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No apologies from the Dixie Chicks - On top of the world once again

The 9/11 Cover-up

Deception By Omission

Clift: Dean’s Gay-Marriage Nightmare

General Electric - GQ Magazine p 232 (not on line)

The Bubble of American Supremacy: by George Soros

What if Michael Jackson is INNOCENT? What will the media whores do then?

What is the meatrix?

Panel Finds Flaws in FBI Bullet Analysis

Beretta being sued over dumbass kids ( always check the chamber stupid!)

How long after a post can you edit it?

Can we get rid of the religious icons?

I have been told to us spell check

Clark Challenges Secretary Don Evans on Manufacturing Job Losses

Nominate a fellow DUer for Montana LT Governor

Kerry kicks off Bus Tour with 100 Days to Change America plan

Is "My candidate for Pres=Your candidate for VP" an insult?

Democratic Debate on Monday Nov 24 2003 on MSNBC


Anyone watchin the Kennedy special on MSNBC?

We are doomed?

In regards to "scientific polls" take heart -

Are the numbers on correct?

First Bush Ad in Iowa Ad Accuses His Opponents of Being Soft on Terrorism

TAP: Diggins Blows Apart Neo-Cons as Big on Talk, Weak on Action

Bill Bradley's campaign manager joins Dean campaign as senior adviser

Christopher Lydon interview with Joe Trippi (re: online populism)

an idea for a campaign commercial

BushCo threats rise to take overtime pay from millions

Can someone get me Written transcript of Clark slamming Fox?

GOP Babe of the Week: Katherine Harris and Ann Coulter make the list!!!

George Bush, Inc. versus Mexico

Mom and I always agreed on Politics - She likes W.Clark too!

If you budget your expenses

WOW Did anyone see this?

which candidates do you "like"?

Urgent... needing info in regard to the Medicare bill

Gary Hart on CNBC's Capital Report now, 9:38PM

Statement of Senator McCain On The Energy Bill

The ONLY Michael Jackson Thread You'll Ever Need

What will George W. Bush destroy during Act II?

Drudge - Dean not eager to serve in Viet Nam

AARP versus NEA

Congratulations Democrats, Liberals and Progressives

D.C. Primary: Dean still in, DC slapped.

Anybody watching Olberman?

Holy Mackeral .......Ted Rall...check this out:

Illinois Democrats cut deal with GOP to allow Bush on ballot

What if JFK were shot tomorrow?

Instant Replay: proles's brillaint work

Curious about Gender on DU since National Polls Do It!

Let's take a look at the AARP boards

Kucinich takes on Diebold

MoveOn ad campaign submission (posted to the Dean blog by its creator)

Medicare bill status?

Is the entire Bush cabinent Christian?

On the terror watch list and you want to buy a gun? No problem

Do you think that Bush could order the use of nuclear weapons?

Wellstone mental health parity bill gets the go-ahead! Thanks DUers!

State Party Conventions

Rub shoulders with Wes Clark in Chicago on Sunday

Remember when we all cared about our right to protest?

Dean polarizing 80, Dean draft dodge 80, Martial law 50, AARP sinks & "The Guy James Show" team up

Take Action: Miami Police Arrest Democracy Now! & IMC Reporters

AARP's Novelli founded outfit that did the Harry & Louis propaganda.

BBV----VIctory In CA

On the 40th anniversary of Kennedy's death I want to say I greatly admire

Why do people keep saying he's unelectable?

Kerry's National Steering Committee announced

Dean's online video response to the RNC's ad

From where did your family come when they immigrated to the US?

Please advise a hardworking Dem


Could someone please explain why this Medicare bill is bad?

FBI Changing Gun Background System to More Closely Check Terror Watch List

Secretary Rumsfeld Town Hall Meeting (DOD)

24 Guantanamo prisoners to be freed

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq - 424 U.S. service members have died

BBC (Friday): Arrests over anti-Mugabe e-mails

Religious leaders opposed to Bush found political group

Foes of Bush overtime rules abandon effort to kill regulations

China reaffirms N.Korea ties ahead of nuclear talks

Baucus hit by criticism of Medicare bill

White House Said to Prevail on Overtime Work Rules

US pre-emptive strike ability said not hurt by Iraq

Dean used obscure back condition to get out of military draft

Porn In The U.S.A.

