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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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123. Yeah, BS ignores all that the Brilliant Achievements that the Dem Party has Accomplished
Mon Dec 23, 2019, 09:42 AM
Dec 2019

and goes straight to "Establishment" "Establishment" "Establisment" with some "corporatist" "corporatist" thrown in there for added insult.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
So your definition of establishment democrats is based on age and year elected? Voltaire2 Dec 2019 #1
Your post has nothing to do with the OP. Cha Dec 2019 #2
"Nancy Pelosi, "Establishment Democrat," was elected the same year as Bernie & is the same age " Voltaire2 Dec 2019 #3
Nancy Pelosi with the help of the Moderate Dems who Cha Dec 2019 #4
Yeah right?! Thekaspervote Dec 2019 #17
To Nancy Pelosi.. our National Treasure! Cha Dec 2019 #24
Seems to be a thing...among the far left wing.* Scurrilous Dec 2019 #66
Wow.. thanks for that, Scurrilous.. & then Dennis Cha Dec 2019 #94
You're welcome Cha! Scurrilous Dec 2019 #125
Establishment vs Established. progressoid Dec 2019 #136
So, which are you referring to? ehrnst Dec 2019 #147
"Ruling Class" StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #151
+1000. (nt) ehrnst Dec 2019 #155
Your post has Nothing to do with the OP.. Cha Dec 2019 #160
+1000. ehrnst Dec 2019 #172
Mahalo, ehrnst! Cha Dec 2019 #175
I agree Gothmog Dec 2019 #185
Thank you, Goth! Cha Dec 2019 #186
So what, progressoid? What are you trying to say? Cha Dec 2019 #187
".. ruling class.. "? What are you trying to say? Cha Jan 2020 #190
Wrong. Cha Jan 2020 #196
Well, let's take a look... Sloumeau Dec 2019 #23
When BS says he will take on the "establishment" Dems.. Cha Dec 2019 #115
Post removed Post removed Dec 2019 #137
It appears to be based on the accomplishments from that time treestar Dec 2019 #133
There is essentially one candidate who goes out of his way to marginalize what he characterizes still_one Dec 2019 #5
Excellent post, still_one.. Thank you! Cha Dec 2019 #6
"There is essentially one candidate..." myohmy2 Dec 2019 #81
So let me understand this. Are you agreeing with the right wing talking point? still_one Dec 2019 #95
Ha! More WhataboutBiden from you.. you can't Cha Dec 2019 #112
...Actually, another candidate sends out others to do in their stead... ehrnst Dec 2019 #144
Self reflection is unnecessary... billpolonsky Dec 2019 #7
BS is the "establishment" just bc he's tries to use it as a slur it means Cha Dec 2019 #9
The Democratic Party WON the House Thanks to Nancy Cha Jan 2020 #195
I love Nancy Pelosi! The Valley Below Dec 2019 #8
MeToo :) Sloumeau Dec 2019 #10
Yes, Nancy is a National Treasure.. a Uniter not a Divider.. Cha Dec 2019 #19
Sorry, Senator Bernie Sanders, I love the Democratic Establishment. :) Sloumeau Dec 2019 #11
Yes, the Democratic Establishment lke John Lewis, Nancy Pelosi Cha Dec 2019 #106
The minute anyone gets to the point where they have the experience to actually get things done StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #148
Precisely, Starfish.. it's another Cha Dec 2019 #163
Maybe we take the time to listen to what Sanders actually says booley Dec 2019 #12
Oh don't worry, we do understand what he means by the establishment. It's not good. George II Dec 2019 #14
Then what is it? booley Dec 2019 #50
BS doesn't say what it is in the video. It's an applause line. lapucelle Dec 2019 #68
He gave a long list of people and institutions who he says oppose his policies booley Dec 2019 #70
A publicity stunt at Speaker Pelosi's office isn't local news... lapucelle Dec 2019 #84
Bit of a double standerd there booley Dec 2019 #96
"When people protest at Sanders office, they are grassroots" betsuni Dec 2019 #100
BS's own constituants protesting 10+ weekends against a BS program lapucelle Dec 2019 #117
Brilliant post, lapucelle. Thank you for laying Cha Dec 2019 #118
And there's this as well. lapucelle Dec 2019 #119
"Bernie Sanders is wrong -- twice -- in claim about defense budget voting record" Cha Dec 2019 #122
Thank you! sheshe2 Dec 2019 #152
Fact checkers that contradict Senator Sanders are suspect and in the pocket of ehrnst Dec 2019 #158
Sometimes I just have to wonder if it's just plain envy on the part of her haters. (nt) ehrnst Dec 2019 #146
Ha!.. BS gets protested for.. Cha Dec 2019 #103
Oh my! betsuni Dec 2019 #104
Now that's a real protest.. not some grandstanding "publicity stunt" Cha Dec 2019 #105
