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Archives: November 26, 2003

Bush/Cheney's 30 "Greatest Accomplishments"

Josh Marshall : On terror, Dems should go after Bush from right

Soup for clicks--help the needy

Make a call about VOUCHERS...PFAW...still in draft omnibus bill

My email from LEAP

80-20 (An Asian American Political Interest Group) Is Hiring

Soup for clicks! Help the needy

African Anglicans Break with U.S.

Bipartisan Cong. Coalition Urges *Admin Not to Cripple Clean Water Act

Road to South Pole

Why was the following Consumer/Media Censorship issue "Lounged"?

Question For Skinner, Elad, etc.

Iran's Nuclear Menace

Poll: Dean Leads DC Primary Field

The "Money Map".

Environmentalist/Explorer Will Steger Endorses Kerry

The 28th is "Buy Nothing Day". It seems the Networks won't run Un-Ads...


Poll on Rock the Vote

The sickest of the sick

Help end the war on drugs.

Clark's not cowed by these new economic numbers.

Dems are being "set up" like the Jews/Gypsy's/others of Nazi Germany.

Absontee voting

The State of Civil Liberities: One Year Later

first poll of DC voters

RNC campaign ad could and should be used against Bush - check this out...

Documenting Miami: the Nikki Pics

Austin, Tx D.A. in the gunsights of the G.O.P. smear teams?

What states are in Play for Democrats in 2004?

Did Giving Prescriptions to Seniors Re-(s)elect Bush in 04?

Library patron loses privileges after tearing copy of The Advocate

Terrorist attack hypothetical Q

is Kucinich outpacing Edwards in online donations this month?

Helen Thomas blasts Iraq war as 'immoral'

Hatch: Rockefeller faces serious criticism for memogate(Egg On Face Alert)

Slate: Kerry vs. Kerry – He's schizoid about Medicare

How can I fine out how each Senator voted

Little Big Man (for Kucinich comrades)

Can we defeat Bush in 2004?

Young McCarthyites of Texas

Clark on FOX

I used to be for Dean and decided to think it over.

Employee Free Choice Act found this over in freepland

Secure and Verifiable Voting System (from the inventor of eCash)

G.W. is tied to a tree

Expresscripts, a St. Louis corporation, is salivating over Medicare Bill

Update: Mystery surrounds Nov. 7 death of State Dept. official

Republican's are not Fiscally Conservative: Proof=Medicare Bill, etc...

Move On has new anti-Bush tv ad online. Past halfway mark.

Even if the economy is good, here's how you hit Bush.

Yes, my friends are RWers - anybody else received this email?

So I did my Sidney Blumenthal interview this afternoon...

When I hear, "I'll never vote for any dem that voted for the war",...

Enraged at a Debate Question

80-20 (An Asian American Political Interest Group) Is Hiring

Proof South Park isn't Republican is on now

wesley clark speech at SOA

Bush's SOTU speech was digitally altered for the RNC ad

AARP took a poll

Did General Tommy Franks violate his Army oath?

Freepers up to no good again

Shove this down the throat of your Bush Lovers

FLASHBACK Orrin Hatch, software pirate? Ultra Repug Hypocrite Alert!

Reporters forbidden to talk with soldiers or families at Bush visit ..

Neil Bush sex-capades in deposition

gay marriage constitutional amendment poll (linked)

Bush once again trumps democrats. Whassup?????

"Liberal" Massachusetts spends more on Prison than Schools

AP – aide to Senator Hatch hacked into two Democratic Senator's computers

Moral Question: Is TORTURE ever justified?

How the Democrats can fight the issue of Gay marriage.

Have you ever encountered a GOP "poll watcher" while voting?

Why did the Warren Commission lie?

Plame story??? Blame the Senate Democrats.

Business Deals of Bush Brother Detailed in Divorce

This Deanie Asks: Could Wesley Clark Be the Dems Answer to Ronald Reagan?

Highlights of $373 Billion Spending Bill

Old Iraq military won't be reconstituted

Bush Betrays P.O.W.'s


Number of soldiers wounded in Iraq grow daily

Must read - Orrin Hatch staff caught red-handed

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq - 433 U.S. service members have died

Issa opts out of race to challenge Boxer

Army Says Troop Rotation Into Iraq Poses Increased Danger

Law lord castigates US justice

Colleges trail prisons in funds (in Massachusetts)

US military families to voice concerns in visit to Iraq

Bush Raises $3M for Bulging War Chest

Deficit may linger for long while, analysts say($500 billion debt in 2004)

Army adds charges against Guantanamo chaplain

Analysts: Medicare Drug Costs Will Rise

US to cut $290m. from guarantees (Israel)

Remarks by the President at Bush-Cheney 2004 Reception

Former spokesman for Gen. Franks named to White House communications post

US pays up for fatal Iraq blunders

Belgium says US sees Europe integration as threat

Canada's Martin Blasts U.S. Deportation

Gore Says Bush Ad Is Unworthy of the Presidency!

