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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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49. He is an organizer with Movimiento Cosecha, which he has every right to be representing.
Wed Jan 8, 2020, 09:48 PM
Jan 2020

He is not going around disrupting and getting paid for it. He involved himself in a conversation. He did not set out to start this.

"Last Thursday, in a packed college gym in Greenwood, South Carolina, I stood next to Silvia, a local immigrant mother and activist, as she asked Joe Biden a question. I translated for her as she told the crowd about her daily fear of ICE separating her family. It’s hard for her to trust Biden, she explained, because he has defended the millions of deportations that took place when he was vice president. Under a Biden administration, could her partner or children be next?

Silvia asked if Biden would use executive action to protect undocumented immigrants from deportation on his first day in office. Biden bluntly said no and went on to defend Obama’s record on immigration. As a longtime activist, a 2008 volunteer for the Obama campaign, and a formerly undocumented immigrant myself, I pushed back and reminded him that millions of families were separated while he was vice president.

That’s when Biden interrupted me and said: “You should vote for Trump."

This had nothing to do with Bernie Sanders campaign.

Press Reliese from Movimiento Cosecha:

Families are calling for Biden to apologize for the 3 million family separations he oversaw while in the White House, and commit to using his executive authority to end all detention and deportation on day one, if elected President. They will be joined by allies who will be sitting in at Biden’s campaign offices, refusing to leave until the campaign speaks with the families.

Philadelphia- Immigrant families whose loved ones were among the 3,000,000 deported while Former Vice President Biden was in the White House plan sit in at Biden campaign headquarters in Philadelphia on Wednesday. They are demanding Biden to apologize for separating their families, and commit that, if elected president in 2020, he would use his executive authority to put an immediate end to all immigrant detention and deportations. Families are also calling for Biden to commit to bringing home loved ones that were unjustly deported by the last two administrations.

