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Stupid Grants Exclusive to Sleazy Tabloid!

Guardian: Get Mad – and Get Even (Blame Blair, rather than Bush)

A Heart, a Cross, and a Flag: America Today by Peggy Noonan/SCATHING rev.

Dec 2nd: Support HR 2239 and Call Your REP!

What philosoper do you most relate to?

Energy Bill Could Upend Suits Filed Over a Gas Additive

At what point should threads get locked?

What happened to my star?

I have a question about where to post?

A question re: sponsoring

What the (United Jewish Communities ) GA delegates won't see

U.S. to support proposal seeking UN support of road map

Howard Dean's essay, "How the Poor Live Now":

Why do offended people on DU call you a "Dean supporter"?

Does john Kerry have an annual pheasant hunting trip?

take a look at how the exit polling went in 2000

I Don't Know if Dean Needs to Win NH

For all you anti-Greens....

Daschle and Shrub Snubbed Amidst State Budget Woes

trouble posting?

^ This graphic is messed up

Turkey Pardons Turkey

Exerpts of Dean's article in the current Vanity Fair -How the Poor Live

I vote for an Edwards / Graham Ticket

political episode of simpsons on tonight

Nice quote by Roger Ebert

Would this foreign policy idea be supported by DU

Blanco/Landrieu versus Jindal/Terrell #'s

The freepers were right! I am wearing out my "f" on my computer.

Howard Dean and Hillary Clinton on the Democratic Ticket together?

Any Brits on DU tonight?

The LA Governor's Race

Participating in SOA demonstrations....

Wow! SCOOP BBV Links... a great resource

The Patriot Act and My Bank

Just Returned From FLA Democratic Party Central Committee Meeting

BBV: CalPundit on verified vote trail

Breaking News - Related to the US/Fiji story

60 Minutes (11/16/03) Domestic Chemical Plant Insecurity, more...

Why do offended people on DU call you a "Dean supporter"?

Meet the Press with Clark on CNBC now 10:05 pm

"George Bush killed my son."

"Dude Where's My Country! Moore Interview C-Span: 11:00pm/est!

Alter (Newsweek) indicates forthcoming major union endorsements for Dean

Al Qaeda's Turkey Shoot: HOW AWFULLY NICE OF THEM!!!

Gee - - NO sign of the earth-shaking Saddam-9*11 link memo

Army Equipment, Lesson 3: Musing about the Black Hole

Listen up: I'm on hold to talk to Drudge NOW

This Democrat has Fallen in Love With John Edwards

Rachel Corrie! Michael Moore on C-Span Booknotes Reapeat w/Brian

Hey Rush! What Was That You Said About Donovan McNabb?

Great Article on Clark

Tom Daschle's new book praises Gore for quitting the fight

Favorite and least favorite things about the candidates you support?

Anyone has has the text of Dean's speeh from the Iowa Fundraiser

How did the right-wing acquire dominance on the AM dial?

Do NOT, I Repeat, Do NOT Send Rush Any Pain Pills

What should be the Dems top priorities in 2004?

An Editorial by Howard Dean: "How the Poor Live Now"

This is what the dems are up against......and it's scary.

Separation between Church and State: Are these the kind...

Dr. Donald Wildmon says the FCC will allow the "F" word.

Saudi Arabia under attack

Looks like Chimpy is going to relinquish control of U.S. troops

Hey, I just found out Kathleen Blanco won in Louisiana!

Ire not enough, Edwards says

Scoop Media (our own Althecat) wins news service award

Sen. Santorum is a Moron

Post Editorial Blasts "Boondocks" for being "sexist" about Condoleeza

North Carolina poll

Deleted message

CNN is doing a Kennedy trash piece.

Question for BBV folks

Have any of you heard of ...

Zell Miller Sucks

CBC TV alert: Was first moon landing fake? (Of course not, but...)

They brought CBS to It's knees- now they're testing Disney...

Do you fantasize about drafting young chickenhawks?

The Most Evil Neo-Con site on the Web

Who do you think will be the next First Lady?

Stan Goff, An Open Letter to GIs in Iraq

Serbia poll fails again - monitors

Is Anyone Watching the Iraqi Media Network?

Backed by president, Brazil leans away from Microsoft

Blair Ally in Poll Threat to Bush*

Insult to the dead (The luxurious imprisonment of the Lockerbie bomber)

Protests greet Rumsfeld in South Korea

Council aims to cut role of US troops

Yemen frees 92 'repentant' al-Qaeda followers

U.S. army bombards targets near Saddam's hometown

Baghdad suffers broad blackout

Kentucky community hit hard by helicopter deaths over two weeks copes....


WP: Protests Loom in London for Visit by Bush

Attacks against US forces in Iraq endanger Bush's re-election:expert

C-SPAN Interview with Micheal Moore NOW - Sunday, 8:00 ET.

