I was on a jury Rhiannon12866 Jul 2022 #22
I just got 5 "forbidden" before I could post this. sheshe2 Jul 2022 #23
I posted to you, tried to log out. sheshe2 Jul 2022 #24
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