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Democratic Primaries

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Mon Feb 17, 2020, 09:28 AM Feb 2020

Bloomberg ad hits back at Sanders & his supporters: This kind of "energy" won't help Dems unite [View all]

Effective ad that highlights Sanders supporters' attacks on other Democratic candidates as well.

I'm not sure where this ad will show up. But there's a pretty good chance it will be the first time some voters learn of just how badly behaved some Sanders supporters have been.

And they'll see the MSM headlines about this as well as sample tweets.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
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Mike just took the gloves off! Zolorp Feb 2020 #1
Now this is MESSAGING Prue Feb 2020 #56
Why he's rising, showing no fear of Bernie or Trump, radius777 Feb 2020 #162
Look at the responses too. Mike 03 Feb 2020 #2
No we are not, but the media likes this narrative KSNY Feb 2020 #60
Blame the media, blame the real democrats.... we can do it Feb 2020 #71
This message was self-deleted by its author LongtimeAZDem Feb 2020 #77
Either Bernie condemns these actions, or he is endorsing them. There is no middle ground. LongtimeAZDem Feb 2020 #78
This. MontanaMama Feb 2020 #82
In Bloomberg's ad Bernie condemns incivility KSNY Feb 2020 #85
This message was self-deleted by its author LongtimeAZDem Feb 2020 #86
It's empty words without action backing it up. nt UniteFightBack Feb 2020 #118
He already has. No one cares. The narrative is too popular. nt redqueen Feb 2020 #93
I guess Mike has had enough of Bernie and his supporters shit, dware Feb 2020 #3
A lot of us have had enough too. redstatebluegirl Feb 2020 #156
Expect the "Bernie can do no wrong" crowd to show up in dware Feb 2020 #4
I was thinking "see, Mike's a meanie" is coming. Amimnoch Feb 2020 #6
If Biden fades, dware Feb 2020 #14
Bloomberg is spot on. showblue22 Feb 2020 #5
The ad mentions the #WarrenIsASnake smear kabelle Feb 2020 #7
I like it, but I hope it's not a shift in approach. Amimnoch Feb 2020 #8
A short extract from the NYT article cited in the Bloomberg ad: Mike 03 Feb 2020 #9
Some of the Sanders supporters remind me of the MAGAts Zolorp Feb 2020 #16
Well said by Barbara Boxer! Cha Feb 2020 #134
Post removed Post removed Feb 2020 #10
That really helps. TheCowsCameHome Feb 2020 #24
No, Sanders doesn't help. betsuni Feb 2020 #25
This.... Pachamama Feb 2020 #49
So much for the idea that Mike isn't going negative! DanTex Feb 2020 #11
It isn't "going negative" to point out Sanders supporters going negative. highplainsdem Feb 2020 #13
They want a hostile take over. sheshe2 Feb 2020 #154
As opposed to Bernie and his bros? dware Feb 2020 #15
It looks like he was responding to negativity. showblue22 Feb 2020 #17
LOL. It's an attack ad. Period. DanTex Feb 2020 #19
That is exactly what I have been saying about Bernie all this time. showblue22 Feb 2020 #29
Bernie has never attacked a big portion of the Democratic DanTex Feb 2020 #40
Really? Insinuating the whole party is corrupt doesn't rise to the level of an attack? boston bean Feb 2020 #42
No idea what you are referring to. DanTex Feb 2020 #43
I like and support the party and most of its members. boston bean Feb 2020 #44
I think he has and does showblue22 Feb 2020 #45
That was bad form. I like Bernie, and I know he doesn't like Hickenlooper, BusyBeingBest Feb 2020 #65
I'm in suburban Colorado... Fontaines D.C. Feb 2020 #89
Agree. Doremus Feb 2020 #104
Good lord... the righteousness and inerrant of Sanders is becoming a thing of myth. LanternWaste Feb 2020 #97
Umm, I can see why you left off the next word when you quoted my post. DanTex Feb 2020 #98
Really? Hiring Jill Stein supporters to the highest level of his campaign? Beakybird Feb 2020 #126
But justie18 Feb 2020 #32
Large % won't vote for non- Bernie Dem anyway. delisen Feb 2020 #100
More Bernie supporters in 2016 voted for HRC than HRC supporters in 2008 voted for Obama. DanTex Feb 2020 #102
This is 2020. Large % Bernie supporters refuse to vote blue delisen Feb 2020 #107
Uhh, we don't know what will happen in 2020. But ads like this, attacking supporters of candidates, DanTex Feb 2020 #108
That's hard to believe treestar Feb 2020 #137
It's true. Also Bernie did more rallies for HRC than HRC did for Obama. DanTex Feb 2020 #138
