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31. Well, Sanders is polling about 25% nationally among Dems
Sat Sep 26, 2015, 01:59 PM
Sep 2015

Let's say 70 million people vote Dem in the GE, that's about 17 million votes that the hillarians think they can do without. Obama won by 5 million in 2012. The situation is not going to improve if we keep voting for DINOs. Regardless what any of the "pragmatists" say, 4 years of Clinton with a Republican Congress will be 95% indistinguishable from Bush with a Republican Congress. It's time to make a stand.

BTW for those who think I am not an actual Dem, or a racist, or a DU mole (for 14 years), and you lurkers, haters, DINOs, and PUMAs, please read this one from the way-bak machine.


Written by a self-described "big donor" to the Democratic party. truebluegreen Sep 2015 #1
That "big donor" is an idiot, then Warpy Sep 2015 #3
Yup.... truebluegreen Sep 2015 #8
Naturally, a “big donor” would be crestfallen that he can’t buy this candidate dorkzilla Sep 2015 #20
Yup. truebluegreen Sep 2015 #65
I think the "big donor"... malokvale77 Sep 2015 #67
"big donor"... malokvale77 Sep 2015 #61
Yup. truebluegreen Sep 2015 #66
Yes they are. malokvale77 Sep 2015 #70
Yup! truebluegreen Sep 2015 #71
amazing. My family has been part of the dem party since it was formed in 1796. roguevalley Sep 2015 #79
I've been a Democrat since I was first able to vote some 45 years ago. The Velveteen Ocelot Sep 2015 #2
Same here. OnionPatch Sep 2015 #85
Holy Crap - LiberalElite Sep 2015 #4
That's what I was going to say Hydra Sep 2015 #74
I could give a rats ass pinebox Sep 2015 #5
I'm at the point that with charges and counter-charges flying at over a year before the actual Bohunk68 Sep 2015 #6
Good Point...it is a year away from the election, and you also said something very very important.. Stuart G Sep 2015 #22
Ah the "love it or leave" meme katsy Sep 2015 #7
reminds me of the Bush years. "If you aren't for us you are against us." Jackilope Sep 2015 #19
You said it better than I katsy Sep 2015 #62
Remember the awoke_in_2003 Sep 2015 #87
That site is vile and of no help to HRC. questionseverything Sep 2015 #29
Exactly what I was thinking. katsy Sep 2015 #68
Fascist is as fascist does Demeter Sep 2015 #9
Thank You for your post Demeter...you said it well. n/t haikugal Sep 2015 #37
The Hillary people better squash that shit quickly, They may get their wish. nt Snotcicles Sep 2015 #10
But we will leave the party AFTER we win the WH artislife Sep 2015 #15
I really don't get where this is coming from.. DianeK Sep 2015 #11
Having a post hidden... lunatica Sep 2015 #36
thank you DianeK Sep 2015 #50
.... madfloridian Sep 2015 #55
Hey MF - sorry about that pause. hootinholler Sep 2015 #12
Mad you have been sharing about the formation TM99 Sep 2015 #13
"Progressives will be relegated to the fringes and dismissed completely." madfloridian Sep 2015 #14
Thanks for the post-my thoughts as well. jalan48 Sep 2015 #21
Reading what both of you Post Marty McGraw Sep 2015 #44
+1000000 HooptieWagon Sep 2015 #64
a destructive suggestion. barbtries Sep 2015 #16
Thanks. madfloridian Sep 2015 #18
I've not been a Democrat since 2004 Le Taz Hot Sep 2015 #17
...classic... Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2015 #23
Beyond sad. Yes. Enthusiast Sep 2015 #24
Liberal bashing within the Democratic Party is kind of DirkGently Sep 2015 #25
They consider themselves to be the true Liberals.... Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2015 #51
Hmm. davidthegnome Sep 2015 #26
Sour grapes, it appears. Cleita Sep 2015 #27
"Sanders is the spokesperson for what the Democratic Party used to stand for" madfloridian Sep 2015 #28
I wish I could rec and kick your post lunatica Sep 2015 #40
I agree... yuiyoshida Sep 2015 #57
Bravo for stating the reality of the Democratic Party! appalachiablue Sep 2015 #75
+10000000 nashville_brook Sep 2015 #80
In the spirit of Pope Francis' visit, let's remember this from his UN address: forest444 Sep 2015 #30
Well, Sanders is polling about 25% nationally among Dems Doctor_J Sep 2015 #31
It's quite possible the Centerists would rather lose Hydra Sep 2015 #76
Written by a true centrist lunatica Sep 2015 #32
Just who/what is a Democrat anyway? mwooldri Sep 2015 #33
To me this sounds like a RepubliCON posing as a Democrat RoccoR5955 Sep 2015 #34
Well, I could point out that a lot SheilaT Sep 2015 #35
It is ironic that a person posts this on a site dedicated only to Hillary and on which, I presume, JDPriestly Sep 2015 #38
This person seems to think Duval Sep 2015 #39
You know what MissDeeds Sep 2015 #41
I've never read such a crock of crap on this site before Hulk Sep 2015 #42
Maybe the party needs to break up with some of its "members" Fearless Sep 2015 #43
When exactly did Clintonistas sulphurdunn Sep 2015 #45
To whoever wrote the original piece, what a load of fucking tripe. CrispyQ Sep 2015 #46
"Oh, but some will say we need them to win the election. I strongly disagree." LiberalLovinLug Sep 2015 #47
I'm supporting Hillary Clinton YoungDemCA Sep 2015 #48
thank you your thoughtful contribution DianeK Sep 2015 #52
This is the same as 2008 unapatriciated Sep 2015 #49
This money guy is as corrupt as his opposition, thinking he determines value for the FDR wing and ancianita Sep 2015 #53
You really think the Party needs people in it like that?? Has Obama needed that shit?? Hell NO! DonCoquixote Sep 2015 #54
I'm not going to sign the divorce papers. The Democratic party is stuck with my ass. BlueJazz Sep 2015 #56
Well, i already left ejbr Sep 2015 #58
as I've long noted to those sad ones, as usurpers stupidicus Sep 2015 #59
Well said MissDeeds Sep 2015 #60
It is much more than just this latest meme of truedelphi Sep 2015 #63
And that link is on the Hillary for America site. Amazing. rogerashton Sep 2015 #69
Fuck anybody who thinks they can eject a New Dealer Trajan Sep 2015 #72
What a palooka! dae Sep 2015 #73
Read it again. It was written by a Republican tblue Sep 2015 #77
"Better to pirate what someone else built." stranger81 Sep 2015 #78
Sanders supporters are not all Democrats. Lots are from the alienated 63% eridani Sep 2015 #81
If you are a registered Democrat you are in the party. Walk away Sep 2015 #82
You seem to have taken a wrong turn. smokey nj Sep 2015 #83
no, that d after clinton's name is meaningless elana i am Sep 2015 #86
My parents belonged to unions in the 60's/70's - TBF Sep 2015 #84
Hmmmmm, I wonder who on earth posted that? in_cog_ni_to Sep 2015 #88
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