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Archives: November 1, 2003

Eric Alterman (The Nation): The New Know-Nothingism (on Krugman critics)

Another fine mess, chaps

Flight of hawk stirs Pentagon nest

Bad to worst case scenario

Signs of Societal Decay - by Ralph Nader (a good read)

Memphis Area - Protest Bush tomorrow Nov 1

It's Elvira Time ~ Happy Halloween

Police get their DNA - Canada

Rosy numbers no longer enough

Need help with fire ant invasion


Just out of curiosity...

r.e. thread: Disheartened at Michael Moore's live appearance tonight

Intentionally spamming GD with clearly flamebait threads

A close review of this thread would indicate

IAI red-faced: Missiles found in New Delhi home

Kerry camp backtracks in flap over Lieberman’s Sabbath rites

Israel restricts Ramadan prayers

Vandals paint Rabin monument

Bush’s challenge: Balancing Israel vs. Iran on nukes

With ‘road map´ in tatters, Sharon begins imposing unilateral solution

House condemns Mahathir speech

Sharpton Accuses Dean Of Moonwalking Over History

Fellow considerate Democrats, we need you!

Kerry saves the day from the Godless commie birds!

Kucinich Sightings!

Kerry Guns Down Some Birds

Kerry Insiders Vote For Someone Else (Democratic Insiders Poll)

I Knew Kerry Hunted, But I Didn't Think He Was Actually Good At It!

Camille Paglia: Cats are evil

"What is meat? MEAT IS TASTY! What is fur? FUR IS WARM!"

KFC: Kucinich for commies

In defense of Donald Rumsfeld

Strom Thurmond is an American hero!

New York/California/Texas/Boston smells

God hates women!

Breastfeeding in public should be illegal!

What the Hell is with Moscow?

Seen the video of the guy being shot at outside Robert Blake's hearing?

Clark and Brzezinski Video at Security Conference

Punx for Dean!

A GREAT idea!

Whatever happened to the Yale bombing?

DU Dress up night.

Michael Moore vs. Joe Scarborough (Lori Klausutis)

How to beat Bush in 30 Seconds!

Need the article about Halliburton employees asked to write letters?

"Remember Ninja"

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - Intense belief vs rational thinking, more...

What is your opinion on the House manufactuing tax cut bill?

Al Gore campaigns for Philadelphia Mayor Street this Sunday

I just found out something very disappointing about Patrick Leahy

BBV: New Slashback Diebold Thread.... Volusia MIT And Links To BBV Chpt 11

Kerry and Clark give Democratic ticket backbone

William Safire is losing it on The News Hour (PBS)

Zbigniew Brzezinski, A Must-Read Speech

For A Real Horror Story, Try Bush

Different Clark/Dean or Dean/Clark Question

An apology for Defending Zell Miller...

What Question Should I Ask General Clark Tomorrow?

165-3 and 63

Republican phrase: Can someone explain what this means?

Liberals Are Evil

Children and fathers-From a long time single father

An argument in support of the Iraq War.

Newsweek cover "Bush's $87 Bil Mess: Waste, Chaos, Cronyism" Bush tense

Does anyone know how Haele & Laz are doing?

From The Latest Progressive Populist !!! - It'll Make Your Blood Boil !!

Why Clark Will Win the Democratic Nomination

Well, My Kids are at my Christian School's Harvest Festival, and Happy!

I think Sharpton would be the best President. Because he understands the

What you can do to end child slavery in the chocolate industry

Seven Days of Hell - How Do You Feel?

Death by Remote

WP: Loudoun Supervisor Invokes Rival's Sexual Orientation

Powell denies Saddam role in Iraqi attacks

United Senate Boosts AIDS Funding, Over Bush Objections

U.S. Presses Europe on Aid Increase for Afghanistan

White House Nominates 2 for Treasury Posts

Forces Brace for Surge of Attacks by Saddam

Book market fire piles on the misery for broken Baghdad

Norton Denies Role in Indian Money Issue

Lawmakers Fume on Canceled N. Korea Trip

Number of Hungry Families in U.S. Rising

US Rejected Davis on Aid to clear trees

Statement from Governor Dean

Tensions mount in Putin cabinet

Powell denies Saddam role in Iraq attacks: Aljazeera

The Pentagon crosses the lexicon

A year ahead of presidential vote, Bush vulnerable but still holding cards

Kerry Slams Bush in New Iowa TV Ad

High court asked to reject Cheney on energy report

RNC asks to review series "The Reagans"

Jessica Lynch named Glamour "Woman of the Year"

Al Fayed continues Diana inquiry bid

Seen In A Chatroom

A long time ago, I replaced all the bulbs in my bedroom with black light.

