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Archives: November 21, 2003

Mad as Hell -- Memphis viewpoint

Did Blair say what I thought he said?

A turning point in the Iraqi mess?

W's Excellent Adventure as told by editorial cartoons

NY Post Gives JFK the Old 1-2 Punch

Protest Bush in Phoenix 11/25

Saddam and Osama tag-team match!

Astrologers: Escalation on Starlight News

Senate debate on Energy Bill is on now

Energy Bill; powered by Pork

Can't Creationists also be Evolutionists?

how to post uploaded image

How come there's no National Defense Service Medal avatar?

Would US-Israel Relations Be Different If Paul Wellstone Had Lived?

State sends bad check to peace activist shot by IDF

Kucinich Denounces U.S. Tactics in Afghanistan

Open Secrets

Inside the Clark campaign

Remember Florida 2000?

Bush today: "more troops in Iraq", spends $28 mil to gear up DRAFT in 2004

biased JFK poll

Alterman: For 9/11, Where is Fox?

Anyone have a link of the Bush statue toppling?

Bush Still Bests 2004 Democratic Contenders (is this spin or is it me?)

TUNE IN NOW!!! Dean on the Newshour Show on PBS

DiFi may back drug bill; "Moderate Dems could give Bush major victory"

"...but he's the only President we have right now"

Santoroum to talk about gay marriage ruling on Hardball

Kurtwood Smith (Red Forman of That 70's Show) supports Dean

Phil Spector/Michael Jackson/the Beatles

Wind Power

Ominous Economic sign in article on Greenspan...

Report from London Protest

If Daschle votes for the Energy Bill, how do we get him replaced?

my daughter called from school today

High-Stakes Tests versus the Draft

"they hate freedom"

Bush's approval rating should fall below 50% very soon...

Soldiers who test positive for drugs still being sent to Iraq

Steve Earle says STOP THE WAR

Clark......First in Virginia

Re: Medicare Bill. I went to a condo meeting tonight, with 60 "seniors"-

Olberman showed Trafalgar demonstrations

A doctor asked me today about the election next year.

How many of you are member of Americans United?

GOP Monitoring Lobbyists' Politics

On the topic of talking about candidates than your own

8.5 million in the 87 Billion Iraq Bill is for Miami protests

Some media. Some reporter. Some America.

AARP commercials are insulting!!

Media motto: Guilty until proven innocent.

Which nations are truly respected by "Middle America"?

Black Caucus doing the job in the House NOW on CSPAN 1--

Jeb removes official from office

(Video) Bush Statue being teared down- HE HE HE

I need to ask one thing about the ACLU

If Global Corps Can Buy the Democratic Party, AARP Never Had a Chance.

MJ back in VEGAS (((( yes yes yes Court date Jan 9 so enough already

Warning! Warning! Aschcroft on C-SPAN 2

Deleted message

Questions about Draft Boards

Convention Locations?

On The Charlie Rose Rose tonite - An hour with Noam Chomsky

C-SPAN 2 Ashcroft going after scandals that cost victims "millions"

Agreement Reached on H.R. 1904, the Forestry bill (Bush's logging plan)

A Thank You to the good people of Britain....

"Our mission in Iraq is noble, and it is neccessary"...CSPAN now

Will Iraqi freedom fighters honor Michael Jackson?

Noam Chomsky on Charlie Rose tonight

I just can't believe this coverage of Michael's sick!!

Does it really matter?

WMNF 88.5 (Tampa) pointed out NPR's capitulation to the Reich today.

Murdoch to Name Fox Exec to Head DirecTV -Report

Michael J. Fox supports John Kerry

Salon: Dean, sunny-side up

NAFTA / WTO some thoughts for those who say we need them.

Those explosions today in Turkey were huge. Huge.

The biggest distaste I have for the Dean campaign

How can we really win against the "Genuis" of Karl Rove?

question for Clark supporters – what do you think of the new blog?

O'Reilly - 25,000 marched in UK. Discredited Saddam-OBL memo

The Real Celebrity Justice Double Standard-Michael Jackson & Rush Limbaugh

Dean's false lead - tale of a former Dean supporter

BBV: David Dill to appear on call-in program on e-voting Friday AM Nov 21

What's the Source of All These Plastic Explosives?

"… if we don't kill them off, one by one"

ABC Nightline Thursday: Bush, Blair, and more attacks

Dean's New Southern Strategy - by Jesse Jackson Jr.

Lovenstein Institute: Presidential IQ Report

Larry King: "This is the largest story in the world." Can you guess WHAT?

What should we do about the drug war?

Australia: War Widow Excluded from Official (Bush) Ceremony

Ho Ho Ho Holinger & Richard Perle

Possible Theme For Al Gore's News Network - The "REAL" News

Who knew that the US Citizen Exam would be oral...And only FOUR questions?

Will are next Democratic president say the same things Nixon

Tonight: Noam Chomsky spends an hour on "The Charlie Rose Show"

Only 70,000, much smaller that the protest against the war

Dennis Miller lives in Michael Jackson's area (ODD ISN'T IT?)

Would the bombings in Turkey have occured

I have just seen the saddest thing the world has ever seen

CNBC: Robert Kennedy vs. CATO Institute dude on environment.

Caption Bush - UK Guardian Contest. C'Mon DUers!

So, for those of us who thought that the media reporting the truth on Bush

BBV: CSPAN - Hoyer and Hastings discussing HAVA

oppose Republican energy bill with free fax to Senators

Good news for Kucinich supporters

Whats up with the Plame/CIA leak? Seems to be DOA!

Who would you choose as Senate Democratic Leader?

Remember when all we cared about at DU was beating Bush?

The Iraqnam Rag -- "Yeah, come on all of you, big strong men...

London protests, what did they really accomplish?

