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Archives: November 25, 2003

George Monbiot (Guardian Utd): The moral myth

What's the difference between neo-cons and fascists?

Whats the difference between marriage and civil union?

Bombardier's Embrio

Benny Smith is a fraud

Total? What total?!!

Have You Seen The Lounge Tonight?

Dichter: Quiet is deceptive

Could Someone Provide a link to the Debate Threads?

I'm aways rapping him, but here's something positive from Kucinich.

Dr. Dean earned my respect

Dem leaders uniting against Green candidate in SF runoff

Buchanan (NHGazette article on Bush-Nazis) challenging Bush in primaries

something that is bothering me about this election

Harkin (D-Iowa) going off on medicare - CSPAN....if only seniors knew

Refreshing after posting...

When you're president in a world where most people don't like you...

Democrats Have to Battle the Bush Cartel AND Daschle's Ineptness!

Who do you think will be the next Cabinet secretary to go?

How much should the American people take?

Get 'em while their HOT. Your very own WAR PROFITEERS Card Deck

Judicial Nominations, Prescription drug/ Energy bills, Trojan horses?

"Terminally annoying and stupid" is not the same as "mentally ill"

DU this poll!

Inside the crucial vote on the point of order on the budget...disgusting!

Is this a Conspiracy of the Privileged Robber Barrons/..and Bush?

William Cohen on Eva Zahn

Gen. McCaffery on Olberman just said: "Going to get a lot worse in

I gained some respect for Dean tonight

Who won the debate tonight?

Consumer Union says Medicare bill threatens the program's viability

Today's Thought: Sic Semper Tyrannis

For what it's worth I saw debate soundbites on local news....

Lol, great thread of conservatives ripping on Bush

Merry Christmas, HMOs

Why are candidates "approving" their messages

Questions for Affirmative Action Supporters

Why won't Lieberman quit?

Missed the debate tonight

Olbermann: Pentagon denies soldiers in Mosul bashed with concrete

I like Edwards, but


The Marketing of a President - excellent article on Dean's use of the web

Annthrax Annie on Hanutty/Colmes...her AA is HUGE, dude...

2 questions about the US presence in Iraq....

Tom Harkin on the floor kicking booty

DUers: Post your recommended reading lists here!

Mods-Delete this please. . .

Favorite publication?

Energy bill dead for the rest of the year

The medicare debate winds up for the evening

I have been chosed as a coordinator for a Dec. 9 MoveOn press

"Aye, Woe to the Senators that vote for this Medicare Bill"

Bush caught making crap up

I realized anotehr reason Globalization is a farce

So p*ssed I resigned twice (AARP)

Dean will be declared a winner of the debate

On what grounds was Lieberman not permitted to remotely participate

How is it possible that the Democratic candidates can look worse than Bush

General Wesley K. Clark Calls on President Bush to Start Honoring Soldiers

How do we define a Democrat anymore?

Pentagon says bodies not abused -- soldiers ONLY shot to death.

The Pubs jus don't get it. Our Troops lives should not be needlessly

Concerning todays debate threads

AARP rigged it own poll.

Humor break - Caption this photo

Clark/Dean 04 or Dean/'Clark 04= CLEAN 04!!

Does Tony Blair speak French? I am watching a press conference

Edwards Demands Hearings on FBI Surveillance

George pretends to care for the dead

Weapons Lube Issued in Iraq May Be Causing Fatalities

Current parallels with WWI/Wilson administration

Will the new privatized Medicare industry be outsourced to India?

US Ambassador to England Inherited "Auschwitz" money (Farish)

"doing away with overtime is evil"

Democracy is dead - we've been overtaken by The Fascists

Kennedy sounds so angry and sad on the floor right now

I'm Puzzled. Kerry Question

Frank Luntz and that disturbing hair piece...

Every American worker should be a US citizen

MUST READ: The Real History Archives (you CAN handle the TRUTH !)

"They killed the son of a bitch......"Hoffa to an attorney on 11/22/63:

And as for me, I'm not attacking the president because he's attacking

"Let them do the software in India; we'll do other things in this country"

Clark undisputed winner

Anyone think the gay marriage issue might be a deliberate GOP distraction?

Unbelievable. Brokaw makes "gay marriage" 2nd topic of debate

MSNBC: Kerry was one winner of the debate. Clark was another.

I was leaning to Kerry but I did not like his bulldog attitude....

Video shows nearly dozen militants in strike on DHL cargo jet

Under Fire, Bush Meets Families of Iraq War Dead

Iraqis want UN resolution to End U.S. Occupation

MSNBC: Economists predict strongest holiday season in 4 years

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq - 431 U.S. service members have died

US to move troops from South Korea to Iraq, Afghanistan: report

Sabotage Blamed in Iraq Pipeline Attack

Sen.Trent Lott (R) Casts Key Vote to Save Medicare Bill He Opposes

IRS Audits Nation's Top Teachers' Union

Male enlargement ads prompt spam rage

Bush Meets Families of 26 Killed in Iraq; Offers Prayers

I have given up BEN

Refreshing after posting...

I have given up MENDING.

