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'No President has lied so baldly and so often and so demonstrably'

Defining the resistance in Iraq - it's not foreign and it's well prepared

Vote count marred by computer woes

Case for war confected say top US officials(Bush lied by 24 top aides film

Shifting the blame: Janklow wastes time chasing ghosts...

Daniel Schorr NPR Weekend Edition 11/09/2003

"Families of Iraq war dead condemn Bush visit to UK"

North Carolina is not Bush Country

Geneva Accord for Israel/Palestine Peace: Help us Build Public Support—Don

Borders Books Workers on Strike

Third Minnesota DUers' Thread

Air Canada chooses a new equity investor

Creationists annoy me.

Rural Madagascans go to the polls

Boss threatened spy with bomb - SA

Congo: UN troops in crossfire

Skinner about the interview

Will you tell the mods to quit using the "melt drive c: letter bomb?"

anti - semetism in our universities

No, boys and girls, F77 did not hit the Pentagon.

Is John Edwards against civil unions?

Has anybody watched "Unprecedented"

Vote count marred by computer woes

What Is A Caucus?

Is John Edwards against civil unions?

Can some elected Democrats improve their rhetoric on the military?

Oop, this is a dupe

Questions that need to be asked of Campaign volunteers

Proposal: DU should set up a free-for-all board open to all...

They didn`t want the Reagan movie but....

Here's the latest on what we are doing in Iraq.

Anybody watching Rich Lowry on CSpan? Disgusting

NH Gazette.....Bush - NAZI dealings continued until 1951!

NAFTA's Broken Promises: Failure to Create U.S. Jobs

Bush's Possible Replacements

Got Jokes

The NFL and dead soldiers

Did Dean attempt to run or consider running in 2000?

Great line from

can candidates who accept matching funds exceed the $44.6 million limit?

So now the Pentagon calls them "Transfer Tubes" instead of Body Bags???

Do you favor Gay Marriage or Civil Unions? (from Boston Globe article)

The Smarminess Of Bush's Politics

O'Reilly show on Monday...if you can stomach it.

C-Span-2 Bernard Goldberg talking about the "Liberal Media"

How bad would the Militaries offenses have to be...

Will U.S. bring back the draft?

NPR misrepresents Dean's Confederate Flag statement...

Rumor Mill

Doozies of 21st Century McCarthyism

Who gained anything from that Saudi blast?

Those who have "total faith" in any politician frighten me

Edwards denounces the very same attitude he displayed at the debate

60 Minutes - Arafat's Billions

Take a look at this picture from the Jordan Times--heartrending....

Why Liberals Dominate Entertainment and Academia

Can you say Union Support?

Pvt Lynch TV-Movie question

The Saudi bombings

CBS 60 Minutes-Andy Rooney caved in to Bush apologists tonight

Um, does anyone know if Pres Gore's speech will be (re)broadcast?

Can any of the candidates with without the Black vote

Boycotts of Hannitys Radio Program

"Do you like George Bush as a person?"

Clark / Dean 04: An Appreciation

which candidate feels the greatest sense of entitlement to the nomination?

Bush Read "The Da Vinci Code"????

Interview cancelled.

300,000 New Jobs Created (The Real Truth)

Can Dean win without the BLK vote?

The other candidates are driving me towards Dean...again.

Is the Democratic Party too beholden to corporate interests?

BBV: Open Voting Consortium

If you are financially able, please make your donation to DU.

The Baghdad Conundrum: Must We Lose To Win?

Shocking images shame US forces in Iraq

Does Edwards want to win Black voters?

DU's Hero, Krugman, NAILS it AGAIN! RE: Dean

Can I be both a Kerry supporter and a Dean supporter?

Today Gore said he will endorse one of the candidates

Bush - Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951- Federal Documents

Shocking images shame US forces in Iraq

Bombers alienate Arab opinion by killing Muslims

Independents Lean Against Bush, Poll Says

Americans sow seeds of Hatred

At Meetings, U.S. to Seek Support for Broad Ozone Exemptions

After Retirement, Clark Has Forged a Lucrative Career

Texas military families gather to oppose the war in Iraq

Blair Forced to Concede Control of Labour Election Campaign--New WMW

U.S. Had Warning of Attack, but No Details

Formaldehyde, leukaemia linked

J E T S Jets Jets JETS!!!

Who's bartending tonight?

You guys probably already heard this joke but here goes:

I look to my Eskimo friend, when I'm down

I know the real reason Bush invaded Iraq...

Humor is the best medicine

Any mechanics in the house?

Whoa, FOX set to air "Green Acres" - so what do U want in a reality show?

Do libraries loan out DVDs?

The many roles of the rightwing.....This says it all...

File name for Favorites in IE 5.5?

I feng shui-ed my consultant tonight

Did they end Matrix Revolutions with a Rage Against the Machine song?

National Get Rid of That Bush Day - UK

nobody knew

I had a feng shui consultant tonight

I just donated some $$$ to DU. Ask me anything!

Candidate selector..........

Sarah McLachlan on at 9:00 pm - Oxygen

Anyone for a Sunday Night Movie Thread?

U.S. Advisor Says Iraq Peace Offer Was a Trap

Choral music trivia

The Eight-Ball

Best thing about the new Matrix movie... (spoiler?)