Athens hunger strikers have "week to live"

Bill Orders FBI Gun Buyer Checks Destroyed

Kennedy's assassination thwarted hopes of Cuba reconciliation

I have some good news and some bad news....

I smell a wind coming in from sweet virginia in a few days

Here is a great irony to ponder.

The 28th is "Buy Nothing Day". It seems the Networks won't run Un-Ads...

LOTR - Return of the King

What is wrong with the search function?

Movie Thread Time!

WH Christmas Card redux....I miss Barney, think he was sent

We need more JFK posts--40 years ago today he was buried at

Tonight's CD lineup...

How to publicize my FreeRepublic blog?

Does the Great Gobbler in the sky really exist?

if you want to be amazed...bravo chanel ..cirque du soliel

HELP, please--Which charities should I give to?

What song title would match your personality or looks or whatever?

Thanks Everybody!

who here had a really crappy day?

Time to quit DU - farewell my friends!

A funny eye exam

OK cooks... a little advice on lobster...

Schilling, Foulke, Francona could re-make Red Sox

Happy Birthday!

OMG I've been a veggie for 10 years, I sinned last weekend

Artists/designers: Anyone have this font, Bremen, they can set me up with?

Wanna see what qualifies as LBN over at Freeperville?

O'Reilly Represents Haliburton, not Cheney!

I just made Chicken Soup for the Liberal_Veteran's Cold...Ask me anything!


Am I on drugs right now? Witness:

Please help my poor sweet potatoes

I just registered for the AARP message board.

I before E, except after C, unless it's in this word, and this one..

Its Funky Tuesday at Chez NightTrain!

Joke: George W. Bush is a Fiscal Conservative.

What should I use as my sig line and avatar?

You know the guy fantasy where you go to this lady's house and

Should Television Shows Be Censored?

Hey! Has anyone seen SweetZombieJesus?

Why the heck does Bill Gates look smug'n'arrogant in EVERY PICTURE HE'S IN

(Breaking!) I think that the "Alert" button goes straight to Ashcroft!

I didn't know the 47 in AK-47 stood for the year 1947 when it was invented

St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast

Who said this?

What is your predicted score for the Alabama-Hawai'i game?

In what state do you want to die?

Oh those children wear me out

Watching "The Glass Menagerie" with Kate

Calling Angela Lansbury fans--do you know if there exists anywhere a

"Name Removed" is my favorite DU poster

Soup for Clicks!

Special announcement: bloom hit 1,000 posts today! PLEASE congratulate her

Somebody dumped another cat in the 'hood....

Ever wonder what an exploding Fireworks Factory looks like?

Best Surprise/Twist Ending to a Movie?

Glen Campbell

Who's your favorite Bond girl?

I don't want to get old(er)

Which Multi-Book Series Would You Like To See As Films/Tv Series?

What's the most ridiculous Anti-Marijuana ad on TV?

I wrote a fan letter to Uma Thurman.

Thanksgiving appreciation exercise: list some great Americana

Salon: The Gathering Storm Around Richard Perle


more POAC political art

Inspector General Needed in Iraq

Former chief administrator in Iraq says major mistakes made in occupation

On the warpath to Damascus

Scahill (Democracy Now): The Miami Model ... It's Your Country

WP: Government by Juggernaut (Even the Post is outraged)

Morford - Be Thankful You're Not Dubya

Ornstein: " . . . And Mischief" (Even an AEI guy is outraged)

Can't waste this new 'toon

8 Simple Rules (Read the DU Front Page!)

Frist: Iraq is "as bad as it seems."

Horsey cartoon nails the Medicare bill

America's enemy within

SLTRIB:Hatch says he's 'shocked' at hacking of files

Steve Rendall - The false balance of Hannity & Colmes

Love Him, Hate Him President(decisive/determined/strong or cocky/arrogant

Klein (Globe & Mail): Heavy-handed Police and Propaganda Tactics

For Democrats, A Wake-Up Call

TAPPED: They don't just look dead -- they ARE dead.

How do we get out of Iraq? (MUST READ!)

Kathleen Parker: some of my best friends are gay

AARP pits boomers against seniors

Checkmate for grandmaster - Bobby Fischer

A new way to educate conservatives about Republican lies

Dean at House of Blues in December

Howard Dean in Wolfeboro, NH

Notice how the mediawhores have stopped false naming Michael Jackson

It's beginning to look alot like...

Simple thanks for the right stuff

Can someone please look at Michael Jackson's Chart? Astrologers?

help/advice/warnings about starting my own business?

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Top UK judge blasts U.S. for Guantanamo Bay

Conservative Episcopal leader talks of impending skirmishes

Man who ripped cover off The Advocate loses library privileges

Kentucky high school pulls safer-sex brochures targeting gays


FASB to Require Broad Reporting on Pension Investments

Bad economic day...

Bush is like a teenager

The Strongest Currency in the world......? Do you Know ?

