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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!

The Magistrate

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19. Sanders Has Shown Himself Incapable Of Enacting Policy, Sir
Tue Mar 24, 2020, 05:05 PM
Mar 2020

He has nothing anyone would regard as substantive legislative achievement. He talks, and he preens on his commitment to principles, and that is about all. The show has grown old and very, very tired.

"When things are not called by their right names, what is said cannot make sense. When what is said does not make sense, what is planned cannot succeed. When plans do not succeed, people become uneasy. When people are uneasy, punishments do not fit crimes. When punishments do not fit crimes, people cannot know where to put hand or foot."

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
Thanks, most of us here feel that way. Hopefully, we'll get there with a Democrat who is electable Hoyt Mar 2020 #1
Everyone has a right to healthcare still_one Mar 2020 #2
Golly, Sir, There's Something Nobody Before 'Bernie' Ever Thought Or Said The Magistrate Mar 2020 #3
Never let an opportunity to bash Bernie go to waste. PuffedMica Mar 2020 #4
This Sort Of Puffery Is Just Silly, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #7
It does not need to be an original thought; it needs to be policy. PuffedMica Mar 2020 #15
Sanders Has Shown Himself Incapable Of Enacting Policy, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #19
You are telling me Bernie can't do it an Joe won't do it. PuffedMica Mar 2020 #20
A Pronoun Without a Referent, Sir, Is Useless The Magistrate Mar 2020 #21
"IT" stands for grammarian. PuffedMica Mar 2020 #22
So, Sir, Bernie Can't Do 'Grammarian' And Biden Won't Do 'Grammarian'? The Magistrate Mar 2020 #23
Post removed Post removed Mar 2020 #24
If You Feel Driven By That To Concede, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #25
I wasn't arguing with you, I was entertaining your fantasy that Joe would make a better President PuffedMica Mar 2020 #26
"Joe has won the nomination and Bernie is no longer a factor." sop Mar 2020 #27
Wait, what? sheshe2 Mar 2020 #28
Joe will pass a public option which will bring us to universal coverage... Demsrule86 Mar 2020 #36
And in Bernie's years in Congress was never able to do that...and he never will can't get stuff done Demsrule86 Mar 2020 #35
You accuse other of puffery. n/t MarcA Mar 2020 #16
Sanders Engages In Puffery, Sir, Quite Often The Magistrate Mar 2020 #18
Pure grandstanding at this moment. Ellen Forradalom Mar 2020 #5
I Agree, Ma'am The Magistrate Mar 2020 #8
Bernie devotees think every idea NCProgressive Mar 2020 #10
I wish everyone Turin_C3PO Mar 2020 #11
I do too. Ellen Forradalom Mar 2020 #32
What I object to is confusing goals and implementation. Ellen Forradalom Mar 2020 #33
I Agree, Ma'am The Magistrate Mar 2020 #34
Or return to North Hero and enjoy the new home he bought with CASH in 2016. George II Mar 2020 #31
"I do not think you only have a right to a chicken in your pot if you have the money to afford it".. George II Mar 2020 #13
That's not a novel concept. Clearly Joe Biden thinks so, too - that's why he called the ACA a "BFD"! George II Mar 2020 #6
This is old news NCProgressive Mar 2020 #9
DUH! beastie boy Mar 2020 #12
Neither do any of the Democrats that support universal healthcare. W_HAMILTON Mar 2020 #14
Right now this country is being run Mr.Bill Mar 2020 #17
Neither do I. Neither does Joe Biden. MineralMan Mar 2020 #29
Therefore, I will cause Dems to lose this election, so that every human being will have health care. gulliver Mar 2020 #30
As The Fallen Angel Said, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #37
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