Capt. America? Is that really you?

do not see Elf

I just drank 2 servings of V8 that's been open at room temp all day...

I feel so bad! Need help!


How long does it take to get a degree in Teaching?

Horowitz cracks me up TWICE!

Frozen L.F update! AAAACcCCCHHHHHHHhhhHHH!

Have you ever had someone play mind games with you?

The Right-Wingnuts with the wacked out "Jesus loves war" signs

I had my feng shui consultation tonight!

Well hot diggity, gay sex is NOT adultery!!!

Hot Chocolate w/ Unsweetened Baking Chocolate Squares?

Is that Zoey Bartlet on The Practice?

Got Jokes

I've found my new favorite news satire source -- ALIEN POLICE STATE

CBS Boss Donates Testicles to Reagan Library

I'm a newbie on Free Republic!!

How about three cheers for our creative Admin!

Help! Slogans for Infant Dems....

I'm still getting tomatoes and bell peppers from my mountain garden!

To what charities/causes do you donate/volunteer?

'Simpsons'-Inspired Tomacco Grows in Oregon

Help me out here regarding the bible fantasy story known as "Genesis"

Do you hate either of your parents?

BCS scenario - who gets the Sugar Bowl?

So, watching Elizabeth Smart or Jessica Lynch movies tonite?

What's the most anti-social thing you'd EVER do?

Where is THERMODYNAMIC??? (edit--located) Other missing DUers??

What is your favorite music genre?

How can I defrost a frozen turkey fast overnight?

Help me find the name of this TV show from 1980

A modest proposal- Is spam people?

How long have you known I was 16

Have you ever loved somebody so much and they just can't see it?

How did the universe come to be, in your humble opinion?

Why do conservative Christians think...

I just had my Feng Shui consultation done tonight....

@*%$#! Oversized pick-ups and SUVs "parked" in compact...

We need another Pittsburgh Gathering - but not at Chi Chi's

an LF question! (must be 18 to answer!)

Poetry Thread

How many guys here

Bush not helping hopes for democracy

When Subsidies to Lure Business Don't Pan Out

We're All Americans ... Andy Rooney feedback on writing Bush speech

Trailblazing Aljazeera loses its edge

What comes next for Iraq?

Mike(Bloomberg) gets it right on Rudy's divisiveness (Racial Tension)

Help! Looking for Editorial from about 10 days ago....

Friedman: The Humiliation Factor (Tom Friedman="Anti-Semite")

Confederate flag reference obscures point - Leonard Pitts

Bush's Hypocrisy - broadening the "democracy" deficit debate

Late Innings: Democrats, don those rally caps!

Chris Floyd --- Logical Conclusions

Without Honor by William Rivers Pitt 11-10-03

William Raspberry : President Without a Game Plan

STOP Senator Stevens appropriations bill rider!!

"We Have Always Been At War With Iraq" -- Rumsfeld's 1984

Loophole fueling luxury SUV sales

When human conscience takes a backseat to creating profit

Disabled Vet Fights For Respect

Article about my Grandfather-Tribal leader rubbed elbows with elite

the wimpification of the Western male

Call to action from ACT (America Coming Together)

More Nefarious Walmart Behavior Surfaces

Armistice/Veterans' Day - What's the media pulse in your neighborhood?

NY Times

Cokie "I'll be yer girlfriend for a night, Mr. Delay" Roberts Projecting

A quote from Rich Lowery

Who is Tom Hannon, CNN's political director?

Existence of Fox News "The Memo" confirmed

Progress of The White Rose

Rumsfeld retreats, disclaims earlier rhetoric

Bush's guerilla war

How much will Freepers donate to DU?

OK, astrologers, what happened?

Astrol-while Sat trans Gore's 12th, Jup trines his North Node and

another sign of the end of the world

homeopathy logical fallacy taken to its ultimate extreme

List of stuff to send to "any soldier" in Iraq...need suggestions

Drugs fuel gay lifestyle, report finds

Alternative to other men's activism site

U.S. Opposes Money for American Troops Jailed in Iraq

Taiwan pushes China's land prices up

Germany's Bosch seeks slice of Asian car-parts market

A question for the economists out there

Fishing Kills One-Third Of Sea Turtles - Nature

Emissions From Ships Twice As Much As Previously Thought - Nature

No rights without the rule of law - Taiwan

Defining the resistance in Iraq - it's not foreign and it's well prepared

Veteran's Day, 2003

Egyptian Islamist 'tortured to death'

here's the REAL story behind the Russian events (Khodorkovsky)

The 2000 Democratic Party Platform

GUNS IN THE NEWS - November 8 - 10, 2003 (Updated Guidelines)

Brady Campaign Supports "Post-Ban" Assault Weapons !!

Is it possible to donate

Bookmark section function

I think your funding campaign graph is causing problems with

Donation question

Good God! I got my star within about ten minutes of donating!

Can you please move this topic to the DU Lounge?

Wow...that was fast! Thanx!

I can't remember when I donated, but it seems like

I am LOVING that graph at the top of the page

Can you enable me?

DU Fears Penis Size Questions!

Enter (Fair and Balanced) Discussion Board

can we have a punch bush contest?