The high price of 'free' trade

A Consumption Manifesto

LEDs signal energy revolution

Energy Bill Wouldn't Have Averted Blackout-Experts

Changes in Water Policy Opposed (more than 50% of House sign ltr)

Tree-root Data Casts Doubt On Forests As Carbon Sinks - SA

The Matrix and Philosophy -Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics

Countdown To Extinction For World's Great Apes - Guardian

1,000 Times Too Many Humans?

Selective solidary of the left on Iran

Daily Howler Nails Gun Lobby Lies

Looks like Iraqi police getting Glock 9mms instead of Berettas

GUNS IN THE NEWS--November 26, 2003

The corrupt gun industry in action

Is the VPC a credible source?

Like a bitchy girl, I alerted on this post twice and nothing

why is there not a "chat" forum?

have the loging passwords been changed?

Is there a limit to self-kicking?

I made a tasteless joke

Hey Admins! Wha' Happened?

Skinner, EarlG and elad:

How many times can the same thing be posted?

Excuse me sirs


Questions on moderating

Should I "bag" my turkey, fry it, or do it the old fashioned way?

Is it possible to delete a thread?

Mystified why thread wasn't locked

Speech “Writes”

for the holidays.... might you all be enticed

Foundation cuts aid to Palestinian group

Bullshit Artists, Inc.

Rivlin: Fini must recognize Italy's guilt

Fini visit to Israel

When the Course Can't be Stayed

Palestinian youth tries to stab worshippers at Western Wall

Iraqis wrestle with Jewish factor

Israel's Labour opposition produces own peace plan

Key points of unofficial Geneva Initiative peace plan for Middle East

Israelis Help Palestinian Harvesters to Ease Their Consciences

Olmert Concedes EU Trade War Defeat

The Case of a Rape Foretold

Another cost of the settlements

Sharon thinks only of himself

A Comparison Of Three Drafts For An Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement

Israel shrugs off U.S. loan cut

U.N. 'Strongly Deplores' Iran Nuclear Cover-Up

Deputies to train in Israel

Reform leader calls on U.S. to pressure Israel, Jews to pressure U.S.

Adam Shapiro on C-span now 5:30 11/26

The Israeli Text and Context of the Geneva Accord

Israelis leave their land, forced out by a battered economy and years of v

US cuts loan guarantees to Israel over settlement

Israelis Seize Bin Laden, Saddam Dolls

Israel's fence of peace

Sharon claims European Muslims a `threat` for Jews

Mussolini: Entire world should `beg forgiveness of Israel'

14 fugitives arrested in the West Bank and Gaza

How liberal is Dick Gephardt?

video of Dean's Houston "re-regulation" speech now available

G.O.P. Worries Face From Past Will Haunt Florida Senate Race

Castor in the lead in Florida

DC: Dean has lead for primary/ Bush approval is 6%

Dean boosted by area Dems (Rochester, New York)

Dean hires campaign director for South Carolina

What Will Dean Do If Elected? Part II - Higher Education

Cleveland DUers! Kucinich Peace Walkers have arrived! This is cool.

This is the real problem with medicare reform

911Victim Advocates Say Year-Old Commission Should Seek Deadline Extension

Paul Hawken comes out for Dean

Dean on secondary and elementary education

Rocker Joan Jett running in NY as a Howard Dean delegate

Edwards on top in another SC poll...


Kerry Campaign Thanksgiving Message

What Will Dean Do If Elected? Part I

Southern California Campaign Disaster for Kucinich

A republican called me today to tell me he is supporting Kucinich

Dean Rally in Houston

B*sh has wide lead in FL

The most serious election of your lifetime!

new SC poll – Edwards back on top; Sharpton 2nd; Dean 3rd

According to Alexa, "Dean has peaked...on way down...Edwards moving up"

What do you think people will care more about? What Dean did at age 21...

Interesting study on Democrats in NH...

William Greider: Why I'm for Dean (from The Nation)

Let's be realistic, people... I see a lot of Kucinich supporters here

Can Globalization Help Stop Terrorism? Kerry Thinks So

Dean's Visible Strength

question for Clarkies who've attended a MeetUp in the NYC area

progress and patriotism

Struggle over Indonesian schools vs smirky bribes using OUR Money

Did anyone just hear Daschle whining on NPR?

John F Burns of NYT on Charlie Rose Show tonight (Tues)

Anybody feeling Republican?

Hate to Say it...But Ridge Was Pretty Funny RIght There

Is the media conservative, liberal, or moderate?

Dean fundraiser passes $600,000 with an hour to go

How many here are rooting for Michael Jackson?

Santa Rosa CA City Council: no patriot act statement

Discovery Times Channel - "El Che: Investigating A Legend"

I am a little worried about the weekend

Ostritch attire creates stir at debate

Lonely? Bored? Depressed? Start a bash thread!

Kucinich LUSTATHON at

AP predicts Dean "revolution" will end in a tie

My Goodnight Rant against a fellow DUer

Iraqis worth about $500 each?

Kerry responds to Gephardt criticism

Why do the polls in IN and KY close at 6

Dean willing to support Iraq war, once BUSH declared Iraq a grave threat

Help from DUers... How old does this candidate look?