I have given up ZEN

Give up.

Alert! Michelle Shocked fans 7PM EST

I have given up Minestrone

I have given up REN.

I have given up PENS

I have given up and am going down...

I have give* up N

I have given up SEN.

I have given up HEN

I have given up YEN

I have given up KEN

I hope Skinner locks all the "I have given up threads"

I need to sell my car

300 Posts!!!!!

Someone explain to me

Someone explain to me

"Someone Explained It To Me" And I AM Ending It ALL......

I've given up reading sex threads posted on the DU Lounge

I am giving up Gingerbread Men

At least we don't have PRAY FOR BUSH threads!!!

I've given up giving up on the "giving up" threads.

"It's people...

Let's take a moment and pray for our brave pResident.

Dumb thread, please delete

LOL -- I left the office at 7:30

I'm thinking about getting a callous removed.

Looks like we've been drinkin' a bit tonight in The Lounge, haven't we???

It's Official: Paul Bremer is an Idiot

NBC cancelled Boomtown!!!!

I wish that I could say something that would enrage you guys!

Okay, I'm pissed

sinus trouble

Movie Chain Fun!

I *really* would have liked to have read the "dumb thread"

Where are the Buccaneers fans at?


cirque is on bravo...INCREDIBLE TUMBLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoever wins Bucs-Giants game tonight will make the play-offs

I'm worried about me

If I have a split personality, how come I'm not twice as productive?

DU Rule V: Personal Attacks, Civility, and Respect

Time for a laugh...

A Sure Cure For Snoring...

new Savage Weiner advertisers City Union Mission, Westlake Hardware

Okay, I have the beer in hand - Monday Night Football

I just bought an old ( and I mean old ) car


Nightly "Where did that phrase come from"

Get 'em while their HOT. Your very own WAR PROFITEERS Card Deck

new Hannity advertisers

My husband is in Amsterdam and hasn't called

Is it too early to go caroling in the other forums?

Didn't Joe Millionaire just start a few weeks ago?

I love my life and I love men...Can I get a witness!

I just found out a friend's husband is going to Iraq!

Did you think England was our enemy in grade school?

Who do you think will be TIME Magazine's Person of the Year?

Wonk is 98.6¡ F

Will Pitt is lukewarm

If it's already time for carols...then it's time for CTHULHU CAROLS!

Favorite publication?

Which commercial do you hate the most?

Caption der fuhrer....

I'm listening to "18 Greatest Hits" by THE STYLISTICS. Ask me anything!

With all the recent bitching and moaning...

Did I just find the root of all scam artists?

I just watched Joe Millionaire - someone please slap some sense into me

what popular song contains these lyrics

I have chalk, a blackboard and eraser

update on my job interview

JohnKleeb, carry out on checkstand 5!

I think I pulled a muscle in my groin, ask me anything

LGBT Duers who believe in marriage...

Can we talk about the 800 pound gorilla in the Lounge?

Bush visit's pub while in Britian

What is the least amount of clothes you wore in public because

I need a mechanic!

AWOL DUer: ForrestGump, where art thou?

My experiences with the homeless

What's your favorite penis enlargement spam headline?

Will Pitt Is Cool

a science question

You find out you'll be dead within a year.. what would you do?

You find out you'll be dead within five seconds -- what wou...............

32 years ago tonight:

I finally found it! A lyrics site without popups! Go visit!

I will be changing my avatar at midnight tonight

Late Night Theater no one watches – Daniel Ellsberg - Edition

Break up to make up, that's all we do...

Alright now, what's cooler than being cool?

Will Pitt is hot

Question for Kazaa Lite users: I'm searching for a song and can't find it.

Favorite ROCK & ROLL GUITARIST (pre-Beatles)?

What should you be doing right now (instead of hanging out on DU)?

Hypothetical situation: You live in a historic property...

What is the number one rule to learn in life?

Cyclists: Need recommendations on indoor trainers

I'm Going to Rome Tomorrow. What Should I See Aside From

Best song on the Rock is dead/Rock will never die theme

I'm Looking For 20+ DUers To Give Me Permission To....

Am I a "bullying brownshirt"

My Gay Republican Cat Loves Toilets

I'm having trouble burying my kitty pal

Are there any other geocachers here?

Oh No! A new was 11/5/63 when Pickles had her

Since no one has posted cat pictures in a while

"Crimes Against Nature" by RFK Jr. via Rolling Stone

Salt Lake Tribune: Bad medicine

Cohen: The Patriotism Refuge

"The Democrats' Dilemma " on - a Wake up call

Iraqi families charge U.S. soldiers unjustly shoot, kill civilians

Still Chasing Saddam's Weapons (BBC video)

Here is Bush's Resume for President of the USA. A great Article

Dionne: The Democrats Take a Dive

The Medicine Conservatives Can't Swallow

Marie Cocco: 9/11 Panel Gets Tough With City, but Not Bush

Scheer - For the GOP, Criticism Is Next to Cowardice

Under attack -- by the FBI :Boston Globe

Walter Cronkite (Denver Post): The unilateral president

Smithsonian: Marching on History

I hope the people who read the news for Bush don't mention this.