Count Floyd says.........ooooohhhh!!!.........Scaaaarrry!!!!

Okay, if Arnold could become governor, can Jerry?

In defense of Donald Rumsfeld:

Strom Thurmond is an American hero!


*I* am the DUPEMASTER!

I am the DUPE MASTER!!!!

*dupe* *wins by default*


Zell Miller for President!!!!!!

Breastfeeding in public should be illegal!

Nice Randy Newman story on PBS newshour

Was "The Jerry Springer Show" cancelled?

A Christmas Message from Santa

Just opened my first box, ever, of Pandora's!

Do you find the GD rules too complicated?

I just donated to DU, when do I get my star??

French corporations are unprofessional. :(

Bill and Hitlery Klintoon left the US defenseless: they hate the military

Just received the new book edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey


I'm sitting here dressed up as....

comic book guy voice: Flame threads - Worst - threads - EVER

Gee, flame threads anyone?


Satan’s Big Day?

I am proud to be an Americunnnnnnnnnn...

Gawd, Gunz, Gutz and GEEORGE

All the Greens are gonna go to hell!!!

George W. Bush is the greatest,,,,he's the most honest...he is...he is,..

It's amazing how many people want to see me drunk. Why?

Our President, George W. Bush is our greatest Godsend!!!

Freedom Fries Totally Rock !!!

Readings for All-Hallow's Eve: Mary Shelley, "Frankenstein"

My Halloween costume

Why so many teen girls fantasize about Ariel Sharon

ITunes for Windows...

Canucks / Coyotes thread

Readings for All-Hallow's Eve: Poe, "The Tell-Tale Heart"

Pray for President Bush - Day 1135

I want to have hot mansex with that political genius Michael Savage!

Ann Coulter is not only hot, she is smart. I love her.

Hmm. Just opened my first cask, ever, of Amontillado.

" NOW " Has Iraq war turned world against U.S.

Okay, forget the flame wars, let's work together on a new engaging thread:

A Little Techie Tip for IE Users: Changing Font Sizes


Linux is the Devil's OS. Microsoft donates to the GOP. They're wholesome.

AH-Nuld my hero now!

I'd love to have hot monkey sex with Dubya......


My Wave (Soundgarden)

The Landover Baptist Church...What better night than tonight.

Why Karl Rove should be the new Pope

Post your webcam pic now...

The subway fire today in Manhattan was KLINTOON'S fault!

Jack'O'Lantern Pics HERE...

I could lick George W. Bush all day long.

I just gave out Halloween candy to more than 400 kids!

Gary Bauer's new Herbal Penis-Enlarger Really Works!

HITLERY running for PRESIDENT!!!

Sean Hannity Is The Sexiest Man Alive...

Clark is a traitor!

on a ligher note.....

I just gave out Halloween handguns to over 400 kids!

Any one been to see Criss Angel Live?

Mimic is almost over...should I hold out hope?

I just lost my virginity. Anybody got a smoke?

The Drink for REAL MEN!

Oh, you're the biggest DICK ever......

I hereby offer my lawn for the Holy Man Rev. Fred Phelp's use

Halloween costumes of another kind.

FREEP!!! Mimic may have sucked...but that short about the dolls

Favorite Horror Host?

I'm gonna say it flat out! FDR SCREWED this country!

God Bless President George W. Bush!

What is the most evil, shameful thought you've ever had?

Anyone watching Boston Public? I need a favor

I've got 3 words for ya.... WHAT THE F****????????


So I'm dressing up as a Gothic Chancellor

My cat pissed away today

Dennis Kucinich will force all our Christian children to eat vegetables

There can NEVER be too many things named after Ronald Reagan.

I can stick my head UP MY ASS - ASK me anything!

Is there a better man of God than Jerry Falwell ?

This is my 666th post!! How appropriate in amongst the kitten skeet

Ok...this Halloween is sucking for IMC...time for Clive Barker on AMC

In defense of Donald Rumsfeld

There are some major ....

TRUST ME...PUT IT ON AMC if you have it

What is this? Bizarro hour at DU?

Make up is runing like the bulls!

I hate to do this, but I have to ask this rather indelicate question

I was conceived on October 31, 1971 - ask me anything!

Sean Reynolds is a genius! Tonight, he coined "Freepoween"

Howard Dean is a SOCIALIST that will RAPE our christian children...


Just how many 666 posters here tonight?

Who is the Greatest American Hero of all time?


I'm saving my virginity for a hetero, Christian, America-values marital

Cynical-Allen's Six Simple Rules For Trick-Or-Treating

What's Your Favorite Poe Short Story?

Prayer thread 1 for our protector John Ashcroft


Ever wonder if Skinner is sitting back tonight...