We all know that Bush considers himself to be a Christian, but...

SiMiller in Stupidity

will Daschle keep his senate seat?

Dem to vote for GWB because of abortion

Bill to keep Internet tax-free dies

wasn't the economic recovery in 84 jobless?

Will Pappy Bush be hosting the Bin Laden family for Thanksgiving?

I received a Second application today

Schwarzenegger's Sneakiness

Gephardt Statement on Senator Edwards' Plan to Aid Carolina Textiles

On balance, does multiculturalism unite or divide a nation?

54 reasons NOT to re-elect George Bush

Now Bush has his OWN card deck. Spread the word!

Hatch staff member compromises Dem Senators computers.

Wanna help a liberal and stick it to Bill O'Reilly at the same time?

Thank you Mr Bush ?

Democrats left with few issues???

What was Hitler, Mao, and Stalin's political compass?

Democrats for the Medicare 'corporate welfare and privatization' Act

How the terrorists support Bush


When Cash Is Only Skin DeepĘ(subdermal microchips)

Bush exploits the Christian label to attract fearful religious people.

Scary and scandalous

Salon – The gathering storm around Richard Perle

Just how good is the new Medicare Bill?

Republican trio signs on to voter verification bill

Can you reccommend a good philosophy book?

Who says it was'nt about the oil?

The New York Times: a proposal for ethnic cleansing in Iraq

Howard Zinn on KPFA now (Wed. 11/26 - 10:19 am EST)

Did anyone hear Edwards on the Diane Rehm show yesterday?

CSPAN caller from MI - "Democrats support the killing of little babies…

What is your morning routine pet peeve?

could anyone have beaten Reagan in 84?

Will Dean privatize Social Security?

those republican family values certainly are strange...

W* Gets Credit For 'Economic Boom', Needs An Excuse For The Coming Bust!

The Party is over...Predictions for '04 Election

INTERESTING!!!: C-Span now: Middle Eastern Policy discussion (10:26 ET)

Hey, what have the freepers had to say about Hatch?

CNN poll asks if you have changed plans due to the Homeland

When you vote with a DOLLAR, It always gets counted

vote "no!" to constitutional amendment banning gay marriage

BREAKING: Unknown Substance on NY Subways

Bush on a roll? This is what we get for low standards.

Why did Kerry and Edwards abstain from voting against Medicare?

Edwards voted No on the Medicare bill -- did not abstain.

Transcript of the new Republican Attack Ad:

DeLay fights subpoena re: TX redistricting battle

The Death of the American Republic, Circa 1936

A suggestion for anti-Clark posters

The Medicare bill: Now we begin to get the real numbers

Voting for show?

Who wants to choose none of the above ?

An apology from Salinen

Deleted message

The U.S.: What the hell happened? Some questions...

Reagan, airs 8 p.m. ET Sunday on Showtime

Problem with cigarette smuggling during times of high taxes where I live..

In the spirit of the holiday I'd like to thank you all

Notice from Stop FTAA re exposure of protestors to bacterial meningitis

Simulated 2000 election: Gore wins 56%-40% if white men are taken out

What's the deal with "blogs"?

Nice to hear the media calling him Michael Jackson again, Elvis Presly

Just call me an insurgent.

What are some ways we can increase voter turn-out?

Nice company, Will...

San Francisco Mayoral race just got ugly...

From pResident Bush

Clark Supporter Rollcall

A great Daily Howler about the draft flap

NYC will be just like Miami - no protest possible

Dean admits to dodging the draft

Outside help?

Something's Up

The Hatchling (Senator Hatch) Strikes Again!

don't be a turkey, take a TOON break!

what will it take for Mcauliffe and Daschle to resign?

Actual Laser Super Weapon + DRAFT = PNAC Conquest success by 2008?

Great holiday gift!

Ah-nold Gets Industry Wish List On Environment - LA Times

Arnold - "will not cut dog food for blind people" really


CNN crawler said Chaplain Yee was reassigned...

Could I get in trouble for writing to Chirac/Schroeder?

San Francisco--Did Dan White kill Moscone because of Jim Jones connection,

A nation of snoops? The background check fetish

Republicans guilty of covering up 9/11

Microcosm of agenda : the rich get richer.

Latest Gene Lyon's article on gay marriage as issue...

Mother Earth & all of the creatures in the forest endorse Kucinich

Is the U.S. even worth fighting for anymore?

What to buy...footwear, soda

Would Kerry be a good SoS?

What form of governement does the United States have?

China is horrible, but I think I'll sell them military technology

Any economic whizzes? Forgive my ignorance(Re: GDP growth) - Hasta La Vista HMO Regulation?

As You Head Over The Hills and Through The Woods

Bush mispronunces Nevada, how dumb is he? Really, how dumb is he?

BBV: e-voting done right

The best candidate up against Bush will be...

Why did you choose your candiate?