The Cat in the GOP Comes Back

Staying course' in Iraq won't get troops home by Wesley Clark

Democrats angered by Republican Ads

Molly Ivins: Time to get serious

Is Medicare privatized for HMO's

The moral myth

For the GOP, Criticism Is Next to Cowardice

Gen. Tommy Franks predicts martial law

Stop Violence Against Women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

URGENT ACTION REQUIRED: 9/11 investigation-looming scandal

Host a MoveOn house party for "Uncovered: The Whole Truth about Iraq War"

Explain this note from Forbes about Reuters.

hey kids, quick protest question...

Embedded in Miami

'Reagans' filmmakers: CBS ruined movie-made film 'incoherent'

Typical Repig Values: Pornography foe arrested on prostitution charge

Did any Dem Candidates mention Corporate/Wall St. Crime in Debate?

The Suicidal Planet Vs The Sustainable Planet

CARTOONS! The "Slight Change of Plan" Edition

Right Wing Groups plan to collect 10 million dollars in fight against GLBT

current co-sponsors of anti-gay marriage amendment

Company admits ties to slavery

How patronizing is your boss and/or your workplace policies?

I've started a thread on Ending Corporate Governance . . .

A New Kind Of Poverty

Loonie has wings clipped

Energy Bill...dead...for 2003 (strategic intrigue inside)

Soggy Swansea, Wales, Stunned By Sun And Drought

First Large UK Offshore Wind Power Station Goes On Line

North American snowcover greatest since 1991!

Town passes ordinance requiring firearms

GUNS IN THE NEWS--November 25, 2003

The Comparison Stands, and the Myth is Debunked

Concealed hangun in minivan saves husband and wife

In the face of a total fascist police state takeover would you

Um, at what point does a thread get broken into part 2...?

ding dong, the asshole's gone!

In the wake of the "dagley" attack ...

If a person keeps signing up to flood the forum

hey skinner GD is gone..... what happened?

Fuzzily defined sexism

Some clarification please

Nearly one week on the job...

Am I imagining it OR

A question about how the DU polls work.


I don't know if thisis out of line or not, but

PA officials try to reinstate Israeli cement monopoly

Israel, Palestinian Summit Is in Doubt

Fini: EU knew for years that Hamas was terror group

Israel signals shift over settlements produce

Peres urges Gaza pullout as Israeli peace gesture

Settler diplomatic plan calls for bi-national state

Researchers blast EU for 'burying' anti-Semitism study

Press Finds Dean Two-Dimensional (cute)

AZ: Lieberman gains DeConcini support

Poll: Bush way ahead in Florida | Lieberman leads Democrats

New Ipsos-Reid National Poll

new Florida poll – Lieberman leads Dems… but not Bush

Who won the Debate? Poll from Iowa's WHO-TV

Dean's Tour De Force Has Edge In Primaries

Abandoning America's Seniors

SD-AL:Can Someone Give an Update On Janklow Situation

Alioto backs Newsom -- Gonzalez camp cries foul

Kentucky becoming 2004 Battleground

VT: Racine will not run for governor

Kerry surges in IA

Based on Lieberman's behavior last night..

Dean campaign catches Bush ad editing...

Cowan drops out, Others mull the Kentucky Senate race

Vanity candidates: Say goodbye Carol, Dennis and Al

Dean Seeks To Boost His Support Base

I'll tell you why the other candidates hit Dean so hard at the debates

Yepsen (Des Moines Register): Debate-winner Dean is back on top in Iowa

Dean bat over $500,000 with deadline of midnight

Why I Quit My Job To Work For Dennis Kucinich

John Kerry Offers Real Deal to Strengthen America’s Public Schools

Kucinich, not Dean, is the candidate of the "uncheatable spread"


KY-4: Kentucky's Lucas Won't Seek Another Term

Edwards's one hour inteview on Diane Rehm re Four Trials online now:

Does anyone have a problem with this statement by Dean re HMO lawsuits?

Which Senators voted for cloture on Medicare Bill?

When It Comes To An Actual Presidency, Kerry Is Always The Better Man

Heinz Kerry says detainees deserve POW status

Bush: "Free countries don't develop WMDs"


Just One more step toward fascism

Should Tom Daschle be replaced as Senate minority leader?

DRAFT in 2005 draws nearer as "crippling exodus" from Reserves begins

BLS: Only 45% of Private Industry Workers Participating in Health Plans.

Social Security: I have a problem

Does anyone think the DNC has decided that Lieberman is done?

Just hope you go after the "hackers" (if that's what they really were)

"The Democrats Take a Dive", by E.J.Dionne, Washington Post

Is Clark too close to big business to affect real change?

Billions of dollars in subsidies to insurance companies and HMOs

WWCMD? What Would Charles Manson Do? Oh The Irony...

Looks like the child is back

County of LA nixes vendors' use of 'Master/Slave' (IDE HDs, monitors...)

RNC caught doctoring Bush's words in new RNC add

County of LA nixes vendors' use of 'Master/Slave' (IDE HDs, monitors...)