Anyone who calls our president "whistle-ass" is a TRAITOR!

Do heterosexual men wear pinky rings?

I HAVE licked W all day long!

Who does god hate most?

Do you not really enjoy Poetry?

Kerry is French

Now I am truly, utterly, and totally PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish Bill o'Reilly would post here, so we COULD HAVE SOME TRUTH!

"What is meat? MEAT IS TASTY! What is fur? FUR IS WARM!"

Condi Rice is one PHAT SISTA and a role model for all little girls!

Looks like the DU lounge decided to dress up like FR tonight...

Has everyone in the Lounge tonight taken acid except for me?

Promise Keepers saved us from a democratic senate under Klintoon!

Cat Lovers: I have a question!

The Libruls are coming. What kind of gun should I buy?

I've had enough,I'm leaving Canada and moving to Texas.

Why aren't anti aircraft missles legal???


Yeah, it was me....

How do I thank someone who has taken me from crayons to perfume?

I'm a man and my nipples are sensitive...ask me anything!


TRUST ME...PUT IT ON AMC if you have it

What do you like best about America now?

I need to look more GAY

Ann Coulter makes my huevos jump!

Ugliest guy on cable news?

Rush Limbaugh has courage!

I am sending my 3 twins to Bob Jones University

Why can't I stop crying?

have the non-liberal posters been banned yet?

The REAL real drink for real men ( with the proper URL)

Now that Arnold's in CA, it's time to get THE NUGE as Gov. of MI!!!

new Savage Weiner advertisers 10/31

I have seen the error of my homosexual ways

Favorite Tim Robbins film?

Anyone watching this Punkin Chunkin show?


The halloween safety tip thread

Rabrrrrrr's paeon to Halloween, in the spirit of Lovecraft

Hmm. Just opened my first bottle, ever, of Madeira.

Ten signs you are too old for Halloween:

Gore was a journalist coward! BUSH flew a COMBAT PLANE!!

If Microsoft buys google, will you find a new search engine?

I need some cheering up :(

Speaking of Promise Keepers: How many of us know one?

Chris Matthews, American Orator Extraordinaire

Readings for All-Hallow's Eve: Bram Stoker, "The Lair of the White Worm"

70d4y5 l337 7hr34d!!!!!!

anyone here an eBay power seller?

What lurks in the darkness?

Sounds Of Silence [The New Republic via]

Dean's pandering

A War of Choice, and One Who Chose It

Guardian: Bush*s Other War (Sidney Blumenthal)

New American Strategies for Security and Peace

DOJ censors report critical of its diversity efforts -- weird

CounterPunch: Cui Bono? The Cuba Embargo as Rip Off

WP:Bush: Leaving Iraq Would Aid Terrorists

U.S. soldier charged with cowardice

The newest GOP coup: NYC primaries - nonpartisan? (VOTE NO!)

Doubts about Recovery

Follow this link and please tell me what you think (Ben Laden on Bush)

Blueprint for a Mess: How the Bushies Bungled Iraq

Why I Turned Back from D.C.

LTTE: Shedding a Shirt and Some Rights

Miles from 'fair and balanced'

Yellow Times: "Two measures of American desperation: Clark and Dean"

"My Daily Constitution" series of discussions in Seattle

Jay Sekulow: Making his case for conservatives (an FYI)

How do they reconcile this????

How would you go about e-mailing an author

Nolle's November Forecast

DU adopt-a soldier.. Have new names.. a few women this time

Mayor Walter Washington of DC Dead at 88

Is Commerce Blocking Science?

Non-English search tool widens the Web

EPA Biologist Bruce Boler Resigns In Protest re: Wetlands

Swaziland's king appoints friends as MPs

PRC seizes 105 tons of rat poison

Tamil Tigers submit blueprint for peace

Hong Kong ho-hum over Chinese astronaut's visit

Mahathir, Malaysia's Autocratic Modernizer, Steps Down

"When an "A" could hurt."

is it possible to change handle without losing post count?

Regarding the disrupter thread discussed here that was just locked

So, about those NBA avatars...

How can these not be dupes?

Is there a plan to stop Freepers from "coming out" on Election Night?

Could We Update some of the avatars?

PA won't dismantle terror groups - Fatah official

Corridors of Power / Contemplating a no-win victory

Attack in capital thwarted; Palestinians: IDF kills motorcyclist

Fury over Blunkett's warning to Muslims

From the Mideast moderates, a bold plan for peace

Secret 9/11 case before high court

Private Military Companies/PMC's The New World Order

Dean looks so much more relaxed without his toupee...

What could have saved more lives, federal gun control or not going to Iraq

Dean's gun control stance product of background

Republicans eat their own, create a new Democrat (thanks, idiots!)

