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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!
... NurseJackie Dec 2019 #1
. TidalWave46 Dec 2019 #8
Sorry, disagree. Kamala's problem is the increasingly fascistic RW. Hortensis Dec 2019 #55
She is out of the race so therefore DURHAM D Dec 2019 #2
and what does the candidate have to do with the OP's opinion? nt msongs Dec 2019 #4
Right. Tell me ! pangaia Dec 2019 #10
How mature. phleshdef Dec 2019 #16
Geeesh! Raine Dec 2019 #17
the op is not "piling on" rampartc Dec 2019 #51
This is not inconvenient. This is analysis ismnotwasm Dec 2019 #3
She just wasn't that interesting of a candidate madville Dec 2019 #5
Absolutely none of that is true mcar Dec 2019 #22
White identity politics is what defines America. radius777 Dec 2019 #44
+1000 BuffaloJackalope Dec 2019 #6
Because sexism/racism are often blamed because the person has no control over either. oldsoftie Dec 2019 #9
Exactly! nt Raine Dec 2019 #18
Yes squirecam Dec 2019 #30
None of the candidates of color are at the top, radius777 Dec 2019 #45
But every poll including her shows Michelle Obama beating the socks off of trump. oldsoftie Dec 2019 #49
but the Obamas are political rockstars, radius777 Dec 2019 #53
Her "problem" with black support is that a plurality went to Biden wellst0nev0ter Dec 2019 #46
They don't WANT to, IMO. blm Dec 2019 #11
The media has attacked Biden relentlessly...so not true...voters can look at EC maps and see what Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #29
She ran a terrible campaign. The Valley Below Dec 2019 #15
Exactly Andy823 Dec 2019 #19
All sounds true to me bucolic_frolic Dec 2019 #7
I think your third point is far and away the most important. The Mouth Dec 2019 #12
Paragraph four Wellstone ruled Dec 2019 #13
She ran a poor campaign left-of-center2012 Dec 2019 #14
A problem with being identified with a candidate in this forum, TomSlick Dec 2019 #20
Is this necessary? mcar Dec 2019 #21
"No other candidate in the world ever had managerial problems, right?" brooklynite Dec 2019 #23
How nice for you mcar Dec 2019 #24
Yes, it makes my decision making a lot easier... brooklynite Dec 2019 #25
How nice for you mcar Dec 2019 #26
Well, it DOES sound nice! oldsoftie Dec 2019 #32
I hear you MustLoveBeagles Dec 2019 #31
Thank you! mcar Dec 2019 #33
Still, it's a loss. I'm sorry to see her go. The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2019 #27
Damn, could you at least have let the body get cold? bitterross Dec 2019 #28
I've seen plenty of alternative "reasons" posted as to why she failed, so I'll stick to reality... brooklynite Dec 2019 #35
You stick to the $$$ bottom line, that's your reality. n/t MerryBlooms Dec 2019 #38
If it makes you feel better, I don't think Bloomberg or Steyer will be our nominee. brooklynite Dec 2019 #39
Has Jack-Shit to do with what I said. $$$ your bottom line. N/T MerryBlooms Dec 2019 #40
And I said that the candidates with $$$ won't be the nominee. brooklynite Dec 2019 #42
Good grief, that's what you think this conversation is about? We're done, $$$. N/T MerryBlooms Dec 2019 #47
OK, so what the heck ARE you talking about, with the "$$$ " thing? LongtimeAZDem Dec 2019 #48
Ha! oldsoftie Dec 2019 #50
Sen. Harris would be a great spokesperson for whoever is our nominee. nt oasis Dec 2019 #34
She never recovered from Tulsi Gabbard gutting her on stage in the debate. Downhill since then. nt kelly1mm Dec 2019 #36
We will see MFM008 Dec 2019 #37
May be true but her big turning point was when she Laura PourMeADrink Dec 2019 #41
I thought at the time she made a huge mistake, having t-shirts already printed katmondoo Dec 2019 #58
So much of this is just pure and simple human nature Laura PourMeADrink Dec 2019 #59
This message was self-deleted by its author dalton99a Dec 2019 #43
Fair comments. OnDoutside Dec 2019 #52
You know, there are about 22 other candidates who are going to "lose" dawg day Dec 2019 #54
✔️ blm Dec 2019 #56
I seldom disagree with you but certainly do in this case. NO need to make these comments. riversedge Dec 2019 #57
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