BBV: Paper ballots nationwide imminent -- watch this space

British War Victims Comfort Laura Bush

Teresa Heinz comments on Dean, Clark & her husband's sagging poll #s

Statement by the 9-11 Commission - November 20, 2003

Afghan govt still faces legitimacy crisis

Tobacco-state lawmakers want to put buyout plan on end-of-session spending

Congress moving toward sending Syria sanctions bill to the president

Turkey becomes frontline state in war on terror

Nuclear Board Said to Rebuff Bush Over Iran

Al-Qaeda Logistically and Spiritually Bankrupt: Prince Turki

How US Kept Aus. in the Dark--Sydney MH--New World Media Watch

Lax Security Found at Many College Labs

Roll Call: Ney Given Power to Subpoena Leaders of Democratic 527s

Calif. lawmakers cool to Schwarzenegger bond plan

200,000 march against Bush in London

U.S. court OKs wrongful death suit vs gunmaker

GOP to Run an Ad for Bush* on Terror Issue

Shades of media circuses past: News networks blanket Michael Jackson story

Interior Dept. to Open Alaska North Slope

Miami Vice

Bush says more troops, spends $28 million to reduce DRAFT time to 75 days!

Congressional negotiators agree on forest timber plan

Rush detects a conspiracy [New York Daily News... rush shows paranoia]

GAO Study Finds Work Patterns Don't Explain Pay Gap Between Men, Women

Funny Letterman Clip on Arnold

*Headline* northwest gets 3,000 posts, Other DUers don't notice

Let's send them to China

If you would like to channel someone...

Is that a frikkin' shark with a frikkin' laser beam attached to it's head?

I have two little boys and I just shampooed my carpet...

My 1000th post! It has been a pleasure and an honor meeting all of you.

What is a "greedophile"

Congratulations to the old, new and returning Mods.....

Oprah brown-nosed "Friends" today on her show

Does Bush look medicated?


What can my country do for me?

if you could be any tree in the forest, what tree would you be?

For Alien Girl: Your Racist Friend

Michael Jackson Mug Shot

A big THANK YOU to whoever gave me my star!!!!

another rich day of royal CAPTIONS

Joyce Meyer...ever hear of her?

How Do You Think Animals Really Feel About Humans?

Unfreep this poll on gay marriage

Which would give me more $$$ on ebay:

Thanks to whoever gave me my star.

Do do do, Lookin' out your back door - what do you see?

Is it better to give a star on DU?

What's A Hemi, and why is it so great?

There Are 40 Threads On This Page

If You Could Choose What Happened To You After You Die...

Just curious... (last post for the night, I swear!)

Who else resents being pushed into political conflict?

Chuck Norris' stunt double saves passengers in burning plane wreck

Pancakes, Waffles or French Toast ?

What song gets you all jazzed up about next year's election?

Wow, PBS show on Kennedy shows how he was HATED in Texas


Just received a picture of * in the mail - what should I do with it?

Michigan is gonna whup up on the Buckeys this Saturday

Hi!!!! I'm demsRus. Sting gave me a welcome!!!!!!!!!

What's a really butch name?

too early to tell for sure, but it looks like Peter Jennings . . .

I became a blood donor today... Ask me anything.

a free software project worth checking out.

does Bush look afraid?

JFK's murder. Was it a conspiracy by:

California to London, November 20, 2003: A special thanks

A sad story about a childhood friend...

Clean or Dark?

Does Nancy Grace from CourtTV drive anyone else insane?

How cute is my ass??? (With regards to MagicRat's new found decency)

Mick Jagger's Daughter Hanging Out!

Sexiest Dead Man Poll

Micheal Jackson's black???

How many of you NEVER found 'Friends' to be funny?

Scuba Diving Stories, Questions, Pictures etc.

Are you sick of hearing about Michael Jackson?

Ignore this Ayn Rand Inspired Bullshit thread.

Have you ever been in group therapy?

Jay Leno : GOP shill

yay 200 posts...

DAMN !!! Anyone watching ER ???

I hate to tell you this...but Khephra will soon be leaving DU

No O-Zone Hole? C'mon...

Post your STUPID pet stories here!

Do You Have The Guts To Change Your Username To Your Real Name?

Bush is a ________

If a coworker was cheering when he heard Wellstone's plane crashed,

Just once i would like to be the gun dungeon moderator.

Wow, where does the time go? 30th Anniversary of my first

Autograph collectors--whatcha got?

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire (Bush Doll)

I haven't been to a Movie Theater since 1993

Where does the soul go when we die?

We of the media...

Favorite song on this list.

Dowd: The Buck House Stops Here

Polly Toynbee (Guardian Utd): Blair's black day

Crimes Against Nature

Botetourt (Va) sheriff's deputy demoted

Mission Accompli--BOOM! (toon)

Salon: Max Cleland: "The President Ought to Be Ashamed."

Massive energy bill avoids biggest issue: how much oil we import

Steve Lopez - A Car Dealer's Kind of Governor

The party of personal responsibility strikes again.

US Giant Attacks Aussies

Editorial which proves the Orlando Sentinel is still right-wing

BBC: Genocide book reveals West's failure in Rwanda

Remembering those who died fighting for lies

For Dean's brother, Laos was beguiling, deadly


Common Sense - Resistance to the Patriot Act is growing

Bush leaves Blair empty handed

Molly Ivins: Smell something fishy?

Chomsky on Charlie Rose now! (12M EST)

American press is shameless: This is a sicko nation.

Noam Chomsky interviewed by Charlie Rose - mp3 & quicktime vid here

Handling the Bullies

Fixing elections again, eh Jeb?

Nashville, TN DUers: come see my band at the Sutler sat night!

Just so you know...

Asking For Evidence

CARTOONS! The "Fish & Chimps II" Edition

last Johnny Cash CD

Iraqi family project - Do you need translations?

astrology ethics

Giant Floating Purple Pills

Zimbabwe Budget predicts inflation of 700%

ExxonMobil to book $2.2bn gain (GOP orders IRS to cave re 74-90 taxes)

Retirement Savings acounts, reares its ugly head.

Bush connection to the developing POG scandal.

Scientists find new whale species

Reefs at risk after Disney film

Bobby Kennedy, Jr notes Bush's more than 200 major environment rollbacks

Germany unplugs nuclear facility

`Irrational' China should mind its own business: Tsai - TW

Father Knows Best - What Bush 41 said about Iraq

I May Not Be Around Much For the Next Few Days

Appeals Court Reinstates Wrongful Death Suit Against Gun Industry

Greetings and Salutations denizons of the J/PS forum

1994 AFB- Assault Features Ban

GUNS IN THE NEWS--November 21, 2003

I've been out for a few days

Argh. I have to ask a dumb question you've answered 10,000 times.

