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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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31. No, not a hope. What IS eminently doable is
Sat Aug 3, 2019, 07:17 AM
Aug 2019

Fixing the issues in the ACA

Adding a public option

Providing free access to the public option to those whose income is too low.

If Democrats are aggressive in pushing and demanding this, I think you'd even get Republican support provided Dems also win the Senate in 2020. Republicans have been so badly beaten on healthcare, and I believe it will be worse for them in 2020, they'll be begging to get beyond it as fast as they can.

MFA is impossible to structurally implement in the 4, 8 or even the 10 years Harris is proposing. Warren and Sanders are talking tosh to suggest that they could do it in 4 years. The net effect of trying to do so would be to breath new life into the republican healthcare bullshit.

Fixing the ACA and adding the public option is doable, easily explained, while killing the Republicans. MFA is not a hill to die on when a Trump win would mean the strangulation of the ACA

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
I may be missing it, but I don't think I've even heard a detailed MFA proposal. brewens Aug 2019 #1
Nope, you didn't miss it. No one has actually done the tough job of working out the details... George II Aug 2019 #5
but the basis of the plans are... wyldwolf Aug 2019 #37
For the same reason the Republicans could not kill Obama Care bottomofthehill Aug 2019 #2
Actually, precedent has been set to go nuclear. Amimnoch Aug 2019 #33
Absolutely not - and we may lose what we already have 4now Aug 2019 #3
Based on the case working its way through the courts now Bettie Aug 2019 #48
Beto O'Rourke has the right idea with Medicare for America, read text of plan here Indygram Aug 2019 #4
No time now. Does his plan get rid of private insurance? By MFA I mean the plans that are highplainsdem Aug 2019 #7
No, Medicare for America KEEPS private employer and union based insurance Indygram Aug 2019 #9
Sounds interesting, but it isn't what I mean by Medicare For All. Polls have shown there's highplainsdem Aug 2019 #13
Yep, I voted no, because it would not pass Indygram Aug 2019 #17
I like Beto, as I've said here before. I can see how appealing he is. highplainsdem Aug 2019 #19
Which "Medicare for All" are you referring to? As far as I can tell, "Medicare for All".... George II Aug 2019 #6
I'm talking about a single payer plan getting rid of private health insurance. Basically, the highplainsdem Aug 2019 #8
Even if we had a 70-30 majority in the Senate (or should I say 70-29-1?), NO plan that gets rid... George II Aug 2019 #12
That's my best guess, too, but since I've encountered Sanders and Warren supporters (especially highplainsdem Aug 2019 #14
Not really BUT TheFarseer Aug 2019 #10
I'm guessing that NOT TRYING and wondering what Republicans will settle for theaocp Aug 2019 #27
Perfect BeyondGeography Aug 2019 #35
Why put a gun to the heads of insurance companies BeyondGeography Aug 2019 #36
I think it would have been a better strategy loyalsister Aug 2019 #38
Problem is, a candidate running on pure Medicare for everyone wouldn't get elected in 2020. Hoyt Aug 2019 #53
We are living in "interesting times." PETRUS Aug 2019 #11
and... myohmy2 Aug 2019 #24
Doesn't matter for Presidential Race hurl Aug 2019 #15
I voted no for the same reason... TreasonousBastard Aug 2019 #16
we'll... myohmy2 Aug 2019 #18
The votes won't be there and Cha Aug 2019 #20
+1 Biden is way ahead on this. I hope Harris has a quick reset to OnDoutside Aug 2019 #32
I was disappointed in Harris' plan. All it does is extend the transition. Hoyt Aug 2019 #54
True, I just think she jumped the gun to mark Warren joining Sanders on MFA. It was an error OnDoutside Aug 2019 #58
Maybe MFA will be feasible in a few years. In 2020 it's a hard sell. oasis Aug 2019 #21
The question remains, can we take and hold congress until the Supreme Court shakes out? LuvLoogie Aug 2019 #22
There is no way to pass this bill in the real world Gothmog Aug 2019 #23
Ahhh, but many people don't live in the real world. n/t elocs Aug 2019 #26
x 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 Skya Rhen Aug 2019 #45
Frankly I think it is dishonest to go on about Medicare for All elocs Aug 2019 #25
Why isn't it passing right now ? Aren't some of the people who are for it members of Congress ? JI7 Aug 2019 #28
True... Skya Rhen Aug 2019 #46
*Other* Amimnoch Aug 2019 #29
Not at this time True Blue American Aug 2019 #30
No, not a hope. What IS eminently doable is OnDoutside Aug 2019 #31
Other: With single-payer as the goal we can make advances towards it. blm Aug 2019 #34
Fighting over the details of their healthcare proposals won't help them beat Donald Trump Gothmog Aug 2019 #39
This plan requires one to take away private insurance which will be a killer issue Gothmog Aug 2019 #40
Other: We'll choose to keep and add to the ACA. Hortensis Aug 2019 #41
American politics could use a healthy dose of pragmatism Gothmog Aug 2019 #42
This message was self-deleted by its author Gothmog Aug 2019 #43
kick highplainsdem Aug 2019 #44
Do you believe we can get gun control through Congress? Voltaire2 Aug 2019 #47
kick highplainsdem Aug 2019 #49
No, & neither will the public option, the votes aren't there in the Senate, nor the House for either Celerity Aug 2019 #50
in a desperate bid to get 1 bipartisan republican to vote aye rampartc Aug 2019 #51
Dems really don't need to publicize this kind of thing now or anytime in the near future empedocles Aug 2019 #52
This really highlights some of the extremist thoughts out there. SouthernProgressive Aug 2019 #55
OTHER: Probably not...but we should start there. TCJ70 Aug 2019 #56
It is just a slogan to pander for votes NYMinute Aug 2019 #57
DU has changed a lot over the years IronLionZion Aug 2019 #59
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