Counting the Costs of Growth With a Forest of Formulas

Back and better than ever


"Democrats Take A Dive"

Medicare bill just passed: 54/44

Medicare Rx Benefit like repug tax plans

Camp Wellstone

letter to Ehrlich, thread # 2

Perry seeks to convert Democrats to the GOP

I hate to say this but Bush is going to win next year............

Only 42 REPUBLICANS vote for the medicare bill...!!!

medicaid reform making you sick? (it's TOON time!)

Bush* Enablers Should Be Ashamed

Could you/do you work for a freeper?

wesley clark ?

IRS audits NEA per GOP lawfirm request

Shawna Edmondson chose discharge over court-martial

A DUer Emailed THIS to me

The Cat in the GOP Hat

John Edwards on NPR

It's sad when Lott is more Democratic than many Democrats

Who heard or saw Democracy Now on the Miami protest? Warning for NYC 9/04*

Now they will start on Social Security, a project of Heritage Foundation.

Who is seeing evidence of economic growth in their everyday life?

Video of Missle Hitting DHL Jet Over Baghdad

Ending Corporate Governance

School of Americas is CLOSED 12/15/2000--Rebuttal

I was very impressed by Clark last night

Suspicious- I think W&Co. are tryng to hit one out of the park today

Deleted message

"He doesn't work well with others"--said by Gephardt

Candidate images dissapointed me last night

confusing, conflicting economic news

Welcome to the 21st Century Reformation

Why keep fighting? Lemme TELL you why!

Questions for fellow Deaniacs and the anti-Dean

Good news for Kerry, Bob Shrum goes on vacation......

Congress expands FBI Spying Power...Wired news.

"Illicit sex is against the Ten Commandments"

Bush's numbers hit lowest level - Ipsos-Public Affairs/Cook Report

Economists predict little job growth in 2004

Who do you think has the best chance for inflicting a KO?

RAW's "Elect Bush" Bumper Stickers

I want to thank President Bush

Diebold ATM's hit with worm.

Krugman on revolutionary power and baffled moderates

Can the next President

Must read. Soros vs. Moon

Zero Tolerance. "Feel-Good" malarkey?

A united left, what would it look like, what would it mean?

The Kennedy Myth........comments?

Full right-wing assault against Dean has begun and will continue:

Sean Penn back to Iraq?

interesting trend in Bush's re-select numbers

Lies and the lying liars who get elected Governor

Demographics of Bush support/opposition (Time/CNN)

If you have $5000 in drug the New Plan --you pay $3920

Rank the candidates

You've heard of Guy Fawkes Day? 11/25 is now Doc Frist Day

WaPo - Edwards picks up key New Hampshire endorsement

A gift of consolation to my DU brothers and sisters.. in such screwy times

Why did MSnbc change who they initially proclaimed was winner of Debates?

I know it's a little late, but why NOT Braun?

CNN Amazingly is able to cover EVERY lying word of Bush.....

Anyone else listen to "This American Life"?: BBV and Repuke politics

KKK initation rite - shot at with paintballs (really)

65% of seniors oppose the Medicare plan.....see poll.

Colo Springs - Press Not Allowed To Speak To Soldiers

"don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good ." GOP spin on drug bill.

Queen's fury with Bush's mess

the Skinny on Neil Bush

BBV---Nachi worm infected Diebold ATMs

Liberals fight back; pundits are shocked

American Reform Party: Liberal Party in centrist disguise?

Medicare is privatized for HMO's today

Carol Moseley Braun Takes Bush to Task

the terrorists are now resorting to terrorism

Brokaw declares peace with N. Korea futile

Clark-Brueax 2004

Truly Scary Article on Miami protests by Naomi Klein...

CNN poll: Should Bush get credit for economic upsurge?

Medicare Vote Count per LA Times

Kerry, Edwards and Lieberman voted for fillibuster on Medicare bill

What channel was debate on?

What's with the football's?

Ignore the economy... get on with the election

Blacklisting Democrat legislators who sold us

Is there anything that could stop *Bush?

Forget Medicare, I just got my health Ins. Renewal & holy Crap!

Did you know....the Canadian Govt. "group buys" drugs for Canadians

Dennis Kucinich next on Inside Politics 11/25

Cambridge city council recognizes gay marriages

Democratic candidates debate gay marriage

Nightline tonight- the CPA, Juan Cole (blogger prof)

Idea of the week: Top 10 Neoconservative Idiots

Extra! Extra! Latest poll finds Clark to be undeclared winner of debate

MSNBC trailer: Some Democrats don't even bother to show up in person

Dean to appear on Letterman tonight… but not as a guest

My impressions of candidates for the debates...

The real danger is H-1Bs and L-1s, not IT outsourcing

Dean Overtakes Gephardt in Iowa, 5 Point Lead

Canadian MP Beaten For Support Of Gay Marriage

Increasing militarization of US: Mission Creep Hits Home

Deleted message

San Francisco Mayor Poll

Study links UC entry to social class

Let's Revisit An Old Wolfowitz Interview On Iraq

How will Bush justify bringing back the draft in 2005?