Skinner, will you please post this event on the Home page?

Suggestion: How about some editorial cartoons from DUers

An ex-Mod is attacking me personally in I/P

Why Is The "I'm shutting down all the sex threads." Message Still Pinned?

How about a NATO Service medal/ribbon avatar?

Why is this dupe post in I/P not being locked?

'Editorials and Other Articles'

Can we arrange a memorial fund for birdman?


Holy crap!

Are the abundance of Polls dragging down DU?

Am relatively new, and have a question....

Palestinian Authority Textbook Calls for Jihad and Martyrdom

Who are the freedom fighters?

Religious right relishing Road Map's collapse

His Conservative Connections Help to Put Novelist on Best-Seller List

The separation imperative

Twilight Zone / `I punched an Arab in the face'

the age of terror

Koinonia Humanitarian Award Honors Peace Activist

Attacks on Turkey Try to Sever a Bridge Between Islam and West

Local groups giving Qaeda strength, analysis finds

Dean's New Southern Strategy

Kerry refuses to criticize Bush on Schiavo decision

I just got a notice that Dean's book is in the mail

CNN: Clark says Bush harming relations w/Europe

Senator Mary Landrieu for VP, some thoughts...

Dennis Kucinich's electoral record against a Republican incumbent...

Poll: PA falling out of favor with the president

Cummings expected to support Dean

Clark interview w/Dan Rather on 60 Minutes II

How Democratic candidates should respond to questions on gay marriage

Dean's Sights Already Set on Beating Bush in '04

Dean Maintains Lead As Kerry Slips Among Democrats in New Hampshire

If you're tough on President Bush, you're soft on terrorism- Denounce Iraq

Trippi/Dean response to Bush's ad campaign

Energy bill still up for debate, Who voted how

100 Days to Change America

Kerry's National Steering Committee


Clark on the Letterman show last night

Spoke on behalf of Clark camp at Project Impact event

Hypothetical extrapolation of the latest polls

Ad Shows Bush As Leader in Terror Fight

Kerry grasps underdog role and vows to carry fight

Dean Maintains Lead As Kerry Slips (ARG-NH Poll)

Kerry is Democrats' "straw poll" winner

Thinking of donating to Dean?


Dean lies...again.

Deception by omission (Editorial)

Kerry impresses Tallahassee as "extremely presidential"

Study on Dean supporters reported by Globe

Clark wouldn't be running if Gore were running (so he said on Letterman)

You know, wouldn't it be wonderful if...

Clark's Background Echoes That of Clinton

"Howard Dean is the lapdog of the militant homosexuals"

Clark Comments on Effects of "No Child Left Behind"

DU Primary Straw Poll

The "Dennis Kucinich is Unelectable" applet, version 0.9a

Side Effect of the "Heroin-Like" Oxycontin: Anorexia (Rush)

Hi!!!! I'm demsRus. Sting gave me a welcome!!!!!!!!!

CSPAN - Delahunt and McDermott just tearing up Perle's comments today

Should We Start Planning For the Repub. Nat. Convention?

Hard, Sad Facts About the Abuse of the "Heroin-like" Oxycontin (Rush)

Dupe, sorry.

G.O.P. to Run an Ad for Bush on Terror Issue. (amazingly awful read)

Michael Kinsley on the GOP's geographical chauvinism

A government safely trapped in bubbles

Ted Koppel now on

Breaking: Fish streaming now...ask me anything

Et tu Gallup? * popularity numbers crashing even amongst the

Anti-war movement "still growing" The news you don't get in the USA

Micheal Jackson's black???

Censorship?...can't access Reuters anymore...

Awsome Quotes from London Protesters!!!!!!

Proud to be an American: Part 2

The Pledge of Allegience: Revised

Dean is almost there on No Child Left Behind

Weird- found on Fox News website

Jon Stewart Nails the Media

State Visit A Flop

Peaceful protests in Miami today

Have We Created A Real Al Qaeda? Fulfilled our own prophecy?

Neocons and Bush - Voice of the free market, YEAH RIGHT.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words: A Response to the President's Speech

need undisputable links on corp. welfare

An AARP rant for you whippersnappers

CSPAN schedule for today: Sounds like a good day

Look at this AOL Poll on Bush's Foreign Policy

Is there a link to the PNAC proposal to Clinton in 1998?

Should the constitution apply to non citizens?

Courtmartial of Soldier in Iraq...?

Could Johnson have won in '68?

Bush's show of stupidity with the Queen

The greatest danger to the Government

Senate Cloture Vote to Occur on H.R. 6, the Energy bill, at 10:30 AM

To the people in Penn, why do the voters continually

Wondering "Why Turkey?" Here's a possible reason

Want to see what Ohio Republicans are up to????

Wesley Clark on Letterman

Dem. leaders and the same as GOP scum! Watching Bush/Blair smiling

If Clark becomes President, 2 Rhodes scholars with a dummy in between

What qualities do great leaders share?

Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll results

need help with DU mechanics

American press is shameless: This is a sicko nation.

hahaha...I can't believe that Taiwan has only had 2 democratic elections..

Have You Ever Been in a Serious Fist Fight?

"Shock and Awe" meets "Shock and Hee-Haw"

Wow...Nightline starts with a bang

Vote for Michael Jackson-Free GD forum HERE:

Does anyone have a link to pictures of Bush effigy being pulled down?

These young Republicans who are calling up have no clue

Things were not so rosy in London today as yesterday...

Michael Jackson's mug shot

For liberals, there are three absolutes

NewsFlash, Republicans to add 40 million to Medicare drug benefit

Local agencies feel like road kill (SacBee r.e. VLF rollback)

Bush going to have lunch with Blair at a Pub...

"This is the worst national administration I’ve ever lived under (Dukakis)

The attacks in Iraq appear to be getting more sophisticated

Boomers, AARP's sell-out is about you!