Kerry fans: John Kerry on C-Span Road to the White House Sunday.

Brace Yourselves ...This Week's Gonna Be Messy

Gary Hart in NH Wednesday campaigning for John Kerry!

Kerry on Eliminating Racial Health Disparities

"The Running Men" by Walter Shapiro in Wash Monthly--great read!

Dean overwhelmingly wins SEIU straw poll in New Hampshire

Kerry's Iowa State Director Condemns Dean's Remarks

(AP) Howard Dean's Comment Sparks Iowa Dust-Up

Statement From Governor Dean Regarding Kerry, Gephardt Tag Team Attacks

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Urges Candidates to Adopt Kerry Gun Stance

CA: California Green News from PSR

Where did Dean once state he embraced the confederate flag?

Clark Slams Dean for Confederate Flag Remarks

I was wrong

Where were the Kerry Kamp finger pointers on 3/15/03?

Edwards Slams Dean for Confederate Flag Remarks

Did these SOUTHERN, BLACK, Baptists have a problem with Dean's remarks?

Clark MeetUps

Kerry Slams Dean for Confederate Flag Remarks

Anybody watching the Charlie Rose Show now?

Economy is better??? Bull....another lie...

Project Tocsin-- countering the Right in California

Ju-jud-judge mi-might dr-dro-drrr-drop stu-stutt-stuttering law-la-lawsuit

Sec Powell on Nightline ABC with Koppel now

North Dade County--Aventura, Bal Harbour, Surfside, Sunny Isles

Happy All Saints Day

God Wants Kenneth Copeland To Have These

AWESOME progressive rap song.

The completely unscientific Vegas blackjack Bush poll


Florida Public Schools

Which Capitol Hill Romance would make a good soap opera?

Dems want tougher armor for Iraq troops (and water, hygiene items, etc.)

KGO -- Karel discussing the CBS Reagan miniseries --now streaming

Centrists...some clarity

James Dobson is not only a child abuser, he's also a dog abuser

did Walter E. Williams (today's OxyRush guest host)

Koppel to Powell (Nightline): The administration flat-ass wrong on Iraq?

Wesley Clark interviewed in the new Maxim

What if...

Never leave me alone, croons Italian PM

MSNBC: Hungry families on the rise in the US

Danziger: outrage over the poor

UH-oh - are the Feds going to get blamed for not stopping the fires

Getting a loan--the difference between humans and corporations

how many colleges have rules like Falwell's?

Reagan mini series vs Jessica Lynch mini series

Horsey: the jobless 'recovery'

"Are you ready to feel the sting of world-class domination?"

VENI, VEDI, VECI!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's your opinion of Dr. Phil?

Question on military

GOP's newest coup: NYC primaries non-partisan? (VOTE NO!!!)

LA Times: Fox-News Reporter talks of bias

Hey ABC, read this: Undisputed facts which point to a JFK conspiracy...

Great Jeff Danziger Cartoon: Bubble Boy

To CBS : Let the Repubs review your Reagan movie.

Six months later, carefully editing a two-word banner

IRAQ: In Basra, what are British doing right? (no casualties lately)

Sean Kelly: Best Sellers - Nonfiction

Novak to Anita - ...... suck it up and stop whining.

Men create expectation of beauty to keep women down

Oh dear God! Here we go again...Come back Trudeau, we need you!

Rape victims, Mormons, Catholics and other attractions?

Be careful who you're seen with if you work for the R's.

The MOST worrying part of the $87 billion that is going to Iraq is NEVER

Breaking on MSRNC: Media to Blame for Attacks on Troops!

Ventura declines invitation from Green Party

Ann Coulter makes appearance in comic strip!

Dean in the swing states

Rumsfeld/Zell M. on Meet the Press

How Reagan/Bush committed a felony and got away with it

Anybody watching the C-Span "U.S. Image Abroad" 11:00 ET?)

MORE right wing bushit

The Clark campaign and volunteering

Lawyer shot at point blank range while TV crews watched.

Does Rummy have Alzheimer's?

Remember When? A look back....Enjoy! (long but good)

Why getting the UN into Iraq would be a disaster.

Does someone know

Must watch - New BBC Greg Palast documentry on the Bush Fam

Rev. Moon sponsored Chimp's inaugural, links with Baptists

Gotta love the Yahoo! News photo editor...

Interested in the JFK Assassination and live near Pittsburgh, then

"The economy is roaring back" ?

Bush's FEMA Rejected Davis on Aid to Clear Trees

USDA: Number of Hungry Families Rising (Greatest Country on Earth?)

Protests and Morale

MSNBC's Saturday Morning Propaganda

Funny Rush Cartoon

al-Qaida, Saddam Loyalists, Foreign Fighters...Who is to Blame??