Filibuster loses 70-29.......Medicare Bill loses 54-44

Bad Living Through Chemistry

Morford: Be thankful you're not Dubya (gives thanks for Will Pitt)

The next time these freaks ask Dean the phoney draft-dodging question, is Down! Does anyone know why?

Too Much Emphasis is Placed on the Medicare Bill's Political Impact

On trail, Dean hones a populist message

Hillary may run in 2008?

Bush having BIG problems with moderates

VP Clark: on what ticket?

Bernie Ward talking about Dean now

This nuclear arms race brought to you by George W Bush

Enter Voter Fund's political ad contest.

we've got to get mean.

Carlyle Group ready to buy stakes in major newspapers

Very ominous news regarding GOP NYC convention!!!!

possible purple Southern states

My e-mail to KUHF, public radio in "Democrat lawmakers"

A Dem HACKER group needs to claim they CAN and WILL steal next election!

What are you doing to get others registered to vote.

Is there anyone left in the Clark campaign

Bible Gets Girly Makeover

Grapes: Now a Good Source for Black Widow spiders

Did scumbag Neil Bush rape underage Thai girls?

Bush mispronunces Nevada in first presidential visit

Notice how the mediawhores have stopped false naming Michael Jackson

In what election did Blacks generally switch from Republican to Democrat?

Was Dean a Pompous Communist?

The Bush '04 Campaign Plan in Two Words:

Arm thyselves with truth!

Here come the gas bills, there goes the "recovery"

Schwarzenegger's Stunning Hyposcrisy

In light of Tommy Franks' words lately, and the mention of military rule,

Dean admits to dodging the draft

Gay Bar Bombing Spree Thwarted

Left-wing atrocities in history

would you protest a "democratic led" war ?

Dean is the anti-christ, Clark is PNAC, Kucinich invaded us from Mars.

clark and lack of integrity

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the anti-Deans

Attention, Ladies -- Feminist Book Giveaway!

Hillary finally acknowledges 2008 Presidential ambitions

The point of "buy nothing day" -- for the uninformed

Why the IWR vote will not affect my vote in the primaries.

Do you think The Democrats can defeat Bush in '04

BREATHTAKING Display of Bush's COMPLETE Mastery over the US Media. News: U.S. Senate Takes A Swipe At Spam

My letter to Senator Feinstein

The Official "Do Dems Really Hate Freedom/America?" Poll

National History Day Vote - Your 10 favorite US documents

Hitler was worse than Stalin...(Or why Jacques Parizeau isn't racist...)

Bush haunted by face from his past (sort of).

If you're obsessed with Clinton's penis, bomb Iraq...

Someone here had a really kicka$$ quote from Jefferson in their sig...

How far can political correctness go?


Does anyone else think Zell Miller gave the memo to the Repubs ?

Clark's Attack On Dean's Skiing Record Show's Clark's Lack of Integrity

OK, Dean supporters. Explain to me this ultimate mystery.

Smells like he may run for political post, Lt. Governor Novoselic ?

Kerry's attack at Clark's military record shows Kerry's lack of integrity

John Edwards voted NO on medicare bill

The problem is not whether Clark is a nut

Could this be where the "switching" is coming from?

The Democratic Plan for Victory (with pictures!)

DU exclusive

OMG! Rove's strategy + the convention schedule=sneakier than we thought

When did they start advertising Congressional trips to Iraq....?

Bill Gates takes a dive Down Under

The True Story of the First Thanksgiving: National Day of Mourning

Triumph mocks Bill O'Reilly

Driving While Black: Do you think it's an important issue? What can we do?

Rocker Joan Jett running in NY as a Howard Dean delegate

Rush on Drugs: People like Limbaugh should go to jail, says Limbaugh

Why I believe Bush will go down next year

Not much advertizing on Rush`s program

Has the media talked about Bush`s vacation week?

Why do democrats compromise so quickly?

Recall Effort Against Nev. Governor Fails

Resistance is futile!

Clarkies check in, we need to talk.

about this medicare bill

San Francisco Mayoral race just got ugly...

"part completely horrified, and another part completely energized"

Starbucks Sales Soar

DU Must read: Molly Ivins: "It's Time To Get Serious"

Need help with the videos at the Dean site.

Conservative Idiots

Troops Silenced at Fort Carson

Shariah will soon be an acceptable method of dispute resolution in Canada

Which candidate should drop out?

Kerry hit by two smear pieces from Boston Globe on same day

Dean lied at debate to escape the pressure

Frankie Mayo on "Buchanan/Press" hawking for Soldiers in Iraq's Needs!

new SC poll – Edwards back on top; Sharpton 2nd; Dean 3rd

How anti-war is Dean? Not more than Kerry, Gephardt, Edwards...

Open question to fellow DU'ers regarding "candidate-bashing"

Ask Carter Center to monitor and exit poll the 2004 election

Bumper stickers in your area?

Dubya: a slightly over-the-top psychological analysis

Deanies (Deanites, Dean-o's, Dean Supporters) please help me out...

Is Mitt Romney a carpetbagger from Utah?

Is conservatism even actually "conservatism"?