Jul 12, 2019

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
If this is true, Bernie needs to go.... AJT Jan 2020 #1
BS is the one who hired this "attack dog", david sirota.. Cha Jan 2020 #11
I'm sure that is only the tip of the iceberg with those tactics. LiberalFighter Jan 2020 #81
Oh yeah.. they evidently don't think Cha Jan 2020 #83
I AGREE WITH YOU. hey Bernie ..... cheating and crap like that is beneath you.... right? trueblue2007 Jan 2020 #67
I call BS. garybeck Jan 2020 #111
Read the article and tweet. i'm not convinced. OP is misleading. garybeck Jan 2020 #92
That would be interesting if confirmed. Hoyt Jan 2020 #2
According to Julia Terruso, the reporter, he told her he's working for the Sanders campaign. George II Jan 2020 #5
Or, he could be working for the Trump campaign and rat fucking 2 Democratic candidates concurrently. OAITW r.2.0 Jan 2020 #54
Sure.... George II Jan 2020 #57
exactly certainot Jan 2020 #65
No doubt that these tactics are something we would expect from Trump. TidalWave46 Jan 2020 #97
Magical thinking... ehrnst Jan 2020 #141
Honey ismnotwasm Jan 2020 #144
Wonder how BS would like it if Biden would stoop so low Cha Jan 2020 #3
Biden wouldn't stoop that low. Wawannabe Jan 2020 #53
Exactly. So BS doesn't have to deal with that.. only Cha Jan 2020 #63
If Biden did that, Bernie would holler like Cab Calloway...nt Kahuna7 Jan 2020 #99
Biden didn't hire "attack dog", stein pusher, Cha Jan 2020 #124
what evidence do you have that Bernie paid someone to do that? garybeck Jan 2020 #121
We know BS hired this guy.. Cha Jan 2020 #125
Isn't that 'fox news' steven leser, a person removed from DU? Voltaire2 Jan 2020 #132
That IS sirota LYING about Hillary the Cha Jan 2020 #137
It seems Bernie hires the worst. I'm not a fan. dem4decades Jan 2020 #4
I am shocked! sheshe2 Jan 2020 #6
Sadly, I'm not. George II Jan 2020 #7
Frankly, neither am I. sheshe2 Jan 2020 #37
I am NOT surprised Gothmog Jan 2020 #95
Dirty tricks is all they have nt NYMinute Jan 2020 #100
If true, it seems a bit underhanded. eom Sloumeau Jan 2020 #8
No he is not being paid to disrupt Biden. billpolonsky Jan 2020 #9
He's disrupting Biden's Town Halls and he works for the Sanders Campaign. George II Jan 2020 #10
Bullshit. Somone who works for Sanders campaign confronts Biden on his policy, and now he's a paid vsrazdem Jan 2020 #12
How many other paid staffers/workers from other campaigns get up in the face of an opponent? George II Jan 2020 #15
He is a disruptor. Scurrilous Jan 2020 #24
If that is all he is doing for his paycheck then yes, he would be considered a paid GemDigger Jan 2020 #25
He is an organizer with Movimiento Cosecha, which he has every right to be representing. vsrazdem Jan 2020 #49
SURELY he could be doing something more productive with his time. I was a big Bernie fan... UniteFightBack Jan 2020 #79
Doing something more productive, that is so pathetic. vsrazdem Jan 2020 #89
Yes something more productive than driving 12 hours to harass Biden. Something more UniteFightBack Jan 2020 #90
I'm not going to say he is paid to disrupt, but he is being paid by Sanders and goes around UniteFightBack Jan 2020 #74
You just defined him as a paid disruptor... TidalWave46 Jan 2020 #98
Yes...you are. It reflects badly on Sanders...I began this primary with Sanders as my second choice. Demsrule86 Jan 2020 #112
Did the Sanders campaign decide to hire him and start paying him after it was known he was highplainsdem Jan 2020 #14
Hard to say, he only told the Philadelphia Inquirer reporter today. Who knows.... George II Jan 2020 #20
Are all the events in the same state or is he traveling around? GemDigger Jan 2020 #28
He lives in New Jersey. From the article: George II Jan 2020 #31
Interesting. Thanks George II. GemDigger Jan 2020 #32
He must have a lot of money and time on his hands. sheshe2 Jan 2020 #41
And this is now this guy spends his time to further his cause??? Yeah OK. nt UniteFightBack Jan 2020 #80
Nothing that campaign does surprises me anymore. nt Blue_true Jan 2020 #34
Me either...such desperation. How in the world do they think this is helping??? Thekaspervote Jan 2020 #71
People who work for candidates can't do this sort of thing on their own time...mark my words...this Demsrule86 Jan 2020 #17
Yeah, Bernie hired an activist! Hassin Bin Sober Jan 2020 #18
This is more than merely an "activist": George II Jan 2020 #22
It's simple. Lefta Dissenter Jan 2020 #33
. Hassin Bin Sober Jan 2020 #36
LOL, Lefta Dissenter Jan 2020 #42
What other campaign has people doing such a thing? Blue_true Jan 2020 #38
Of course not Dem4Life1102 Jan 2020 #94
No surprise. He also hired Jill Stein supporter Briana Joy Gray as hiss press secretary, and Hillay still_one Jan 2020 #43
There is a 1st Amendment in this Country ritapria Jan 2020 #23
Read the Supreme Court rulings on the First Amendment. It's not unconditional. Check again. George II Jan 2020 #26
No problem with his campaign demonizing Democrats though, is there still_one Jan 2020 #44
Sure were a bunch of "good hearts" Docreed2003 Jan 2020 #55
... mcar Jan 2020 #64
It scares the bejeezus out of me and a lot of others!! Thekaspervote Jan 2020 #75
A member here. sheshe2 Jan 2020 #82
If that is who they are, why have a creep like Sirota? 58Sunliner Jan 2020 #105