Anonymous Donation

Nasrallah: No prisoner swap without Samir Kuntar

U.S. disappointed that Arafat to keep control of Palestinian security

Israeli Arab charged with transporting Haifa suicide bomber

Arafat's Billions

Nasrallah: No prisoner swap without Samir Kuntar

U.S. can't walk away from its role, By Wesley Clark

Israeli Arab charged with transporting Haifa suicide bomber

Israel's New War Machine Opens the Abyss

Security forces in Arafat's grip

"Existence of Israel contrary to Iranian interests"

Protests at Kristallnacht commemoration in Vienna

Leaks and peeks key to Israel's nuclear ambiguity

Protests at Kristalnacht

Separation fence to include wide area east of Jerusalem

Syria dusts off maps of Golan Heights battlefields following Israeli attac

Arab states oppose UN measure on Israeli children

Define terrorism

U.S. can't walk away from its role

Israel's Baby Formula Tragedy

Israel's right to exist

Confederate Flap, Stand Firm Howard Dean - L.A. Times

Dean: "2 million people will BORROW $100 to send Bush back to Crawford!"

Joe Lieberman: Sticking it to Bush on Veteran Issues

Portland Oregonian: Why Dean can win next November

John Kerry to appear on Tonight Show

Kerry fires his campaign manager

Kerry Dumps Jordan

The Stop-Dean movement stumbles -Mark Shields

Dean Supporters : Numbers To Be Proud Of!

How about firing Terry McCauliffe and replacing him with Al Gore!

Dean to use footage of Bush landing on aircraft carrier in ad

Roll Call Makes its List of Ten Most Vulnerable House Incumbents

An article everyone should read

Kerry on leaving federal campaign funding...

Tom Delay pushes idea of cruise ship for NYC Rethug convention

Somthing to be concerned about

RNC letter to Dean: Dem Interest Groups must play by rules...

Edwards favors quick sharing of power in Iraq

On a lighter Note: How did Sharpton Do on SNL

interesting thread in GD

The future TV debate matchups (Dems smackdown vs *Bush*)

Reform Groups Urge Candidates to Abide by Primary Spending Limit

John Edward: It isn't a dash, it is a marathon

Stuart Rothenberg Speaks on SC, OK, and AK Senate Races

Vermont teachers' grudge haunts Dean

Did Kerry peak too soon?

Friends of Kucinich Network

Edwards on curbing govt abuse - 2002

Luck, pluck propelled Dean to national spotlight

Clark Supporters - The new Clark Community Network is up!

Yeeeha! Inside politics is all Dean all the time today!

Machine Politics in the Digital Age - NY Times on Diebold

Dennis Kucinich: Rolling Stone Interview

U.S. can't walk away from its role, By Wesley Clark

Paging Charlie Crystal, Vince Whitaker, Andy Stephenson!!!!!

Kerry "hides" from Dean at Dem Dinner

Dean's foot remains in his mouth

Has anyone heard Democratic candidate comments on...

What is behind the hatred for Nader and Moore?

Dean Condemns Administration for Failing To Honor Former POWs

Flashback 3/18/2003: Dean commits to public financing for campaign

I don't care if Kerry's campaign sucks!

why does Dean want to repeal the entire tax cut

anti - semetism in our universities

Great Walmart dig during "Saving Jessica Lynch."

John Edwards kicking ass on cspan

Do we really want to occupy Iraq for the next 30 years?

how much do you think Dean will raise this quarter?

Peter Werbe on the radio now

How Gore could be our nominee--A Deadlocked convention

Joe Trippi, Political MVP 2003

A question about Al-Jazeera's Logo

XXX - William Safire Fellates Bush

Blog Entry: Green or Democrat?

Critical army letter targets Musharraf

Case for war confected, say top US officials

How we denied democracy to the Middle East

Gore Quote: Add it to your collection

Bush's Global Democratic Revolution, One Bomb at a Time

Gore replay on CSPAN now

Select your candidate

Bush's Economy: The Long, Hard Slog ... For the "Little People"

Reason Nr 349 to vote for Dennis Kucinich

Oh MY Gawd...Just saw the new Halliburton Commercial

Ibrahim al-Marashi

Who conning who? Turkey gets all kinds of grants and aid

LBN: Renewed Iraq air strikes being covered anywhere else?


Military terror deepens Iraqi hated of US

St. Rep. Erik Fleming on Southern White Males. Great analysis

Kerry fires campaign manager

What a surprise...Taiwan's pan-blue fascists are up to no good again...

Bush double dipping on employment claims?

50% would not re-(s)Elect Baghdad Bush

Rolling Stones does an interview with the Rev. Al Sharpton

Cronkite on media mergers and democracy

US media subservient to the state

Louisana's governor's race

Is Freeper an abbreviation?

Speakers say media bear some blame for Iraq war

I bookmarked a post from 6 Nov....

A thought about next year's election.

Shock Troops of The Right Wing

2008 Matchups

Bush administration opposes money for tortured Vets

Great Tom Tomorrow cartoon

I'm confused: Why would Bin Laden's "al queda" attack points in Saudi

CSPAN Monday AM — Are Republicans more patriotic than Dems?