Two more Bush* foes "commit suicide" apparently...

Greens are forcing the Democrats further left in Cali's most liberal areas

CBS tv "Up to the Minute"- Holt on TouchScreen Voting and Diebold

I was told yesterday by an insurance agent that Democrats in California

I have two websites for you. One is the best PNAC source I have found.

Whether or not Dean "dodged the draft" is not the problem...

Dean will lose against Bush, Clark is our only chance

Random Thought re Gay Marriage Backlash

Senate Republican staffer put on leave for accessing Democratic files...

Just heard on radio that over a hundred thousand AARP members have

I think Dean would make a great surgeon general

Debunking the recent Drudge Report article about Dean

Kucinich out in front on issues again - pro decriminalization of pot

Monday's Protest Against Bush

Write a short, one-paragraph speech for the Democratic nominee.....

Contest: New acronym for USA PATRIOT Act

Feinstein's Terrible Judgement (Longtime Supporter)

U.K. Telegraph Article about Dean, Kerry, Clark and Bush

Houston Chronicle: "Say what you will, Bush is president until 2008"

Kucinich Beats Diebold!

MacAuliffe statement on Thanksgiving

Monstrous Space Bomber to circle earth - rockets at the ready

are geiger counters used on the bodies at Dover?

Abortion: I feel terrible for women who have to have them....

how to judge at any moment which dem campaign is picking up momentum

The Strange Death of the Woman Who Filed a Rape Lawsuit Against Bush

Here is my official Launch and the launch of the new website.

Hey DUers is in Trouble !

Eric Alterman tells NBC Pres. that he would do a show "on the cheap"

Interesting WH skullduggery at TalkingPointsMemo re: Garner revelations.

Bush and 9-11: Compelling Evidence for Complicity

SF Mayor Race: Green Pulls Ahead

Bush* Celebrates Medicare Victory (Malpractice Suit Curbs Next)

Neb. Treasurer Won't Resign After Plea

WP: GOP Staffer May Have Leaked Democrats' Memos

Democrats Decry 'Compromise' on FCC Rule

Top UK judge slams Guantanamo

Rumsfeld attacks Arabic channels

WP: For Democrats, a Wake-Up Call

G.O.P. Worries Face From Past Will Haunt Florida Senate Race

Iraq Contracts Harm U.S. ($500K donations=$8Billion in Contracts)

Khamenei: Iraqi occupation a quagmire for US

World economic slump over

NYT -- G.O.P. Worries Face From Past Will Haunt Florida Senate Race

US targets opposition clerics in Mosul

Economy, Medicare Put Bush on a Roll

On The Job With A Taliban Recruiter

Former CIA Official tells PBS: Outed Officer Under-cover for 30 years.

Major Pipeline in Iraq Ablaze

Littwin: Gag order leaves troops, reporters speechless[no reporting zone]

Iraq's top Shi'ite criticises U.S. plans

Gunmen to target Iraq democracy

MPAA, RIAA seek permanent antitrust exemption

One Man Against Secrecy

Iraqi Attacks on Americans Start to Ease, Bremer Says

Clark looks to jump-start economy

Some Experts See Revolt by Elderly Over Drug Benefits (NYT)

Syrian PM says after bitter Iraq experience US not to launch new front

U.S. Pays Death Claims For Iraqi Civilians, But Won't Prosecute

U.S. Arrests Wife of Saddam Deputy (daughter, too)

IAEA not to threaten sanctions against Iran

Iraq's Communist Party says it wants U.S. troops out soon, plans political

On the warpath to Damascus

Secret taping of Jackson investigated [M.Jackson got one kick-a** lawyer]

America's enemy within


Democrats Decry "Compromise" on FCC Rule (WashPost)

Saddam believed hiding in Iraq

$400 Billion For Medicare Delivers Little

Dollar Drifts Lower Versus Euro

US Bans Quran In Iraqi Textbooks

Autodesk says it will lay off up to 650 employees

Drug Benefit's Impact Detailed.....Many Will Face Big Out-of-Pocket Costs

Jay Garner criticizes early Iraq efforts...

Upscale retailers riding high (And Alone?)

OECD warning: rates must rise

Baltimore schools lay off 710 workers

Al-Arabiya, Al-Jazeera ‘Support’ Attacks In Iraq: Rumsfeld (Islam On Line)

Iraq's Top Shi'ite Criticizes U.S. Political Plans

Blair Pitches His Plans to Skeptical Voters

General admits Iraq mistakes (Garner - Inter-departmental rivalry)

Slow Recovery in 14 Battleground States Could Hurt Bush's Chances

Mark Gerigos says

Philly Treasurer Quits Amid Federal Probe

Top Iraqi fugitive's family captured

Russia Concerned About U.S. Developing Low-Yield Nuclear Weapons

Taber teen ready for release, lawyer argues

Japan Unveils Retaliatory Tariff Measures

Feds still reject funding over Florida education Internet server

Nebraska treasurer refuses to resign post

Houston Chronicle: DeLay fighting subpoena

Hawai'i seniors warned of Medicare drug gap

Democrats' disarray led to defeat: Analysis

FBI Plans for Antiwar Movement Spur Opposition

Doctors urge public smoking ban (UK)

Union: Police Broke Protest Promise

US said to reject UN resolution on Iraq this year


Some Experts Foresee Revolt by Elderly Over Drug Benefits

Hillary to Spend Thanksgiving in Iraq

Pentagon Sending More Marines to Iraq in 2004

US signals rethink on bases overseas

Drug Bill May Be Booster Shot For Bush Campaign

Disney Takes Blame for Thunder Mountain Death...