Where are these numbers to be found? treestar Feb 2020 #140
But the actual attacks are shown in the ad. R B Garr Feb 2020 #121
The attacks aren't from "Bernie's camp". They are from random people on twitter. DanTex Feb 2020 #122
They are Bernie supporters, so his camp. This isn't the R B Garr Feb 2020 #123
All candidates have rude supporters on twitter. What makes this such a farce DanTex Feb 2020 #124
Rude is a cute term for what they are doing. R B Garr Feb 2020 #127
It's rudeness. That "blacklist" thing actually originated with the DCCC. DanTex Feb 2020 #129
Rudeness is a cute term for what they are doing. The Bloomberg R B Garr Feb 2020 #130
Rudeness is the accurate term for what they are doing. DanTex Feb 2020 #131
No, it's harassment and hostility as in organized R B Garr Feb 2020 #132
It's not organized, it's random people on twitter. It's rudeness. DanTex Feb 2020 #133
It's organized. The most recent attack was on the culinary union in Nevada where current R B Garr Feb 2020 #135
That's a joke. The media loves attacking Bernie for what random people on the internet do. DanTex Feb 2020 #136
Doxxing people isn't a "joke". It's an act of intimidation. Speaking of harassment, Bernie R B Garr Feb 2020 #139
No, it's not, but it had utterly nothing to do with Bernie and his campaign. DanTex Feb 2020 #142
Of course doxxing people is an act of intimidation. Rudeness is when you are impolite. Revealing R B Garr Feb 2020 #143
Yes, it is, but, for the 50th time, it had nothing to do with Bernie or his campaign. DanTex Feb 2020 #144
They were Bernie supporters, which are the subject of this ad R B Garr Feb 2020 #145
Actually nobody knows who they were or whether it even happened. DanTex Feb 2020 #146
Actually, everyone "knows" where this originates. R B Garr Feb 2020 #147
Not true. These are unproven allegations about anonymous internet users. DanTex Feb 2020 #148
It's been 5 years, so we do know what Sanders promotes R B Garr Feb 2020 #149
He has no such history whatsoever. DanTex Feb 2020 #150
The ad is about Bernie's supporters. I realize you are R B Garr Feb 2020 #152
LOL. The ad talks about "energy". Well, that seems solid to me! Please... DanTex Feb 2020 #153
It shows the actual attacks in a rapid fashion, indicating R B Garr Feb 2020 #157
Hmmm sheshe2 Feb 2020 #158
How is this negative? Wasn't there a BS statement last week condemning lapucelle Feb 2020 #20
You really can't figure out how this is negative? DanTex Feb 2020 #21
Calling out toxic factions interfering in campaigns isn't negative. lapucelle Feb 2020 #59
I wondered when Bernie's apologists would show up calguy Feb 2020 #23
That isn't negative. He's pointing out dangerously negative SUPPORTERS of another campaign.... George II Feb 2020 #48
Uhh, yes, it's negative. The fact that he's attacking Bernie's supporters and not the candidate DanTex Feb 2020 #53
He's not attacking ALL of his supporters, just those who are acting vilely toward anyone.... George II Feb 2020 #58
I feel that "deplorable" dynamic sweetloukillbot Feb 2020 #62
This isn't negative - this is pointing out how the negative energy will destroy Pachamama Feb 2020 #55
I do not see how this is funny or a laughing matter in any way. c-rational Feb 2020 #106
A taste of the "energy" the Sanderistas are bringing Codeine Feb 2020 #12
I'd never checked that hashtag before. Just did. Enlightening, and depressing. highplainsdem Feb 2020 #18
Is that smell of some Bernie Bros safeinOhio Feb 2020 #36
Agreed.That is why Trump supports Bernie Evergreen Emerald Feb 2020 #50
That behavior is bullshit and it needs to stop, and there is no defense for it, but: ramen Feb 2020 #37
There is no "but". Either Sanders condemns such behavior, or he has no moral leg to stand on. LongtimeAZDem Feb 2020 #83
Oh, I totally agree, he should definitely condemn it. nt ramen Feb 2020 #113
Is the idea here that we praise one Democrat ramen Feb 2020 #22
The "idea" is to focus our attacks on Trump. honest.abe Feb 2020 #28
Then tell it to the asshats screaming about " bend the knee" Zolorp Feb 2020 #31
It's pointing out the behavior of a candidate's supporters. How did it attack Sanders? George II Feb 2020 #51
All the negativity stems Codeine Feb 2020 #88
Primary infighting started with Sanders? ramen Feb 2020 #116
I will support Bernie, or Bloomberg. How some supporters act has johnthewoodworker Feb 2020 #26
Agreed. BusyBeingBest Feb 2020 #30