Europeans Vindicated But Fearful About Iraq

Gold edges closer to key $400 mark as dollar continues to slip

Activist accuses Bush of betraying public (Will Pitt)

Al Qaeda warns of Tokyo attack: report

US and UK Officials Dread Presidential Trip

US pressures Fiji for Iraqi troops

Bush Says U.S. Would Wage War Again to Make World Safe

Survey of Arab-Americans sets off disputes

US agrees to international control of its troops in Iraq

Will the Vikings make it to the playoffs this year?

You've won this round, Windows solitaire...

is anyone else having trouble posting?

Donation question, minimum?

Do you have any superstitions?

Hey Bucs fans! PPBBLLTT!

New rant on my site

How often do you get deja vu?

Will the Vikings make it to the playoffs this year?

A blurb about the news in Japan...

Will the Bengals make it to the playoffs?

Edmonton wins the Grey Cup

Can you get busted for Attending Class if you owe money?

The American Music Awards...

One More Democrat in Arizona

Today, I saw "The Laramie Project" at a GLBT film festival

My work week: Big Gay Santa with a Tongue Stud (and nose piercing)

Raised by Wolves commercial -- help me with it.

Vandross Wins Two American Music Awards

Who is your fave Dem governor of Vermont from the 1990's?

Driving through Southern Georgia

"The Cat in the Hat"

Colin Powell reveals he teaches sexual abstinence to girls

Students stood and admired sculpture of hanging corpse. Wasn't a sculpture

Coyote Waits on PBS Mystery now

Absolutely baffled by a commercial I just saw on t.v.

Help me finish this parody before Ah-nuld's Inauguration...

spend any time in an aol chatroom? Here's the translator!!

Dating, Love At First Sight, Body Types....

Is it wrong to have a "type" of person you're attracted to?

Ladies, how old is too old for you?

Did anyone go to The Carnivale tonight? (Spoiler Alerts)

What's the normal duration that you've had a cold???

How do you start Dating again after 10 years?

That's it I'm giving up red meat.

Should Jonathan Frakes star in the Al Gore Story (with LynnSyn)

How often do you get Deja Vu?

Cigarette, Cigar, Reefer smokers check in

Does Marion, Alabama have a strong homosexual preference?

What's it like to be an atheist in America?

Would it be crass to sell a Gift?

Let's hear it for the Tin man.

Crappy movie alert - The Transporter

Just broke 700 posts

Favourite Kids In the Hall skit

How popular is your name. Check out this website.

Cold Case Files

The Sports Illustrated cover jinx lives!

I am now in the Atlanta Area

Some Awesome DUer Bought me a Star- so I donated $8.00

Let's hear it for the thin women!

Lessons of 1920 revolt lost on Bremer

1918: president asked to see Guardian editor

2004: Wishful Thinking? (Newsweek - Fineman's Hillary Scenario)

Soldiers deployed despite drug use

"US agrees to international control of its troops in Iraq"

Nazi Past Haunts Argentina's Fallen Eden Hotel

Democrats are tearing party down

How to protect a president abroad

Must read Stars and Stripes Letter to Editor

For those about to Rock--We Salute You!

Boy from Little Rock chooses military path

Boondocks still hitting hard, Aaron McGruder is one of my heroes!!

America's Ministry of Propaganda

A Route for 2004 That Doesn't Go Through Dixie

Pundit Pap--Luvin' The General

Salon: "Welcome to Vietnam, Mr. President"

slate-republicans for Hillary part 3

Anthony Cordesman's Excellent Article: Iraq: Too Close to Call!

Saddam or not, they just don't want us there

Conrad Black to resign as Hollinger CEO

Blair to press new strategy

Frum Frets: Fraud Fragged?

Blair defends George Bush visit

Iraq Deaths Taking Their Toll on Voters (Old Vet Repub is spitting mad)

Majority Leader DeLay's Scheme to Evade Soft Money Ban

Hollinger examines Perle investments

The Energy Disaster - Ralph Nader

Howard Dean gaining support while Bush losing support from Conservatives?

Left-Wing Mutineers Did In Davis

LTTE: Chicago Tribune distorts soc. studies education

New Sound and Fury Hide Fear and Worry--Jim Lobe--MUST READ

An Arkansas alliance and high ranking foes

Why Bush Had to go to Britain

Dean's Vanity Fair essay

Documentation of central spin control in Scripps newspapers

Michael Moore: 'Show that the people of Britain don't support Bush'

Coming to London to attend Bush's "scones and tea" gala?

Moveon: contact Senators re "Please FILIBUSTER to stop the energy bill."

Warning & advice to FTAA protestors

Wed. 11/19 - Protest 9/11 Commission Cover-up Madison, NJ - Drew Univ.

Families Call Rally for 9/11 Hearings in Jersey - Wednesday morning

March For Choice On Washington ( Sunday April 25, 2004 )

BBC (Monday November 17): Media tycoon Conrad Black resigns

media misrepresentation

I can only imagine...