BBV - A Secure and Verifiable Voting System

New York's Spitzer becoming a political hot property

Five Treated After Odor in New York Subway

Argentina warns of terror threat

Police branded as collaborators express sympathy for anti-American resista

Sean Penn may join Iraq press gang

US to negotiate location of military bases in Bulgaria in December

Tracing the trail of radical Turks

Union workers' anger may give Gephardt a boost

U.S. Searches Target Iraqi Donkeys

Report details arrests of state police going back 9 years

Pentagon sending more Marines to Iraq than originally planned; more reserv

Governor's spending cap called power grab (Schwarzenegger)

Iraqi police say they're ill-equipped and frustrated by U-S troops

Japan may ask U.S. to watch over ASDF

Human rights activist pleads guilty to sending sensitive technology to Chi

9-11 Victims' Relatives: Extend Probe

Gold Jumps Over $400/oz on Subway Scare

jackson lawyer says money behind claims

Blast at Italy's mission in Iraq

Oklahoma schools to help collages in Iraq

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq - 434 U.S. service members have died

County deletes 'master-slave' PC term

Republicans Hope Congress Will Approve $373 Billion Spending Bill When Law

Business Deals of Bush Brother Detailed in Divorce[]

Ga. judge decides on evidence in soldiers killing

Wife, Daughter of Top Iraqi Fugitive Arrested

Tallil airman hears child’s birth

Raid On Arab TV Network Hardly A Democratic Move (A new take on old news)


Issa Opts Out of Calif. U.S. Senate Race

Maybe, says Hillary Clinton to 2008 run for presidency

Cannons conk 'enemy,' pave way for 2/1 at CAX

In Iraq, new moon is not as plain as day

Soldiers Anger over Dean Brother (Drudge)

Bush mispronounces Nevada in first presidential visit [hahahahah]

United Kingdom to recognize gay relationships

Israelis Seize Bin Laden, Saddam Dolls

"This is war" (Norwegian Soldiers balk at "Humanitarian" term)

US official declares war on drugs a success

President Bush's Appointee Warns Against Reelecting Bush

Pentagon investigates fired Boeing worker

Draft Gore Write-In Campaign Ramps Up

Iraqi baby survives heart surgery thanks to U-S, Israeli intervention

Tearin' down toilets (Air Force Press Release)

US launches mass weapons sweep in Iraq

US senators introduce gay marriage ban

Behind in the polls, Edwards continues to press ahead

Braun: Pumping life into improbable bid

AARP Faces Rebellion Within on Medicare

If Democrats look away from Dixie, winning White House may be tough

First lady Maria Shriver hands out turkeys in Sacramento

American compound in Baghdad hit by rocket attack

The Daily Wrap Up

Time for the Daily Show!

Letterman's rating about .50 on the patriotism meter tonight.

My lottery ticket matched all six numbers tonight!!!!!!

How many here are rooting for Michael Jackson?

Holiday Tech Gear?

Does the Puddle Of Mudd singer think he's Kurt Cobain?

have you ever noticed

Long before the concept album, doo-wop gave us the concept single

JERK Would you let one ruin your night?

What did Will Pitt write about me?

What herbs and spices make a Zomby extra yummy?

What herbs and spices make a Zomby extra turkey?

Sitting here listening to Thelonious Monk: "Ask Me Now"...

Why won't Will Pitt write about me?

How do you define combustability in a relationship?


A 15 yr old's musings on...well.....gas (attn. dog owners!)

So I'm in Hong Kong....

How do you define compatibility in relationships?

Who put the bop in the bop sh-bop sh-bop?

any 24 fans out there?

id that Russian guy who chugged nearly 2 litres of vodka in 30 min...

What classic novel is this quote from?

Starting fights between red ants and black ants.

15 hours in the grinder, and I wiped out the company books

Need some help with a "love song" ...

Now it's time to say good night

Relaxation camp gives elephants a chance to forget

Well, it's official... life sucks

Mulholland Drive's third act--WTF?!?!?!?!

Excellent voter resource - Compare candidates by content

Today in Twisted History

Beer Acadamy Searches For First Executive Director

Finally saw the Paris Hilton video, ask me anything!

Now Bush has his OWN card deck. Spread the word!

I just worked 18.5 hours straight, ask me anything!


Lonely? Bored? Depressed? Start a bash thread!