Bush as the Lord. Really.

Sunday On "Meet The Press"- Zell Miller

Car Rams Miss. Arena During Bush Speech

Any bets the new GDP figures will be adjusted downward?

Saturday Nov 1: 2 more US soldiers killed

Is the outlook really bleak in Kentucky and Mississippi?

Why are Rebublicans still running against Clinton?

Ted Rall on Friedman! As always, right to the point

What if we became a monarchy?

It's my BD and I'm set to go...

Mississippi, woman drives car into Arena wall, Bush welcome

My just-sent email to Mr. Novak:

Now, what is Kerry's position on gun control?

Congratulate Bush on Afghan He increased the GDP.

Great Noam Chomsky interview in New York Times

McCarthyism Watch

US intelligence is being scapegoated for getting it right on Iraq

Meanwhile, in Russia...

Dean, Kerry, and Lieberman sending representatives to Jewish peace group

Our mailman about privatization of the post office......scary.

There IS a Guy James show today!

Bush/Rice 2004?

Has anybody read Michael Ruppert's Beyond Bush-2?


What the deuce? MSNBC bought (at least look at the cover)

NYCer's-What's the story behind the initiative to end Political Primaries?

Was General Clark a test tube baby?

Holy Groin Kicks, Batman! Have you see the cover of Newsweek?

some chimp droppings (radio address 11/1)

What will happen when Bush starts bashing our candidates?

I ran across this site today,,

Dean's in good shape to beat Bush.

DoJ Document unredacted.

Wesley Clark's quote of the week!

I'm being told that Kerry's campaign is acting out of desperation

A question for Cuban-Americans

Let's see what the freepers are saying about Dean's dillema

Hanging out, hanging on - underaged prostitutes in Vancouver

Freepers crestfallen car accident @ Bush rally not terror attack

Clark's haircut bothers me

Bush Recovery and other minutiae in Cartoons... Enjoy!

I have a great idea for an economic cartoon

Sidney Blumenthal on Bush's Intel Wars, Ongoing, Wilson, etc. in Guardian

Street is now in position to win

"No, of course. We don't torture people in America"

An interesting 12 minutes on Gay marriage

Dean wins SEIU NH local straw poll – Bush beats Kerry, Clark, Edwards

Edwards may be done - questionable home sale.

It's Not Time To Lay Off Rush Yet......

You think that the woman and two kids who rammed into the

Gephardt pledges he won't represent all Americans

Iraq now has a flat tax

Disgusting Right Wing term of the week: Abortion "Industry"

Help me interpret these poll results for Mississippi Governor's Race

Oh, the burden of the rich and super rich.

Two people who should be on talk radio nationally

1977:Acoustic evidence (Grassy Knoll) forced Govt. to conclude conspiracy!

More American Families go Hungry

Fired for knowing Clark - how scared are the GOP of Clark??

Psst pass it on. . .Bush campaigns for racist sympathizers. . .I mean it!!

God hates our world...

This has become a sad place to be.

Insider blows the whistle on Fox

Attacks on Dean over the Confederate flag are uncalled for

Joe Wilson - WMD - Mission Accomplished - 9\11Commission - Energy...

Do we really want a Democrat to win in 2004?


Hey! It's that time again: The Official "The Guy James Show" at 3pm!!!!!

Is there a curse on presidents elected in years

Please help me!! I'm so disenfranchised..Where do I stand politically?

The Seminal Confederate Flag Poll

Newt Gingrich gives Wesley Clark "5 STARS" for his book review

Which candidate will use the "uniter not a divider" against Bush? How?

WND says Tweety called AWOLShrub a simpleton and endorses Dean !

BBV: "Best of Diebold Emails"

Al Gore to give big speech Nov. 9th across from White House

need info re: "Clinton sold secrets to the Chinese" crap

Post absurd arguments that the right uses to attack same-sex marriage...

Is There A Backlash Brewing For Dean?

Why do Democrats want their own Media outlets

Ask each of the Democratic Candidates a question.....

Wesley Clark #1 in South Carolina!!

Is this letter a new hoax?

Zapruder. Seeing is believing? (I'm guess not...)

Clark's statement on the Confederate Flag....

Edwards statement on Dean flag remark

Kennedy ....Carter....Clinton....Do you see a pattern?

Could the attacks on our soldiers be retaliation for Iraqi's we killed?

* offers to take a wounded soldier running..

I'm being told that Dean said on CNN "I'm after the votes

WOOoooo...capitalists deserve profits because they take risks

If ________ wins the nomination, I won't vote for him/her

Arlington National Cemetery 10/31/03 (pics - sad)

I Converted *EIGHT* People to Clark Tonight

I am WAY behind on this JFK assassination stuff someone answer some...