Senate committee tasks Army with morale review after Stripes’ report

Report from Jail Solidarity - N21, 4 pm (today in Miami, FTAA)

DeLay Subpoenaed in Texas Redistrict Case

France, Russia, Germany Want U.N. in Iraq

TV shows Briton on EU riot charge 'is innocent'

Army Is Planning for 100,000 G.I.'s in Iraq thru 2006-why DRAFT needed to

Analysis: Iraqi CPA fires 28,000 (Bremer fires 28K Iraqi Teachers!)

Wrath of seniors hovers over U.S. Medicare debate (3rd rail of politics)

BBC (early Saturday): Chavez supporters bid to sack MPs

U.S. calls for probe of Georgian elections

China tells U.S. not to encourage Taiwan independence

I USED to like Anderson Cooper...

OK, now I've seen everything. Car S&M and domination.

Check out this forum .....

how many rights to Dr Seuss are owned by Hollywood?

Rumsfeld Deploys Street Gangs to Baghdad

Does webmail time out?

Hilarious comic!

Why we're losing the war

Can you use a ticket to a play if it has been torn up?


If you like RPG's and Star Wars

So what is the reason...

joke:The Queen & George Bush

"Thank you for your time, David."

The ONLY Michael Jackson Thread You'll Ever Need

Can Re-incarnated People, Or Their Relatives, Believe In Death?

If the "constitutional" anti-gay amendment comes into effect, ALL GLBT...

So, it's Friday night. What should I do?

The ONLY Michael Jackson Thread You'll Ever Need

Best Buy and ageism?

I started two threads in GD. Ask me anything.

3 hours sleep last night, throat is raw... NyQuil, TAKE ME AWAY!

Your Recommendation Solicited

I'm drunk on Grolsch & getting hammered by a lesbian intellectual

The B52's "Private Idaho" is THE best song to do housework to.

Oh my god! I did it, I did it, I did it!

Canadian DUers: What qualifications does Canada require to be a teacher?

Semi-obscure rock music trivia

Oh....My......God.....this is worse than the mug shot....

Look, evil government employees, laid off by our great leader

GOPisEvil COMMANDED me to go with my gut - my gut says martini!

Who else likes mulled wine on a frosty night?

Shot of La Boheme Absynthe and a spot of Sugar...ask me anything!

Who's the Democratic Babe or Hunk of the Week?

Friday Night Movie Chain Fun!

How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors?

What's the most un-Christianlike thing you ever did at church?

The Alternative Michael Jackson Thread!

For All the gays that think they need this "Marriage" me...

I hate not having cable TV

I have 3000 what?

What does George Bush eat?

If you could eliminate one holiday - which one would it be?

It had to be done sooner or later, so here goes....CAPTION

I'm afraid of people

Those of you outside the US: What brings you to DU?

A true American hero, facing the machine for freedom

I am going to be on live TV cooking a turkey

Longer-Lasting Erection Drug Approved - It lasts all weekend. Wow!

look at this re-designed dress of Laura's

shop on-line??

OK, I am doing this poll again...where did your family come from?

Favorite band from the 90s?

Julian Borger (Guardian Utd): Leftwing candidate reclaims the flag

Salon: The Man Who Solved the Kennedy Assassination

Kinsley: Attack Geography

SO LONG, Y'ALL - Junior

NYTimes AWOL on W*'s AWOL

Dean's New Southern Strategy

terrorism is a technique, not an enemy state

Guardian : A war that can never be won

Burst the Bush Bubble: Before its too late...

Three November Days

Dean campaign sticks with core issues

EITHER AMERICANS CHANGE GOVT - or the world will do it for us!

