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Democratic Primaries

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Wed Aug 14, 2019, 03:42 PM Aug 2019

Sorry Steve Bullock - You can't run for the Democratic Nominee for President & say "DEMOCRAT PARTY" [View all]

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Just watching him live talking to Ali Velshi as he explained his positions and claimed that a Red State candidate should head the DEMOCRAT PARTY ticket....

Is he trying to get Republican Red State Vote? Fine. But if you want to be the Democratic Party nominee, don't use code from the Repukes and use an incorrect name of your party. Unless you refer every time to the Republic Party and its just a thing with folks from Montana.

Here is the video - he says it at 6:26

I just think it’s of all people if you wish to be a credible candidate to be the nominee for a party, you should know it’s proper name and not the slur propagated by GOP and used as a slur.

A Democrat is a member of the Democratic Party - not the Democrat Party. We are Democrats.

Just as a Republican is a member of the Republican Party - not the Republic Party. They are Republicans - not Republics.

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This whole 'conversation' is silly, imo; elleng Aug 2019 #1
I have no idea why it is objectionable. Seeking enlightenment. WheelWalker Aug 2019 #2
I called it SILLY, because I think most people don't know it's an issue. elleng Aug 2019 #3
Most dems notice it immediately! Nt USALiberal Aug 2019 #5
I'm sorry to disagree, but it's not silly. It is subtle, however. CaliforniaPeggy Aug 2019 #4
Why is it a slur? Am I just dense? WheelWalker Aug 2019 #6
No, you're not dense, but it is subtle. CaliforniaPeggy Aug 2019 #8
Republicans Were the First to Use the Term - It Was Meant as a Slur/Put Down dlk Aug 2019 #9
Republican pollster and strategist Frank Luntz started it. Funtatlaguy Aug 2019 #12
this matters only to people that have no real problems questionseverything Aug 2019 #13
For the GOP, it's intentional, which makes it idiotic. TwilightZone Aug 2019 #29
If he is that fucking tone deaf maybe he should run for dog catcher. magicarpet Aug 2019 #34
"Libs said/did nothing to stop or curtail the insult" TwilightZone Aug 2019 #37
But those of us who do find it insulting can't ignore it. Merlot Aug 2019 #31
Repeating a Slur Isn't a Winning Strategy dlk Aug 2019 #7
It has a long history as a slur to put down Democrats. MarcA Aug 2019 #10
I have the solution, my DU friends---- pangaia Aug 2019 #11
Nah, it sounds ignorant. TwilightZone Aug 2019 #30
THIS again?! Democrat is a fine, noble word and it means YOU! Hortensis Aug 2019 #14
Democrat is a fine noble noun. It is not an adjective. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Aug 2019 #16
I don't have a "Kick me, I'm stupid" chain to jerk. At least not this one. Hortensis Aug 2019 #20
I wasn't kicking you. I was agreeing that Democrat is a fine word. Not all uses are so great tho. Bernardo de La Paz Aug 2019 #38
Oh, not YOU, Bernardo, the chain-jerking Republicans, Hortensis Aug 2019 #39
What gives them the right to change our name. Funtatlaguy Aug 2019 #17
Even if you don't understand or agree, we all only have so much Hortensis Aug 2019 #23
It's a matter of pride and it's easy to correct and embarrass them. Funtatlaguy Aug 2019 #24
I guess I'm just a thick-skinned Democrat. WheelWalker Aug 2019 #22
Bullock should run for the Senate seat in Montana IronLionZion Aug 2019 #15
I see what you did there! CaliforniaPeggy Aug 2019 #19
Bullock ought to withdraw his candidacy for this mindless insult to the party. (nt) Paladin Aug 2019 #18
He's running for VP, thinks the whole "red state" thing will work Merlot Aug 2019 #32
Honest mistake in his case, most likely Tiggeroshii Aug 2019 #21
Go back and watch 2016 tapes of Trump, if you can stand it. Funtatlaguy Aug 2019 #25
For Trump even the kindest gestures are made with nefarious intent. Tiggeroshii Aug 2019 #26
Yes, I think it is, too. Hopefully, one or more of his advisors will correct him. CTyankee Aug 2019 #28
I'm giving him a break on this MustLoveBeagles Aug 2019 #36
It is a slur, but the younger generations dont know that or care. Eliot Rosewater Aug 2019 #27
Only the GOP use this crap-It is the Democratic Party and not the Democrat Party Gothmog Aug 2019 #33
I voted that it isn't okay for a Democrat to use the term MustLoveBeagles Aug 2019 #35
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