Who has your vote today?

The facts: ENTRANCE wounds are small; EXIT wounds are LARGE.

WHEW! Head of 9/11 Commission in bed with the Saudi's!!

Clark is going to do "Wireside Chats"

Barbara Bush threatens critics with death - on CNN

The Blood and Guts of Affirmative Action Redux

Bush doesn't attend soldier funerals

Zapruder. The bitter truth.

At current pace: 811 dead Americans in Iraq by 11/2/04

Do you support the US going to war to maintain our standard of living?

Attention Statisticians - Iraq - When's Critical Mass?

Who has the best shot of pulling in non-voters?

Who has faced discrimination?

Dem "Eunuchs" Voting To Support Bush's $87B (here's the list)

ex-President Carter's Operation Desert Claw sabotaged?

Sealed with a kiss, new e-mail virus spreading [not terribly dangerous]

US congressmen heap praise on Chen - Taiwan

Calls to Jihad Are Said to Lure Hundreds of Militants Into Iraq

Man drops cell phone in train toilet, jams arm

American dies after Taliban attack

Police split over Sharon role in scandal

Philips expecting sales of consumer electronics to sag

Canadian economy dims

World drowning in a rising sea of information [Guardian UK]

Three Suits Filed to Block Abortion Ban

Military trials imminent - Guantanamo Bay

Welcome moist weather pushes flames from homes [whew.]

Professor Appointed to Probe Schiavo Case

Frozen Assets Going to Legal Bills .... (linked to terror)

Moussaoui Liable for Death Penalty, U.S. Argues

North Korea claims Washington made 200 spy flights in October

Iraq Neighbors to Talk Border Security, Minus Iraq

3 suits seek to block 'partial-birth' abortion ban

Analysts Warned of Iraq War's high Cost

Edwards OK'd Home Sale to Saudi PR Man

New American Strategies Speech now Online - Hear what started it all

Supreme Court to Consider Search Warrants

Red Cross Hit Hard By Suicide Bombers (Camp X-Ray Alert)

German MP's remarks about Jewish 'dark side' prompt calls to resign

Toilet antics cause New York rush hour chaos

'35 to 40 nations' able to produce nuclear weapons

Sunday On "Meet The Press"- Zell Miller

US Black Hawk helicopter shot down in Iraq (also new polls)

St. Louis music scene won't be the same without Oliver Sain

Michael Moore Sued

Some Clues to '04, However Faint, Are Set to Emerge

Republicans Investigate Judge in Michigan Case ...Quota Case

Clark supports State lawsuits Challenging Rollback in Clean Air Act

Ban on taxing Internet services expires today

Barbara Bush threatens critics with death - on CNN

Sealed with a kiss, new e-mail virus spreading

Roadside Bomb Kills 2 GIs in Iraq

2 Americans killed by Iraq land mine (Saturday)

Bush's other war (new documents re Iraq aftermath, what Shrump knew)

Energy Bill Snagged On Pipeline, Aid to Oil ...Tax Incentives

Saddam's supporters circulate strike fliers

Israelis Debate Using Women in Combat

Brit Parents Wary Of Vaccine

On TV Car bumps into building where Bush makes campaign speech

Congress urges Bush to investigate Australian wheat deal with Iraq

(Wrongly Convicted) Man to Be Pardoned After Serving 27 Years

N. Korea Accuses U.S. of 200 Spy Flights

Confederate Flag Flap

Bomb-Sniffing Police Dog Bolts

N.J. Man Faces Charges in Nuclear Case (Blueprints to N. Korea)

Wiesenthal Center ired by EU poll naming Israel top threat

Car Rams Miss. Arena During Bush Event

Consumer Spending Turns Down

City Finds a Cure for Drug Costs in Canada

What Boycott? Americans Splash Out on French Wine

US loses two more soldiers as Baghdad shudders under new terror alert

High-seas piracy growing more high-tech, deadlier

Medicaid-fraud arrests have Miami-Orlando link

Locusts cause Sudan asthma deaths

Bush urges DeSoto crowd to support Barbour's bid to unseat Mississippi gov

The Dawn of the E-Bomb

Increase in staph infections bewilders local physicians

For Democrats, Economy's Surge Poses Challenge

Army attacks Iraq wedding (Court Martial Of Two US Soldiers - Herald Sun)

Yukos: Russia hits back at U.S.

Engineered Virus Related to Smallpox Evades Vaccine

Spending Bill Nears Passage in the Senate

Yukos: Russia hits back at U.S.