TNR: Clark Is A Space-Saver

Krugman: The Uncivil War (Throws a punch at Coulter)

Most offensive thing you've ever read on the Internet...

Is this outreach to Blacks by the military good or bad?

new Florida poll – Lieberman leads Dems… but not Bush

A possible weapon of mass distraction found


Is last night's debate available

So I fell in love with Dean the other day

Anybody have a link to video of Clark's hardball performance tonight?

Michael Jackson is a spook working for Dick Cheney

Will the sun set on the Bush Family Evil Empire?

Bush repeated his line about fighting them here in the streets if....

When Bush is in Crawford, he is contriving some type of mischief...

Repubs have no spending control without Clinton at the helm...

another Republican with "regrets"

Democrat Tom Ammiano endorses Gonzalez for mayor

Germany replaces US as world´s largest exporter

When is Sharon up for re-election

Krugman: The Uncivil War

Typical Repuke ASSHOLE!

Is it me or does Dean need to loosen up...

Anyone see Dean on Letterman tonight?

And the biggest debate loser was....... (TA DA!) Tom Wawa.

Clark rides roughshod over Tweety

The 5 Other Presidential Candidates

DeadLine Iraq - Uncensored Stories of the War - [graphic photo]

Congress Expands FBI Powers (slashdot discussion)

Democratic Party: RIP 11-25-03

Press Finds Dean Two-Dimensional - this is cute

Do Kerry and Gephardt realize how badly they are hurting the dems?

Local News Just Called * A Turkey!!!!!!

Dean Meetup Host Switching to Clark

Iraqi militants' videos, and a brand new tinfoil hat....

Braun: 'Is this still the land of opportunity?'

Sneak attack caller nailed Rush yesterday...

Why do Right-Wingers Buy So Many Books?

Debate transcript?

Randi Rhodes discussing Dems, Dean vs Kerry-Gep, Medicare NOW...on

Please call Sen. Kennedy's office.....I just did and was told that

If DU is full of "lefties" and "radicals" on the "fringe" (re: Clark)

Claim vs. Fact: Politicizing the War

Eliot Spitzer

The next Democratic Administration should teach Fox News a lesson

Selective Outrage

Senate sends Medicare bill to president

Democrats stole election in some states in 2000.

George Monbiot, "The Moral Myth"

Ipsos-Reid/Cook national poll

It's Gotta Get Worse...

This just in The Wall Street Journal reports that drug

Let's say Daschle is removed,

Today, I attended the...

Just got a call from my pentacostal buddy.

What is the deal with the NATO thing -- Wesley Clark question

Treason's Greetings - A realistic look at the GOP/Bush political ad

One silver lining to the drug bill's passage

The Other Shoe

Tommy Franks praises Bush, predicts Martial Law! Yikes!

Forget resolutions...whether it be B/L or IWR

Please tear this apart for me: the new Falwell Confidential

Powerful Clark photos & bush-bashing visuals are a click away

Medicare bill may have just lost Bush his base voters and the election

Sharpton for Press Secretary?

18 Year Sentence because he MIGHT have killed Americans???

troops being mutilated = babies thrown out of incubators

My family will save over $10,000 in 2006 if my calculations are correct

Should we run commercials specifically attacking media whores?

DRAFT BOARD recruitment ad back up!! On home page!!!

Why ignore the 9th and 10th Amendments?

Today's CNN Poll

Kucinich: I will close the School of the Americas(SoA enforces FTAA/NAFTA)

A Monument to GWB's Stupidity... A Real Treat, Enjoy!

Backfiring of prescription drug bill?

Pollster John Zogby On Edwards

The Trends Are In Our Favor

Why didn't Kerry vote on the medicare bill?

Here we go again.

Bush to face Challenge in New Hampshire Primary

Today I Am Iraqi

Dean #1 In New National Poll; Kerry DROPPING Big

Dean and Kucinich are unelectable, Clark cannot be nominated

Drudge Report...Fact or Fiction...?

How do we ensure exit polling in '04?

Scahill of Democracy Now on Miami Protests: Police State Embeds Journos

MSNBC Cancelling Buchanan & Press

Textbooks will give Iraqi children incomplete version of the past

Richard Cohen's Column today--pretty damn good

Clark supporters, who is your VP choice

another rightwing publishing imprint

Have you guys heard about this strategy to combat another stolen election?

Gay Marriage" issue: Newsweek has Dean's picture next to the

Wow, Reverend Al cleaned Brokaw's clock tonight

The 28th is "Buy Nothing Day". It seems the Networks won't run Un-Ads...

Who Is Your Favorite VoterVirgin?

A possible scandal involving bu$h?