That's interesting. For many, that would be "disqualifying" in any other candidate. (nt) ehrnst Dec 2019 #145
omg,, YES! BS would be out there BLASTING Cha Dec 2019 #164
From your link. sheshe2 Dec 2019 #153
When one has ambitions far beyond representing one's home state ehrnst Dec 2019 #154
Sadly, true. sheshe2 Dec 2019 #156
Thank you for that, she! I feel for those people.. Cha Dec 2019 #166
So much for the Green New Deal. sheshe2 Dec 2019 #169
Yeah, don't talk to us Cha Dec 2019 #170
Anyone who disagrees with his economic policies. Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #72
Here: betsuni Dec 2019 #82
Yeah, we've been paying attention for years. Cha Dec 2019 #107
Yes, good assessment KSNY Dec 2019 #15
Yes, and its so absurdly dismissive booley Dec 2019 #56
This isn't about "age".. the OP is saying BS Cha Dec 2019 #16
+1000 Thekaspervote Dec 2019 #20
Did you read the OP? booley Dec 2019 #54
You don't "understand" anything about me.. stop trying to act Cha Dec 2019 #79
You're right, I dont' know you. And you dont' know me booley Dec 2019 #97
Your Distraction about "AGE" is NOT Working. Cha Dec 2019 #99
She wrote the damn OP. lapucelle Dec 2019 #87
omg betsuni Dec 2019 #92
Yes I know booley Dec 2019 #98
"maybe she just didn't read what she was posting" betsuni Dec 2019 #101
It's not. It's evident the poster Cha Dec 2019 #110
lol! Cha Dec 2019 #109
IKR? ehrnst Dec 2019 #157
I don't even comment on Bernie Posts here RazBerryBeret Dec 2019 #31
That's right.. many of us don't like Cha Dec 2019 #102
Your post is trying to distract from what the Cha Dec 2019 #108
We know BS by.. thanks anyway. Cha Jan 2020 #189
Excellent tweet and post! Establishment Democrats made our party what it is today, and.... George II Dec 2019 #13
The video refers to the "establishment's" opposition to single payer healthcare KSNY Dec 2019 #18
Bull. Biden's Health plan is favored by more Voters and he's Cha Dec 2019 #21
Biden's plan is favored over Medicare for all? Citation? booley Dec 2019 #41
Here you go: ehrnst Dec 2019 #149
The "Establishment" isn't against single payer and it's NOT partly due to the influence... George II Dec 2019 #22
Do you have any proof? OldRed2450 Dec 2019 #34
This message was self-deleted by its author booley Dec 2019 #45
sure, the context of the video KSNY Dec 2019 #53
Exactly how is that slanderous in a legal sense? n/t MarcA Dec 2019 #60
No, that's why Republicans oppose any attempt at universal health care. betsuni Dec 2019 #49
Agreed. An inconvenient truth for some. And certainly Not MarcA Dec 2019 #55
Is it possible that they don't think treestar Dec 2019 #134
Of which there are two essentially. YOHABLO Dec 2019 #27
Yeah, BS ignores all that the Brilliant Achievements that the Dem Party has Accomplished Cha Dec 2019 #123
Besides Bernie can't walk in high heels. Nor look as good. YOHABLO Dec 2019 #25
Looks have nothing to do with this.. Nancy is a Uniter Cha Dec 2019 #28
Nancy is not running for President of the Untied States. YOHABLO Dec 2019 #30
Really! Joe Biden is.. and he's Uniter, too! Cha Dec 2019 #39
Okay, what ever you say. YOHABLO Dec 2019 #43
Whatevs. ehrnst Dec 2019 #74
I speak the truth.. so yeah. Cha Dec 2019 #80
The "whatever" response ehrnst Dec 2019 #140
Yeah, he's a uniter. Just look at all the Democrats uniting behind him!! progressoid Dec 2019 #138
Biden sure as hell isn't a divider. Cha Dec 2019 #161
So why is Bernie saying that he's taking on "the Democratic Establishment?" ehrnst Dec 2019 #73
The "Democratic Establshment" is on the Front Lines Fighting Cha Dec 2019 #162
Nancy opposes MFA and the Green New Deal ritapria Dec 2019 #26
So! Nancy wants to WIN and thinks Building on ACA/:Obamacare Cha Dec 2019 #33
Neither of those two, as presented, are practical, sensible, or passable. George II Dec 2019 #35
But when Pelosi disagrees with someone, she just says they have a difference of opinion StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #165
+1 betsuni Dec 2019 #167
"Establishment" as a derogatory term is such a drawback to the Nixon era, it's funny beastie boy Dec 2019 #29
beastie boy, hahaha. Sloumeau Dec 2019 #37
Mahalo, beastie! Cha Dec 2019 #40
"Establishment" took me way back, when I was wearing an afro and bell bottom jeans. beastie boy Dec 2019 #44
I was too white and my hair too blond to ever have a an afro... Sloumeau Dec 2019 #52
Technically, I am white too, but some Jews used to don mean afros back then. beastie boy Dec 2019 #57