Outsiders (CBO) had solid estimates of Iraq costs

BBC (Saturday): US to speed up Iraq power transfer

Storm rages over church's anti-gay monument

Can You Hear Me Now? - GIs Struggle to Phone Home From Iraq

Army reopening Tiger Force case

Press wars in Baghdad

U.S. Says Error in Barring Moussaoui Death Penalty

Saddam's Capture, Top Priority:bremer

U.S. Wants 9-11 Evidence in Moussaoui Case

Police investigate neighbor's killing of teen prankster

Army, police clash in Afghanistan

Clinton at Yale pushes globalization, knocks Bush

Car Rams Miss. Arena During Bush Speech

Tens of Thousands Remember Slain Rabin

Teen's heart fails after run from bullies.

Castro Says Schwarzenegger All Muscle [questions intelligence... Bwahaha!]

Calls to Jihad Are Said to Lure Hundreds of Militants Into Iraq

Howard Dean's Comment Sparks Iowa Dust-Up

Bush to see damage from California wildfires

Someone stuck an apple in my tail pipe today.. ask me anything

Ronald Reagan Rifle Racks,with room for not two,but three of your favorite

Have you ever done this?

Thank GOD I went out for a two-hour drive tonight...

I blame Clintoon....

Pete and Repeat went down to the lake. Pete fell in. Who was left?

Ann sexy woman with a towering intellect!!!

Midnight Poetry Thread

All I want out of life:

We were right to attack Iraq

Letterman just said...


For a nice, creepy image, consider this:

Favorite Republican President?

Why do people criticize Our Great President?

I just ate a whole pizza and drank 3/4 of a bottle of wine-ask me anything

Rush Limbaugh is the greatest orator of all time!

Eczema and boils on the scalp make for a lovely combination!

How many "fun-size" 3-musketeers bars can you fit in your mouth?

What crappy junk food are you eating?

As long as it's "backwards night" in The Lounge...

What's YOUR Goth style?

Great President Bush Must get reelected!!!

Kittens In Underpants

There's a reason for everything.

Slanderous, traitorous, liberal LIAR David Letterman just said,

Air Afrique

AWESOME progressive rap song.

Destroy! Destroy!


Do you suffer fools gladly?

Left handed, Right handed or ambidextrous?

Is every single meeting with your so-called superior...

...egnuoL ehT ni "thgin sdrawkcab" s'ti sa gnol sA

Clock strikes midnight,and moodrops fall

Okay, treat for those hearty souls still up... New Photoshop

West Coasters -- MUST SEE TV -- Koppel rips Colon Powell a new...

The missing dollar

How deep does the rabbit-hole go?

Man drops cell phone in train toilet, jams arm

Enlightened minority - Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development

What if...

Never leave me alone, croons Italian PM

em, eye, crooked letter, crooked letter, eye, crooked letter...

Bizzare dream I had

West Side Story n/t

a bloody hand emerges from the pit of hell and pulls my beaten body

Hitlery Clinton is Satan reincarnated... her ass bears the mark

Pay It Forward


how many colleges have rules like Falwell's?


I got tired of giving out Halloween candy, so this year . . .

I lived in a haunted house.

WKRP in Cinicinatti


WKRP in Cincinnati

BREAKING! Clinton's Penis Found In LA Fire!

BREAKING NEWS - Special News Bulletin

Let Us Now Praise Jefferson Airplane

Which TV spokes-children will drive you to a killing spree first...

Be careful of that Halloween Candy, it's in the M&Ms they think!

People's stupidity continues to astound me...

OMFG too funny!

Let's play "Flame the Freeper disruptor!"

James Dobson is not only a child abuser, he's also a dog abuser

From: A descendent of those who brought the food…

Cocoa the Kitten is following the mouse pointer. Ask her anything.

What's your opinion of Dr. Phil?

Favorite Jackson?

Is there a Jewish religion cable channel

Torre to Steinbrenner: "Shaddap, you."

Screw me, screw me hard!

Does someone know

ZombyCoffee: Breakfast Candy Blend!

Those sinister Simpsons

Obscure Movie Trivia Question...

Remember When? A look back....Enjoy! (long but good)


Who is your favourite model?

My daughter just gave me Cold Play and Enya CD's

Another Disruptor Defeated


People's love for Ohio State continues to astound me.

Why I love football...

What's your leftover Halloween candy?

My 1000 post is coming soon............... ask me something :-)

It's my BD and I'm set to go...

Governor Frankenstien proposes new communication bill

A fundie just appeared at my door

Yes, the rumors are true: Rabrrrrrr does indeed have

Ted Rall: Bush on a roll... of lies! Just great.

How do you keep a freeper in suspense?

Why do freepers rate pictures of soldier's funerals

My mouth tastes like someone took a piss in it and then dumped an ashtray

OMG It's November 1'st

How do you confuse a freeper?

To the DUer who was Roy for halloween


This is my 7,000th post!