Editorial job market = financial, medical, and other forms of prostitution

Leader of Peace Movement suspected of child molestation...

"The president ought to be ashamed" Cleland on Salon

1968 Democratic race for president--who would you have supported?

check out this buzzflash link about dead in Iraq

A week of Kennedy coverage

Arrested "Naked Photographer" Lawyer for Ohio GOP House Speaker!!!

any FTAA protest news this morning

"Why do freedom loving people fear you,even hate you in great numbers?"

JFK vs. RFK - a question

Texas GOP Senator Ratliff resigns over redistricting flap

Michael Savage on London protests

Does anyone have overhead footage of Miami Protests yesterday?

History Channel a must on Saturday

Anybody see these parody websites?

Urge your Senators to Filibuster Energy & Medicare bills! Link below!

Gen Franks discusses the possibility/probability of martial law

Kucinich on MSNBC this AM: Did you hear that idiot ask Kucinich

Turkey Bush vs. Chicken George

The Homosexual Menace: NEW This Modern World

Censorship vs Boycotts

should we ask for UN election observers for the 2004 election?

When did Bush say this?

Bush's "popularity" with the majority of Iraqis - a thought

Support the Pres no matter what! - Get it in writing!

cancelled primaries...How will they affect the nomination process?

Gen. Franks Doubts Constitution Will Survive WMD Attack

Here comes Bush

Army Reserve families are getting propoganda CDs in mail

Wolf Blitzer:"but how long of a process is the country about to endure..?"

I'm currently reading "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown . . .

Patriot Act Expansion Moves Through Congress

RNC airs commercials in Iowa

Dirtbag who bombed flight 103 in posh Club Fed

Bush Addresses Empty Seats - Photo

Chimp's support in PA softening.

States Finally Emerging from Red Ink

Rank the Candidates (Depth of DU support)

1.5% of the U.S. pop. identifies its religion as "Moorish". What is that?

Hey Dean Supporters! Did you get your pin?

They made Michael Jackson do the perp walk?

Anyone wanna help rebuild Iraq?

Why Was $8.5 million Miami protest taken from $87 billion Iraq bill?


Do you think John Hinkley should be paroled?

Al-Qaeda are the US govts greatest ally

Energy Bill Blocked!

Elect a Democratic President and Democratic majorities in Congress...

Rick James just admitted to sleeping with kids

Research Proves Stock Market Does Better Under Democratic Administrations

My letter to the NJ political establishment re: BBV

As a former member of AARP, are there any other similar organizations?

Energy Bill Successfully filibustered! Frist has voted NO so it can come

Dixie Chicks interview on the Today show (Jamie Gangel) 6:35


Fox News? A rant.

Will Pitt: nice article today.....

i e-mailed selective services


NC for Kerry?

"Scholars Discover Parts of New Testament" -- AP

Hollinger Int. Scandal reveals who leaked Plame's identity

When George W. Bush ultimately meets his maker I will...

Dupe -- Got That Strange Error Message Again

Fairness Doctrine- is it coming back?

Find out how your Senator voted on the Energy Bill today

Limbaugh: "Retirees are 'Human Antiques'"

Deleted message

Right wing General says martial law is coming if we get a WMD attack

How would you feel if you had to vote for Clark? Dean?

Guardian: JFK Conspiracy Solved

FTAA Protest day two

Anybody else grossed out by the live Jacko coverage?

So tell me about Senator Jim Jeffords

Anyone Catch Durbin's mistake on the floor today?

Republican ad attacks Presidential candidates.

Wellstone Conspiracy by JFK expert

Skinner campaign needs some help Illinois DUers needed

Wow! Did you just see Senator Byrd? Amazing!

Attack idea. Go after Rove, Perle, etc.

Need link to thread about DOD press release debunking Feith memo

The 20th Century's Worst Crime Goes Unpunished

What's the perspective on JFK 40th of under 40 DUers?

Repugs writing off Dean as nothing more than a made-for-internet candidate

Bush ad may be a feint

Where do foreign leaders rank on a US political scale?

Tom DeLay to raise money for childrens fund...and the GOP convention

Maytag to Ship 1,700 Illinois Jobs to Mexico !

Anybody watching the House now?

Right wing radio station ridicules JFK death.

To all the unaware new DUers...a great gift of Liberal Radio 24 hours

Crossfire coming in a bit

Floridians, looks like Dean will be in Orlando on Dec 6 for convention.

Judy Woodruff kissed up to Novelli, no one to counter, easy questions.

Four Days Left to Stop Federal School Voucher Bill

Serious Question about Impeachment...

Congress passes Smirky's logging bill

If Seniors Can't Punish AARP for Selling Them Out, We Are Doomed.

The Happy thread

Wow. The freepers are getting eaten up on the AARP board

modesto stickin it to wal-mart

Move on Donations. Get the money moving

JFK Assassination Archive Question

Iraq enters a new phase, "Donkey Cart RPG Attacks."

Have you guys read the Iraq expose in the current New Yorker magazine?

Al-Qaeda's targeting of Muslim nations

How about playing some offense, for a change?

Forty years

Gotta admit, those Brits really know how to have an intelligent protest...

How has being anti-Bush improved your vocabulary?

The A-Team

Just hit me: AARP and the K Street Project

What's the big deal about internet sales tax?

GOP runs ad impugning Democrats' patriotism. MoveOn to answer.

General Dubya says: "Fall in Soliders!"

will the latest Baghdad rocket attack spur the search for "WMD"

Convince Me of LIHOP

What? Republicans selling out senior's to Drug and Insurance...

Randi Rhoades is talking about the protests

Emergency in Miami Friday- Protesters Gassed and Shot with Rubber Bullets

Lolo Hall of Shame, The Number 1 Lolo of ALL MANKIND?

When did Arab become a "race"?

Remember when we used to have such great fun at DU with the Chickenhawks?

Clinton releases list of his 21 favorite books

Best Canadian Prime Minister

I need help finding a link!

Dean was in support of invading Iraq

Why did Rep. Pelosi use a negative backdrop?

Miami Update

I saw JFK 40 years ago today

Dean gets Public Employees Federation endorsement

Help Dean Raise Money to Counter GOP Ad!

