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There are millions to stop him. You and I must stop him. points Nov 27 #1
They think they can play with fascism because they expect us to protect them from it Walleye Nov 27 #17
And by enemies, he means his fellow Americans Walleye Nov 27 #2
Yes an American presidential candidate promises to wage war against many American citizens. Irish_Dem Nov 27 #4
It's a fucking nightmare is what it is Walleye Nov 27 #6
Walleye, we are witnessing the classic human condition: good vs evil. Irish_Dem Nov 27 #15
Yes, thank you, your attitude is encouraging. Walleye Nov 27 #16
My next post might not be. :( Irish_Dem Nov 27 #20
I know and we have grown up thinking that golden age was normal. I was aware of it at the time I thought it would last Walleye Nov 27 #22
We all took it for granted. Irish_Dem Nov 27 #25
Yep the women who killed the ERA. Walleye Nov 27 #28
Yes Irish_Dem Nov 27 #30
Still, all things considered, I do feel lucky to be alive. Walleye Nov 27 #31
Yes Americans still have it much better than most of the world. Irish_Dem Nov 28 #32
I don't think choie Nov 27 #27
A Cold War is much much better than a hot war. Irish_Dem Nov 27 #29
Many Americans will be for using the military doc03 Nov 27 #8
That's the problem with the MAGAs. They don't understand how fascism works. Irish_Dem Nov 27 #18
And the military too, would work to prevent his unauthorized use of troops against Americans. I recall one SWBTATTReg Nov 27 #3
This is why Tuberville is blocking promotions for high level military. Irish_Dem Nov 27 #5
I am hoping Senator Schumer resolves this issue pretty quickly Walleye Nov 27 #7
Yes we have found out the hard way that DC norms and traditions are meaningless. Irish_Dem Nov 27 #10
The problem is we beat them at the ballot box but they won't go away Walleye Nov 27 #12
Yes I didn't want to point that out. Irish_Dem Nov 27 #13
It's getting frustrating and depressing, hopefully we turn the corner when we put him in prison Walleye Nov 27 #14
Walleye, you have to step back from it. Irish_Dem Nov 27 #19
Well, there is Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 which... brush Nov 27 #9
If a POTUS goes on a crime spree, who will stop him? Who will enforce the laws? Irish_Dem Nov 27 #11
I really don't get that. He should be in jail now. brush Nov 27 #21
Everyone is afraid of him. The FBI, DOJ, Judges. Irish_Dem Nov 27 #23
I know what you mean about that incompeteht Florida judge... brush Nov 27 #24
I hope you are right. Irish_Dem Nov 27 #26
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