Quagmire Accomplished

Fred Kaplan (Slate): Low-Yield Nukes-Why spend money on useless weapons?

Attacks on Dean Expose Democrats' Shift to the Right

Cheney leaves his host city in the lurch (Buffalo News)

Salon: Kennedy, Vietnam, and Iraq

jonathan alter's repulsive JFK "memory" in newsweek

Did the Republicans bomb Turkey?

Ann Coulter is a Man - Confirmed on Boondocks

Producer and journalist arrested in Miami taking pictures!

Sweatshop essay contest, must be 25 or younger


Why I'm nominating Thomas Roeser for Top 10 C.I. this week

Required Reading: Moyers on Media and Democracy

Maureen Dowd's Latest Column...

I've been thinking a lot about death this week.

Happy Thanksgiving ~

Gays may be marriage's salvation

Kids R Us closing before Jan. 31; 3800 jobs lost

Japanese develop world's first walking chair

US would accept referendum and a new Taiwan constitution, senior official

China tightens its rules on Internet address managers

Hong Kong critics say space pioneer is Beijing's pawn

Eritrea withdraws from African Union

Eight migrant workers killed - India

China's rising grain prices could signal global food crisis

Journalist reports mass discontent in Iran

Ending The Cuba Travel Ban--A Strategy For Next Time

Idiotic AshKKKroft Policy Changed

Gun violence prevetion group says straight reauthorization of AWB ..

Left for Dead in a Saskatchewan Winter

4 threads on Dean draft dodging active

What is happening to our DU???

Is this subject line misleading?

Thanks guys! DU is still amazing.

Column One: The emperor's old clothes

Palestinian Survey Shows 75% Support for Suicide Bombing

Hollinger Woes Casting a Pall Over Future of Neocon Papers

Sharon to remove some settlements

EU body shelves report on anti-semitism

Less Land for Less Peace: The 'Gaza Only' Solution

Militant Condemns Symbolic Mideast Peace

Seeking an Alternative to a Jewish State

New apartheid orders: 11,400 Palestinians need permits to live...

International day against the wall

What the GA delegates won't see.

FLORIDA, the election play, by Dale Reynolds

Clark: "Repubs stole the [2000] election"

Good For A Giggle - The New Bush Campaign Ad

Bush ripe for green revolt ;article worth reading

Dennis will be in the L.A. area Sunday, Nov 23

Bush could be absent from ballot in Illinois?!?!

A Soldier's Story.....The Nation reviews Clark's book

Indians enamored of Dean despite his refusal to pander to them

EDWARDS Picks Up Backing In O.K.

Kerry remembers Kennedy, attacks Bush

Dean Opens Campaign Office in Fargo, North Dakota

Dean on Foreign Policy, Sealed Records, Attack Ads, Re-reg and the South

Howard Dean's Anger

Gephardt TV ad accuses Dean of Iraq double-talk

a politician of protest, pandering and pessimism - or leader of principle

Why Dean can win the general election

Illinois Dem's want to look at redistricting congressional seats

33 Years Later, Draft Becomes Topic for Dean (NYT)

MSNBC debate...fair & unbiased?

Kennedy anniversary: which candidate is most like JFK

Vermont Native American leader calls Dean's overtures "a joke."

HUGE resource of photos, cartoons, posters, satire for you

in less than 10 hours Dean is more than halfway to his fundraising goal

The AARP webmaster is deleting posts that

Protesting against terrorists/insurgents...?

How far right is a right-wing source?

Disney made anti-nazi cartoons?

on C-Span 1, Republican and Democratic callers both against AARP positon

Last call, NYC DUers!

Just on Malloy - What about the leaker?

should Dean bring up Bush going AWOL ?

CNN L.Dobbs had some jerk saying Bush made a great speech in Britain

I'm posting Medicare debate updates.

a question for any lawyers

Energy, Medicare Bills Would Put $Billions in Bush Donors Bank Accounts

Sites for Bush AWOL info.

