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Bernie Sanders

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Fawke Em

(11,366 posts)
Thu Mar 17, 2016, 10:43 AM Mar 2016

The number of Bernie supporters who say they won't vote for HRC must be devastating. [View all]

All I'm seeing on Twitter this morning are Clinton supporters cajoling, begging and posting links to stories from other Clinton supporters cajoling and begging for us Bernie supporters to get behind Hillary.

One, from Salon, chided us to "woman up" and vote for her. LOL! Many are responding that they do plan to "woman up" and vote for Jill Stein if Bernie isn't the nominee. (You'd think a Clinton supporter would have seen that coming. Clinton isn't the only woman in the race).

And, now that Obama has quite possibly selected the most milquetoast of Supreme Court nominees, they don't even have that on the table. If this pro-prosecution/police, pro-corporation nominee is what the so-called "left" establishment wants, then there's really very little difference between a Hillary or a tRump on the majority of issues on which a Supreme Court may rule. I believe the ONLY thing Hillary would protect is choice. She wouldn't lift a finger to stop Citizens United or prison reform or to prosecute the folks on Wall Street who wrecked the nation.

Ah, well. I'm #StillSanders

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Clinton has indicated her willingness to compromise with Republicans on abortion... PoliticAverse Mar 2016 #1
True. Fawke Em Mar 2016 #2
DT and HC have both heavily donated to the PP PatrynXX Mar 2016 #4
Donating out of sympathy or tax write-off? PADemD Mar 2016 #105
Maybe they donate... DeadEyeDyck Mar 2016 #139
It was her stance on this and the death penalty that made it impossible for me to vote for her. DookDook Mar 2016 #43
That's regressive not progressive. k8conant Mar 2016 #107
Yup. Shadowflash Mar 2016 #3
^ I agree. StandingInLeftField Mar 2016 #21
When I took the istandwith.com test dorkzilla Mar 2016 #60
I actually got iirc 100% with Jill... Kalidurga Mar 2016 #68
I think I was 99% BS dorkzilla Mar 2016 #70
In this case, "fear of the other candidate" is a DAMN good reason! William Seger Mar 2016 #86
Stop it... malokvale77 Mar 2016 #115
I'm talking real world William Seger Mar 2016 #127
Nonsense. I was there Lorien Mar 2016 #130
Voting for Nader was the SAME THING as not coming out William Seger Mar 2016 #149
It was actually election fraud by the GOP in Florida, along with State police Lorien Mar 2016 #128
Yes I am aware of this. malokvale77 Mar 2016 #138
The result was the one Nader supporters voted for: Bush won William Seger Mar 2016 #148
Debunked: The Myth That Ralph Nader Cost Al Gore the 2000 Election eridani Mar 2016 #155
Debunking the debunking William Seger Mar 2016 #161
Blame the Democrats who voted for Bush. Plenty of the Nader voters would have stayed home n/t eridani Mar 2016 #166
Oh, don't worry; I blame them, too William Seger Mar 2016 #167
I'd rather gnaw off my own arm than be blackmailed into voting for the anti-Bernie. GoneFishin Mar 2016 #112
Sign the petition: Lorien Mar 2016 #147
Signed (nt) Autumn Colors Mar 2016 #169
They finally went way too far with that shitty tactic Lorien Mar 2016 #113
I have asked numerous times on DU for a Hillary LibDemAlways Mar 2016 #141
"more baggage than the Duggar family on a world cruise" and kath Mar 2016 #143
Thanks! You have just made my night! 😊 LibDemAlways Mar 2016 #144
If the Democratic Party slams the door... HooptieWagon Mar 2016 #5
Time to leave them to it. nt artislife Mar 2016 #9
That may well happen. HooptieWagon Mar 2016 #16
Except for two retirees here who are for Bernie! Duval Mar 2016 #25
This one is for Bernie also! peacebird Mar 2016 #57
As is this old gal! nt marew Mar 2016 #76
Yo...another crone here! haikugal Mar 2016 #103
Haven't they already done so? n/t fredamae Mar 2016 #33
DWS is an idiot for what she had done. bkkyosemite Mar 2016 #51
She's doing what her corporate masters pay her to do.... HooptieWagon Mar 2016 #56
Never think they make fredamae Mar 2016 #156