Fourth Minnesota DUers Thread (11/17)

Thanksgiving 2003

Gay kissing? It's all Greek to them - Greece

'Capetonians are lining up to get divorced'

'Singapore's sex laws are a moral conundrum' - oral sex is a crime

They Didn't Ask; He Didn't Tell

Australian companies track employees' Web activities

Florida diocese votes to protest Robinson

Casper, Wyo., moves Ten Commandments monument

Questions about the Alternative Minimum Tax

Is it true democrats get more corporate donations then reps?

Easy Come, Easy Go

Moving IT work overseas can have unexpected costs

Ozone Talks Break Down Over U.S. Stance On Methyl Bromide

Erosion Ravaging Haiti - 98.5% Of Original Forest Cover Gone - LA Times

Magical Australian powder at $560 a gram will let you talk faster, longer

Patagonian Glaciers Losing 10 Cubic Miles Of Ice Per Year

Still the Sundance Kid: Redford gets heated about Chimpy's policies

Disease Wipes Out Sumatran Rhino Breeding Program In Malaysia - AP

Delta-Like Fan on Mars Suggests Ancient Rivers Were Persistent

Expert suggests Taiwan acquire 16, not 8, subs

PNG threatens foreign media ownership

Pro-Beijing party calls for directly elected legislature - HK

Don't mention the war against stereotypes - Germany

Law firm settles over huge fraud - Taiwan/US

What do hunters do for conservation?

Blacklisting NRA Is Pitching A Fit Over Gun Owner List

GUNS IN THE NEWS--November 17, 2003

I'm thinking of taking up hunting....

Wesley Clark's gun positions are up on candidatesonguns

A question:

AshKKKroft's Gun Rights Idiocy

UAE Icon?

11+ hours to lock a thread?

Mea culpa

Could you check out the user "flames"?

Thread disappeared....

Why sex threads verboten in DU Lounge but Gender-bashing...

Just wondering why my thread was locked...

Some kind soul bought me a star.

DU convention during Dem convention?

About the Bush with the black eye art

Minor issue with sending PM's

Just Out Of Curiosity, How Do Moderators Get Selected?

Thomas Friedman (New York Times): Wanted: Fanatical Moderates

US criticises Israeli settlements and wall

Arafat invested $8 mil. in Israeli venture fund Evergreen III

No surrender, thanks

ADL Dinner for Berlusconi Causes a Stir

IDF officer sentenced for harassing Palestinians

Mossad warns of more attacks on Jewish targets

In the UN, Arabs have the ultimate revenge over Israel

EU wants to widen economic ties with Israel

"Book of Terror" (Arafat) 'Riddled With Omissions and Falsehoods'

Iran's nukes pose a 'threat to the existence of Israel': Mossad chief

Scholar: Solidarity with Israel doesn't mean blind support

The road to Bantustan

Another 'honor' victim: Daughter, raped by brothers, killed by mother

Rabbi Druckman Says Burn the Geneva Booklets

Dean Campaign Kicking Into Gear in Illinois

Hey Dean Supporters--Notice all the NEW Clark Supporters?

Happy 55th birthday, Howard Dean!

Kucinich in news in Iowa

Kucinich's book #17 on NY Times BestSellers List--let's move it to #1

Please tell NY Times to stop plagiarizing Kucinich

Students pack Union to hear Dean speak

Anointed front-runner Kerry struggles in N.H.

New Poll: Dean leading 44-23 in New Hampshire

Where's Wesley?

What are the chances....?

Campaign Finance Reform and Ads question

SALAZAR TO ANNOUNCE CANDIDACY (Colo 3rd District - McInnis' seat) - !KEN

What Edwards needs to stay in race

Family shines sunbeam on presidential trail

Has Dean Picked Carol Moseley Braun as his running mate???

Won't they feel dumb...

In the South, GOP Rides the Wave of Bush's Popularity

Kucinich vs. Dean in the Media

Kerry rips Dean claim in Iowa blitz

If Dean can't beat Bush, none of them can...

Kerry on his own campaign finance...ABC News The Note

Dean campaign ad criticizes Gephardt

Contact your senators, re: energy bill

UN In, US Out

Only 68 freeper posts making fun of Hillary's looks? They're slipping...

What philosoper do you most relate to?

Question for heterosexual male DUers....

Driving through Southern Georgia

TBTM Radio #19: 'From 'Smoking Gun' to Smoke & Mirrors'

Did Anybody Watch Blanco's Speech Sunday Morning.

Green Eggs and Howard Dean!

Peter Werbe going after Rush now ... bigtime

Did all of you get your Bush photo?

warring factions of the draft Hillary movement

CNN has a documentary on now about JFK's assassination.

"Your daddy died so you can have freedom"

What should be made of the Bush-Nazi story? A Must read.

Dean Supporters Take it right to Bush in Crawford, Texas....

We need a new leader in the senate.

Osama bin Laden Denies Being Behind 911 Attacks - September 16, 2001

let's start an email campaign to convince O'Reilly to run for president

the Western White House website

Imagine if George Bush and Bill Gates visited London together!

Does Marion, Alabama have a strong homosexual preference?