Loving and compassionate? well I like you, the others not so much...can't stand Sirota or Brianna. Demsrule86 Jan 2020 #114
have you ever gotten a paycheck from a campaign? mopinko Jan 2020 #118
The campaign hired him. ehrnst Jan 2020 #140
Remember, George. HerbChestnut Jan 2020 #13
Tell Mr. Rojas. George II Jan 2020 #16
Touche' still_one Jan 2020 #45
Tell it to Sanders...these dirty tricks won't work. Demsrule86 Jan 2020 #21
+++ still_one Jan 2020 #46
Thanks! Demsrule86 Jan 2020 #115
Thanks! Demsrule86 Jan 2020 #116
++++++ NYMinute Jan 2020 #88
Thanks! Demsrule86 Jan 2020 #117
Bernie surrounds himself with the best people! nt UniteFightBack Jan 2020 #19
Imagine that liberal N proud Jan 2020 #27
Sanders should apologize and withdraw from the race. The Valley Below Jan 2020 #29
we have our own trump..... getagrip_already Jan 2020 #30
I kept wanting to write something like what you just wrote, but was too chickenshit. Blue_true Jan 2020 #39
I've been saying that for a long while now lillypaddle Jan 2020 #50
In way too many ways. n/t NanceGreggs Jan 2020 #69
Glad someone said it. Tarheel_Dem Jan 2020 #93
Bingo! And it's shameful what is happening... nt R B Garr Jan 2020 #96
what a horrible thing to say about one of our leading candidates Voltaire2 Jan 2020 #134
trump is not a leading dem candidate getagrip_already Jan 2020 #135
So when you wrote: Voltaire2 Jan 2020 #138
I merely thought you meant... getagrip_already Jan 2020 #139
but that isn't what you said, is it? Voltaire2 Jan 2020 #142
when did I mention ... getagrip_already Jan 2020 #143
Who were you referring to? Voltaire2 Jan 2020 #145
+1 uponit7771 Jan 2020 #136
Stinks! Me. Jan 2020 #35
I suggest soeone explaine who he isd & what he's doing to Joe Tell him , nextime fightboy starts napi21 Jan 2020 #40
It's finally dawned on me that the problem I would have supporting Bernie The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2020 #47
I will NOT vote for Sanders. Haggis for Breakfast Jan 2020 #52
Yes sanders...go back to VT!!! Thekaspervote Jan 2020 #78
Same, I voted for Sanders in Ohio in 2016...my kids loved him too...hubs not so much. Demsrule86 Jan 2020 #122
for shame!!! samnsara Jan 2020 #48
Nothing to do with Bernie Sanders and his being on the campaign. vsrazdem Jan 2020 #51
This makes me want to vote for Biden even more. llmart Jan 2020 #56
No bueno. nt SunSeeker Jan 2020 #58
Smear campaigns like this against a candidate that has nothing to do with his campaign, that push vsrazdem Jan 2020 #59
That may be, however, is hiring of Jill Stein supporter Briana Joy Gray, and Hillary hating David still_one Jan 2020 #102
I'll vote for our nominee, but I can't work in a campaign oasis Jan 2020 #60
Didn't Bernie sign a pledge or something? mcar Jan 2020 #61
That's pathetic and gross Politicub Jan 2020 #62
Chronology matters caraher Jan 2020 #66
Given Sanders' other hires, he no longer gets the benefit of the doubt LongtimeAZDem Jan 2020 #91
I'm fine with critiquing his judgment on upper-level hires caraher Jan 2020 #107
The Sanders campaign routinely hires people who are disruptive or abusive; at this point, it's on them LongtimeAZDem Jan 2020 #108
russians certainot Jan 2020 #68
Omg Do not fall for this bullshit..put out by the usual Laura PourMeADrink Jan 2020 #70
Thank you. mountain grammy Jan 2020 #73
More Disinformation. jalan48 Jan 2020 #72
In what way? Did that guy disrespectfully face up to Biden? Does he work for the Sanders campaign? George II Jan 2020 #76
This message was self-deleted by its author Laura PourMeADrink Jan 2020 #85
Who is "They"? If you're talking about Rojas and his group, they were never part of Biden's campaign maximusveritas Jan 2020 #86
agree. attack by association. garybeck Jan 2020 #119
Chicanery. If my candidate had the surrogates that Mr. Sanders employs I would not be pleased...yet UniteFightBack Jan 2020 #77
Who is surprised by this??? Gothmog Jan 2020 #84
Dirty tricks by the Bernie camp .. I am not shocked NYMinute Jan 2020 #87
Bernie is proving all of us skeptics right. lark Jan 2020 #101
If this is true and Bernie knows about it he should drop Botany Jan 2020 #103
We agree. And if my candidate did this I would be done with him...seriuosly this is bad...you don't Demsrule86 Jan 2020 #106
I hope this isn't true, but I won't hold my breath. 58Sunliner Jan 2020 #104
Was he hired before or after Dem4Life1102 Jan 2020 #109
If it was before, he should be fired. If it was after, he shouldn't have been hired. Either way.... George II Jan 2020 #110
I CALL BS. Seriously folks, get a grip. garybeck Jan 2020 #113
You should call BS, and tell him to fire this guy and apologize to Biden. George II Jan 2020 #120
give me a break. he was not speaking for Bernie or representing him. garybeck Jan 2020 #123
If those employers routinely hire people who are disruptive or abusive, we should do exactly that LongtimeAZDem Jan 2020 #131
He's still on the job. If Sanders disapproves of this guys behavior, he would have been fired. The Valley Below Jan 2020 #126
Another reasonn I don't like sanders kimbutgar Jan 2020 #127
I believe I tweeted that the person was a paid disrupter when this was first underthematrix Jan 2020 #128
Regardless... tonedevil Jan 2020 #130
Wow! SMH ecstatic Jan 2020 #133
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