I didn’t have anything to do with choosing any draft deferment.. Yet Dean

House is now beginning voting on the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill!

Wesley Clark needs to hire Joe Trippi. That would end BFEE.

How will the *administration be remembered in history?

Great Website/idea

Which is a bigger group, "Swing Voters" or "Disgruntled Democrats"

CSPAN: Callers overwhelmingly negative on Medicare bill

Question about FLA 2000 prompted by "Unprecedented"

What happens when you start putting your party above your nation???

Salon: The man who solved the Kennedy assassination

What happened to Arianna Huffington?

Colonel West- right or wrong?

if the Dean "draft-dodging" story were really all that big a deal…


Medicare Debate--Thread 2

The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush - Is it for Real?

The Queen of England is a Horse's Ass! (William Farish, Nazis, etc.)

Re: Medicare: Charles Rangel kicked BUTT on CSPAN

Final vote on Medicare is near

Bush vs. Saddam vs. Clinton vs...?

Who really runs America?

this is obscene – Medicare Bill discussion thread #2

Prescott Bush and George Bush Senior Supported Family Planning!

Just found out who is taking polls to gauge opinion in Iraq

Congress Shocks and Awes Seniors

Robert Kennedy, Jr. at National Press Club, 11/21/03 on C-Span video

A Very Clever enemy who know that we don't have best intelligence in World

Assassin attempt had bomb close to Kennedy in 1960

DUer as Lt. Governor of Montana?

Salon: Kennedy, Vietnam and Iraq (JFK had decided to withdraw fr. Vietnam)

What if JFK had not been killed on this day 40 years ago?

NY Times – 2 Sides of Clark on Stump: Passion and a Lack of It

From Allen Boyd's (D-turncoat) website.......

Turks are not too happy about being the new battleground against terrorism

Zell Miller autographed book sells for a whopping $31.00

I'm taking flowers to the JFK memorial at Dealy Plaza

Medicare Rx bill — How much pharma industry spent, what they will gain

How do I get them to want to register to vote?

Kennedy, LBJ, What the Conspiracy has to do with today - Bush....

Sure signs that The Revolution has begun. ?

Praise the Lord, it's a liberal clergy group!

Question about Balanced Budget Amendment

EXCELLENT article in Nov 22 issue of New Yorker

Senate in Session 10AM in attempt to Ram Drug Bill Down Our Throats!

Looks like the AARP membership doesn't agree with their prez

The following Congressional Dems should be blacklisted from Appropriations

Chomsky on Newsworld Int'l NOW

BFEE Stole Your Vote 40 years ago Today!

BBV: Additional Co-Sponsors for H.R. 2239 (11/21/2003)

2 Repub votes against drug bill switched after call from Bu**sh**

Favorite JFK quotations: Hope and Inspiration as We Continue Our Struggle

Who thinks that dems will "vote with their feet" regarding AARP??

High water mark for the American Fascist movement

Anyone noticed a spate of conservative pro-gay marriage editorials?

Randi Rhodes show Saturday BEST OF reminder!

we need to start calling republicans names, and no I don't mean repuke

Post wrong Forum Please disregard.

New RNC Ad Reveals Bush Election Strategy

The AARP is to seniors as Mayor Nagin is to Blacks...

Do more of us believe in JFK Assassination Plot today?

"Images from war haunt wounded Franklin man"

Contact the Senate at

Republicans have 'GOP' - let's give Democrats a nifty acronym!

Saturday Morning Poll Numbers....interesting

Remarks by that "Liberal" they murdered 40 years ago today

Angry callers abound on CSPAN Washington Journal now

My Mom just sent me this joke...

How many of us remember

The medical industry in general

Bush readies more tax breaks (Oliphant - Boston Globe)

Frist on CSPAN

Need help for a Republican & Indi's against Bush meeting

Penis Enlargement Web Ads Prompt Calif. Spam Rage

Congressman Kucinich left campaigning to vote on HR463

What if Michael Jackson is INNOCENT? What will the media whores do then?