Hahaha, yes, Seth Rogen has been known to sport a fine looking one of those. :) Sloumeau Dec 2019 #59
Well that clears that up! Cha Dec 2019 #114
Oh yeah.. Groovy! Cha Dec 2019 #71
"Us" and "Them": Democrats are lumped in with Trump/Republicans and evil corporations as "Them." betsuni Dec 2019 #32
You said it, betsuni! :) Sloumeau Dec 2019 #36
Thank you. ehrnst Dec 2019 #75
Yeah.. he is fooling NO ONE. Cha Dec 2019 #93
How odd that you are calling Planned Parenthood an Establishment Democrat. You know Autumn Dec 2019 #38
He did however call them part of the Establishment. nt sheshe2 Dec 2019 #42
He didn't say anything about Planned Parenthood in that clip. And PP is not Autumn Dec 2019 #48
Not in that clip. sheshe2 Dec 2019 #51
I'm certainly denying that he said PP is part of the Establishment in the clip the OP posted. Autumn Dec 2019 #58
OP: "Planned Parenthood is the 'establishment' ... ." betsuni Dec 2019 #83
Yeah, she kind of did. She lumped an organization in with "the Establishment Dems". Autumn Dec 2019 #141
That's actually using the term in a way that points out how "non-establishment" they really are. ehrnst Dec 2019 #142
She included the unfortunately telling "PP is the establishment" gaffe lapucelle Dec 2019 #143
+1 progressoid Dec 2019 #139
Hey! paleotn Dec 2019 #46
That should burn anyone with a shred of self-awareness Hekate Dec 2019 #47
The Internet is singing with multiple memes of Nancy socking it to the Establishment, & looking good NBachers Dec 2019 #61
If you've been in Congress for 35 years and you're NOT "establishment," you're doing it wrong StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #62
Thanks a million establishment Dems! We wouldn't be where we are today without ya! jalan48 Dec 2019 #63
We've IMPEACHED trump with the Democratic Cha Dec 2019 #90
I support Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party Gothmog Dec 2019 #64
Yes, I support the "Establishment" that BS is Cha Dec 2019 #126
+1 TexasTowelie Dec 2019 #65
Nice infighting here. warmfeet Dec 2019 #67
Yes, its pathetic. vsrazdem Dec 2019 #69
So you obvilusly missed this Eliot Rosewater Dec 2019 #77
Compare their records of achievement also...the results are stunning. Eliot Rosewater Dec 2019 #76
K&R. Thanks, Cha! highplainsdem Dec 2019 #78
He's a year and a half younger Polybius Dec 2019 #85
Yeah, I knew that.. but this is about Cha Dec 2019 #91
So tired of that guy. W_HAMILTON Dec 2019 #86
Bernie is losing it PhoenixDem Dec 2019 #88
So it all comes down to if you want status quo, vote Joe. If you want a better way, vote Warren or brutus smith Dec 2019 #111
BS Disses himself. We call him out. There are no "status quo" Cha Dec 2019 #113
Status quo right now is Trump and Republicans. betsuni Dec 2019 #116
I didn't diss any Dems. Nice try tho! brutus smith Dec 2019 #127
Yes, you did: "if you want status quo, vote Joe" LongtimeAZDem Dec 2019 #130
Aaaaa, no I didn't. I made an observation brutus smith Dec 2019 #131
Status quo is another such term treestar Dec 2019 #135
Thank You!!! Peacetrain Dec 2019 #120
Exactly well put, Peacetrain! "It's time to stand up for our Cha Dec 2019 #124
Yeah, lots of luck with that Bernie. cwydro Dec 2019 #121
Why is being an establishement Democrat a bad thing? Gothmog Dec 2019 #128
I completely agree. cwydro Dec 2019 #129
+1 TexasTowelie Dec 2019 #150
When will he take on the Republicans? treestar Dec 2019 #132
Well, Biden's taking on trump NOW! Cha Dec 2019 #159
+1 treestar Dec 2019 #171
Divisive rhetoric NYMinute Dec 2019 #168
Way too Diviive! It never ends. Cha Dec 2019 #174
I stand with Spezker Pelosi Gothmog Dec 2019 #173
And there it is underthematrix Dec 2019 #176
Thank you for this, underthematrix! Cha Dec 2019 #177
Thank you. I really really try to avoid criticizing any of the candidates but underthematrix Dec 2019 #178
+1 betsuni Dec 2019 #179
I like being an Establishment Democrat Gothmog Dec 2019 #180
Thank you for that, Goth.. it shows Cha Dec 2019 #181
It takes years of hard work to earn a slot to the National Convention Gothmog Dec 2019 #182
And, most of us Appreciate all the diligence of Dems who Cha Dec 2019 #183
If the Democratic Establishment is so terrible, why'd they impeach Trump? betsuni Dec 2019 #184
We're not suppose to notice Cha Jan 2020 #188
Nancy Pelosi! Cha Jan 2020 #191
K&R RandySF Jan 2020 #192
I WISH we were a country where Pelosi and Planned Parenthood were "establishment" (nt) ehrnst Jan 2020 #193
Amen! Cha Jan 2020 #194
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