Be good Iraqis or this US General will cut off their electricity

Critical US energy bill crafted in secrecy

ARGH! Anybody else think this letter is a wingnut plant?

GOP ads touting Bush should wait until Turkey blows over

Did anyone see Clark on Letterman last night?

Clark's Background Echoes That of Clinton (AP)

Do we have to let W back into the country?

They are mentioning SNOPES.COM on CSPAN RIGHT NOW!!!!

Democrats must oppose the "Bush* Doctrine" and the terrorism it inspires

Economic MumboJumbo

Who thinks this BC toon is a religious slur? (Wish I'd have poll rights)

ABC News: Two Army Pilots Could Be Court Martialed (Reserve Pilots)

Why Islamicists targetted Turkey

What is DeLay doing about the FCC regulations deal?

The Most Dismal State of the Union (for DUer birdman, who has died)

AARP Condemned 'Astroturfing' Last February & Republican Pharma Bill

First Moveon and now Dean

War critics astonished as US hawk admits invasion was illegal

Donkeys of mass distruction.

Skinner snags supervisor post long held by Republicans !

Another Drug Rush Wants You To Try !!! (One Of His Sponsors, I Swear)

Consumer Union's Response to the AARP endorsed GOP Drug Plan...

AARP Members : Resign Now!!!

Implantable Credit Cards....Mark of the Beast Alert!

Dean is unelectable.......or electable?

Dean's response to Bush ad

Woodruff and Blitzer are "simplistic" thinkers.

Halliburton Corporation defeated by rocket-launching donkey

Gephardt Uses Dean's Words Against Him

Has anyone noticed how all network news programs

What happened to the attacks in Iraq reported last evening?

New Hampshire Poll: Dean same, Kerry down, Clark up...

What Does Freedom Mean to You?

Filed formal complaint against AARP with AG

Kerry's Vision of 100 Days to Change America...

General Clark is great on Letterman

I, (state your name), vow to post no Michael Jackson news in GD

Bush drops to 47 percent in Pennsylvania, according to new poll

Joe Conason of Salon on AARP's endorsement of GOP Medicare bill...

Paul Krugman on AARP

It's amazing how polarizing a figure Dean is among Democrats!

Great newsletter, covers AARP very thoroughly....sample page.

$400,000,000,000.00 defense spending vs. Donkeys with rockets.

The Fascism is getting harder to hide. And harder to fight.

Mystery Surrounds Death of State Dept. Official - John Kokal

Will military service or lack there of be an issue in next years election?

Did anyone see the Bush IQ debunking on CSPAN this morning?

will anything less than "revolution" bring us back?

Fish & Chimps II: The CARTOONS.......... (feel the love)

Crimes Against Nature - by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Need A Good Online Source for The First Thanksgiving

Question about the use of "Allah" when not speaking Arabic...

* takes 5 personal chefs with him to UK!

take a look at the money behind the energy legislation

Clark says ( again) that the Republicans stole the election

CNN says republican men are shorter than democrats

Born-again Christians have higher divorce rate than the non-religious?

Describe the worst chickenhawk you have ever met

Tommy Franks speculates Martial Law?

Will racial profiling become nessecery?

is the United States "backwards" ?

Class action against AARP?

The Media & Kucinich: Deception by Omission

I love Karl Rove --- AHHHH

Irish plan anti-war protest at Shannon Airport on December 6.

WOW Dean already raising $$$ to slap Bush Co hit ad on dems.

Dean should be ready to be assaulted in Monday's debate....

"Has the Democratic Party moved too far to the left?"

Conversations with an Ex-Hawk

Why did Carter lose in 1980?

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - growing economic inequality in the U.S.

Terrorism, Inc. (Al Qaeda Franchises Brand of Violence…)

Dean, sunny-side up

Dean team to meet Georgia supporters

Dean's New Southern Strategy

Overtime pay changes focus of Congress' budget battle

Republican governors meet to celebrate, talk of policies and politics

Terrorism Panel Subpoenas Tapes From New York

G.O.P. to Run an Ad for Bush on Terror Issue. (amazingly awful read)

Muslim rioters burn 13 churches in north Nigeria

Bleak Outlook for U.S. in Iraq, Says Blix

'Villagers contracted HIV by selling blood' - China

83% back plan for gay marriages (UK)

Muslim carnage trials halted - India

City (Cleveland) Layoff Announcement Expected Monday

Deleted message

Fletcher Wants C-J's Questions In Writing

bush* Heading to Blair's Tranquil Home

Bush, Blair Say Iraq War Is Not Cause of Attacks

S.D. Clear Channel in inquiry,Company says Justice Dept. scrutinizing its

Iraq - 2 Hotels Attacked

U.S. slams UN watchdog, suspects Iran still lying

Bush Takes Country Trip as Attacks Reverberate

Sharp drop in anti-US attacks in Iraq

Top Russian diplomat pushes for U.N. weapons inspectors' return to Iraq

GOP lawmakers pay dearly to get Bush on ballot (Illinois)

Protesters? What protesters, asks Laura Bush

Illinois Supreme Court curbs police powers in car searches

Gov. Fights Plan to Lift Smog Rule (Schwarzenegger)

Guardian Coverage of Bush's visit to Sedgefield Update

Criticism Delays U.S. Adoption of Sierra Forest Protection Plan

Ohio’s ‘naked photographer’ nabbed (Republican lawyer)

US Backed Mayor of Fallujah Resigns

Fox News: Iraqi Oil Ministry Building hit by rockets, on fire...

Howard Dean's Minnesota presidential campaign begins

Hungary says US troops kill Hungarian man in Iraq

Gen. Franks Doubts Constitution Will Survive WMD Attack

Opponents of energy bill build steam in Senate (Specter undecided)

Common Sense - Resistance to the Patriot Act is growing

Senate Fails to End Energy Bill Filibuster (Yay!)

PLA Breaks with Oslo Accords...