HeadsUp--Senators debating Medicare right now

If the dems had all just left after they cast their votes

WOO-HOO The Medicare bill is a dead duck! So Gavel It Already!

some British to help defeat smirk in 04

Perspective: GOP 2000 debates

Will Fire Fighters no longer get overtime?

Pilots in Iraq Face Court-Martial for Voicing Concerns About Aircraft

Can we keep the polls open indefinently on election day?

Sign DNC Petition to Protect Medicare

bill for Bush's pub meal at the Dun Cow Inn

Stories about Pinkertons -- anyone have any?

Justice Kennedy denounces "anti-Muslim ignorance"

Dean's statement on the anniversary of JFK's assasination

Poll - Highest Degree Obtained

Pennsylvania poll results

Major props to The Daily Howler

The House of Representatives ...are there no RULES

A Daring Proposition: Democrats Need to Say Now Their Plan

Remember the republican hatred of Clinton?

Care to send Young Conservatives of Texas a message? DU this poll

Executive Order 11110 tells lies

Selective Service Site: "Include women" -- they WILL draft female health

If the people only knew....

CNN: "Most Crowds During Bush* Visit 'VERY SUPPORTIVE'"

We WILL lose our liberties, even with Liberal Presidents & congress.

Please let us go home for Thanksgiving?

AARP was not only wrong lately but on this issue as well.

Trying to make a difference

What happens to the war on terror

I am so angry about the Medicare issue! Yes vote means no vote from me.

New website for democrats -- it looks good!

Who the hell drinks non-alcoholic lager - Bush does!

C-Span showing the protest in London

Alliance for Retired Americans

Where's that TRADE WAR?!!

The London Anti-war Rally

Did * stiff the pub owner??

I have flat feet and terrible vision - ask meanything!

News from the War on Terror

If my Kids were about to be drafted I'd ship them out of the Country!

You would never see the "Superstars" of the NBA doing the NHL

Margaret Cho and Jerry Falwell duke it out

JFK and the Legacy he left us...

I thought the Republicans were all for smaller.............

Look at this CNN Online poll...What is the most important news story?

the days the demise began

Hockey guys outcass basketball 1000 times to one,.....

Brooks: The Power of Marriage

A Must Watch Documentary - The 2000 Presidential Election -click link to

Overtime is OVER! WHY is this not a top story?

GOP wins House battle over Medicare bill

FBI on the look-out for "extremist elements" in anti-war movement

Rebups ALWAYS kill the economy (my comments & nyt article)

What is the Unions responce to repealing over time pay?

Is voting for the Medicare vote reason enough to vote against Democrat?

AARP accused of conflict of interest - USA Today - Insurance company front

C-Span 2 Frist on invoking cloture Kennedy going to

Iraq suicide bombers kill at least 18; first missile hit on plane

M-16 Rifle May Be on Way Out of U.S. Army - It don't work. Looks pretty

Thinking Out Loud: Effective Emotional Appeals Liberals Can Use?

Jesse Ventura's show on MSNBC now, (7:00 EST)

Wesley Clark for Secretary of Defense!

What will Bayh do in the senate re-medicare?

11/12/04: Bush Declares Emergency As Democrats Name Gore President

Clark on C-Span right now

EU squelches anti-semitism report because it would expose anti-semites

The only surviving member of the Warren Commission is... Gerald Ford???

So, If Gephardt becomes President of Iowa........

GOP, Authoritarianism, and Herman Goering Tactics

I Witnessed Legal Child Abuse Today....

SF Mayor Race: "Mud flies over rumored Green Party invasion"

If Daschle leaves Bush alone through the 2004 election, I am certain...

Health Care Nurses and Doctors to be DRAFTED when DRAFT starts (2005?)

Robert Kennedy Daschle "This is the time to die with our boots on."

Head of MILITARY DRAFT: Drafting computer experts, linguists a PRIORITY!!!

Deleted message

When will we stop fighting each other?

Here are the Democrats that voted to pass the (anti) medicare bill

Have we lost the War in Iraq?

