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Bernie Sanders

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Sun Feb 28, 2016, 12:48 AM Feb 2016

A Bit Of Perspective - The Democratic Party Is In Deep Trouble..... [View all]

The MSM Claimed That Hillary's Win Was Huge, Magnificent, the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread in South Carolina. But, in reality, was it really...

According to the latest polling results, Hillary Clinton has upwards of 73.49% of the vote to Sanders 25.96%. If one was just to review this raw data, it would be assumed Sanders was "smoked" and Hillary has a "mandate" to go forward with her Neo-Democratic Message that has turned Temporarily "Faux-Progressive-Lite" for the Primary.

But...Not So Fast.

What if we told you there are 2,961,362 Registered Democratic Voters in the State of South Carolina. Now what if we told you that only 370,431 Democratic Voters decided to show up for the Corporate Media Hyped South Carolina Primary?

That means, only 12.51% of registered Democratic Voters in South Carolina bothered to vote on Saturday.

Where are these voters at? Where did they go? Many of these are the same voters who supported Barack Obama's win in the State, for the General Election in 2008.

Where are they? Somewhere else. Why?

Because although Bernie is an Excellent Candidate - they are unsure if he can win with the Party Structure having it out for him. That Structure being the DNC. They are not voting against or not for Bernie as much as they have zero plans of voting for Hillary Clinton's Democratic Party.

What does that mean for the General Election? Some will say nothing -- as South Carolina is not a State Democrats "can win" in November 2016 "anyway". But, that is spin in reality.

The Democrat Party is losing voters. The Democratic Party is losing momentum. The Democratic Party is losing any connection to its Progressive, Millennial and half of General Xers base.

To be frank -- this version - the Neo-Democratic Version of the Democratic Party is dying fast and a 12.51% turnout in any area of the Country among the core base --- with Independent's leaning Trump, Rubio or just staying home equals -- a very, very sad November.

Too bad the Democratic Party Threw Bernie Sanders Under the Bus. Maybe, just maybe -- he will take this moment to consider starting a new, real and exciting Progressive Movement Party after all.

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Um, South Carolina has a population of 4.8 million AZ Progressive Feb 2016 #1
That is the Data... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #4
White population in SC is 69%, and most are not Democrats AZ Progressive Feb 2016 #21
Your dismissed from this thread. LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #24
.... AZ Progressive Feb 2016 #45
Your dismissed from this thread. AlbertCat Feb 2016 #46
And you too.... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #50
Bye-Bye!!! AlbertCat Feb 2016 #54
I Crush Your Heads! Marty McGraw Feb 2016 #77
Purged voters, Voter I.D. etc etc etc. by the Republicans. Milliesmom Feb 2016 #43
I was wondering the same thing about voter ID davidpdx Feb 2016 #60
If low voter turnout favors the Faux pas Feb 2016 #2
Both parties are in advanced self-destruct mode. The only question is which will destroy us first. leveymg Feb 2016 #3
Agree. LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #5
Plus runaway climate change willkill off everything that war hasn't Lorien Feb 2016 #8
My view precisely. And Wall Street has run amok and will further ruin our country, JDPriestly Feb 2016 #16
I've been asking every Hillary supporter I meet to tell me just why Lorien Feb 2016 #23
They won't tell you why here either notadmblnd Feb 2016 #35
That video frightened me. You know why? Nyan Feb 2016 #53
So much more coherent than the Hillary supporters. He probably knew more about Bernie than the jillan Feb 2016 #62
Excellent video! That's so much the kind of response that I have received over and over JDPriestly Feb 2016 #55
She can get things done, the wrong things. CentralMass Feb 2016 #57
Omg! That was pathetic! jillan Feb 2016 #61
This^^^^^ LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #25
No, she's not going to walk away with it. Lorien Feb 2016 #6
The General Election Frankly... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #9
... warrprayer Feb 2016 #7
1%ers! oldandhappy Feb 2016 #12
Amazing Picture.... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #13
One big happy family! Hydra Feb 2016 #27
Wow you'd never even know they were all packing long knives. platitudipus Feb 2016 #32
Nice one platitudipus! Welcome to DU! sorechasm Feb 2016 #64
There Are Effectively Five Parties In America - The Oligarchs, Corporations And Banks Own Three cantbeserious Feb 2016 #10
Democratic - Progressive - Sick and Tired of The DNC, DWS, DLC and Third Way.... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #11
DNC chased me out of the party oldandhappy Feb 2016 #14
Got a Call The Other Day... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #15
Interesting. oldandhappy Feb 2016 #22
If A Local Race Does Not Turnout.... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #26
I dropped my MDP membership a few years ago a2liberal Feb 2016 #59
Our Dem ward has also xloadiex Feb 2016 #33
Sorry to Hear That... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #37
I'll be changing to Independent tomorrow. sarge43 Feb 2016 #67
nasty! wow oldandhappy Feb 2016 #75
Not chased us, divorced us. sarge43 Feb 2016 #66
smile oldandhappy Feb 2016 #74
I agree with you 100%. What has happened to the Democratic Party? jillan Feb 2016 #17
This.... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #18
Excellent post! JDPriestly Feb 2016 #19
Thanks - ranting tonite. jillan Feb 2016 #20
People in other countries are laughing at us! Rosa Luxemburg Feb 2016 #36
Love Bernie but you have to vote in the general regardless MattP Feb 2016 #28
No... They Don't LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #29
It's going to be 2010 all over again, except this time it is the office of the Presidency. notadmblnd Feb 2016 #47
Yep.... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #49
I always vote. I haven't missed an election yet, in_cog_ni_to Feb 2016 #69
That's what I saw too-This was not a win but a warning PFunk1 Feb 2016 #30
It's Too Late... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #31
Thanks. but I'm just calling as I see it. PFunk1 Feb 2016 #41
The Math and Data is Not In Your Favor -- And I'm Calling It The Way I See It. LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #48
Ok, point taken PFunk1 Feb 2016 #51
You have a good point about now that our candidate is appointed, there could be some Sander's jillan Feb 2016 #63
I am stealing that line libcrystal Feb 2016 #79
Great OP! Great thread! Peace Patriot Feb 2016 #34
Thanks! LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #40
The party needs to do some research Rosa Luxemburg Feb 2016 #38
Maybe... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #39
Where Bernie goes, I go. Whatever that may mean. nt silvershadow Feb 2016 #42
I am seeing the cracks elmac Feb 2016 #44
Things have changed since 2008-2012 Milliesmom Feb 2016 #52
and Milliesmom Feb 2016 #58
The MSNBC is in deep trouble - coincidence ? Hell no !!! erlewyne Feb 2016 #56
I'm LGBT, and will immediately begin to take steps to leave the US if Clinton is nominated, Zorra Feb 2016 #65
HIGH TURNOUT = BERNIE WINS ----------> LOW TURNOUT = CLINTON WINS in_cog_ni_to Feb 2016 #68
K&R for all of the Clinton supporters celebrating low turnout. Barack_America Feb 2016 #70
Early voting numbers are up for TX - TBF Feb 2016 #71
WOW.... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #72
This is the link to TX early voting - TBF Feb 2016 #73
I think Dem voters are less incentivized to vote in a non-Democrat state. Lodestar Feb 2016 #76
But... bernbabe Feb 2016 #78
But they can show up for a Sanders rally - LiberalElite Feb 2016 #80
this quote: MaeScott Feb 2016 #81
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