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3. conversation with "Sanders in which he reportedly discouraged her from running for president"
Sun Mar 10, 2019, 01:37 AM
Mar 2019

what ?

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
At the end of the day people care about whether you represent them Tiggeroshii Mar 2019 #1
Exactly right!! InAbLuEsTaTe Mar 2019 #10
WRONG Horizens Mar 2019 #26
The NBC/WSJ recently cited by Brooklynite is a reality check. empedocles Mar 2019 #30
I totally agree! Honeycombe8 Mar 2019 #54
Of course.. why would she be labeled Cha Mar 2019 #2
I doubt it. I read reports of that meeting at the time Eric J in MN Mar 2019 #11
conversation with "Sanders in which he reportedly discouraged her from running for president" JI7 Mar 2019 #3
That's certainly a "Say what now?" sentence. OnDoutside Mar 2019 #6
I read reports of the meeting which didn't say that. Eric J in MN Mar 2019 #12
She did not deny it. backabby-blue Mar 2019 #21
CNN alluded to the conversation in their report, and Warren neither confirmed nor denied. lapucelle Mar 2019 #52
Taking the position that a private conversation is private Eric J in MN Mar 2019 #65
It was a brilliant answer. N/T lapucelle Mar 2019 #67
Her progressive achievements would be head and shoulders Hortensis Mar 2019 #4
Agreed! True Blue American Mar 2019 #7
She's tough, has accomplishments, and can produce concrete policy proposals emulatorloo Mar 2019 #27
Another thread that was bemoaning our lost morality, as if we Hortensis Mar 2019 #46
Very well said emulatorloo Mar 2019 #47
Translation forklift Mar 2019 #5
As it should be. True Blue American Mar 2019 #8
and the fact that she actually is not a socalist . supporting social security, even break up of JI7 Mar 2019 #13
Breaking up monopolist companies is 'Progressive' crazytown Mar 2019 #19
I said it wasn't socialist JI7 Mar 2019 #22
According to MorningJoke, anyone who won't say they're a "capitalist" or who is against CousinIT Mar 2019 #15
so you're saying forklift Mar 2019 #17
OK. Call it "Social Democracy" CousinIT Mar 2019 #18
What I see in the so called democratic socialists forklift Mar 2019 #24
Yes! That behavior is intrinsic to POPULISM, though populists Hortensis Mar 2019 #55
You expressed it far better than I could ever have! nt forklift Mar 2019 #63
Newsflash: I'm not a Bernie Sanders supporter. CousinIT Mar 2019 #59
Maybe it is time for a new political party for such a passion forklift Mar 2019 #64
In the U.S. FDR would be called a l i b e r a l. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2019 #23
The Democratic Party supports capitalism, with some social programs. Honeycombe8 Mar 2019 #56
Counter challenge that: Aussie105 Mar 2019 #9
i watched part of that interview. Kurt V. Mar 2019 #14
Nor am I... Mike Nelson Mar 2019 #16
The U S has had a capitalist economy from the start. At some point, Honeycombe8 Mar 2019 #57
Sounds good to me... Mike Nelson Mar 2019 #68
All advanced western democracies except us embrace Social Democracy. Blue_true Mar 2019 #73
Ironically, given how people misuse the term, she is probably the most neoliberal candidate running Recursion Mar 2019 #20
Neoliberal? So she's like Margaret Thatcher? Believes in trickle down economics? A thousand emulatorloo Mar 2019 #28
I mean, yes: she voted for Ronald Reagan twice, and George H W Bush twice Recursion Mar 2019 #31
"Bernie has to speak to what Democratic Socialism is" Lazy Daisy Mar 2019 #25
Then let Bernie educate voters on his positions. It's not Warren's job emulatorloo Mar 2019 #29
Never said it was Lazy Daisy Mar 2019 #32
Democrats have long been the champions of social programs. emulatorloo Mar 2019 #33
OK Lazy Daisy Mar 2019 #39
Ah yes, we all remember the day Obama cut Social Security and Medicare emulatorloo Mar 2019 #45
I said he wanted to, not that he did Lazy Daisy Mar 2019 #49
Or he was bluffing to paint Boehner in a corner and show Republicans were acting in bad faith emulatorloo Mar 2019 #69
She is not indicting the existing social safety net, ALL of her policy proposals have been about how Blue_true Mar 2019 #77
Exactly. nt Blue_true Mar 2019 #76
She said that she is not a democratic socialist. Bernie says that he is one. Blue_true Mar 2019 #75
Exactly. nt Blue_true Mar 2019 #74
It's not her job to explain his positions to voters. TwilightZone Mar 2019 #58
Please see above Lazy Daisy Mar 2019 #60
No, it really wasn't. TwilightZone Mar 2019 #61
huh? Lazy Daisy Mar 2019 #62
Who else remembers when Sen. Warren was Bernie before Bernie was Bernie? OilemFirchen Mar 2019 #34
Yes, every progressive/left liberal I know wanted her to run in 2016 emulatorloo Mar 2019 #35
I recently saw her interview on The Beat with Ari and I thought she was saljr1 Mar 2019 #36
Why do these people keep falling for the label-making? grumpyduck Mar 2019 #37
Elizabeth Warren--being super smart--knows that she's not a "Democratic Socialist." CrossingTheRubicon Mar 2019 #38
She's in a tough spot. Garrett78 Mar 2019 #40
Very true Lazy Daisy Mar 2019 #50
So many wrong assumptions here Bradshaw3 Mar 2019 #78
I like Warren and Democratic Socialists Carrito Mar 2019 #41
I have no trouble believing her on that. MineralMan Mar 2019 #42
I would phrase the sentence as, TexasTowelie Mar 2019 #44
I choose my words carefully. MineralMan Mar 2019 #66
Elizabeth Warren has said this before peggysue2 Mar 2019 #43
Interesting that Elizabeth Warren is being attacked on DU as a "neoliberal." CrossingTheRubicon Mar 2019 #48
Laugh anyway. TwilightZone Mar 2019 #53
Nobody is perfect. CentralMass Mar 2019 #51
Cool. Ideological diversity. David__77 Mar 2019 #70
Opinion: The myth of ideology, and why Democrats' energy isn't all on the left Gothmog Mar 2019 #71
She's got that in her favor. She understands that it's a NurseJackie Mar 2019 #72
K&R stonecutter357 Mar 2019 #79
That is practically the same thing Kamala Harris said, and they both aren't. I am somewhat surprise still_one Mar 2019 #80
Trump plans to hit Democrats on "socialism" but faces own vulnerabilities Gothmog Mar 2019 #81
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