Rockets on donkeys hit major Baghdad sites

Orchard to sue over merger (Globe and Mail - PC/CA merger)

Energy Vote

Freddie Mac Admits Exaggeration

Booby-Trap Kills U.S. Soldier North of Baghdad

House Could Vote Friday on Anti-Spam Bill

Japan Resort Refuses Leprosy Patients

Bush Meets More Activists in Sedgefield

'Naked photographer' charged in candid camera capers

G.O.P. to Run an Ad for Bush on Terror Issue

Kerry refuses to criticize Bush on Schiavo decision

Cardinal Law More Visible in Rome

Ark. Court Strikes Down Judge Reprimand

Exxon rep: CO2 output to rise 50 percent by 2020

Trade Tensions Mount Between U.S. and World Ad Slams Bush for Job Losses

US Military Dismisses Iraq Attacks

Turkey, Closely Allied With the West Finds Itself New Target in Terror War

Senate Approves Intelligence Bill Expanding FBI Authority to Demand Busine

Dean wants to invest $110 billion into early childhood education

Dean's Sights Already Set on Beating Bush in '04

Pro-Chavez Petition Tests Venezuela Poll Climate

Work on N. Korea Nuke Reactors Suspended

DNA Test Frees Pa. Inmate After 16 Years

U.S. Pastor Returns to See Evangelical Church Thriving in Cuba

Treatment of Canadian 'symbol of post-9/11 excess'

Another filibuster??

Real Bush 'At Odds with Media Caricature'

Internet Access Tax Battle Heats Up in Senate

U.S. Commander in Iraq Says Insurgency Homegrown

MD Governor Ehrlich: "gay marriage is an oxymoron"

Poll Finds Many Fear Bush Has No Clear Plan for Iraq

U.S. Tones Down Position on Taking Iran to UN

UK says bombs won't hurt Turkey's EU bid

Schwarzenegger Embraces Environment Ideas

Placards and pub lunch for Bush in Sedgefield - Guardian Update

US Govt Warning Of Chance Of New Al Qaida Attacks –CNN

Ambassador Nominee Sees Saudi Progress

Colombian Authorities Make Kidnap Arrest

Orchard, Tory stalwarts launch lawsuit against Alliance merger 'coup'

Kenya Charges 9th Suspect in Hotel Attack

Georgia Opposition Gathers for 'Peaceful Revolution'

Kalashnikov Opens Rare Public Exhibition

Overtime Pay Dispute Stalls Spending Bill

Presidential Financing Overhaul Sought

Watered-down pan-American free trade plans could hurt Latin America's big

Martin may visit Washington in January . Canada's new PM . . . .

Hollinger CFO Found Disclosure Problems


Yahoo buys Chinese software firm

Mayor: Capt. Will Not Be Paid

Bush Meets More Activists in Sedgefield

Bush Says Turkey New Front in 'War on Terror'

Group mounts defense of (Gitmo chaplain) Yee

BBC (Friday): Many wounded in India mosque bomb

Blind Woman Loses Discrimination Lawsuit

Duplicate post. sorry

Bush losing support, (Pennsylvania) poll says (Scaife's paper)

Agency, govt backpedaling on SDF dispatch to Iraq

Travolta saves trapped students

Bush Takes on Terror War Criticism in Ad

Governor: Pass bond or raise taxes (Arnie rejects reductions in social pro

Magazine Says Qaeda Vows Big Strike by February

Al-Qaeda warns of new attacks as Turkey makes arrests over bombings

Members of Iraq authority in bribes probe

Terror runs in the family

259 police officers booted out for breaking rules

US-China trade further frayed by pipe-fitting duty

Eurex moves closer to U.S. futures operation

Rights group questions house demolitions in Iraq, Pentagon denies collecti

Toronto stocks end lower as health issues plunge

N.Y. Times 1932 Pulitzer Won't Be Revoked

Iraqi Insurgents Displaying Ingenuity

Senators Spar Over Internet Access Taxes

Britain's Times launches tabloid

Istanbul bombings cloud Turkish EU hopes

Congress Approves Intelligence Bill

New US bill would give "first asylum" to North Korean refugees

U.S. Rips Iran for Nuke Program 'Lies'

Free-Trade Deal Differs From Original

Enron Granted More Time to Address Plan

Microsoft Settles Tennessee Class Action Lawsuit

Where's Hillary? Not on New Hampshire Ballot

Churches And Rights Groups Condemn Arrests

MI6 ran 'dubious' Iraq campaign (BBC/Ritter)

Colombia's Pres Loses Majority Support In Congress-Report

U.S. detonates "mother of all bombs" in Florida test

EU is ready to hit back at US in steel tariff row

Freddie Mac: How We Hid $5 Billion

U.S. commander in Iraq says insurgency homegrown

Rumsfeld Pushes U.S.-Backed Satellite TV in Iraq

Georgia Opposition Revolution Turns to Parliament

Al-Qaida warns of Tokyo attack if Japan sends troops

Four killed, 20 injured in grenade attack on Baghdad alcohol stall

The Repubs stole the election, now they're trying to steal Patriotism by

A New Report about Iraqis killed since the invasion: Moving on is impossib

S.F. has nation's highest syphilis rate

Mexican on Oklahoma Death Row Gets Life in Prison

Democratic Presidential candidate Clark Criticizes Bush's Foreign Policy

Zogby: Giuliani Beats Schumer in Senate Polling

California requires electronic voting machines to make receipts

Court Revives Suit Vs. Gunmakers

Protesters Say Miami Police Overreacted

Christian Missionaries rouse Sri Lankan Buddhists' wrath

Bomb Attack in Iraq Kills U.S. Soldier, Army Says

Imminent Expansion on Patriot Act

Newspaper confuses Daschle with Saddam, had him calling U.S. "evil ones"

U.S Envoy Says Guantanamo to Free 24 Soon

Lieberman slams Bush, Dean for positions on big business

Panel Finds Flaws in FBI Bullet Analysis

Green Onions Linked to Hepatitis Outbreak (I love mexican food)

Republicans Running First Bush Ad in Iowa

Investors at UN Summit: Disclose Climate Costs

Iraq War Will Be Long and Costly, Admits Rumsfeld

Ailing Cardinal Sin succeeded as archbishop of Manila

Fed attempts to jumpstart economy through increased sales of U.S.-made....