Silencing Democrats?!? On C-Span 2

What is this "War on Terror?"

I will be watching today, Kerry, Lieberman, Edwards !

'Uncovered: the Whole Truth About the Iraq War' will blow you away

Washington, Jefferson, Wilson, Madison, Harrison, Tyler

Coulter has totally lost it.

We must now flood the senate

Indians enamored of Dean despite his refusal to pander to them

Help me here. What is a Log Cabin Republican?

Trailer/white trash are derogatory

WSWS: Reflections on the 40th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination

Miami Protest Pics

Dean website spends too much time soliciting funds

Tear up your AARP membership card

On Dean, Clark, and pragmatism

John F. Kennedy: "I'm proud to say I'm a liberal."

Was my father a WWII draft dodger?

Senate minority leader

Clark04 Ad Blitz – Mission Accomplished!

Infections, plagues, boils and cancers on them all

Kerry to skip Iowa debate for Medicare filibuster; Edwards may too

This week should have been a slamdunk for the Democrats,

Do you support the re-redistricting of Illinois?

why everyone in Iraq is getting sick (including our troops)

What Will it Take to End the Extreme Partisan Hatred?

Guy James Show starting at 3pm! The TBTM guys will be on too!

Statement from Dean regarding the back condition that kept him from draft

More on suicided State Dept. employee (John Kokal)

The ABC, JFK assasination special.

An open letter to DU: I am to blame for the state of the Union.

IL GOP blows chance to guarantee Bush on the ballot. . .

CIA's Richard Helms on Lee Harvey Oswald

So here I am, sitting on the messdecks...

The Medicare privatization pilot program may never be implemented

How do you rate yourself Politcally

Pro-lifer catching heat

If pukes cry about welfare, why don't we counter with "corporate subsidy"?

What's with this SEIU controversy?

Dean gets busted in Gephardt ad.

Would You Risk Your Life to Expose The BFEE?

"How to stay out of the military" (Must read - especially ages 16-20)

About discussions of Michael Jackson

welp..... no more dean for me

For Most Britons, Bush* Is a Sight Unseen

Baathists, Once Reviled, Prove Difficult to Remove

Army Is Planning for 100,000 G.I.'s in Iraq Till 2006

Report: Police Station Bombing In Iraq Kills Six

(Texas Tech) Prof says he didn't know shipping plague to Tanzania illegal

Special Registration for Arab Immigrants Will Reportedly Stop

Turks plan silent 'peace protests'

Peru president proposes reparation plan for victims of human rights abuses

Senate blocks sweeping energy bill

Prescription Drug Bill Hangs on Roll Call

Hong Kong vote poses threat to Beijing

Malaysian editor fired after irking ruling party

Transport plane lands at Baghdad Airport with wing on fire

'Toy' mini bombs kill two boys in Kashmir

Mosul Sees Rise in Deadly Attacks on U.S.

Two Car Bombs Explode, Killing 14 in Iraq

U.S. diplomat says panel is too soft on Iran

RIAA smells victory

2 Bills Would Benefit Top Bush* Fundraisers

Congress OKs Plan to Cut Wildfire Threat

Commander in Aceh denies torture claims

Qaeda planning bio, chem attack: UN report

HSBC, Canadian bank apply for license in Iraq

Bush hints at sending more troops to Iraq

Record Label Sings New Tune (Giving rights to Artists AND Consumers)

Donkey bombs new Iraqi weapon

Medicare Bill Defeated!!!!!!

Journalists arrested for spreading 'false rumours' - Rwanda

Royal Wings suspends only commercial flights to Baghdad

Dangerous Fallujah Suddenly Grows Quiet (released AFTER deadly bombings)

Burst the Bush Bubble: Before its too late...