Turnout is already low. onecaliberal Mar 2016 #52
Exactly. forest444 Mar 2016 #54
This is still very far from over. Half-Century Man Mar 2016 #6
Problem is with a weak candidate at the top of the ticket voters will not come out tularetom Mar 2016 #10
I think many will vote down ticket to set the record straight that the wrong candidate was bkkyosemite Mar 2016 #53
It's a matter of allowing ourselves to be killed quickly or slowly. Fawke Em Mar 2016 #14
This is exactly it. Half-Century Man Mar 2016 #23
Excellent analysis! jillan Mar 2016 #97
Oh, absolutely! nt marew Mar 2016 #101
I'm all for hitting rock bottom ASAP HRC isnot prgrsv Mar 2016 #117
If it was an animal we'd put it down right away. Ivan Kaputski Mar 2016 #125
I'm not feeling it astrophuss42 Mar 2016 #7
You may want to vote for the progressive on the ballot artislife Mar 2016 #11
Not advocating it,.... HooptieWagon Mar 2016 #17
Didn't know that. I'll check out the Green Party. Duval Mar 2016 #27
Jill Stein video improvingthecountry Mar 2016 #91
And here on DU: all the bad apples got dumped Warren Stupidity Mar 2016 #8
Do they not realize they're just pushing Bernie supporters away from Hillary? Fawke Em Mar 2016 #15
They don't appear to be that smart. HooptieWagon Mar 2016 #19
They're not exactly the sharpest tools in the shed. kath Mar 2016 #145
they can eat... dana_b Mar 2016 #26
They think Bernie supporters are not educated (very wrong) and just regular joes (many are not) bkkyosemite Mar 2016 #55
You are so right on that one! nt marew Mar 2016 #104
They were the earliest group to realize they were being played and had their eyes open for an GoneFishin Mar 2016 #114
It's not just that we've been played... DemocracyDirect Mar 2016 #134
Yep. GoneFishin Mar 2016 #157
Lol. I really enjoy your posts. jillan Mar 2016 #98
I hadn't noticed how civil it actually was here until they all came back. Live and Learn Mar 2016 #39
+1 dana_b Mar 2016 #48
Agreed. Fawke Em Mar 2016 #49
+1!!!! dorkzilla Mar 2016 #62
Yale beat Baylor today. Major Hogwash Mar 2016 #100
^^^ This ^^^ cantbeserious Mar 2016 #136
I sgree. CentralMass Mar 2016 #140
Nominee or not, I'm still casting my vote for Sanders. If I have to write him in. So be it. eom. TalkingDog Mar 2016 #12
My thoughts exactly..n/t monmouth4 Mar 2016 #13
Roger That cantbeserious Mar 2016 #137
A SC nominee who apparently has had little to nothing to say on Roe v Wade?! WTF? kath Mar 2016 #18
Did Scalia personally recommend that nominee Art_from_Ark Mar 2016 #108
This is how real politicians get things done. abelenkpe Mar 2016 #142
I'm a man, but bernbabe Mar 2016 #20
Yep. I am most certain RoccoR5955 Mar 2016 #22
tough shit dana_b Mar 2016 #24
Yep, they are killing the party, the country and DU. Very sad. nt Live and Learn Mar 2016 #40
Every Crisis Presents an Opportunity HRC isnot prgrsv Mar 2016 #121
Hillary has, flat out, been nasty mindwalker_i Mar 2016 #42
no doubt! And i own up to my nastiness dana_b Mar 2016 #45
It's hard not to be nasty mindwalker_i Mar 2016 #61
Amen! If they want to keep a declared repug out of the WH, VOTE FOR BERNIE! Lorien Mar 2016 #116
If hrc, et all Faux pas Mar 2016 #28
Post removed Post removed Mar 2016 #34
Post removed Post removed Mar 2016 #37
If someone told me, a woman, that I should "woman up" and support a woman who has djean111 Mar 2016 #29
Post removed Post removed Mar 2016 #30
The problem is Hillary cannot win the GE. Kip Humphrey Mar 2016 #31
Not even if her opponent is Donald Trump? n/t PoliticAverse Mar 2016 #44
Especially not. Fawke Em Mar 2016 #50
I know in my bones you are right, but it makes me nauseous to think about. Gmak Mar 2016 #165
Just now on cnn the repugs on the panel were jillan Mar 2016 #99
There are already libraries of books og opposition research on her and Trump HereSince1628 Mar 2016 #160
And yet it's still a smaller number than the number of Sanders' supporters some people imagine merrily Mar 2016 #32
Some of us will be voting in November to protect America. LonePirate Mar 2016 #35
The Fatal Flaw in Dems Math fredamae Mar 2016 #36
Indys have no allegiance dana_b Mar 2016 #38