Guardian: Blairite to Threaten Bush with Economic Warfare, Aid to US Dems

I predict dead protesters in Europe during Bush's visit

I have seen our future and it scares me..

What is the weakest part of bush*s CHARACTER?

I'm so sick of all the bashing in this place

So what's John Edward's stance on the issues we all care about?

Did Bush cancel a speech before Parliament?

Socially conservative, fiscally liberal

Which one of you wrote this dialog between a peacenik and warmonger?

I wrote my senators very late last year about the USAPATRIOT act

Bush signed Bill to change votling law?

Molly Ivins endorses Dean?

MSNBC: "Get tough" strategy--US to take fight to the Iraqis (LOL)

Fox and Murdoch own the GOP, not the other way around

If the US got rid of ALL of it's nuclear weapons do you think

Rush Poll on Newsmax

Evidence point to filer of campaign financing complaint

KGO 9,000 plus injured in Iraq

Dean's biggest cyberfan is a 14 year-old living in Alaska

TPM Latest on Clark campaign

I never seriously looked at the "Annual Gain/Loss" on this graph until now

To see our Dean picture overpowering Bush's sign in Crawford, go to

Another Bush-Nixon Comparison

Rubbishing Clinton: Murdoch press marks Bush visit

Sunday Times: First Casualty in Ariel Sharon graft case

Brits won't give immunity to agents protecting Bush; no "mini-gun" either

Meet the Press Replay with Clark on at 12:00 a.m. CST on CNBC

Are there affirmative action requirements for draft boards?

Clark is "running to bring the Democratic Party together."

CATO Institute says Americans owe Dean thanks for killing public financing

Anger is a gift, but to whom?

Who else though Clark was friggin' awesome on MTP???

ALERT! Call CSPAN when Roehmer, 9/11 commissioner appears!

Liberals suck

Making a flash movie. about Iraq...

One more left/progressive radio voice...

C-Span had the 9/11 commissioner - Ted Toles explains the commission!

Ted Rall: Bush 120% of Saddam Hussein

Welcome Bush... or else! Why do cartoons do the best job in the USA?

Franken on download!

Is Limbaugh gonna get charged with something...?

Nikkei drops 3 Pct, Back Below 10,000 ; Dollar Falls

Picture in your mind if you can.

Dozen Arrests at Anti-war Protest (in Iowa)

NY Times: More Consumers reach out to Touch-Screens

Right Wing Murderous Fascist Fanticizing is GOOD!

Bush* Doctrine: Armageddon Back on the Table

Imus's Bernard Mcguirk "say's Rush has blood on his hands"

Operation Ivy Cyclone? What happened to Operation Iron Hammer??

Ethics & Voting by Absentee Ballot

I find the belittling of Dean supporters to be disgusting

where can I find info about state spending caps during the primaries?

Florida Dems cancel straw ballot

Question about "The Reagans" spin

What is Bush running from ?

Attitude towards Edwards?

What if we shipped ten thousand tons of marijuani to Iraq?

TV News Lies Webcast CANCELLED! Too many listeners, not enough sponsorship

Question about Bush and Hu Jintao in Australia...

Deleted message

An Arkansas alliance, and high-ranking foes (BostonGlobe Clark prof. part2

Ha! Television Week spanks freepers for Dan Rather protest

Nlighten1 and Blue Jay- Phone Home!

Sharon's new war toy - robot bulldozers

W-foreigners in Iraq seek revenge "for getting whipped in Afghanistan"

Has Anybody Else Seen an LTEE such as this:

Bill Gates coins phrase "Digital Decade;" Tell him to shove it!

Childish Mendacity

How many Clark supporters used to be for Dean?

Quit for Dean

Is C-SPAN in Trouble?

You won't see this happening in the US

Message to Rush

Bush/Blair internet video as Lionel Ritchie/Diana Ross

An experience I had tonight at work

Angels, Reagan and AIDS in America

Roseanne, Rosey O Donnel, Anna Nicole Smith, all went down hill

One Thing About Jessica Lynch

"Truth, Lies, and Duct Tape": an essay by author Sara Paretsky

How do you pull down C-SPAN Video?

New FNC slogan, thanks to the new Conservative Idiots Ed.

Lying on the Economy?

What if Clark picked Powell for his running mate?

Miami Blocking FTAA Protesters: Make Your Voice Heard!

An article from a simpler time... April, to be exact.

Libraries told 'stop lending'

I cannot find a post from Bev new flyer format..can you help?

Wes Clark Live on MSNBC - 12:45 EST

C-Span -Ted Kennedy talking on medicaid (1:50 p.m. ET) n/t

Sunday's Doonesbury does Coulter

"When you negotiate peace, you give up freedom" - Rush

So if Bush* puts American Forces under UN Control what will the Freepers

Gulf War II Compared to Other Wars

Iraq/Al-Qaeda Connection: The Weekly Standard gets their $.02 in....

Is there a surreptitious purpose for the Bush UK visit?

Clark Interviewed on Fox

Rush Just Said "There's Nothing Like Being Right."