Delete please - dupe

IG Farben, owner of gas makers for Nazis, files for bankruptcy

Arnold’s True Lie (just like Whistle Ass)

DU reported in UK Sunday Times

In Baghdad, NBC Comes Under Fire, Twice

Aol welcome window....

more draft board fishiness

John Kerry Fires Campaign Manager in Effort to Revitalize Campaign

Mancow - "Drop a nuclear bomb on Iraq"

My non-DU influenced weekly NEWS round up

Is Clark your #2?

Just saw Clark rock Denver, soon to rock the White House

Campaign contributions & government contracts

‘Do you think the Prince of Wales is bisexual?'

Finally - Jordan Canned By Kerry

If you could live in any international city you wanted....

Body Bags Are Now "Transfer Tubes"

The CIA-Leak. You Remember That Story Don't You. No Story Here.

Think we had some DUers buy Enron stock when it was 5 cents a share?

What is behind the hatred for Nader and Moore?

Nader, Moore and the Democratic Party

So long DU...I've had enough...

Who are the Republicans trying to nominate? (not Clark)

CSpan 3: GLBT Marriage Campaign

c-span roundtable discussion on 7am(PST) 11/10/03

How can Republicans cancel Democratic state primaries?

What does it take to get banned around here?

Who cares what you think?

"Here's what the war looks far"

LATimes: Hospital Front - Extensive Report Tragic Injuries to Soldiers

Kee-ryst; the Right's latest spin on Jessica Lynch

BBV: Hanging chad's legacy

What were the key findings of the Kay Report?

where can I find a feed of Gore's latest endeavor?

Tell Us the Truth Tour

Al Franken on Democracy Now NOW (9:30a EST)

What would media and right-wingers say if Bush dropped the bomb.. ?

Gore's Speech Marks Beginning of For. & Dom. Policy Onslaught

(R) State Senator: Mental Illness caused by Sin and Demons

TV News Lies - Webcast to start at noon ET

Report: Bush Opposes Money For Gulf War POWs

My letter to NY Post re: Franks Blasts Prez Clark

AL Gore's speech being rerun

Mass Legislature waits for Supreme Court decision on Gay Rights

Clark Blog to launch Community Tools

Clark's "welcome" to Bush*

A Present=Less Holiday..Trickle Down Economics

Are ballot access restrictions

Shop to Drop Bush -- donating to DU fundraiser

Bush and Veterans

Is there a website that has quotes of Repugs attacking Clinton?

If Kerry is the only one who can and will take out the BFEE...

Would anyone be interested in a Boston, DU gathering?Slinkerwink mayattend

Check this poll

"Practicing some techniques"

#6 on the DU Top 10 This Week

If the Dems were serious about accomplishing anything, wouldn't they:

Statement from John Kerry on changes to campaign

MTV to air "Hour of Hate"

Watch Out Universities - your teaching orders are coming

For the homophobe in your family, the perfect gift this holiday season

Hehe...whatta bumper sticker.

Hotel room card identity thefts pt. II,

Fundraising AGAIN - Chimpy in Arkansas and on TV now

Islamic Militants want to topple the Saudi "Royal" Family?!

Liberal views force soldier out of military

Repug Bullies complain Lincoln Memorial Film not Fair and Balanced

Bush* posts on new Clark Blog.

Army Org, Lesson 4: The Strange Case of the 8th Imperial Army

Remember when?

Iraq casualties: Bush doesn't want us to know

A Must Read: "Oligarchs R Us"

More proof that fascist warmonger Rumfilled is a SENILE LIAR!

FBI To Website Owner(Cryptome): "We Are Watching You"

Gore story coming up on MSNBC

Living on Borrowed Money (NYT Bob Herbert)

Income Gap An Abyss On The San Juan Islands - Seattle PI

These Are Our Children!

Smirk gives Ashcroft job of getting abortion offenders

Ferry Crash: It's Nobody's Fault

"U.S. Media Guilty Of Treason-Enables Regime in Lies and War"


What's PJ O'Rourke take on Bush and Iraq?

The Old Guard has not been deployed abroad since Vietnam.

WOW! All top candidates within MOE in latest Newsweek poll!

EW! Ann(thrax) KKKoulter wannabe on MFNBC!

Linda Vester, FAUX "Dayside" show ....on Gore....

Watching Fl. Crumble -- big cut for disabled - warning

Army Org, Lesson 5: How Units are Named

Question on Gore speech

Poll: 50 percent of voters would not re-elect Bush

Question: Just how many partial-birth abortions are performed in a year?

Deja Vu all over again!

Time for us to seriously go after military vote

Which candidate has the best

RICO is used to confiscate property and money from people if money

Freeway Signs

Arrested Russian Businessman Is Carlyle Group Adviser (!!!)

DK looking for a wife??

Seeing Clark and Dean stickers on cars but no one else

Pakistani organisation: Bobby Jindal highly prejudiced...

Bush* says Americans that are sent to Cuban POW camp no longer

Andy Sullivan: almost retarded

interesting poll results

hannity's lie of the day

This guy sure has Zell Miller's number

Media bears some blame for Iraqi war....Duh!!!