The Energy Bill has been blocked in the Senate

GOP Att'y suspected "naked photog"

Jonathan Brandis Dies at 27

US energy bill portions could end up in funds bill

11/21 Gen. Franks Doubts Constitution Will Survive WMD attack

Majority Opposes Same-Sex Marriage

US forces kill Hungarian student in Iraq

Congress OKs bill to cut wildfire threat

U.S. warns al Qaeda could attack soon

U.S. General Says Bin Laden 'Out of the Picture'

State Tells Counties to Establish Paper Trail on Electronic Voting (CA/BBV

Barrick Decision Stuns Bullion Markets

Appeals Court Reinstates Gun Lawsuit

Do you think I should reveal my real name (thanks for the idea, Magic Rat)

You get what you pay for.... (

My clinical psych prof opened class today with...

"the great dictator"

Who would Micheal Jackson endorse for prez?

Family guy bush bash 2

John Stewart Rules!

Hey. Do You Ever Send Your Self A Private Message In Your Inbox.

The 1994 Nissan Pickup XE is the best vehicle ever!

Taiwan adds "Devil" to the title of the Gropenator's movies...

Funny mistranslations of English movie titles...

Things I'd rather do than pass a kidney stone...

Alton Brown Makes It Ok To Play With Your Food.

Smart purchase: West Wing first season on DVD

Rush Limbaugh Remembers: 1950's Nostalgia Drugs!!!

OK. I Just "Discovered" the Band "Guster" This Summer.

the Big O

Totally blue tonight...

One fluffy houseshoe....

I'm going to sleep now...ask me anything!

Speeding Up Iraqi Self-Rule

It's 2:59am and I can't stop watching this West Wing DVD set

Mall Religion

My cat yelled at me!!

I just bought a bunch of Dennis Kucinich's books.

Het Magic Rat

Every time I shut my eyes I see Michael Jackson's face

Passing the Doobie on the left side>>>?

Whoa....* had some stage fright, looks like...

Prank calls

Here comes another one!

Celebrities who did not know the mic was "live"

Songs that make you cry. . .

Do you think I'm too serious?

The Screwfly Solution

Cat scratches....

Some Britons Shocked at Queen's Decor


No! Resist the urge!........but do CAPTION

Frodo and Sam on a quest for a CAPTION

AP confirms death of Jonathan Brandis

Tomorrow morning, I have a job interview....

Honky Tonks, Hymns, and the Blues

Something for Cthulhu fans and kitty fans (from

I forgot to stop smoking yesterday.. Da*mn, now

Good (FRIDAY) Mornin' DU!

EEEEEEK! A mouse!

Wesley Clark on Letterman

I'm home now, and can smoke in my own house Ask me anything!

If Clark becomes President, 2 Rhodes scholars with a dummy in between

Have You Ever Been in a Serious Fist Fight?

Is it safe to talk about ER now? Did it finish playing on the West Coast?

Studs Terkel

It's 4:45 AM.... why am I awake?

Tonight I cleverly avoided a $5000 profit in Las Vegas

My mom's surgery yesterday went really well.

Trivia question- How many different denominations of coins has the US Mint

35,000 user registrations

Okay who let W take the controls of the plane again?

Michael Jackson's mug shot

For liberals, there are three absolutes

What's a Good Thing to do on your Birthday If you are broke?

Does anybody have the guts to change your real name to your username?


Ayn Rand, I know most of you dont like her but I wanna her thoughts

How is your Trapper Keeper Portfolio doing?

Dimbo Is Back In School Now

Airhead's In London

Who here is going to either the New Hampshire or Iowa primary/caucus

Tonight on FOX!! When Donkeys attack!

For liberals, there are three absolutes

DU poetry fans - Help, please.

What Continent do you live in

I just shoveled mine and my neighbor's sidewalk! Ask me anything!

dupe, sorry

Chopstick In Mans Head For Five Years

any producers/directors in the house?

Wesley Clark on Letterman

new OxyRush advertiser McGonigle's Market

Watching Tommy Thompson

I'm wearing my semi-skinny jeans!

Great site devoted to the 419 African scams

Anybody see these parody websites?

I'm going to New York!!

Is this bar open? Do you have a big table?

HBO's Sex and the City

Should LynneSin reveal Victoria's Secrets??

Mississippi cat survives ARROW through head!

What do you think Bush will do when he loses in 2004?

Small Business Software Recommendations?

Blair to Bush: "It's bleedin' football, mate. FOOTball. F-O-O-Tball."

BUCKEYE FANS, add your favorite Michigan joke

I seek ...martial arts knowledge

Not To TOOT My Own Horn Or Anything But I Have 2003 Posts.

Python Attacks.......SWALLOWS Woman

Dem nominee vs. Lyndon LaRouche, Jr.

Does This Seem Suspicious To You?

Never Mind

How hard are the GRE and LSAT tests.

This is really sick... Kobe and O.J. Defense Collide

Two Buckeyes Charged With Disorderly Conduct

Michigan v Ohio State voted best rivalry

Anyone else have a weird sense of inner peace with Bush gone?

There's something off about this article and photograph

They made Michael Jackson do the perp walk?



Jonathan Brandis, Actor Dead at 27 yrs old...

How is your portfolio doing?

Should ZombyWoof reveal M.A.T.C.O.M Secret's

Happy birthday, Stan Musial!


Anybody else having Thanksgiving lunch at work today?

Just For Men

Have you ever seen a UFO?

Defective gun...But no one has ever returned one for a refund

Confederacy of Dunces THE MOVIE!

I know everyne is tired of this..but my God..

Favorite Nintendo game

Which 'Lord Of The Rings' Character Do You Most Identify With?

Have You Ever Worn The Same Pair Of Underwear Twice Without Washing It?

Attn. Directv Subscribers

Rick James just admitted to sleeping with kids

Can anyone think of a reason why I shouldn't do this?

Anyone play MOHAA online?

DOH' I just blew the speakers in a work car

Worst Canadian Ever?

I have proof that Michael Jackson is guilty.

Michael Jackson POLICE CHASE!!

I have a massive cold and am high on Nyquil...

Ok- apparently The Cat In the Hat is REALLY BAD

Henry Rollins may be Funniest Man Alive...

