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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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7. Glad you posted this. I agree it's a good interview, explores good points.
Thu Jul 25, 2019, 12:32 PM
Jul 2019

Sanders is making a more structural case. I’m a passionate proponent of anti-corruption controls but the issues really go deeper. I’m not committed to him, but Sanders has demonstrated courage in being willing to go against consensus. I see Biden as being all about consensus, which is fine for folks who don’t see things as needing big fixes. (I still need to hear more from Warren.)

But we will simply never get rethug consensus on some absolutely urgent matters. Like giant steps that are now necessary to combat climate change and the rapidly accelerating destruction of rainforests and ocean life. We are where we are on that right now not because of tRump, but because of years of rethug refusal to step away from their donors and address the effing problem.

And like our grossly skewed election infrastructure, on which everything else ultimately depends.

And the refugee detention camps.

When tRump’s gone we will still have an irretractable mess because of the immoral, starkly unjust and unpatriotic Republican Party mentality. Which has only become emboldened by tRump’s administration and by mcconnel’s untouchable actions in STEALING a Supreme Court seat, in refusing to touch election protection, and on and on.

The time for playing nice with them is over.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
"the disdain for Bernie Sanders" qazplm135 Jul 2019 #1
Distain is actually a nicer word than I would use. efhmc Jul 2019 #2
And now directed at real Democrats nt Vegas Roller Jul 2019 #3
And among the "liberal" media mcar Jul 2019 #8
The dwindling bernie media fan club Watchfoxheadexplodes Jul 2019 #4
TYT? Shouldn't spread rw sources. NT SouthernProgressive Jul 2019 #5
I'm glad they put that "TYT" in the upper corner, saved me from clicking on the video. George II Jul 2019 #6
Ha! I saw that, too, and decided not to click it either. Politicub Jul 2019 #9
Same here Gothmog Jul 2019 #12
you are so off base. ProfessorPlum Jul 2019 #10
No, I am not. He has a long standing history of being a sexist right winger. SouthernProgressive Jul 2019 #14
If by long you mean decades ago ProfessorPlum Jul 2019 #15
That's not the left. He is no ally. SouthernProgressive Jul 2019 #16
Sports analogy TheFarseer Jul 2019 #18
Your sports amplify is way off the mark. SouthernProgressive Jul 2019 #19
this is simply a dishonest, ad hominem attack ProfessorPlum Jul 2019 #20
This is dishonest. SouthernProgressive Jul 2019 #22
he thought Clinton was a great choice compared to Trump ProfessorPlum Jul 2019 #23
That's funny. SouthernProgressive Jul 2019 #24
You're demonizing supporting your candidate in a primary TheFarseer Jul 2019 #26
He is currently lying about Democrats in the primary. SouthernProgressive Jul 2019 #27
Mentally bankrupt? TheFarseer Jul 2019 #28
He has a long history of lying about Democrats and making names for them. SouthernProgressive Jul 2019 #31
You keep making assertions TheFarseer Jul 2019 #35
thank you ProfessorPlum Jul 2019 #29
You use that word again. SouthernProgressive Jul 2019 #32
that's a great analogy ProfessorPlum Jul 2019 #36
Is Pelosi supposed to be a "progressive" in your fantasy scenario? ProfessorPlum Jul 2019 #21
Please outline the "fantasy" you are referring to. SouthernProgressive Jul 2019 #25
so . . . your position is that Cenk is to the _right_ of Pelosi? ProfessorPlum Jul 2019 #30
Why move away from your half claim that Pelosi isn't a progressive? That is Cenk light. SouthernProgressive Jul 2019 #33
so, you would say that Pelosi is more progressive than Cenk? ProfessorPlum Jul 2019 #34
Glad you posted this. I agree it's a good interview, explores good points. JudyM Jul 2019 #7
Thanks for viewing the video JudyM Uncle Joe Jul 2019 #17
Who cares what Cenk or the TYT think about anything? Gothmog Jul 2019 #11
sanders is fighting with the mainstream media and losing Gothmog Jul 2019 #13
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