Book: "Stop Bush in 2004"

A few words on jammed weapons re: 507th and other unfortunates

Shoshanna Johnson

Welcome to Arkansas Mr. Bush

CNN is no better then Fox!

RNC to produce counter movie, the "Real Reagans"

BBV: Casting their vote for electronic ballots

BBV: Michael Moore - Dude Where's My Vote?

What is the GOP Vision for America????

What is a "mainstream Democrat?"

Louisiana's Zell Miller... (And no, I'm not talking about Breaux)

2 cents on Dean

Pictures of our Clark National Day Of Service food drive Saturday 11-08

Anyone hear about the leaked DEM memo on investigating Bush???

WH wants Central London closed for three days so not to upset King Dubya

ABC's Field Notes (Deborah Apton on Clark)

Confirmed judges: anybody have the numbers?


Would you approve of a Democratic candidate overtly pandering to racists..

There's One Surefire Way Howard Dean Can Win The White House

GRRRR...Hard to believe that people like this exist!

So what did you think of the Jessica Lynch "Story" on NBC?

Lieberman leading in Ohio

Guantanamo: Is the SCOTUS trying to head off a World Court Drama?

Anchor Aaron Brown's Star Appears to Fade

Newsweek poll

Al-Muhaya bombings likely reformist youth not Al Quada, says islamonline

General Shwartz... uh... shwarts.... uh... Stormin' Norman on Tweety...

if Gore endorses Lieberman, there will be much damage to the ticket

Let me get this straight: * called Saudi prince re: attacks.....

Selecting your candidate is a personal choice.

Frustrated and angry

7000 wounded at just 1 hospital?

How much are the economic numbers being cooked?

"Smart" beats "Lynch" in TV ratings; both barely top average "60 Minutes"

Is there a count of days spent on fundraising?

Dean and Black Universites

the REAL ronald reagan

Think Dean's comments on "race, guns, God and gays" have been forgotten?

Uphill battle for Dem POTUS candidate - 2004

Gore Denounces Bush on Civil Liberties

I saw a book in Borders today that enraged me.

Ronald Reagan, Dulles, WWII Nazis and "The Crusade for Freedom"

Official Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev) Filibuster Thread

Who controls Al Qaeda?

Do you notice attack helicopters in your city?

"Senator" Al Franken????

Edwards’s confidence back home allows him to canvass Granite State

Moonves defends pulling Reagan movie (again)

Chart of donations of presidential candidates

Dean's comment on "race, guns, God and gays" thrills GOP. C-Span video up

Toronto election today (Monday Nov 10)

Freepers at yesterday's Gore speech (Check this junk out)

Jackson: Dean's use of the Confederate flag was "wholly unacceptable"

Leaked Memo from Kerry's Former Campaign Manager

BBV - Why not just create a better paper ballot machine?

Deleted message

For Dean, Love Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry

Dean: Our campaign is reform itself

EDWARDS taking it to New Hampshire

I love all of our candidates, but only 3 have a chance of winning

Link to Benson cartoon on Dean

Send them coat hangers!!! (this is not my idea but I like it)

Harry Reid (D) Nevada giving them heck on Senate floor

Rosie O'Donnell lands a gut punch

Clark on MSNBC Now

why jesus was a liberal

Scott Ritter Sit-Rep

BBV- Site is Still up and Running

Delay wants the NYC Repuke Convention on a Cruise Ship?

What happened to Janice Rodgers Brown's nomination?

I think Dean does a great job running against other Democrats.

It's official. Kucinich is the ONLY candidate to defeat Bush.

Our candidates need to do a better job with the payroll tax issue

Confirmation sought: Woman who accused W of rape dead, suicide?

switched from Dean to Kucinich, you should do the same

How intermixed are the BFEE and the CIA?

An honest (I swear) question for Kerry supporters re: BFEE

Support our troops like GW Bush (Post "Bring 'Em On" Edition)

BBV - Ex-Officials Now Behind New Voting Machines - LATimes

Senate Panel Intensifies Its Conservancy Probe

Success Measured in Cement Iraqis Rebuild Factory at Fraction of Estimate

GOP Friction Fouls Action on Agencies' Funding As Turkey Time Nears

Shocking images shame US forces in Iraq

With Cash Tight, States Reassess Long Jail Terms

The Firebrand Cools It in Carolina

AP: NYC Terror Raid Busts Ice Cream Shop

Government Begins Cutting off Payments to Some Disabled Refugees

BBC (early Monday): US 'wants Iraq council scrapped'

Kerry, Lieberman Fault Bush on Veterans

U.S. Warns of Increased Iraq Attacks (Reuters. Bremer interview w/Times]

more draft board fishiness

US Fighting a "Battle of Perceptions"

Court weighs whether to rule on Cuba detainees

SARS patients prone to bone degeneration, officials claims

Colombian Defense Minister Becomes Second Cabinet Member to Resign This We

Georgian president offers to negotiate with opposition

Colombian congressman shot dead at night club

UN missions find towns of rotting corpses in Liberia

Mauritanian elections challenged

Paper success of Pakistan's economy doesn't fill bellies

BBC (Monday): Iran 'suspends uranium programme'