Exactly. fredamae Mar 2016 #41
so when they say "but Hillary has more votes now so how do you dana_b Mar 2016 #46
Yes-2016 Is Different... fredamae Mar 2016 #47
She can't even bring the Dems. I know plenty of them that won't vote for her no matter what. nt Live and Learn Mar 2016 #158
I'm not an Indy yet noretreatnosurrender Mar 2016 #82
Bernie could easily win with the Independent vote. Hillary? Not so much Lorien Mar 2016 #119
A crazy thought justaddh2o Mar 2016 #58
holy crap dana_b Mar 2016 #59
You really think so? justaddh2o Mar 2016 #65
Anyone who can't win a major party nomination can't win the general William Seger Mar 2016 #67
Bernie isn't Nadar though justaddh2o Mar 2016 #73
It's great to dream, but sometimes you gotta get real William Seger Mar 2016 #85
no, not at all dana_b Mar 2016 #74
But if Indys make up 43% justaddh2o Mar 2016 #78
I'll keep fighting for Bernie, but if he can't get past the MSM and DNC Lorien Mar 2016 #123
Terms of Service violation William Seger Mar 2016 #66
Interesting... justaddh2o Mar 2016 #90
IMO Hillary is a 3rd party candidate (Third Way, DLC). Ivan Kaputski Mar 2016 #131
Yes indeed, she is. Lorien Mar 2016 #133
+10,000 However according to Wikipedia, Third Way is quite acceptable here. Live and Learn Mar 2016 #159
~links Ivan Kaputski Mar 2016 #163
I would start doubling my donations for that Bernie ticket. GoneFishin Mar 2016 #118
I think we have to be true to ourselves first humbled_opinion Mar 2016 #63
The Party needs to attract voters, not the other way around Phlem Mar 2016 #64
Being a woman... malokvale77 Mar 2016 #69
your succulent ass? LOL!! dana_b Mar 2016 #75
Well, I'm getting on up in years... malokvale77 Mar 2016 #83
I agree and sent you the results . orpupilofnature57 Mar 2016 #80
? malokvale77 Mar 2016 #84
I was asked serve as a juror, someone asked to Hide your post We voted 0-7 Leave it, I tried to mail orpupilofnature57 Mar 2016 #92
Thank you malokvale77 Mar 2016 #93
This orpupilofnature57 Mar 2016 #154
Good one! LOL nt marew Mar 2016 #106
Thank you malokvale77 Mar 2016 #110
Sorry Skinner Autumn Colors Mar 2016 #71
Ditto. SoapBox Mar 2016 #129
Unfortunately for them, I don't believe in the No Win Scenario. JPnoodleman Mar 2016 #72
Captain Kirk beat the "no win scenario" too. Ivan Kaputski Mar 2016 #132
#StillSanders noretreatnosurrender Mar 2016 #77
Climate change and the sixth global mass-extinction event is happening now SoLeftIAmRight Mar 2016 #79
And he's absolutely correct Lorien Mar 2016 #124
A vote for anyone other than Bernie is a vote to deprive Milennials Lorien Mar 2016 #126
Many Many Thanks SoLeftIAmRight Mar 2016 #153
#StillSanders - TBF Mar 2016 #81
Couldn't agree more improvingthecountry Mar 2016 #87
You nailed it swilton Mar 2016 #88
I read somewhere that it is 33% Rosa Luxemburg Mar 2016 #89
I will not heel. nt ladyVet Mar 2016 #94
Hillary won Florida with only 25% of registered Dem voters voting. Ivan Kaputski Mar 2016 #95
As a Floridian I can tell you; elections in Florida are so hopelessly corrupt Lorien Mar 2016 #120
It must be in the brazillions. Major Hogwash Mar 2016 #96
I've seem some very cruel stuff on twitter CountAllVotes Mar 2016 #102
Their voter outreach Livluvgrow Mar 2016 #109
Exactly. I might of held my nose a year ago Lorien Mar 2016 #122
I will switch my support to Jill Stein if the MSM and DNC keep Bernie from becoming the nominee Lorien Mar 2016 #111
HRC Is Owned By The Oligarchs, Corporations And Banks - Make No Mistake About Her Loyalties cantbeserious Mar 2016 #135
There's even a petition that will be delivered to the DNC: Lorien Mar 2016 #146
It isn't because they're Bernie supporters. delrem Mar 2016 #150
I will vote for the Democratic nominee but only reluctantly for HRC if it is her. mikehiggins Mar 2016 #151
So why would you vote for her? delrem Mar 2016 #152
Absolutely agree. No difference between leftcoastmountains Mar 2016 #162
If Clinton wins, Sanders will support her. However ... Babel_17 Mar 2016 #164
"... there's really very little difference between a Hillary or a tRump..." BeanMusical Mar 2016 #168
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