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I'm pro 2nd ammend...but this is stupid. nt clarice May 2013 #1
Millions of stupid gun nuts/cultists out there, and that is the problem. Hoyt May 2013 #3
Wow, that's a VERY broad brush you are painting with. nt clarice May 2013 #4
Extensive experience, mostly with right wing bigoted gunners. Hoyt May 2013 #9
No! I said the law was stupid. I just don't like stereotypes. nt clarice May 2013 #10
If it fits. . . . . . . Go to a gun show or store, and see what you think. Hoyt May 2013 #11
www.theliberalgunclub.com clarice May 2013 #12
Yeah right. Go to a gun show, take some photos. Hoyt May 2013 #13
I don't judge people by their appearance.nt clarice May 2013 #14
Does not surprise me. I guess you think these militia men are Democrats? Hoyt May 2013 #15
I have no idea what their political affiliation is. And I don't presume to know.nt clarice May 2013 #16
I'd be willing to bet you DO know what their political affiliation is. And you know you do. Squinch May 2013 #18
Um...ok.....next? nt clarice May 2013 #26
stinking up my thread on Oklahoma tordadoes and climate change CreekDog May 2013 #27
Um...ok.....next? nt clarice May 2013 #28
That's typical of that poster clarice. rl6214 May 2013 #21
Thanks for the welcome.... clarice May 2013 #25
Post removed Post removed May 2013 #23
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2013 #24
Bizarre. Laelth May 2013 #2
That's Nucla CO Autumn May 2013 #5
I wish they would pass that in my town. bluedigger May 2013 #7
I believe that it the town where they hold a annual prairie dog shoot. El Supremo May 2013 #6
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2013 #22
Looks like the RW version of government tryanny by forcing one to support the gun industry. freshwest May 2013 #8
you MUST, unless you don't want to jimmy the one May 2013 #17
Bunch of idiots being idiotic. Squinch May 2013 #19
I think that's as ridiculous as passing an ordinance banning all guns. rl6214 May 2013 #20
Kennesaw, GA, did that in 1982. GreenStormCloud May 2013 #29
publicity stunt? jimmy the one May 2013 #30
Others can claim what they want. GreenStormCloud May 2013 #31
MG v Kennesaw stats jimmy the one May 2013 #32
Your logic is in error. GreenStormCloud May 2013 #34
my logic is fine jimmy the one Jun 2013 #36
I am under no obligation to support Kopel or anybody else. GreenStormCloud Jun 2013 #39
kennesaw's mayor lowballed, er, underreported jimmy the one May 2013 #33
While I believe everyone should have the means to protect their family, ileus May 2013 #35
What exactly do you mean by "personal protection devices"? Starboard Tack Jun 2013 #37
Dan Baum in "Gun Guys" makes the same point. GreenStormCloud Jun 2013 #38
Thank you! Starboard Tack Jun 2013 #40
You have given me an idea for a thread. GreenStormCloud Jun 2013 #41
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