Ex-dictator defeated in Guatemala

Strapped states are forgoing primaries

In Baghdad, NBC Comes Under Fire, Twice

U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq Rocket Attack

U.S. Military Policeman Killed in Iraq

Turkey says US troops battle Kurd rebels in n.Iraq

PRC closes 100s temples 10 churches, group claims

Alternatives to Iraqi Council Eyed(replace w/French idea)

Gay Marriage Gets Million-Dollar Ad Campaign

Gore: Bush Has Failed to Make U.S. Safer(war pretext to consolidate power)

Canada Cracks Down on Prescription Drugs

New US law could add to the woe of French exporters

F-16s Turn Iraqi Family Against Americans

IG Farben, owner of gas makers for Nazis, files for bankruptcy

Critics say blunt-spoken weapons expert has exaggerated

US Supreme court to hear Guantanamo cases

A more flexible FTAA

"Jessica's Comrades: Untold Stories from the 507th"

Guatemalan Presidential Voting Delayed

Bush 'freedom' medal for Lord Robertson

FBI To Website Owner(Cryptome): "We Are Watching You"

General warns Iraqi attacks must stop

Iraq faces winter without adequate fuel

General Warns Iraqis Attacks Must Stop ( LOL like they will listen...

Intelligence Failed to Stop Saudi Attack

Kurd killed in Iraq border clash with rebels

U.S. soldier killed in rocket attack south of Baghdad

With Cash Tight, States Reassess Long Jail Terms (drug treatment/less time

Seoul okays 3000 troops to be dispatched to Iraq

Bush to seek credit for economic improvement

Touch screens worry voters

General to Iraqis: Attacks must stop

Former Ag Commissioner Phipps Pleads Guilty To Five Federal Charges

Edwards: Confederacy Dispute 'Dangerous'

Supreme Court will hear first appeals involving Guantanamo detainees

India, Russia developing combat aircraft

Shocking images shame US forces

Report: Bush Opposes Money For Gulf War POWs

Iraqis get cement factory running ("Iraqi way" vs. "American way")

Saudis kidnap dissident from Iraq

Bells Yet to Jingle for Holiday Job Seekers (Manpower inc says what jobs?)

President, first lady work the campaign money circuit

Russia and Iran Appear Closer to Accord on Nuclear Plant

Bremer Sees More Iraq Attacks, Oilman Shot

U.S. House Leader Cancels Vote on National Energy Policy Bill

Plane breaking DC airspace -- breaking now (11:50 am et)

EU scores steel victory over US

In campaign shake-up, Democratic presidential hopeful fires manager

Mosques on Front Line of Battle With U.S.

Soldier faces possible court martial for radio comments

Singapore troops in Iraq for oil, war on terror

Venezuela Pres:To Monitor TV Programs On Opposition Drive

Clark draws 850 at Denver stopover

Huge explosion in downtown Baghdad during a live MSNBC report just now

Carlyle parachutes into mainland China

Prototype of Israeli jet stolen

States Pay for Jobs, but It Doesn't Always Pay Off

Governor's office sues to keep Boeing documents secret

UN Sees No Sign of Iran Nuke Bomb Plans-Diplomats

U.S. Holds Conferences on New Iraq Contracts

U.N. Says No Signs of Iranian Atomic Bomb Program

NY children play with missile launcher from Iraq

Whirlpool Considers Moving Some Production to Mexico

Soldiers Scrape Up Money To Pay For Supplies

Clark Campaign to Debut Big Blog

Japan delays SDF mission to Iraq until next year

Foreign militants fuel anti-U.S. fight

US closes Sudan embassy in response to "specific threat"

Whirlpool may move more production to Mexico

Half of Americans Say War Not Worthwhile ( this includes a lot of men

Selective Service Notice Creates Rumors ( Rove is not making this go away

Police to embed reporters with officers at Miami trade conference

Bells Yet to Jingle for Holiday Job Seekers


CBS: U.S. Warns Iraq Of Harsh Measures

MSNBC Breaking: Kerry Has Fired Campaign Manager

Mexico Ready to Accept Peace Corps Volunteers

(Scotland) Yard fury over Bush visit

Bush poised to axe Iraq ruling council

Occupying forces in Iraq under "obligation" to find weapons of mass destru

Letterman lands Lynch (CBS PR)

ENRON: They're Getting Close

U.S. expects increased attacks as Iraq rebuilds

Witnesses: U.S. soldier shoots Iraqi official

‘Military voters' could threaten Bush's bid for re-election

US Farmers Worried Tensions with Cuba Will Affect Exports

Black and White and Read by Precious Few (President's Daily Brief)

U.S. says major combat not resumed in Iraq

Black woman gets $350,000 settlement for airport strip search

Pakistan to Improve Diplomatic Sec Following Allegations of British Spying

Rumsfeld says U.S. not grasping for Iraq exit plan

LATimes: Ex-Officials Now Behind New Voting Machines

Al Gore, other Democrats, step up criticism of Bush over Iraq

Pipe Bombs Found in California Mailboxes

Blair says 'time to heal divisions' (over Iraq) - BBC

US goods set to double in price as Europe plans huge trade war

Clark: Bush Ruining US

Welcome to Arkansas, Mr Bush (from Clark)

Dean Condemns Administration for Failing To Honor Former Prisoners of War

Bad news for Bush ahead of UK visit

Blair says Iraq protesters should look to future

Supporters defend Prince Charles as Britons mull damage from valet's claim

Newsweek: ’08: No Joke (Al Franken vs Norm Coleman?)

