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Democratic Primaries

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this needed to be done, they are out of control Celerity Mar 2020 #1
✔️ blm Mar 2020 #17
High time. NurseJackie Mar 2020 #23
THIS !!!! uponit7771 Mar 2020 #54
About time. we can do it Mar 2020 #74
Grand, but where? n/t DonaldsRump Mar 2020 #2
Rachel Celerity Mar 2020 #3
Maddow OKNancy Mar 2020 #5
Thank you both! Watching now. n/t DonaldsRump Mar 2020 #18
She sure is BeyondGeography Mar 2020 #4
On tv? Cha Mar 2020 #7
She's live with Rachel BeyondGeography Mar 2020 #8
Thank you.. I'm glad she calling that out. Cha Mar 2020 #32
yes live right now, she said his supporters try to draw strength by dividing and attacking people Celerity Mar 2020 #11
Wow! TY Celerity.. Cha Mar 2020 #35
Very popular TV show. True Blue American Mar 2020 #176
Great! TY TBA! Cha Mar 2020 #186
That's ok .. I just read it was on Rachel's Cha Mar 2020 #9
Good. His campaign team is filled with cruel, loathsome beings. blm Mar 2020 #13
We agree BeyondGeography Mar 2020 #15
Absolutely NYMinute Mar 2020 #22
It is a deplorable situation dalton99a Mar 2020 #34
If You Keep Bashing, Do You think Sanders Voters Will Vote for Biden? McKim Mar 2020 #70
😂😂bashing??!😂😂 we can do it Mar 2020 #75
+1 nt Kahuna7 Mar 2020 #168
If Sanders team keeps urging his supporters to attack others the way blm Mar 2020 #79
Sanders needs to tell his supporters to vote for the dem nominee Thekaspervote Mar 2020 #95
Agreed wiley Mar 2020 #153
Why worry? They're not voting for Sanders either Generic Brad Mar 2020 #99
😂😂😂 we can do it Mar 2020 #170
They don't have to there are enough votes without the Bernie people katmondoo Mar 2020 #101
Stating facts isn't bashing uponit7771 Mar 2020 #102
+10000 EXACTLY!! Vivienne235729 Mar 2020 #119
They need to clean up their behavior. And focus on why their candidate is the best. LiberalFighter Mar 2020 #107
Republicans tactics True Blue American Mar 2020 #177
She's not "bashing" sanders. Cha Mar 2020 #136
but, but llashram Mar 2020 #163
The "conspiratorial" side of me says that... Eyeball_Kid Mar 2020 #179
Ya think. sheshe2 Mar 2020 #16
Good for Rachel texasfiddler Mar 2020 #6
So grateful! Cha Mar 2020 #38
Hard to stop it. LaurenOlimina Mar 2020 #10
Bernie's distancing attempts and attempts to get them to stop are weak sauce Celerity Mar 2020 #14
uhh huh... that's why they had to discuss unprecedented solutions. LaurenOlimina Mar 2020 #20
I am saying he did not spank them down hard enough, not saying that they would stop at all Celerity Mar 2020 #29
Exactly Just_Vote_Dem Mar 2020 #60
What authority does he have? druidity33 Mar 2020 #142
It would have an impact, absolutely. would it stop all of it? No, of course not, but it would Celerity Mar 2020 #143
I don't think his attempts are weak. Ace Rothstein Mar 2020 #26
No, they aren't "weak". LisaM Mar 2020 #37
Exactly. we can do it Mar 2020 #80
They were feeble at best. He could have started by challenging his rally crowds Blue_true Mar 2020 #65
He should've cleaned house Todd79 Mar 2020 #84
Yes. nt Blue_true Mar 2020 #90
Yes... Dorian Gray Mar 2020 #145
Shaun King needs his twitter privileges taken away PupCamo Mar 2020 #165
Sirota True Blue American Mar 2020 #181
Ugh. Remember his surprised delighted laughter when the crowd at his rally last December betsuni Mar 2020 #93
he just did it again last night, the crowd booed Biden, and also the 'establishment' Democrats Celerity Mar 2020 #147
It's not 2008. betsuni Mar 2020 #148
yes, it might be an even higher defection rate, but the overall numbers of voters he will Celerity Mar 2020 #149
exactly, BS distances himself from his supporters like the Idiot distances himself from fascists onetexan Mar 2020 #144
It's not hard to stop it. W_HAMILTON Mar 2020 #19
There is a saying NYMinute Mar 2020 #25
+ 1000 MFGsunny Mar 2020 #52
Why didn't the supporters of other candidates act so badly? DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2020 #36
Ding ding ding! DrToast Mar 2020 #41