Kerry's Wife Weighs in on Guantanamo

Haitians protest GTA: Vice City

Dems Talk About Iraq, Dean Talks About IWR

Hypothetical Presidential Race

Prediction: DU Will Eat Its Own (Nomatter Who is the Nominee)

Kerry: No fundamental difference between Biden-Lugar and the IWR

Case Closed- Conspiracy: The Dallas Doctors vs. JFK’s Autopsy Photographs

BBV: Support Secretary of State Kevin Shelley, CA, for mandating v-vpb

Medicare bill set for vote Tuesday

Media ownership issue revived in Congress

Drug Makers Move Closer to Big Victory

Heavy US security in Iraq as Ramadan ends

Home improvements in Saddam palace launched

In New Hampshire, Lieberman Aims Ad at McCain Supporters

Centcom: 1 Soldier Dies (patrol vehicle accident)

Senate Gives Up on Energy Legislation for This Year

Congress, White House Said to Settle Media Fight

Technological Dub Erases a Bush Flub for a Republican Ad

Teachers: `Give us the dough',DeLay is assailed at rally over delay in vot

Gov's Cuts to Hit Poor, Universities (California)

Gov.'s Cuts to Hit Poor, Universities

U.S. seen making mistakes of past colonisers

At least 17 US troops have committed suicide in Iraq; Army seeks answers

Unhappy Eid for Arabic Press

Gay Marriage Ruling May Hurt Gov. Romney

Guardian Utd: US targets opposition clerics in Mosul

Making of the President: The Nixon in Bush*

More aid workers pulled out (of Iraq)

Military: No Evidence U.S. Troops' Bodies Mutilated

Courteous S.C. crowd greets Carter at library

BBC (Tuesday): Life in prison for Gujarat guilty (India massacres)

India's Dell says no orders received to revert customer calls to U.S.

Global Hunger is Increasing, UN Report Says

Pictures capture Iraq attackers in act

Glen Campbell reportedly arrested for DUI

Vote on Medicare bill taking place now 9:24 AM east

Probe says Andersen abetted Enron

Victims Pile Up in Violent Iraqi Capital

Iraq Oil Output Rising Despite Attacks

State Moves Toward Repeal of License Law (California)

Video shows nearly dozen militants in strike on DHL cargo jet

Pipeline blast causes huge Iraq fire

Iraqi Security Forces Torn Between Loyalties

Alarms Sounded On Cost of GOP Bills

Insurgents Shifting Attacks to Iraqis

Deficit's impact a concern (Economists fear fiscal time bomb as spending

Town passes ordinance requiring firearms

Medicare Bill passes : 54/44

Bush Poised To Claim Victory ........ (Drug/Medicare Reform Bill)

For the GOP, Criticism Is Next to Cowardice

Republican soft-money group seeks to use members of Congress in fund raisi

Iraqis wrestle with Jewish factor

Powell had role in departure of Georgian leader Shevardnadze

Message from Candidate Kucinich about Miami

Iraqi ousting of Arab TV channel sparks freedom fears

Baghdad is "worse than under Saddam" (Spanish Foreign Minister)

Iraq: Fate of Mercenary 'Peacekeepers' During War

Gov.'s Cuts to Hit Poor, Universities (Arnold)

MSNBC BREAKING: Loud Explosions In Baghdad


US probes into missing cobalt in Iraq

U.S.-sponsored political plan for Iraq runs into complications

Bush tells Army families sacrifice is appreciated

Bush OKs New Nuke

Nat'l Guard, Reserve to Take Iraq Combat

Cook explains Hitler comparison

U.S. Soldiers Wounded in Iraq Grow in Number Day After Day

Shoppers in US 'plan to spend less at Christmas'

Democrats ask Pentagon to probe Iraq oil imports

Three Iraqis killed by US forces while laying roadside bomb

Voting hi-tech safer, costlier (BBV: CA vs. FL)

FBI Surveillance Plans Spur Opposition

'Staying course' in Iraq won't get troops home - Wesley Clark - My turn

'Plumbers' Are Under Investigation in Cheney-Gate

Pocketbook Impact of Medicare Bill: Seniors' Drug Costs Will Keep Rising

Statement on the GDP Revision (Howard Dean)

Widow of Fort Carson soldier skips meeting with president

Wesley Clark talks Packers with Green Bay Voters

Teamsters Halt Food Deliveries to Markets (SoCal grocery strike)

White House assertion of terror network in Iraq may undermine own case for

House arrest for three suspected in selling Mexican voter data

Protests mark Bush's first visit to Las Vegas as president

FBI Publicly Denies Spying on Protesters

Video shows nearly dozen militants in strike on DHL cargo jet

Scott Ritter Speech Sparks More Iraq War Debate

Clark vows to help working people

BBC chief slates US media on Iraq (US media=Bush "Cheerleaders")

Probe of police action urged

Police: Kentucky activist solicited HIV+ prostitute

Iraqi donkeys face U.S. wrath

Army Reserve battles an exodus - DRAFT now far more likely by 2005

AP Exclusive: Britain, France secretly plan to seek permanent U.N. weapons

RP students protest 'liberal bias,' push conservative agenda

MSNBC Cancels 'Buchanan & Press'

Iraqis sent letter to UN in error, US says

Smith claims GOP tried to strong-arm him

Ex - Muslim Chaplain at Guantanamo Charged

New job takes Cleland off 9/11 panel

RUSH: I'M NO HYPOCRITE (Caller tags Rush as Pillhead on air)

