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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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55. This really highlights some of the extremist thoughts out there.
Wed Aug 14, 2019, 09:05 AM
Aug 2019

Excellent poll question with expected results.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
I may be missing it, but I don't think I've even heard a detailed MFA proposal. brewens Aug 2019 #1
Nope, you didn't miss it. No one has actually done the tough job of working out the details... George II Aug 2019 #5
but the basis of the plans are... wyldwolf Aug 2019 #37
For the same reason the Republicans could not kill Obama Care bottomofthehill Aug 2019 #2
Actually, precedent has been set to go nuclear. Amimnoch Aug 2019 #33
Absolutely not - and we may lose what we already have 4now Aug 2019 #3
Based on the case working its way through the courts now Bettie Aug 2019 #48
Beto O'Rourke has the right idea with Medicare for America, read text of plan here Indygram Aug 2019 #4
No time now. Does his plan get rid of private insurance? By MFA I mean the plans that are highplainsdem Aug 2019 #7
No, Medicare for America KEEPS private employer and union based insurance Indygram Aug 2019 #9
Sounds interesting, but it isn't what I mean by Medicare For All. Polls have shown there's highplainsdem Aug 2019 #13
Yep, I voted no, because it would not pass Indygram Aug 2019 #17
I like Beto, as I've said here before. I can see how appealing he is. highplainsdem Aug 2019 #19
Which "Medicare for All" are you referring to? As far as I can tell, "Medicare for All".... George II Aug 2019 #6
I'm talking about a single payer plan getting rid of private health insurance. Basically, the highplainsdem Aug 2019 #8
Even if we had a 70-30 majority in the Senate (or should I say 70-29-1?), NO plan that gets rid... George II Aug 2019 #12
That's my best guess, too, but since I've encountered Sanders and Warren supporters (especially highplainsdem Aug 2019 #14
Not really BUT TheFarseer Aug 2019 #10
I'm guessing that NOT TRYING and wondering what Republicans will settle for theaocp Aug 2019 #27
Perfect BeyondGeography Aug 2019 #35
Why put a gun to the heads of insurance companies BeyondGeography Aug 2019 #36
I think it would have been a better strategy loyalsister Aug 2019 #38
Problem is, a candidate running on pure Medicare for everyone wouldn't get elected in 2020. Hoyt Aug 2019 #53
We are living in "interesting times." PETRUS Aug 2019 #11
and... myohmy2 Aug 2019 #24
Doesn't matter for Presidential Race hurl Aug 2019 #15
I voted no for the same reason... TreasonousBastard Aug 2019 #16
we'll... myohmy2 Aug 2019 #18
The votes won't be there and Cha Aug 2019 #20
+1 Biden is way ahead on this. I hope Harris has a quick reset to OnDoutside Aug 2019 #32
I was disappointed in Harris' plan. All it does is extend the transition. Hoyt Aug 2019 #54
True, I just think she jumped the gun to mark Warren joining Sanders on MFA. It was an error OnDoutside Aug 2019 #58
Maybe MFA will be feasible in a few years. In 2020 it's a hard sell. oasis Aug 2019 #21
The question remains, can we take and hold congress until the Supreme Court shakes out? LuvLoogie Aug 2019 #22
There is no way to pass this bill in the real world Gothmog Aug 2019 #23
Ahhh, but many people don't live in the real world. n/t elocs Aug 2019 #26
x 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 Skya Rhen Aug 2019 #45
Frankly I think it is dishonest to go on about Medicare for All elocs Aug 2019 #25
Why isn't it passing right now ? Aren't some of the people who are for it members of Congress ? JI7 Aug 2019 #28
True... Skya Rhen Aug 2019 #46
*Other* Amimnoch Aug 2019 #29
Not at this time True Blue American Aug 2019 #30
No, not a hope. What IS eminently doable is OnDoutside Aug 2019 #31
Other: With single-payer as the goal we can make advances towards it. blm Aug 2019 #34
Fighting over the details of their healthcare proposals won't help them beat Donald Trump Gothmog Aug 2019 #39
This plan requires one to take away private insurance which will be a killer issue Gothmog Aug 2019 #40
Other: We'll choose to keep and add to the ACA. Hortensis Aug 2019 #41
American politics could use a healthy dose of pragmatism Gothmog Aug 2019 #42
This message was self-deleted by its author Gothmog Aug 2019 #43
kick highplainsdem Aug 2019 #44
Do you believe we can get gun control through Congress? Voltaire2 Aug 2019 #47
kick highplainsdem Aug 2019 #49
No, & neither will the public option, the votes aren't there in the Senate, nor the House for either Celerity Aug 2019 #50
in a desperate bid to get 1 bipartisan republican to vote aye rampartc Aug 2019 #51
Dems really don't need to publicize this kind of thing now or anytime in the near future empedocles Aug 2019 #52
This really highlights some of the extremist thoughts out there. SouthernProgressive Aug 2019 #55
OTHER: Probably not...but we should start there. TCJ70 Aug 2019 #56
It is just a slogan to pander for votes NYMinute Aug 2019 #57
DU has changed a lot over the years IronLionZion Aug 2019 #59
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