Now You Tell Me. Do These People Look Like " Terrorists"?!

Another thread on appropriate/inappropriate speech in the workplace

Rush needs a dictionary.

March to Trafalgar Square where a statue of Bush will be pulled down

Fox News airs JFK: Case Not Closed

The 2 online paragraphs that say the first Draft Lottery could be 6-15-05!

There is no difference between Rush Limbaugh pre or post treatment

AP: Dean is developing Hoosier following – among Dems & Repubs alike

In your fair and balanced opinion, what is Clark's numerical chance..

Props to the White House Press Corp!

"chasing bush" is up and running

Schwarzenegger about to be sworn in.

LA Times: List of what celebrities $$ donations (all dems plus Bush)

Democracy Aid '04

Does Mary Landrieu have a chance at the VP nom?

Man who lost state aid cut off from ventilator. This is an outrage!

Democracy Aid '04

The Ideal Republican Wedding - A Fantasy, Really

Stop The War Coalition believes recent terrorism warnings (are) propaganda

O'Reilly LIED About Howard Dean !!!!

Creative ideas wanted...

AARP sells out members by endorsing Bush Medicare Drug Benefit Plan!

I have a problem with all the posts about Rush!!

Washington Journal.. rightwing articles 'critiqued by' Fox anchor

Judy Woodruff describes London anti-Bush demonstrators

virginian happy to be represented by State Sen. Miller

Will MSNBC, CNN be covering Blanco's inauguration like they did Arnie

ROFL - Especially for *: The Idiot's Guide to Great Britian

Clark - USA Today Interview 11/16/03 - Video and article

Dean is no McGovern.....

A Gift For Rush

Rush: "5 Weeks in Rehab Isn't Gonna Make ME an Idiot!"

Disturbing US Soldier Casualty Numbers/Surpass 1st 3yrs Viet Nam!

Bush's interview will be presented in a "sinful" British tabloid.

Iz it me or iz the News Guys getting Jaded with KIA reports??

I Gotta Southern Strategy For Ya Right Here.

Status Florida: Can we win it (again)?

"Ready For What?" by Wesley Clark

Alliance for Retired Americans will hold rally this upcoming Wed.

Freepers Admit War was Started for Oil

UK trip highlights Bush’s cowardly nature.

Ya gotta love Emeril

My email ISP deletes all Democratic mail as spam.

New national poll numbers

The other side of the coin--outside of the south GOP losing strength

The ACLU e-mail.

Why Clark's been stumbling so far....

Dean's $77 gamble

Just called Sen. Kennedy's office with ?--Does AARP have a conflict of

Why did Tony Blair join the war on Iraq?

LA election results by parish

Call 9/11 Commission TODAY to demand WH release documents!

Is New Hampshire wrapped for Dean yet?

Clark-Dean tied in new national poll. Bush-Edwards drop.

new flash video, with 400+ reasons to hate Bush

Dean supporters, I have a question for you...

Freepers Are Beginning To Turn On PNAC...

Hmmm Nobody mentioning the big dem WIN in La.

Strange Bush Quote:

another BushCo lie

Scientists rebut the fundies

Scott McClellan hosts "Ask the White House"

Are people in the Bush admin glad there is resistance in Iraq?

Buzzflash gives kristof a little what for!

No diplomatic immunity for Shrub's agents in UK

Here's the new RW buzzword: TRUTH

ABC News: Iraqi's Getting Sick of US

Edwards and Kerry are right, positive message is best

Bashing [insert candidate here] is More important than the ENERGY BILL

Is the old picture of George Jr. in the class with the book upside down...

NH poll on who can beat Bush*

Attn: Florida Clark people

Bush* "welcomes" British protests. Who gives a **** what he welcomes?

Marc Sommers Just Did Battle With Sean Hannity

anyone have JFK assassination "mysterious deaths" list

Must read: Battle for the Soul of the Democratic Party

Memo To Lou Dobbs: "Iraqi's Fighting Back Are NOT Terrorists!"

Have you ever read the comments posted on the Mirror's site?

Clergy groups are taking a stand against the religious right wing

Lone Liberal needs help and/or perspective!

Any DUers live near Dundee, Michigan

"Who am I? Why am I here?"

See them now! Only 25 cents! Self-Mutilating Democrats from Outer Space!

Has everyone seen this?

Protester Is Standing On Front Gate Of Buckingham Palace

Shame on AARP! I was lied to twice this morning.

Wesley Clark, Kosovo, and Retirement

BBV: Republicans complaining about voting machines in TWO states

Is Death So Desirable?

What if the Iraqis elect an Islamic form of government?

Is Bush unbeatable if...

There's no good excuse for opposing streets named after King

Clark continues the Steamroll

Poll for Wisconsin?

What is the British equivalent to our 1st Amendment?

Rush is incoherent. 13 year listener. He is gone.