U.S. GDP Grows at 8.2 Percent Pace in 3Q

Rumsfeld: Arab TV Worked With Insurgents

Pentagon is locked in 'intelligence war' with terror suspects in Cuba

U.S. soldier accused of beating Iraqi prisoners says, `It is war'

Britain could "veto" EU constitution (nat'l control of def, tax, foreign)

Pinochet turns 88 amid uproar

Alioto backs Newsom (Dem) -- Gonzalez (Green) camp cries foul

Lone demonstrator backs Bush; 75 more protest war

Sen. Clinton to spend Thanksgiving with troops in Afghanistan, visit Iraq

Iraq rebuilding cash runs dry

Democrats worry about Greens' SF momentum

Hatch places staffer on administrative leave

U.S. November Consumer Confidence Rises to 91.7 From 81.7

Can you raise your arms without fear?

Who's your favorite Simpson?

Time for the Daily Show!

A proposition

Any Rocket From The Tombs fans out there?

Do you ever feel like your left eye is going to pop?

Liberals are unamerican

So I entered the Lounge just now

Pissed off and disgusted

anyone watching Letterman?

Football fans: which is the better broadcast?


Avoiding sleep due to a ghastly nightmare.

Country Singer Glen Campbell Arrested For "Extreme Drunk Driving" +

Any Criterion DVD collectors out there?

rough day- how bout you?

LOOK up in the sky --a squadron of ten apaches helos lit up like Christmas

I'm Flying Home for Thanksgiving Break in TWO Hours.....


What's the worse Road Rage that you have ever had or encountered

IF Will Pitt was a pie, he'd be...

What's your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

I'm crestfallen....................

Late at night...

Ever juggle GD and the Lounge with a runny nose?

What's the Song in the Ad for the Grand Theft Auto Video Game?

new Oxyrush advertiser Roger the Plumber

Kerry's grass roots

My @&#^$( football team


Favorite Season?

What to do with the giblets?

Anyone ever heard of Gavin DeGraw?

Want to take a poll?

If a blind date pulled up to your door

What's your favorite thing to be worried about?

Got Wood?

Here are the DU members I can't stand:

Hey Everybody! Today's The Day!

Did DU just get hacked?

You'll never guess who's been cast as Alfred in the new BATMAN movie

Freep invasion in GD

wow. the Ignore feature is WEIRD!

Man, the latest page is really empty if you ignore the h4x0r-wannabe

And the Coveted Finnfan Endorsment goes to....

Stroke gives woman British accent!

I visited the Freepers site for the first time . I think I need a drink .

What happened to general discussion?

Good (Tuesday) Mornin' DU!

My solution to Racial Hatred.

Most offensive thing you've ever read on the Internet...

A word I've never heard - 'prelapsarian'

Farewell Nasty George


More Horseplay

I Have Some Good News, And I Have Some Bad News

Kentucky State Law: Residents Must Bathe At Least Once A Year

Weeeee! i just got fired!!

Apparently I'm the 15,000,000 visitor to DU

Wow...GD Went Bye Bye

Only 29 more shopping days till christmas

Generic Dean v. Clark Thread (for those who miss their GD)

Are the Boston Red Sox about to make a tremendous mistake?

Is it me or does Dean need to loosen up...

17 Million Year Old Nuts Found In Germany

for the love of God, make it stop

Some Southern hick state wants to declare...

Irony: MTV exec criticizes pop music reality shows

Common courtesy question

Tom Ridge to be on Letterman tonight.

The View Rejects Repub

RBNYC rocks!

Dave's List of Words . . .

No cavities, Whooo Hooo, I love my Dental Hygenist

iPod owners . . .

Freepers rule the nation.

Just noticed my gold star !!

What the hell happened to GD this morning?


Any Rosicrucian's here? Tell me about it. Thanks in advance

I hate my job, ask me anything

I'm Back!!! Thanks to Elad, and everybody who missed me!!

I hate Truthspeaker's job, ask me anything!

Does anyone have HBO and is going to watch Angels in America?

I fell last night, and dislocated my kneecap. It sat on the side of my

Today is my birthday

Just hope you go after the "hackers" (if that's what they really were)

What Do You Think?

I Know Y'all Miss My Whining, So -

Glenn Campbell is lookin' good

KY Law Mandates Bathing Once A Year

Which of these WAS at my wife's office Thanksgiving party last night?

"act like sewing machine with..."

some computer help

I just had chili for lunch....ask me anything!

Did someone kick the crap out of Max Baucus?

How 'bout those BRONCOS?

I may as well go ahead and have my panic attack

I had my first post deleted - ask me anything!

Anyone tried "Uncle Bubby's Hair Grease"?

My SPAM just passed the 50,000 mark

Has anyone else received prolotherapy ?

ITT: Bumper Stickers from Biblical Times

College Football: Who is the 2nd best team? USC, LSU, or ::gasp:: UM

Is Your Life Working?

"Hell Hole" is the greatest music video of all time!

Medical Plans

Top 11 things overheard during Dubya's visit to Buckingham Palace.