They attack every other candidate and his or her supporters. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2020 #43
Are you writing really fast? Your last two posts seem to be missing words. nt Blue_true Mar 2020 #66
ADD DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2020 #71
Ok, I get it. Multitasking is what I call it. nt Blue_true Mar 2020 #73
Wow you're good Just_Vote_Dem Mar 2020 #82
More mature OKNancy Mar 2020 #59
They are true democrats that understand what our core values are. nt Blue_true Mar 2020 #67
I'm almost afraid to say this on here. Dem2theMax Mar 2020 #68
That's a darn good question!!! Vivienne235729 Mar 2020 #122
He could stop Nina Turner and David Sirota.... Happy Hoosier Mar 2020 #40
Bingo! We have another winner. n/t MFGsunny Mar 2020 #55
He could have repeated forceful statements, AND called out his Blue_true Mar 2020 #62
As well she should. W_HAMILTON Mar 2020 #12
Hard to see her endorsing Bernie for a few reasons HarlanPepper Mar 2020 #21
She just endorsed without endorsing Moderateguy Mar 2020 #28
Yes, good point. HarlanPepper Mar 2020 #33
I Think She Will Endorse Biden After Bernie Flops on March 10 and 17th Indykatie Mar 2020 #83
Is validating to hear from her Mersky Mar 2020 #24
Good she needs to vercetti2021 Mar 2020 #27
Nina Turner (52), David Sirota (44), Susan Sarandon (73), Michael Moore (soon 66) are hardly brats Celerity Mar 2020 #39
Yet they act like brats vercetti2021 Mar 2020 #42
this is a valid point nt Celerity Mar 2020 #47
Yep vercetti2021 Mar 2020 #48
too 'true believer' for my taste, I don't do cults Celerity Mar 2020 #51
Me neither vercetti2021 Mar 2020 #53
She's awful MustLoveBeagles Mar 2020 #114
Symone is a legit badass vercetti2021 Mar 2020 #115
True dat MustLoveBeagles Mar 2020 #117
Be careful, I got dinged for calling the brats brats. we can do it Mar 2020 #77
I don't care vercetti2021 Mar 2020 #97
And this is not a new phenomenon with his movement. dalton99a Mar 2020 #30
correct, it is not new at all Celerity Mar 2020 #45
We have seen the threats and physical bullying before. Blue_true Mar 2020 #72
But They Continue to Deny It... TomCADem Mar 2020 #108
Great imagination. She is as good as Kellyanne dalton99a Mar 2020 #110
Its been an excellent interview so far, should be a full hour I would guess. The problem with over yaesu Mar 2020 #31
zero chance most are Rethugs or Russians, they are OTT Americans who want to burn it all down Celerity Mar 2020 #49
hmmm, Bannon and Miller want to burn it all down. not_the_one Mar 2020 #96
so you actually think that most Bros are Russians? Celerity Mar 2020 #103
"not_the_one" didn't say that. You interpreted it that way. nt fleabiscuit Mar 2020 #121
from the thread flow it looks to me like what I said nt Celerity Mar 2020 #123
Um, no one said "most", but our intelligence agencies have whathehell Mar 2020 #134
I am not talking about random bots, I am talking about real, live, actual core supporters and social Celerity Mar 2020 #135
I'm sorry, but AlterNet, Common Dreams, and Truthout whathehell Mar 2020 #137
A combination of things, a tonne of Little Englanders, some contrarian Left, lying Leave leadership, Celerity Mar 2020 #138
Yes, it's complicated whathehell Mar 2020 #139
I think the term is "Useful Idiots" eilen Mar 2020 #150
good term, seems to fit nt Celerity Mar 2020 #151
They confirmed Russia is helping Bernie. MrsCoffee Mar 2020 #173
I know that whathehell Mar 2020 #175
Whatever excuses one can dream up I guess. MrsCoffee Mar 2020 #182
Whatever narrative one needs to.maintain, I guess. whathehell Mar 2020 #183
I'm not the one gaslighting here. MrsCoffee Mar 2020 #184
So now I'm being accused of "gaslighting"? whathehell Mar 2020 #185
"republican or russian plants." William769 Mar 2020 #50
we will have to agree to disagree on that one. nt yaesu Mar 2020 #58
Then you are also disagreeing with our intelligence agencies. MrsCoffee Mar 2020 #174
+100000000 Celerity Mar 2020 #104
Kick & recommended. William769 Mar 2020 #44
I hear that Nina Turner is on CNN right, full of passion! Firebrand Gary Mar 2020 #46
Did you mean passion or poison? nt SunSeeker Mar 2020 #57