Iraqis denounce Americans over killing of mayor (US appointed)

Al-Qaeda 'threat to Saudi royals'

Arrested Russian Businessman Is Carlyle Group Adviser ...(Khodorkovsky)

Attn: DU Cartoonists/Graphic Artists

The War According to the ABC Crusade Propaganda Flick

Anybody else here who cannot STAND Ray Lewis?

I went to the movies three times this weekend

Did "Autofocus" win any Oscars?


new Hannity advertise Theraflu

The "Send JohnKleeb to Prague" thread.

Ran into my old girlfriend last night...sigh.

Do any Freeper trolls not get caught?

Did your team win today?

re: that question I've been asking in my sigline, here's the answer

Bob James

Wow...I killed a thread.

Hey NJ DUers!

This may remind you of the worst I-troll you've ever seen...cartoon form

How long can you drive with a busted oxygen sensor

My dem hubby and repug bro'law bonded tonight. wierdness ruled.

Did Anyone See the Sci-fi Miniseries "Taken"?

I think I'm burning out.

I'm a driver, I'm a winner, things are gonna change, I can feel it

Letterman fans!

Is it possible to donate

Adult Swim: never aired ep of "Family Guy " is on

Jessica Lynch or Elizabeth Smart, women as victims. Where does that

Chicken Hawk Down

I found out why

anyone has lives or has lived in Kansas must see this site about

RightClickSaveAs for free music

Can you stop gossip on the web? BBC wants to know

I'm knitting gloves and I ran out of red. What should I do?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover...

Proof positive that Rolling Stone is no longer relevent

This Past Weekend: Grump-Out?

Can someone translate a German word for me? (possibly very important)

Is Prince Charles bisexual?

When the hell were YOU ever the goalie for the Montreal Canadiens?!?!?

I give bush the finger every time I go to the VA in Temple Tx.

Happy Birthday Devil Dogs!!

A big apology to DU land

Band Played A Benefit Friday Night (Vanity Post)

Portarit of a killer: Jack the Ripper, Case Closed

the Magic Flutie strikes again! . . .

Were you ever SO much in love that you wrote a lovesong?

We survived DC

Any Kansas EvilDUers out there?

I'm getting seriously spoiled visiting my dad in San Diego

Cheapo picture frames?

So long DU...I've had enough...

Steve Earle Interview online at

With wild abandon, a prediction (Have you donated yet?)

&*$#@^! Copier toner

Michael Moore on BBC Radio 2 today.

Who was Jack the Ripper?

new Hannity advertiser Bose

I need new kitty help!

Hey everyone! Here's an awesome recipe I want to share!

A little vignette about work.

Hmmm....methinks this lad needs some DU email....

Hey music mavens. What's new and exciting out there?

Serious question for DU ladies.

The scatological strategist of all captions.

I just Donated to DU...It felt AWESOME ask me anything!

It is now officially 30 days before I can drive again!

The widening of America(ns)

Who here has been bar/bat mitzvahed?

Rock Defeated Communism

I've Been Sponsored - THANK YOU!

Hey! I just noticed a star next to my name!

Chicago Christmas Gathering?

Does anyone have ComCast internet cable access?

Man! I can't watch Gore's speech!

Thank you to everyone who replied to my 'Burning Out' thread

i got a star

How do you DU your coffee?

Most degradeing nickname to bush

Thankyou for the star

Happy Birthday, United States Marine Corps

To depeche mode fans

for my 1,000th post, a poll

Best Police album?

Worst movie musical?

Shop to Drop Bush -- donating to DU fundraiser

Who has a higer intelligence?

I have seen the light!!!! 700!

Women for auction on Internet [Ebay]

Hard candy - RANT


OWW! My neck - I can't move my neck

I'm in!!

I just had a bath in asses milk - Ask me anything

Would You Help Keep Slinkerwink Warm?

Better Fat Orange Cat -- Garfield or Heathcliff?

Deleted message

Fair and balanced: a story "compassionate" conservatives

ZenLefty, I have to ask: Is there anything zen at all about hockey?

MOHITO's for everyone!!!!!!!!!!

‘Do you think the Prince of Wales is bisexual?'

What to donate? A poll

I'm not leaving DU, so don't bother beggin me to stay!

I'm freezing in my college room....

Highest elevation you've worked at?

250 Donations! We're 1/4 of the way there!

Who REALLY Was Jack the Ripper?


My hot date on Sunday was awesome. Ask me anything.

If Bush were re-elected

Any Pern/Dragonrider fans out there? Favorite book in the series?

The Bucs and Packers rematch coming up.

In the spirit of Veterans day

I could use a little amoral support.

I could use a little Immortal support.


I could use a little immoral support.

mp3s you need: "9/11 Was an Inside Job"

I'm now a star-bellied sneetch!

Highest elevation you've been too?

Any other DU adoptees here who have found birth family members?

Best animated movie to watch with your kid

I knew there were several reasons for foregoing the MTV Europe Awards

Heart Dilemma ( Friend in the Military )

what's your favorite erogenous zone?