Who else re-arranges the PolSci section in Bookstores???!!!

Favourite 70s/80s Home Video Game System?

Rick James just admitted to sleeping with kids

HiRise Dwellers & Workers - does your building have a 13th floor?

So the vet kept Benny overnight.

new OxyRush advertisers Edward Jones, AstraZeneca, & McGonigle's Market

I slept right through my class today! Ask me anything!

Suggestions to deal with sore throat

Is The Trashmen's "Surfin' Bird" The BEST SONG EVER?

Any Seattle area DUers need extra Ashcroft protection?

Do bunnies make good pets?

Ever hear about this organization? Heifer International Foundation...

Is Rose Royce's "CAR WASH" The Best Song Ever?

The Black Iron Prison

Sci-Fi Movie Challenge: Latin mistranslated into English

Most creative cursing sentence?

I am cooking for my wifes whole family for thanksgiving

Favorite Massively Multiplayer Online Game...

"I want you to go upstairs.... and kill the boy!"

They made Michael Jackson do the perp walk?

For one brief,shining moment.....

Well folks, it just got worse. (my health)

Is Tom T Hall's "I Like Beer" the BEST SONG EVER?

When horseplay is no laughing matter

Have you ever been the first to answer to a DU poll?

Radiohead rocks!

What's More Satisfying?

Favorite Atari 2600 game?

Who's sick of these "best song ever polls?"

Is Paul Anka's "Having My Baby" The BEST SONG EVER?

Abandoned Post. Feel Free to Hijack

Man Stuffs 9 Rattle Snakes LIVE Tails In His Mouth - Breaks Own Record

Is Wayne Newton's "Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast" The Best Song Ever?

Stupid Juno (rant, sorry)

What Easter Eggs are on The Two Towers - Extended Edition DVD?

How do you thank a DU'er for being there when you needed him?

Jayne Newton Am I the only one that didn't like him? No offense

WOW! The VP of My Organization Just Called Me

Hehe.. CNN...


Lets here it for Social Workers

Real names. Who cares? For the people that post in the Lounge

Join Classmates Guys

Does anyone else HATE that Free Country Clothing

Is power sexy?


From my "I have no idea" file - The Peace Rug

Sen Rasheed Mohammed: Please Go Away!

Rush Limbaugh, "Terrorist Donkey's in Iraq are Democrats"

Is "Delta Dawn" the greatest song ever.

I am at my destination finally

Did you ever want to apologize to your parents for your teens....

30 Chilling Minutes

Anybody else get this message?

MusicTVStar is (she said Mean) 16!!!!

"I Keed" by Triumpth, the Comic Insult Dog

Austin area DUers: Invite to come hear me sing

Bush-Blair Sex Scandal (NOT A "SEX" THREAD!)

HUGE resource of photos, cartoons, posters, satire for you

Victoria's Secret Discovered

Guess who just found out they are going to the OSU-Michigan Game!

new Hannity advertiser Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

The Family Guy May Return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many restrictive diet will be accomodated at your Thanksgiving

The Happy thread

Follow up on the lump

Photo Proves Saddam 9/11 Connection!

Noam Chomsky on Charlie Rose Now.

Hey everybody, what do you think of my new sig line?


Favorite Number From One to Ten

If I had a microchip in my body...

How do you uninstall AOHELL from the computer?

The Last Song To Get Stuck In Your Head Was.....

Which Dr. Seuss classic will be violated by Hollywood next?

Are your cat(s) and dog(s) friends?

Has the internet slowed down for anyone else?

Nine fighter jets just did a strafing run on my office

What am I to do?

I'm watching the Aqua Teen DVD!!! Let's do a thread for Aqua Teen quotes!!

Did anyone here ever play "Acrophobia"?

Is the Runaway's 'Cherry Bomb' the best song ever?

Have You Said "I LOVE YOU"...

Your Favorite Jackson:

What would you do now that Franks said the Constitution wont live

Why I'll never be a vegetarian

What is your brand of soda?


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Can an atheist believe in reincarnation?

Is it unusual to take a really long time to get your college degree???

And now something entirely frivolous. I hate fish cooked with it's head on

Need help with caption.

Can anyone possibly decide what the GREATEST SONG EVER is?


Is Springsteen's "Born to Run" the best song ever written?

Goldie Hawn is (gulp) 58 today?!?!?

Have You Ever Been in a Serious Fist Fight?

Hello, DUers!

BREAKING ON MSNBC: Donkeys involved in todays attacks said to be

Hello! Anybody here that I know?

Where are our pre-DU2 Bookmarks, are they gone for good?

I am cooking my whole family for thanksgiving

CBS Cancels "The Regans At The Neverland Ranch"

further bus came to town!

Were these 4 people seperated from a bizarro birth???

remember the song "Suzanne" by Leonard Cohen?

I can't believe those idiots voted off...(SPOILER)

Daily Show host....

Oh, my eyes...!! (Warning - graphic photo)

Addictive television shows.

Question to atheists about morality

Why the hell do you Yanks own Alaska. It should be ours. Give it back!

Time for Another "Worst Song of All Time" Thread

My heart is Canadian/European but my body is in the US

Yaaaay! I am getting a new fridge!!! How sad is that?

I'm preparing to kill a mouse. Okay?

DU Doggie Parents....Let's get to know each other...

I just threw my cats (2)

GOP Babe of the Week: Katherine Harris and Ann Coulter make the list!!!

Who the hell drinks non-alcoholic lager - Bush does!

Who is the most nauseatingTV evangelist?

WHERE IS CATWOMAN??? She Has A LOT Of Splainin' To DO!!!!

He's 5'11 and weighs 120lbs????!!!!!!

Favorite Pork Product.

I'm devasted and I can't stop crying.

WA folks - it's Apple Cup Week

Think you can do a better job than the media? Media law test!

Best Joss Whedon Show? (Buffy, Angel, Firefly)

Michael Jackson (I would like your thoughts on this)

DU has lost a great friend: Mike McArdle, AKA "birdman"

What is Rabrrrrrr's role in the universe?

Attention DU gourmands: Post your BEST Thanksgiving recipes and tips here