Ashcroft, feds grab credit for computer bust

Suit seeks to block Missouri River levee

Religious Leaders Start Political Group to Oppose Bush

US Army to Keep 100,000 Troops in Iraq to 2006-NYT

Lawmakers, White House try to complete work on big spending package

Rocket Explodes Outside Hotel in Kabul

Friend of Italy's Berlusconi Convicted of Bribery

CNN BREAKING: Georgian Protesters STORM Parlament

Family Members Visit Kennedy's Grave

Pastor Returns To See Evangelical Church Thriving In Cuba

NYT | 11th-Hour Bills Irk Lawmakers Left in the Dark

Police hold activists but discard property

'Bush’s ‘cowboy diplomacy’ cause of terror attacks’

Miami syphilis rate is among top 10 U.S. cities

Lobbyist found shot to death in burned home spoke of fear

Iraqi Shi'ite Leader Survives Baghdad Attack- Son

Bush and Blair part after trip of few wins

Iraqis Shut Out of Lucrative Rebuilding Deals

After historic vote in House, it's up to Senate to determine fate of Medic

NYC to Challenge 9/11 Commission Subpoena

Bush Calls Turkey a 'Front' in War on Terror

Jessica Lynch's book #1 on NYT list

Ron Kovic on C-Span-1 right now. Catch it if you can

Two Car Bombs Kill at Least 14 in Iraq

Car bombs hit Iraq police stations-Airliner hit by surface-to-air missile

Michigan topples Ohio State, 35-21

Republican-Led House Approves Medicare Bill

(Illinois) Legislature lurches to wild finish

House Passes Landmark Medicare Drug Bill

White House Wins Fight on OT Rule Changes

Wavering US House lawmakers hear from pResident (anti-Medicare bill)

Republican Governors Discuss Strategy

Senate Mulls House-Approved Medicare Bill

U.S. Softens Position on Iran Over Nukes

US warns that terrorists could target Japan

DHL halts Iraq service after 'hit'

PM Says Bombers Were Turks, Protesters Rap US

At Least 17 U.S. Troops Have Committed Suicide in Iraq; Army Seeks Answers

Debbie Stabenow now speaking

33 Years Later, Draft Becomes Topic for Dean

Chemical terror plot foiled in London

U.S. Pressure for Help in Iraq May Have Made Turkey a Terror Target

US Issues al-Qaeda Warning

'Rumsfeld just as bad as Hitler was'

E-Votes Must Leave a Paper Trail

Breaking - Drudge - FBI collecting data on anti-war demonstrators

Frist calls for cloture on medicare bill, Kennedy will filibuster

TIMECNN POLL: Most Registered Voters Would Choose Bush

Bush hails 'fantastic' trip to UK

Iraq Picks American as Ambassador to U.S.

First Genetically Engineered Pet!

GOP chiefs oppose gay nuptials

Bush*s Remark About God Assailed


George's 'cheapo' guitar gently reaps a fortune

Designer creates man's luxury garden shed


There *is* no "best song ever written." Give it up!

Hmmm, forecasters predicting snow in MN

Noam Chomsky Was On Charlie Rose Last Night

(clears voice and sings) "ALL BY MYSELF - in the DU chat room"

The most legendary post from Will Pitt - A Blast from Philly

Am I the only one that finds "mutt" and "mongerel" offensive?

What do you think the quality of my polls are going to be in the future???

Gawd TV is crap tonight. Don't ask me anything. *pout*

My niece's Civics teacher snapped in class today

C-span is kicking butt

jazz fans . . . ready for the next Oscar Peterson?

The Opus Interview

Today was like the perfect day here in Hawaii

How a true politician should speak.

and for that really-hard-to-shop-for friend . . .

Great Website/idea

Why can't I get this poll function to work

Who's going to win the big Michigan-OSU game Saturday?

The republican conglomerate corporate media...are they at fault?

Fun with freepers on the Yahoo message boards!

Bernie ward ripping apart fundies again!

When they do the In Memoriam segment at the Oscars this year,

Nanci Pelosi was awsome!

peace out all

Ann Coulter action figure

Which Canadian city deserves to get the next NHL team the most???

Where can I find Buddy Christ?