The Queen Is More of a Man Than Bush

A Route for 2004 That Doesn't Go Through Dixie

Email AARP to complain of their capitulation to GOP:

O'Really takes on Howard Dean

Hannity Just Dissed All Psychiatrists & Psychologists

Ugh, Crossfire is all about Arnold

'Bare Your Bum at Bush'

Is it true democrats get more corporate donations then reps?

Pressure On Schwarzenegger To Oppose Domestic Partner Law Repeal

Bar owners: Profits went up in smoke after ban (NY)

Why Iraq is, at its core, exactly like Vietnam.

Who would you vote for VP? (can't be anyone currently running for Prez)

Why are matching funds an issue?

Tucker Carlson breaks Feith memo...

Wes Clark's proposals on Gun Issues, may be surprising...

Total donations in the fund drive: 1035!

After listening to Rush - I need a Randi Rhodes fix to feel cleansed

Is it true that Feinstein supports the Patriot Act?

Dean's signing of the civil unions bill as governor

Non Clark supporters lets discuss Clarks mistakes and campaign errors

Fly w/ Hannity Priv Jet & Coulter Dinner/Recp

"Democrats' missteps creating a waltz for Bush campaign"

they called it "Rubinomics" , we once had responsible people in charge

Clark personally addresses Native Americans...

Bush is a "fine Southern Gentleman"

Rally to Protest 9/11 Hearings & Coverup - Wed. in Jersey!

Limbaugh says he's not a hypocrite

Rush on, arrogant as ever

Email from a friend in Iraq

A Review of Clark's glaring deficiencies on MTP Sunday...

New NH poll.

gentlemen, start your engines . . . it's the GoogleRace for candidates!

Watch Clark's fox interview.

Why George W. Bush will lose the next election (a must read)


Verify the vote- is your Senator on this list?

Has Rush blamed his addiction on his back today?

Clark's first campaign ad

What would the heroes of the civil rights movement say about...

Adam Smith's Invisible Slap

DU needs new moderators (and a few old moderators, too!)

What would Bush do to keep these men silenced?

Hinkley release attempt a quid-pro-quo?

BBV: Urgent -- Why HR 2239 won't work, what we need to do right away

JFK assassination: ten simple facts

AP Exclusive: Top Iraqi Scientist Flees

U.S. Strikes Alleged Iraq Training Base

Lessons of 1920 revolt lost on Bremer

Shiites Impatient For Vote in Iraq

`We told you so' of little solace for UN diplomats

U.S. Renews Ties With [oil rich/dictatorial] Equatorial Guinea

China cooling its economy

Republican Medicare Plan Faces Challenges

British Guantanamo prisoners set to be tried in US

Oligarchs Bow to Putin's New Deal

Media Tycoon Black resigns post at Hollinger


 Clark stands up for his positions and character

With Energy Bill, Industries Set to Cash in on Campaign Investments

Massive blaze leaves Egyptian port in ruins

Documentation of central spin control in Scripps newspapers

Shock-therapy U.S.-led restructuring of Iraqi economy is on shaky ground,

U.S. Plants: Open To Terrorists

Bush security swings into action

Earthquake in Alaska!

U.S. Raids Saddam's Hometown, Kills 6

US agrees to international control (NATO) of its troops in Iraq


Blair urges US to respond to WTO ruling on tariffs

Media tycoon Conrad Black resigns

UK man on the run after exposing bugging in Pak mission

Iowa Ruckus - The Draft-Hillary Camps Push Their Buttons, and Each Other's

Iran Denies Report on Iraqi Scientist

‘Paranoid’ US security push threatens future of transatlantic flights

Canada-U.S. disaster (9/11) drill a flop

U.S. must catch Saddam - and soon, Clark says (USA Today Interview)

Anti-rebel role for U.S. increases in Colombia

Sniper Suspect Muhammad Found Guilty On All Charges

Storm gathers over sky-high compensation for top Air Canada executives

Bosnia, Keen to Woo U.S., Considers Iraq Mission

Braun Hires Ireland to Head Campaign

AP Exclusive: Top Iraqi Scientist Flees

14 States File Suit in Attempt to Block New E.P.A. Rules

Dean Must Show Strength, Iowa Governor Says

Chavez’s Proposal for an International Humanitarian Fund Welcomed

W.Va.'s garment industry hit hard by free trade

Gadhafi's soccer player son skips chance to prove he's not on steroids

Democracy Aid '04

Planned Parenthood, ACLU challenge parental notice law

US Congress Panel Set to Vote on Energy Bill(Democrats to Seek Changes)

New Report Shows U.S. Job Losses from NAFTA-Style Trade

Alliance for Retired Americans Strongly Opposes Privatize Medicare

US firms told (by Bush admin) 'take UK jobs home'

Clark on Faux - video

Bush's poll numbers at new low - USA Today results just out

GOP chairman challenges independent efforts to defeat Bush


Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Attacks

Afghan civilian deaths blamed on US "friendly fire"

