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9. I used to like Rachel
Mon Feb 29, 2016, 05:03 PM
Feb 2016

Now I regard her as just another corporate sell out who will spew M$M talking points for the almighty dollar.

I hate the way she lectures and speaks down to her viewers as if they are incapable of forming their own opinions without her incredibly insightful guidance and input.

I'll never watch her again.

We all know Hillary isn't from NY. She just grabbed that Senate post because it was available, thereismore Feb 2016 #1
Actually she never left NY since she ran for senate. She's been there a while. jillan Feb 2016 #3
Fair enough, but she isn't from there. nt thereismore Feb 2016 #5
I know what your saying. But she has lived there for a little over 15 years. That's more jillan Feb 2016 #7
She already had the connections in the first place. TTUBatfan2008 Feb 2016 #8
She grabbed that senate seat so she could quid pro quo with the big banks. TryLogic Feb 2016 #18
"paracaidismo" in Spanish MisterP Feb 2016 #20
I never knew anyone who voted based on a candidate's geographic proximity anyway. arcane1 Feb 2016 #2
That was the msm's explanation for why Bernie won NH in a landslide. jillan Feb 2016 #4
God forbid they would say he won it on merit MissDeeds Feb 2016 #6
The "neighboring state" thing is mostly based on having higher name recognition than your opponent. thesquanderer Feb 2016 #22
I used to like Rachel MissDeeds Feb 2016 #9
I hate the way she lectures, too. Blue_In_AK Feb 2016 #14
I got that lecture feeling from Rachel's first few shows... Contrary1 Feb 2016 #24
Like her? I used to love her. farleftlib Feb 2016 #28
Maybe Rachel doesn't want her taxes to go up n2doc Feb 2016 #10
Count me in as someone that has had it with Rachel Maddow and MSNBC. Enthusiast Feb 2016 #11
She, just like all the other talking heads, is an overpaid hack. Nyan Feb 2016 #12
Rachael showed her true colors when Keith was booted and she bbgrunt Feb 2016 #13
MSNBC is a market researcher olddots Feb 2016 #15
You're right of course, but you have to understand the New Yorker mindset Mufaddal Feb 2016 #16
That's a ridiculous comment Depaysement Feb 2016 #32
I totally understand. I am from Chicago. Being from Chicago is nothing like being from any other jillan Feb 2016 #37
MSNBC, hence Rachel, are now owned by Comcast, a crappy right wing media corporation. TryLogic Feb 2016 #17
As a New Yorker HillareeeHillaraah Feb 2016 #19
I know you downstate folk think you own the bragging rights dragonfly301 Feb 2016 #30
Wow, that's kind of a terse response HillareeeHillaraah Feb 2016 #31
The propaganda is truly overwhelming, some get lots more than others Land Shark Feb 2016 #21
not watching TV for the last 8 years is one of the best decisions I've ever made. NRaleighLiberal Feb 2016 #23
I see. in_cog_ni_to Feb 2016 #25
Oh - I have some info about SC & why the turnout was so low. jillan Feb 2016 #26
Oh no. in_cog_ni_to Feb 2016 #29
It wasn't just Bernie's problem that he couldn't connect. A lot of voters were remembering 2008 jillan Feb 2016 #34
I wrote a short OP about three weeks back saying she was a sellout, I was attacked by a lot of folks onecaliberal Feb 2016 #27
Yeah. I'm not watching her as much either because she Cleita Feb 2016 #33
Subversive Super-Delegates? Sweetearth Feb 2016 #35
What? Did she say Subversive Super-Delegates? jillan Feb 2016 #36
Sorry about that Sweetearth Mar 2016 #38
Sorry I misunderstood :) jillan Mar 2016 #39
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