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40. maybe its the accent
Thu Aug 20, 2015, 11:13 AM
Aug 2015

No, that's French. Anything in French sounds polite.

It's got to be word choice and position. Reading Jane Austin will teach one how to insult while being polite.

Matt Tabbi: I've never seen it... [View all] Playinghardball Aug 2015 OP
What does a dumbass like Taibbi know? He seems smart only when he goes after Republicans. merrily Aug 2015 #1
He is a rare species. azmom Aug 2015 #2
Chuckle ananda Aug 2015 #3
Taibbi JackRiddler Aug 2015 #4
HUGE K & R !!! - THANK YOU !!! WillyT Aug 2015 #5
Love me some Taibbi!!! kag Aug 2015 #6
Especially this quote: "Goldman Sachs is a giant vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, SharonAnn Aug 2015 #41
Cool! Kick and R. BeanMusical Aug 2015 #7
Kicked and recommended a whole bunch! Enthusiast Aug 2015 #8
Awww, Taibbi. Another right-wing hit man out to whack Hillary. Fuddnik Aug 2015 #9
Wow. Taibbi is merciless. DirkGently Aug 2015 #10
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Aug 2015 #11
Proud to be the 100th rec for Matt Taibbi and, of course, Bernie! mountain grammy Aug 2015 #12
rec #188 840high Aug 2015 #23
259 JEB Aug 2015 #30
How cool if Taibbi became President Bernie's press secretary stuffmatters Aug 2015 #13
Interesting... Wounded Bear Aug 2015 #14
that would be worth seeing. ChairmanAgnostic Aug 2015 #15
maybe its the accent restorefreedom Aug 2015 #21
How true. ChairmanAgnostic Aug 2015 #22
maybe its the accent AlbertCat Aug 2015 #40
Now that sounds like a great idea! marlakay Aug 2015 #16
Oh, YES!! Leith Aug 2015 #19
He'd educate the public on complex issues while challenging all incompetent MSM stuffmatters Aug 2015 #24
K&R. Taibbi is pretty honest and intelligent himself. senz Aug 2015 #17
Thanks Matt! Bernie speaks for and with us! Dont call me Shirley Aug 2015 #18
Thank you Matt! passiveporcupine Aug 2015 #20
fresh air indeed! arlington.mass Aug 2015 #28
welcome to DU! passiveporcupine Aug 2015 #29
Well said. I strongly agree. punguin54 Aug 2015 #32
Glad to be 200th Rec! tomm2thumbs Aug 2015 #25
Before he was "Bernie For President" fredamae Aug 2015 #26
Please LINK TO SOURCE when posting these "quote cards" Maven Aug 2015 #27
This is from a Rolling Stone article entitled "Give 'em Hell, Bernie" smokey nj Aug 2015 #33
Bernie is to politics JEB Aug 2015 #31
I get the feeling that Clinton supporters don't like Matt. I think they prefer rhett o rick Aug 2015 #34
K & R. 281. appalachiablue Aug 2015 #35
Huge K&R! n/t Michigan-Arizona Aug 2015 #36
Matt Taibbi is right, again. And he is a rare thing in journalism himself. sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #37
he never visited milwaukee's socialist mayor. pansypoo53219 Aug 2015 #38
KNR............!!!!! n/t Hepburn Aug 2015 #39
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