Hitler action figure and other truly ODD pictures

Death Trivia

Pet health tip, and warning:

Does anyone take Omega-3?

Could someone who speaks French comfortably PM me?

Photoshop tutorials..

Letterman: * & queen in common - both in power without being elected!

The "General" election

Rock & Roll Hamsters..

For the auto parts experts - getting rid of an engine

Pot Found in Green(Brown's RB) Home

Gutenmorgen-Demokratischer Untergrund!

What's the difference between Osama bin Laden and * ?

Thought for the Day

Any British DU'ers or AB-FAB Fanatics out there? Question....

"As the world burns" A weekly DU soap opera of the week in revue

***SHUDDER*** I put up my first holiday lights last night! ooo Ooooooo!

Disney made anti-nazi cartoons?

Best Thing About Toast

We are approaching a millennnial milestone!

Late-Night Jokes!

Life is worth the trouble because..............

How are Bush and a Hurricane similar and different?

No one that speaks German can be an evil man....

Favorite JFK quotations: Hope and Inspiration as We Continue Our Struggle

I'm thinking of selling all my vinyl and my record player...

Greatest letter to Sports Illustrated EVER!

Clinton and Elvis...

Funniest thing you've done at the opera?

Praise the Lord, it's a liberal clergy group!

Our cartoons are being made into awful movies

Non Sequitur: on being conservative (great comic!)

I need an alien name from original Star Trek

DU Census

It's time....GO BUCKEYES!!!!!

My Mom just sent me this joke...

File Sharing links?

Penis Enlargement Web Ads Prompt Calif. Spam Rage

40 years ago: We lost a great man

Boondocks: still looking for a mate for Condi

A Joke For You: Golf Balls

Favorite JFK quotations: Hope and Inspiration as We Continue Our Struggle

DU News projects MICHIGAN WINS!!!!!!!!

YUMMMM Melted Velveta and Spicy Salsa Dip for lunch!

Semi-Serious "Who Killed JFK?" Poll

Linn County, IA


Why can't YOU be like Endicott?

Most entertaining Star Trek adversary?

Watching President's Cup/Golf and Davis Love misses a put/Jerk

Isnt Iraq's mass graves the same as Arlington?

ADVICE NEEDED! On giving a cat liquid medicine.

Question for owners of (or experts on) male betas

The return of OPUS is upon us!!!!!

One tough young lady here

Favorite sense

Ok, I'm officially finished sitting on my duff....

Does anyone remember That's My Bush?

The Game!! Ohio State vs Michigan game thread

Interesting just got off the phone with Kucinich HQ

Opus Makes his comeback

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Ow, We want the funk, give up the funk - Best Funk Tunes

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Another "My Family is 100% Fundy / Freeper" Thread (Please Contribute)

Analyze This

Betty Boop?

Orange Juice

My movie is on tonite at 9:00pm on the SciFi channel

Now That I'm 49, I finally can see that Vincent Price Was one of the

Bumping and Grinding

A Saturday treat -- SNL Remembers Phil Hartman

Hockey guys outcass basketball 1000 times to one,.....

I'm not gay, but if I was.....................

looking through some dr. seuss political cartoons

Gringo For President 2004 You must see the video

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Personal ads written by people you've met

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oneighty's shopping trip and a dream

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I' a blizzard!

It's the saturday night Prairie Home Companion thread!

Dang! It's like mother's milk!

Oregonians! THE football game is today. Beaver or Duck?

I couldn't say no.

Those effing little bugs that get into your food cupboards -

Michigan topples Ohio State, 35-21

I hate fucking republicans

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The Cat in the Hat--don't waste your money--Here's a brief review:

Update: My son is still very much alive

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MICHIGAN WINS!! GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LSU at Ole Miss


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I lanced THREE abscesses on my own today, ask me anything!

I've Been Accepted into the Master Gardener Program - Ask Me Anything!

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WTF? The most random thing just happened to me...


HawkerHurricane's NFL Power Ratings!

shake down CAPTION

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