Kerry rips Dean claim in Iowa blitz (Attacks Gephardt too)

bush* Says US Forces Won't Leave Iraq

Business Inventories Rise Unexpectedly

FBI may collect juveniles' DNA

UK's Iraq envoy says military might not enough

U.S. Army Prepares for Iraqi stay until 2006

"Fortress London" readies for Bush visit

Big challenge for Miami’s ambition (FTAA)

Families Call Rally for 9/11 Hearings in Jersey - Wednesday morning

Mother kills raped daughter to restore 'honor'

Why Bush Had to go to Britain

More Investors Withdraw from Putnam Funds

Labor Department Delays Hurt Job Assistance Programs

Court to Rule on 'Enemy Combatant' Label

Lexington, Ky., mayor vetoes antigay council vote

Pentagon Signs Up 131,000 Iraqi Security Workers(1 day training for guards

Dean Leads Kerry in N.H. Democrat Primary

Dean launches campaign ad in Iowa criticizing Gephardt

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq - 419 U.S. service members have died

Davis Says Circumstances Beat Him, Hints of Return

Blair ally in poll threat to Bush

Gore Signs On to New Campaign

Hinckley Pushes For Homecoming

Bush to be cut down to size on London visit

Showtime .. Will Air 'The Reagans' on Sunday After Thanksgiving

Bush Protestor Chains Herself To Buck Palace Gates!

Bremer Says Saddam Is Voice of Past, Must Be Killed

Anti-Gay Teacher Fired

Skin cancer linked to other cancers

US Soldiers Kill Three Shopping Iraqis

AARP Endorses Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit (game over)

UK/Canada: Media tycoon Black resigns post

FTAA protesters start 34-mile march from Broward to Miami

Yemenis extradited to US

BBC: Italian group backs Iraq fighters

Bush Administration Prepares Strategy to Revamp Social Security

Study: Racism will make you stupid

Verdict Reached in John Muhammad Case (DC Area Sniper)

Limbaugh returns after drug treatment

Iraq Pipeline Bombed Despite New U.S. Protection

Clergy Group to Counter Conservatives

China blunt on U.S.-Taiwan stance

CNN: U.S. launches new offensive in Iraq

Rash of incidents hit Iraq's pipeline network

Italian Quits U.S.-Led Iraq Authority

CNNMoney: Terror futures market back in business


Kamehameha admissions policy upheld

I know it's serious and tragic and all of that, but...

How do you guys shake off Depression?

CA DU Meetup at Hermosa Beach Friday night

Time for a new Sealab 2021!

Hehe... spot what's wrong with this popup!

Catch tonight's new Sealab 2021 later tonight if you can

do you have oneirogmophobia?

This is key... K.. K104. Jersey's Kickin' Country!!! (Adult Swim Thread)

more vintage wolf speak

Near-Extinct 'Whistling Language' Returns

I've got a big bowl of Apple Crisp (apple crumble) in front of me........

JFK: Cased not Closed ---Just saw film I had never seen before...Greta

Funny little article

Why do offended people on DU call you a "Dean supporter"?

They brought Santa to his knees -- now they're testing Britney

What makes me sad every day

Rumsfeld has egg on his face

Cole me down on the pannie sty, my damie.

Who would you have voted for in the 1980 Democratic Primary?

Legal Warnings and Disclaimers

Washington State DUErs

Hubby 6 days from leave , hospitalised with disease.. then a wreck


Who on DU is a poker player?

Kiss me Bill, Kiss me! I love you too Bill, I love you!

What its like to be Hispanic in America

the COMPLAINT thread

Funny story about kid named after celebrities

In Fairfax, VA, you can get arrested for being a bar!

album cover art that never was . . .

EAGLES on a Hot Roll; Birds Vs. Pats in Super Bowl?

Doonesbury: Cheney's boys have hit town...

60% of Brits think Bush is Threat To World Peace

About those sex threads...

Send a Kitten..

Johnny Cash Memorial

I think the lounge is less crowded since sex was banned

My new family members

The Pacs over the Bucs!

What's it like to be Stupid in America?

The Meatrix

Need images and statements about Iraq

This is my poll. What do YOU think of my poll?

Hey Dean Supporters--Notice all the NEW Clark Supporters?

Shrubmobile One: join the dots

We're gonna get ya asshole

How many people here...

Anyone else watch Joan if Arcadia....

Women: what things about men do you hate?

Mondays 'IN' The Undergroundrailroad -- Monday, November 17, 2003

Favorite dead Sopranos character?

FARSCAPE creator addresses rumors

Congrats Will Pitt - You Win and I Lose

With much regret, I am officially leaving the 700 Club

Am I being scammed?

Looking for that armchair general republican comic

Need help removing free removal software?

Nlighten1 and Blue Jay- Phone Home!

Nlighten1 and Blue Jay- Phone Home!

The..Yankees The..GIANTS..The Jets..The..Bills. WHAT Is Going On.

interesting sports note-

Who else likes "American Dreams"??