When will Bush get sucker punched by DU donations?

George Washington's Army was Majority Black

I could use a little moral support.

What's your favorite...

Hey, what's up with the DU gallery?

hi all, so happy to be here

Freedom Spin ....

Who went to "charm school"?

How cool is this?

7th_Sephiroth daily poll

What Would You Consider The Perfect Size For The Male.....

The Green Fields of Franch

To the ladies about Brad Pitt and Antonio Banderas

"Million Dollar" Idea...Consumer Electronics Product...What do I do Next?

CAPTION the Liar in Winter

CAPTION the terrible trio

And Now, Something For the Ladies....


Any suggestions for on-line airline reservations?

MTV to air "Hour of Hate"

What runs around honking, clanging, ringing and screeching in German?

DU Law Folks: Copyright/Plagiarism...

I made my donation and ordered a t-shirt

Get your EOTW apocalyptic fix

Bush or Tic Tacs

What should I do with my star?

Since Magic Rat brought up the topic of Brad Pitt

The Matrix Revolutions (some SPOILERS)

Statistics -- A poem for Armistice Day

I donated 33 dollars to politics today!

best matrix revolutions review

Let's Hear It For Petter Solberg.

Just a thought about the 60's and the peace movement.....

I need a Bible verse...

My LTTE response to a wing-nut who personally attacked me...

11/10/03 Sgt. Joel Perez was buried today

today's New OxyRush advertisers 11/10

Here kitty, kitty, kitty--part TWO!

Wow - the NEA is about to tear George Bush a new you-know-what!

The Crimson Cock-and-Bull Codger of all CAPTIONS!

CAPTION the only honest lawyer left (according to the WH spin office)

DU T-Shirts are perfect for dinner at the Freeper Relatives

Damit Dammit Dammitt to hell

Have Any Of My Polls Ever Offended You?

"Brother Bear"

Mornings and depression

Self destruction

How happy were you when you got your DU star?

Little rabbit foo foo

Just got my Scarface Anniversary DVD, ask me anything :)

I just found out one of my daughters friends parents are Billonaires

Help techies:

Bill Clinton on "Commander and Chief" tonight on...

new Hannity advertiser

"Girls Behaving Badly": Anyone else like it???

What happens if someone dies...

Cute Link Of The Day - "I Made a Poop"

Thanksgiving Day Republicans What to feed them?

Ladies, Where Is Your Most Sensitive Kissing Spot?

"Holes" is a cute video rental

When is the best time to post an essay?

I'm pledging $100 for DU -- here's why

Why do financial crisises happen when I want to donate?

If you could live in any international city you wanted....

I just donated to DU, ask me anything...

Any TV tech gurus here?

Washington Monthly .com


An awesome recipe I wish I knew

Is the formaldehyde thread going to set some kind of record?

I'm making 'red stew' for supper...

Are Repukes stupid or just misguided?

Is anyone here holding back on donating. . .

What happens when you add someone to your buddy list?

Wastes of Talent: The 2003 George Benson Award Nominations

Berroa, Willis voted rookies of the year (MLB)

WooHoo!!! We're pregnant!!!!!

My little joke on walmart.

Entertain yourselves and me! Guess the topic of Wednesday's column!

Bad News For "The Return of the King" Fans (spoilers)

Bumpersticker ideas for SUVs

What did you do on your first date with your SO?

Legend Lives On: Edmund Fitzgerald, 28 years ago today

Grant Morrison/Green Lantern Fans....heads up!

Things that annoy Billy Connolly

Any detroit red Wings fans here?

I'm Nostalgic...Has anyone been to the Chalfont in Cape May, NJ?

caaaarlos...wheere are you???....calling jacinto...are you ok?

I'm much in need of parenting karma

(Miami QB)Crudup will start against Syracuse

no new thread from Zomby this morning

How many people on DU

Are there any chemists, physicists, or mettalurgists around?

atttn: Eric J in MN

San Diego - HELP! I'M LOST!!

Whats all these rumours about Ray Charles being gay?

November 11, 1918

Dubya Goes to Heaven

These words should send a shock of terror to your soul!

My girlfriend and I broke up, ask me anything

NationStates: How should I vote on the World Heritage List resolution?


What do you know, I passed 200 posts! Ask me anything!

Has your Union endorsed a candidate yet?


Football fans: Does LSU have a shot at the National Championship?

BCS standings are out! Only three teams with a good shot

Kasparov vs X3D Fritz (Deep Fritz) 11/11 1.00 pm

Lost 80's TV/Movie babes

I really want to go to the beach for Christmas,

Gold Star Thread - Reasons to donate to DU

Do Native Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?

Mondays 'IN' The Undergroundrailroad -- Veterans Day Edition -- 11/10/03

I really like how the red glove is so close to punching Bush....

Support the NYPD and DU at the same time

Rememberance Day

I killed Bambi Saturday...What's your opinion?

In Flanders Fields.... a long time ago

Who would like to be sponsored here at DU?

Would anyone be interested in a Boston, DU gathering?Slinkerwink mayattend

David Letterman's baby - will it float?

Anyone else here ever see "Un Chien Andalou"?