He uses ad hype to excite people. I don't trust any of it. ancianita Feb 2020 #27
Tormenting Trump relentlessly really excites me. TheCowsCameHome Feb 2020 #35
I get it. It's just what comes after that I'm more concerned about. Bottom line for me are ancianita Feb 2020 #41
Objective #1. Beat Trump TheCowsCameHome Feb 2020 #91
My main concern with Biden is that he helped strip bankruptcy protection from millions just yaesu Feb 2020 #33
Do you remember the rampant bankruptcy abuses? LongtimeAZDem Feb 2020 #39
You should read the bill or summaries of the bill. George II Feb 2020 #57
Funny Aviation Pro Feb 2020 #34
Go on Twitter and express how you feel about Sanders on any given tweet from a media person. Zolorp Feb 2020 #47
I have no social media accounts Aviation Pro Feb 2020 #70
That's why you'd never experienced the Bros hatred. Zolorp Feb 2020 #90
Mediaite: Bloomberg Ad Lays Smackdown On Bernie Bros: Not The 'Energy' Needed To Beat Trump highplainsdem Feb 2020 #38
What the world needs now DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2020 #46
Thank you. Just perfect. c-rational Feb 2020 #110
the problem with Bernie's message wyldwolf Feb 2020 #52
+1 LongtimeAZDem Feb 2020 #79
+2 paulk Feb 2020 #161
I never liked Bloomberg. ananda Feb 2020 #54
Attacking Sanders supporters guarantees a repeat of 2016. Sympthsical Feb 2020 #61
So bad behavior shouldn't be called out... sweetloukillbot Feb 2020 #63
Call out individuals. Sympthsical Feb 2020 #112
Jeez - here's your #NotAll hashtag sweetloukillbot Feb 2020 #115
Link, please, to the tweet from the highplainsdem Feb 2020 #67
I have a screen cap Sympthsical Feb 2020 #114
Here. John Bielski. Attorney working with the AFL-CIO Sympthsical Feb 2020 #141
Thanks. I was able to find Google's search result for that tweet of his by googling highplainsdem Feb 2020 #151
I appreciate your honesty and the time you took Sympthsical Feb 2020 #155
You're welcome. I don't see any point in NOT being honest. highplainsdem Feb 2020 #159
We don't need them; they won't vote anyway, which is why we are appealing to moderates LongtimeAZDem Feb 2020 #74
And there it is. Sympthsical Feb 2020 #117
Yes; it taught us that Sanders supporters cannot be counted on to stop Trump; so, LongtimeAZDem Feb 2020 #120
Warren supporters have never suggested Codeine Feb 2020 #92
So booing of John Lewis, Elijah Cummings, Stacy Abrams and others i acceptable conduct? Gothmog Feb 2020 #103
I am not afraid of your threats Renew Deal Feb 2020 #109
I'm not threatening. Just letting you know what will happen. Sympthsical Feb 2020 #111
Nominating a Bush supporting Republican won't help Democrats unite. n/t PoliticAverse Feb 2020 #64
Any real Democrat will vote to stop Trump LongtimeAZDem Feb 2020 #76
It is true. Many of his bros/bots are exactly like Trump supporters..just opposite extreme. It is helpisontheway Feb 2020 #66
If mike wanted to twist the knife...he'd compare bernie supporters and magats Fresh_Start Feb 2020 #68
Exactly. I imagine what he released today is a warning shot. nt Mike 03 Feb 2020 #73
About damn time. dalton99a Feb 2020 #69
I don't think Bernie hires these people. I just think BusyBeingBest Feb 2020 #81
Good for him!! I am kind of in shock that BS people are calling for a blacklisting of other's staffe Vivienne235729 Feb 2020 #72
It's an effective ad squirecam Feb 2020 #75
He needs one more poll to qualify. The debate is Wednesday. Only certain polls count. highplainsdem Feb 2020 #80
They refuse to learn from 2016 BluNoMatterHu Feb 2020 #84
Excellent ad. It's obvious one campaign has a hostile R B Garr Feb 2020 #87
Post removed Post removed Feb 2020 #94
Please stop. H2O Man Feb 2020 #95
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2020 #99
That is a fucking stupid move on his part. Attacking people who support a candidate is a sure KPN Feb 2020 #96
I have seen the conduct of sanders supporters up close and I agree with Bloomberg Gothmog Feb 2020 #101
+1. Same here dalton99a Feb 2020 #105
Until Sanders condemns that #bendtheknee crap, I'll have no choice but to believe he endorses it. Zolorp Feb 2020 #119
This is shaping up to be one doozie of a primary season. redqueen Feb 2020 #125
He's buying the election..... LakeArenal Feb 2020 #128
This is a very mild attack on sanders compared to what trump would use Gothmog Feb 2020 #160
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