Don't be such a sourpuss, CAPTION

American Music Awards--Call me old and cranky, but can

I saw two great movies this weekend My Son the Fanatic and Elmer Gantry

Anybody here successfully started a crabapple tree from the fruit (seeds)

A Public Service Announcement

The New York Post just surprised me

Hey buddy why so blue? 10 more days and we are in the clear

The official DU------ FORDHAM vs. TOWSON game week thread #1

The roadmap to CAPTIONS

Ohio State to be #2 in today's BCS

Fox TV's "Arrested Development"

Am I nuts, or was "SNL's" Will Forte kinda hot in that "sex tape" sketch?

Welcome to Brother Bus' Wholesome Family Funtime GROTTO!

Billy Bragg! Lester Chambers! Steve Earle! the Nightwatchman!

How The Hell Did THIS Get In Here?

Let us now praise John C. McGinley on "Scrubs"


Tell me everything you know about the Count from Sesame Street

Dancing Nude Has Advantages

I just got my special extended DVD version of The Two Towers!

CAPTION the fuzzy scientists and fuzzy economists

Anybody getting requests for personal info, ostensibly from PayPal?

What's up with ieamerica....

the guy from double dare takes on insanity

Brother Bear -- What do Canadians think of it?

The Mold House

today's new OxyRush advertisers 11/17

I think I'm addicted to the internet...

Class Act...

Green Eggs and Howard Dean!

Vote for MICHIGAN!!!!!!

Any Cheney Protest Reports from Rochester ?

Time to play- What am I eating?

Have you ever had a wart?

The Shield is better than the Sapranos.

Woohoo! I get to meet Chrissy Gephardt tomorrow

Michael Moore: Greatest Director Ever

How is Bush makeing America like communist Russia?

7th_Sephiroth Daily Poll:Ashkroft

The best fight song in college football?

'File Sharing Makes the Baby Jesus Sad'

Hey, was Mallard Fillmore ALWAYS a right-wing crank?

hmmm Should I do another job search roadtrip?

If YOU Were THE Moderator Of The Lounge

Any Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach DUer's want to get lunch

I want to have a DU meet-up in Asheville, NC

how creative are you?

Bad weather in Texas...

OK I'm confused...

Who follows discussions past the front page?

Need Photo Shopped Bush pic for Christmas cards!

"Love, Actually" and anti-Bush/Blair content...

I just got an invitation to my husband's cousin's baby shower.

Hey did the meetup go?

I met a bunch of evil DU'ers...ask me anything!

So...who all will be in Indianapolis on Tuesday for Will Pitt?

I love Magic Rat's new sig

The Modern Conservative

Good God! I'm addicted to DU!

This "American Chopper" show, what's the deal?

The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Ohio State fans

I got my Pap smear from a VT MD who knows Dean and Sanders.

Feeling under the weather today -- HUGE sinus headache

"If Michigan beats Ohio State, AWD has to......."

Nightly Michigan joke

Official BCS standings are in!

I am thinner now than when I ate less, should I be concerned?

If Michigan wins, will you vote third party?

Rush Limbaugh - The Arcade Game

Are Ohio State fans Bush-lite?

How do I add a .gif to my sig line?

Computer help needed....Internet connection......

Which country has the best national anthem?

***Pictures*** MY TRIP TO DC

What Would You Say Are The 10-Most Recognizable Sig Lines on DU

Neurosis...the band not the mental state.....

What is the best free blog that lets people post comments?

GAWD I Forgot How INSANE Working For Others Can Be!

Need cellphone plan help

I'm a Papa again!

Okay, I'm Not The Biggest Deanie In The World, But This Is Cool...

Let's hear it for the ugly women!

If I had 75 acres, I'd ________.

I haven't jumped up and down on a bed in years. Ask me anything.

Let's hear it for ALL women!

I am posting from Desertrose's computer

Anti-Spam Software??????....I getting so freaking sick of this crap.

Strange Brew, what do Canadians think of it?

Tell us about the strangest person in your town

What's it like to be a polytheist in America?

Have I become an eccentric old lady???

Tell Us A Totally Random Factoid About Your Life

I heard something very unusual about Wolverines on the animal channel

Have You Ever Been To A Pyschologist/ Psychiatrist ?

My 16 year old was jumped in school today...

Christopher Guest is a f***ing genius

How many books have you read in the past 12 months?

"Proud To Be An American" (rant!)

Stupid fscking van (update)


I'm wallowing in self-pity....ask me anything.

Bush Family in Exile - Where would they go ?

Name yer candidate, if you can!

EXCLUSIVE! Transcript from today's Rush Limbaugh show!!!!

What Do You Think Is Really Discussed In The Moderator-Only Forum?

I was diagnosed with Osteosporosis several years ago and have

what's your most insignificant fault?

Say it loud! I'm fat and I'm proud!

There was a WAR over Toledo???

DU needs new moderators (and a few old moderators, too!)

Oh sweet mother of God save me - I have Dancing Queen in my head

Who's the most famous / coolest person from your town?

Help-I was freeped at home by a TV Station Staffer.

“Get Neutered—It Didn’t Hurt Clay Aiken”

San Antonio and S. Texas DU people: Post-Thanksgiving party?