The user "Name Removed" on DU is...

"Operation: Freeper Underground", report in!

I'm growing up. This is my 200th post!

Introducing New Member - My son - Race4Peace

Ang Lee is a genius!

I have some sacred oil to sell while I'm here in the700 club.

Fixing a Toilet

C'mon Huskers! Beat Texas!


DOCTOR! Put the Lime in the Coconut!! Dean theme Song!!!

Them bastards in old Europe,who needs them.

Little blurb about Repuke vindictiveness--esp. interesting to Clark fans

Need advice on learning to play chess

It's my birthday. ask me something.

AWESOME Blumrich flash movie about 9-11.

Check out my local editorial cartoon

I want Michigan to win today....

Playoff time for Ohio State begins now...

Who's you favorite porn star, past or present?

Miscellaneous question thread.

What is the best hobby or avocation or way to pass time?

Plate Presentations?

IMUS Show "IM Screen name"...does anyone know it?

Quienes de un pais hispanohablante? Necesito su ayuda.

Does anyone else here love Suzanne Vega?

Uht Ohhh. My neighbor is cutting down OUR trees

Halloween Haunted House!

Some sick Bomb Squad humor at work.... CAPTION

The Shelter just called!

Anyone who hates Rush needs to buy this shirt!

I am in the 700 club,so you know I have a high-speed IP with the big guy.

DU early birds.

Hawaii as new north pole.

I am _NOT_ an asshole!

Skittles likes me.

Where's KG? (cagey) hehehehehe.......

Bob Jones Univ must be a dangerous place indeed

Should I order a pizza for lunch?

I just found a $20 rebate check in my car, dated 3/20/03, ask me anything!

Galactic Civilizations BETTER than Master of Orion 3!

Sci-fi channel at 3pm pacific

So the Utes beat Air Force, in CS.............

Just Finished Michigan DNR Conservation Officer Orientation

Dean looks so much more relaxed without his toupee...

How many hours do you spend on DU?

It's official: Michigan Wins!

i am making "crimes against humanity" wish me luck

Longhorn to be delayed until 2006 (that's a new computer operating system)

Boomer Sooner

Where do you buy clothes

Why is it that people who have more money than they ever be able to spend

Linux users, play Windows games on your PC for little $ - WINEX

Question of the Day: Is the world bettor off since Rush was toppled?

Are you a lounge lizard? Why/Why not?

Die Windows Die!!!!

The Crooked Cartographer of all CAPTIONS!!!

Bomb-Sniffing Police Dog Bolts

Hasseled by the cops for the first time since high school last night!

The Florida Turnpike

Let's recast some fave movies - I'll start with Wizard of Oz....

Does anyone have information on RSD?

The Sooners may win.

My first piece of Freeper fan mail! What should I do?

Bush is Lord

Too late for LBN: "Penis snatcher" beaten to death (True Headline)

Okay, Which DUer sent their kid to my sister's house last night???

My teacher told me I am great! Ask me anything.

The official Ohio State vs Penn State game thread

How big is heaven? And other queer ramblings...


Have we recovered from Freeperween?

Boy, that gunshot was REALLY close

What movies should _NOT_ have/had a sequel?

Freeper Cow!

I've figured out why right-wing humor isn't funny.

In color, by popular demand...Don The Devil

Suggest a user name for lurkers...

how many colleges have rules like Falwell's?

One hour from the best day of college football

Boston DUers..did everybody make it home OK from People's Republik?

Thank You Don_G for the B-Day present!

I knew I liked Molly Ivens for a reason.

My user name is Swede,I hate right-wing phonies. Keep cards and letters

The CAPTIONing of Colin

Most Embarrassing Moment In High School?

Best Dressed Candidate

Trying to set up a network - frustrated, ideas?

Let's see some pictures of your family!

Off Topic.....Verizon and Roadrunner users.

Listening to Gilbert Kaplan's new recording of Mahler No. 2

I threw my back out today and am in ****ing agony!


I kinda need a hug...

My two day hiatus here just ended ask me anything

Anyone have a good recipe for Couscous?

Anybody good with photo imaging?

Advice sought on a station wagon purchase....

Clark's haircut bothers me

A True Halloween Poem Involving Lesbianism and Heroin Addiction

What are your political ideologies? Find out there

How do you pronounce your DU name?

Help me with Ideas for the Boxes the troops

Best. DU Gathering. Ever.

Opinion: The Beatles best songs weren't their "hits"

Fear and Loathing at the People's Republik (best.gathering.ever.)

If You Were On A Game Show...

Serious discussion on PTSD

Cast your own "vs." movie!

Which is better - 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder

I just bought NHL 2004 - ask me anything

Your favorite line from a movie?