he will not do it, he thinks it will ruin his brand Celerity Mar 2020 #132
I just finished Hillary on HULU Firebrand Gary Mar 2020 #141
Poison. Venom. Mean spirit. we can do it Mar 2020 #171
"There needs to be accountability." Yes there does. Thank you Elizabeth! SunSeeker Mar 2020 #56
and it should be noted that MSM, including MSNBC, had more to do with Warren dropping out than yaesu Mar 2020 #61
Yes, it's ironic to see all this Liz love tonight BeyondGeography Mar 2020 #64
Warren got savaged by reporters over how she would pay for M4A, unlike Bernie. SunSeeker Mar 2020 #76
They both deserved scrutiny dansolo Mar 2020 #152
I agree. Her expertise is in consumer financial issues, not healthcare. SunSeeker Mar 2020 #154
I am glad that Warren is calling out this conduct Gothmog Mar 2020 #63
Thank you! betsuni Mar 2020 #81
Elizabeth said she talked to Bernie about the online bullying. SunSeeker Mar 2020 #85
Says it all right there. showblue22 Mar 2020 #88
We can easily guess how that conversation went. betsuni Mar 2020 #89
+1 dalton99a Mar 2020 #98
Very good. RIght on. Conversation short. Starts with Sanders. He speaks angry, point fingers at LizBeth Mar 2020 #106
Good for her. Mrs. Overall Mar 2020 #69
GOOD. Now if only he would do the same. Convincingly. Maru Kitteh Mar 2020 #78
She said she talked to Bernie about it and the conversation was SHORT. showblue22 Mar 2020 #86
Transcript: dalton99a Mar 2020 #100
Hopefully Biden will finish Sanders shortly so that we can focus on Trump. IluvPitties Mar 2020 #87
Honestly, I pray for that. No time for divisive drama. emmaverybo Mar 2020 #92
So so happy to hear that! I mean really coffins at a Biden fund raiser Thekaspervote Mar 2020 #91
Pretty disgusting behavior all around MustLoveBeagles Mar 2020 #111
Glad this was addressed. TDale313 Mar 2020 #94
Thank you Senator Warren cheezmaka Mar 2020 #105
She did it very very well, too. And (of course) she has a plan to stop this in the future... Hekate Mar 2020 #109
Here's the thing.., MontanaMama Mar 2020 #112
"Warren is calling out Sanders' supporters." LenaBaby61 Mar 2020 #113
That's sad MustLoveBeagles Mar 2020 #116
That's sad - and so much like the many stories we've heard and situations we've experienced The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2020 #126
1st choice Warren now biden Longford1847 Mar 2020 #118
Welcome to DU! geardaddy Mar 2020 #161
Good, we all should, wherever that nonsense appears, by whomever. nt ramen Mar 2020 #120
All I hear about on DU are those "awful Berni Bros." Paka Mar 2020 #124
I know the vast majority of his supporters don't do this. I hate generalizations. writes3000 Mar 2020 #127
Thank you for that understanding. Paka Mar 2020 #131
I'm sorry that's happening to you FreeState Mar 2020 #128
Thank you for your understanding. Paka Mar 2020 #133
Sorry to hear that geardaddy Mar 2020 #162
The twitter comments re: the Nina-Hillary Rosen tishaLA Mar 2020 #125
Twitter is a cesspool FreeState Mar 2020 #129
This is a big deal! Firebrand Gary Mar 2020 #130
Warren should not endorse nastiness Laserio Mar 2020 #140
Am betting she isn't endorsing Sanders any time soon now obamanut2012 Mar 2020 #146
Post removed Post removed Mar 2020 #155
I know I am going to get shit for this but--- Richard58 Mar 2020 #156
Where I work, there are Bernie bumper stickers... reACTIONary Mar 2020 #172
This message was self-deleted by its author bluedye33139 Mar 2020 #180
Maybe the phrase sould be BillyBobBrilliant Mar 2020 #157
Most Bernue supporters are decent folks DIVINEprividence Mar 2020 #158
Does this mean it's a "No" on Liz being Bernie's VP? n/t zackymilly Mar 2020 #159
Good! geardaddy Mar 2020 #160
about time someone did PupCamo Mar 2020 #164
Evidence? Or this just another of colored smear against Bernie?? jimlup Mar 2020 #166
After the 2016, it was shown that the Bernie Bros were paid Russian trolls, something something Bear Hestia Mar 2020 #167
I hope we can all come together. warmfeet Mar 2020 #169
This message was self-deleted by its author democratisphere Mar 2020 #178
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