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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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71. It's about as realistic as Harris leading in the polls here on DU.
Wed Apr 17, 2019, 09:55 PM
Apr 2019
If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
4 years of Sanders then Pete? California_Republic Apr 2019 #1
No. dhol82 Apr 2019 #2
no Lisa0825 Apr 2019 #11
? crazytown Apr 2019 #52
#AnyActualDemocrat Lisa0825 Apr 2019 #70
Sorry. Didn't see this was a thread about Sanders then Pete crazytown Apr 2019 #73
So maybe a Sanders/Pete ticket? (n/t) thesquanderer Apr 2019 #18
No. n/t rzemanfl Apr 2019 #20
Hell no! leftofcool Apr 2019 #21
Actually Abrams maybe a better pick for Pete's VP AlexSFCA Apr 2019 #31
I like that idea (Pete/Stacey), but ecstatic Apr 2019 #32
he is not just new, he is one in a generation kind of political talent AlexSFCA Apr 2019 #34
Why would you say that Harris doesn't add anything to the ticket? MrsCoffee Apr 2019 #42
She is most appealing to democratic strongholds AlexSFCA Apr 2019 #44
Meh. MrsCoffee Apr 2019 #46
like what? AlexSFCA Apr 2019 #49
She appeals to the Democratic base. MrsCoffee Apr 2019 #51
+1 IndyOp Apr 2019 #36
Yes. Skidmore Apr 2019 #68
um...no. nt Mars and Minerva Apr 2019 #22
? crazytown Apr 2019 #53
I think the sentiment is more namahage Apr 2019 #58
I'm more interested in getting Sanders out of the race period. crazytown Apr 2019 #59
NO AlexSFCA Apr 2019 #29
Absolutely not nt BlueFlorida Apr 2019 #35
No. nt DesertRat Apr 2019 #48
Truth told, with how both are polling I think that -right now- it'd be a losing ticket. Decoy of Fenris Apr 2019 #3
if we learned anything at all in 2016 - is ignore polls AlexSFCA Apr 2019 #37
You can't ignore lack of support or funds or campaign volunteers though workinclasszero Apr 2019 #54
None of the above. rogue emissary Apr 2019 #4
Why do you say that? Bettie Apr 2019 #6
He and a few other are running on the "I can reach Donny voters" mantra. rogue emissary Apr 2019 #14
That's a fair point Bettie Apr 2019 #15
Sorry if I gave that impression, but I also don't think he's only focused on them. rogue emissary Apr 2019 #17
That's why I think he's a good choice as VP Bettie Apr 2019 #24
My roommate has Redneck family artislife Apr 2019 #16
Thing is I think that type (I don't use the RN term) wouldn't mind if they got two white guys. rogue emissary Apr 2019 #19
Interesting perspective. I guess time will tell if misogyny is stronger than ecstatic Apr 2019 #33
re: "doesn't see them getting past the fact that Mayor Pete is Gay" thesquanderer Apr 2019 #27
I would hope artislife Apr 2019 #61
You don't have to capitalize "gay" lol. cwydro Apr 2019 #56
I wondered artislife Apr 2019 #60
I'm gay. cwydro Apr 2019 #62
My intent was not malice artislife Apr 2019 #64
I didn't think there was on your part at all. cwydro Apr 2019 #67
Whew! nt artislife Apr 2019 #69
I don't think that's what he's doing at all radical noodle Apr 2019 #23
I know it's fun to speculate, but this is very premature. n/t CaliforniaPeggy Apr 2019 #5
Extremely premature Hekate Apr 2019 #10
Kamala/Pete!!! Politicub Apr 2019 #7
All the right wing heads will explode shenmue Apr 2019 #8
Ain't that the truth. Rednecks would go ballistic. Funtatlaguy Apr 2019 #12
And it would be SUBLIME to see! Politicub Apr 2019 #13
Warren/Yang. paulkienitz Apr 2019 #9
Warren lacks charisma and is perceived as having teacher's demeanor AlexSFCA Apr 2019 #38
LOL! Keep in mind that ecstatic Apr 2019 #45
Now that would be an interesting ticket artislife Apr 2019 #74
There wont be any dream team combos...nobody settles for second after primary battles Baclava Apr 2019 #25
Biden did mainstreetonce Apr 2019 #26
Party poopers happen! True Dough Apr 2019 #28
maybe, but the wars are coming and it's going to get nasty and dirty Baclava Apr 2019 #30
I think BS may pick harris if he wins AlexSFCA Apr 2019 #39
I didn't suggest any combination would work True Dough Apr 2019 #41
Running mates arent chosen till just before the convention, late next summer, its a long way to go Baclava Apr 2019 #47
I could do this demtenjeep Apr 2019 #40
I'm not sure I understand the logic. defacto7 Apr 2019 #43
Here's the logic as I see it - crazytown Apr 2019 #65
I'd be happy with [insert name] (D) / [insert name] (D). mwooldri Apr 2019 #50
Pete would be an awesome contrast to Mike Pence in the VP spot AdamGG Apr 2019 #55
I think so! Also, my concerns about Bernie/Warren civiljustice Apr 2019 #57
You've almost exactly nailed how I feel ... so obviously I don't think you're off at all :) (nt) mr_lebowski Apr 2019 #63
Looking at your GOTV incentives crazytown Apr 2019 #66
It's about as realistic as Harris leading in the polls here on DU. jalan48 Apr 2019 #71
Neither one. If PB is on the ticket we lose. nt Persondem Apr 2019 #72
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