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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!

herding cats

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32. We're not the monolithic group you think we are. Are we?
Mon Feb 3, 2020, 01:06 AM
Feb 2020

I first was for Edwards in 2008, dropped him like he was hot when when the first ill winds blew. I wanted to win. I switched to Obama and worked my tail off for him.

Just to further add to your confusion, I started out working for O'Malley in 2015 and switched to Hillary when he dropped out in February of 2016. She was already inching him out to my eyes. She had my primary vote, and full support thereafter. Prior to 2016 I didn't know Bernie well. I had heard the hype, and was interested. Then I dropped him like he was hot and moved to O'Malley once I'd done some research. I've never looked back.

DU polls and spot moment enthusiasm doesn't carry over into votes once candidates are being truly vetted. Hype vs. reality is often a grim lesson learned.

Choosing a candidate is a complex process. As individual as the person doing the choosing.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
I'm embarrassed to say Edwards leftieNanner Feb 2020 #1
Eh he fooled a lot of people. HarlanPepper Feb 2020 #2
I liked Edwards at first, too. I backed Clinton, wanted her to win in 2008, thought Obama could run highplainsdem Feb 2020 #5
I've thought about that too democrattotheend Feb 2020 #17
Edwards was my first pick but Raine Feb 2020 #9
I liked him too, at first. The Velveteen Ocelot Feb 2020 #27
His message about poverty resonated. It's too bad he was who he was. themaguffin Feb 2020 #16
You should be. It was pretty clear that he was a big phony. nt Kahuna7 Feb 2020 #22
Don't be embarrassed. He broke my wife's heart Algernon Moncrieff Feb 2020 #24
Obama -- and I forfeited $180 (work) to do it. Best money I ever never had! fierywoman Feb 2020 #3
Edwards, he talked about poverty and income inequality Fresh_Start Feb 2020 #4
i voted edwards cuz before he was a creep i liked him samnsara Feb 2020 #6
Edwards. right message, wrong messenger. jg10003 Feb 2020 #7
Edwards. Oops. Recursion Feb 2020 #8
I voted for Obama. However, I liked both Clinton and Edwards. IrishEyes Feb 2020 #10
Don't recall who was on the ballot. MH1 Feb 2020 #11
Clinton, then switched happily to our nominee. Hortensis Feb 2020 #12
It was a win but it would of been better had Obama ran in 2016 AFTER Hillary's very successful UniteFightBack Feb 2020 #15
Clinton, but on the record as saying there wasn't much daylight between her and Obama... wyldwolf Feb 2020 #13
Clinton all the way and I figured Obama could be after her and he'd of been more experienced at that UniteFightBack Feb 2020 #14
Why do you ask? I notice that you did not return to your post MineralMan Feb 2020 #18
I was wondering if most people voted for Obama or Clinton Tiggeroshii Feb 2020 #21
We're not the monolithic group you think we are. Are we? herding cats Feb 2020 #32
Certainly not! Tiggeroshii Feb 2020 #36
You are wrong Zolorp Feb 2020 #35
Yeah she won in primaries* Tiggeroshii Feb 2020 #37
Yes, caucuses are votes Zolorp Feb 2020 #39
Not quite. Tiggeroshii Feb 2020 #40
I didn't vote since I was moving and literally driving my things between counties. R B Garr Feb 2020 #19
Hillary, that was her time Polybius Feb 2020 #20
Obama. I liked HRC (still do) very much, but saw something very special in Barack Obama OneMoreCupOfCoffee Feb 2020 #23
none jr1118x Feb 2020 #25
O'Malley elleng Feb 2020 #26
Where did all the Clinton voters go? BlueWI Feb 2020 #28
My thoughts exactly. Tiggeroshii Feb 2020 #38
For my only time in the Iowa Caucus BlueWI Feb 2020 #41
Now that was a really brutal primary. No punches pulled by anybody. comradebillyboy Feb 2020 #29
I voted for, and was an Obama delegate locally. herding cats Feb 2020 #30
Clinton. That battle made whatever happening today seem tame. tritsofme Feb 2020 #31
Obama. Drunken Irishman Feb 2020 #33
Obama... Happy Hoosier Feb 2020 #34
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