Favorite forum for exorcism

Top Santa's Elves Pick-up Lines

3 days. no cigarettes... cold turkey... hands shaking.

How Many Suits Do You Own?

Do you ever abort your posts???

Weird Foods Your Mom Made You As A Kid That You Liked?


Fox News projects George W. Bush the winner of the presidency of the ...

The police said we were welcome to protest on the other side of the street

Some Men In This World Do Have Alot Of Luck. The Men Who Are

I went to my first NHL game last night!

Favorite Form

today new OxyRush advertisers 11/25 (tons)

I blew up at a Bitch tonight

just looking for reactions to help me process the implications

Dummy George

Favorite Male Form?

anyone gotten a response from any hate radio advertisers lately

Favorite form of Exorcise!


What Color Is Your House?

Favorite Wonder Twins Form

Why I hate AT&T Wireless - The worst cel phone company EVER

Greetings from Concord, CA.. I am Frrrreeeezing to death

Favorite Mail Form?

Governmnet Jobs

Hannity now plugging the Bose Wave Radio

The official White House Christmas card

Just got back from seeing Seal in concert!!!

hu hu hu hu how do you hu cure hu hu the hu hicchups hu

Science geek joke thread

Top Ten Things George W.Bush is thankful for (Dave's contest)

I'm not very photogenic, but....

Russell Crowe: still utterly without class

Dallas DUers?

Top Ten Mexican Nicknames For George W. Bush

Since we are doing hell threads.......

Michael Jackson Makes Cameo in Planet of the Apes

"quick 50" another high school horror story

I need some Blues Clues

Since we can't do sex threads anymore...

Hey! Look! The "no sex threads" thread is gone

Man Claims To Go DECADES Without Food or Water (AMAZING STORY)

Is this a conservative or liberal group?

My dog, Teddy, is sick...

The road of life is paved with flat squirrels who couldn't make a decision

In praise of all the DU GALS that are not Will Pitt..

I believe I can fly ...I believe I can touch the CAPTION

I'm going to the store

Can I join the Army?

Judge praises distribution of marijuana to ill patients

Holiday lights, anyone?

Police: Glen Campbell Caused Hit-And-Run

Vienna Sausages.... Love 'em or Hate 'em?

I need help for an 'electronic' scrapbook!

What should I do for Thanksgiving?

Anyone else like Robbie Robertsons music?

My daughter is odd

new Oxyrush advertiser Aristocrat Motors

Is there a problem with the lobby?

In praise of all the DU guys who are not Will Pitt,

Waste of bandwidth?

Favorite Form of Exercise!

The sunset in the Northeast is spectacular right now

CAPTION the Sec of Defense

Christopher Reeve Makes Speech Without Ventilator

I don't know what to do with all the hot, french seamen.

DSL - yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaawwwwww!

Any Upright Citizens Brigade fans in the house?

Drunk again, Georgie?

I really, really love sex..

The anti-christ has landed!

The Gay Marriage Thing: A Rant.

Obligatory Sex Thread

What Weird Laws Does Your State Have?

Your Online Personality -- VS -- Your Real-Life Personality

Anyone seen "Cradle Will Rock"?

Regarding Cleveland Steamers

Can Republicans Read?

Stress/Caffiene headache vs. Migraine?

How Old Were You When You Found Out Santa Doesn't Exist?

Newsweek, Dec 1 issue, "The Last Word" by Anna Quindlen - pg 76

Swartzenegger's new Language Initiative

This thread is sponsored by the number.........uh........oh just CAPTION

Sen Rick is coming to get you GLBT's..... CAPTION

REQ: If you'll be sharing Thanksgiving with Freeper relatives

Tales from a Travel Agent

i need some new blues.....

Glenn Campbell...

Are Gays still boycotting the Cayman Islands?

Okay, how about Punk Rock? Who started it?

Warren Spahn, greatest left-handed pitcher of the modern era, dead at 82

The North Texas vs. New Mexico State thread

Who started Rock and Roll?

My eight year old son is having some serious doubts about Santa

I see old people___________________CAPTION

Favorite Japanese monster?

Springfield, IL DUer's. Suggestions for temp. housing?

Some medical advice, please

A possible weapon of mass distraction found

The Hell test!


Uh-oh LSU fans the Bayou Bengals may get screwed (BCS)



Favorite "Bette Davis Eyes" mondegreen (misheard lyric)

My lease is up, do I relocate my fave. spider outside? Will it kill him?

Boston Market or Cook?

How many other DUers over 50 are quitting AARP???

CAREFUL! Don't make a misstep when you CAPTION

Don't flip yourself the bird just CAPTION

Have you ever been fired ?

Sending out a call for venison recipes...

HawkerHurricane's NFL power Ratings!

Turkey & Gravy Soda selling well

What was your fondest Christmas Memory?

bleedingheart is in the hospital

Here Is The Cast Info For The LOTR Emoticon Thread

Who is your favorite Best Actress winner of the last decade?

Anyone ever pour orange juice on their cereal by mistake?

Why Are British Musicians So Much More Talented Than American Ones?

NEVER pass a homeless person...