When good Thanksgivings go very bad. (comics)

"Air Rage Granny" Causes Fighter Jets To Scramble

Good (Humpday/FRIDAY) Morning DU!!!

I may be a Neo- Con PNACer.....

How far will the "I gave money to a homeless man" thread go?

Who is cooking Tomorrow, and who is gonna just show up and eat?

English lesson - (Flash) versatility of the F word

Dixie Chicks honored for quote

Badly Taxed Brothels Add to Budget Woes

The Simple Life...

Celebrities with dumb right-wing views - Time to Name And Shame

54 reasons NOT to re-elect George Bush

What does your dog smell like?

Gray Squirrels Have Bad Memories - Red Squirrels Not As Forgetful

Who Else Will Be Playing "Alice's Restaurant" Tomorrow?

Favorite Beatles song sung by Ringo

As long as neo-cons refer to Dems as RATS...

Schilling AND A-ROD In RED SOX UNIFORMS????????

Kucinich folks, please don't take offense. But WTF is with this?

Anyone See The Second X-Men Movie?

It's 11:43 AM. Ask me anything.

Is It Okay To Print Address Labels For Christmas Cards?

FIVE-Legged Dog Undergoes Surgery To Remove TWO Legs

Saran Wrap Emergency

Teddy of The Wilburn Brothers dies at 71

HEY 600!

Farting w* doll. Order now, in time for Christmas.

This holiday eve, let us all bow our heads and solemly recall...

Dems in strange places

My cartoon regarding the Medicare Bill...

Since there is an MM thread up: Puffy freaks at VH1......

Do you like George W. Tush? (voting closes at 12:15 ET, 9:15 PT)

Nice to hear the media calling him Michael Jackson again, Elvis Presly

First Christmas song of the year: To be played REAL LOUD!!!

In the spirit of the holiday I'd like to thank you all

I just qualified for $1,000 at a local music store.

This has been an absolutely lousy year, but I am thankful-ask me anything.


Anyone see the SA Rugby Team NAKED Boot Camp Video?

Is there a way to read all posts from a specific poster?

I am flying to Greece tonight.

Great holiday gift!

An apology from Salinen

Is George Bush Out Of Control?

they raided my daughters high scool today

Senator Kerry left a flaming bag of dog poo on my porch this morning!

Have you visited the Thanksgiving Memorial Thread? Please, do so.

Can you reccommend a good philosophy book?

I am outta here, Happy Thanksgiving DU land!!!!

Revolting turkey-and-gravy drink scores a seasonal hit

So I got invited to lunch at Al Franken's apartment in New York City

For me to poop on!

Never, never, NEVER give money to a corporation!

Some Pablo Neruda for all you poetry lovers out there

A C-Span caller said that had Clinton not behaved so badly in his

Official DU Mood-O-Meter (Wednesday 11-26-03)

WH Sending 1.5 MILLION Xmas Cards?????????

Excellent article by Plaid Adder on the front page today,

Who's going to be partying tonight?

Don't anyone get too close to me! I'm warning you!

It just gets weirder and weirder

Who should play in the Rose Bowl, if USC plays in Sugar Bowl

Corduroy pants.

why do most red states have low incomes levels while

Why are liberals called different names in different parts of the US?

Frying turkey? Be careful: "Then everything caught fire and exploded"

Which animal does each Dem candidate look like? A comprehensive review

Angels in America: HBO

Time To Give Thanks


"Afternoon Delight" - I stuck that song in YOUR head!

Christmas trees

The Official Michael Jackson Press Room

Best reason to beat up Eminem

Stupid asshole bosses.

the most generous gesture I have ever received!

Dean is a poopy pants.

What's the biggest Compliment a Chef in Training can get?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Sean Reynolds

Johnny Depp WILL be Willy Wonka

I am back home from the hospital

I just made cranberry salad for turkey day.

HELP. I Would Like To Get A Christmas Screensaver But The Ones I

Still high on my hawkeyes!!!!

How much spam do you get per day?

off to make

Adam Shapiro on C-span now 5:30 11/26


Ex (or current) Boy scouts Check in!

M.A.T.C.O.M. Pardon's A TURKEY For The Holiday!!

Going to Colorado for Thanksgiving

Bleeeeeeecccccccchhhhhh! I hate hazelnut coffee!

Does anyone watch the show "24."

Do you ever give sympathy votes to candidates in DU primary polls?

Cookin' with Dr. Pepper

Remember that Bush Statue in England?

NEVAR forget!

Some venting about Gateway!

happy turkey day, everyone

hahaha! Canadian company making a GW Bush lawn ornament!

If you're obsessed with Clinton's penis, bomb Iraq...

Smelly pits healthy, but only for you

is west wing a rerun tonight?

Can I put an entire forum on "ignore"?

Whatever happened to Adam Smith

Have you been to GD today?

Does anyone really like fruitcake?

I'm gonna have to leave DU for a while.

Do you read the AtA forum

Ever cooked a Turducken?

today's new hate radio advertisers 11/26

What is your morning routine pet peeve?

I'm in the mood for a caption..................

Political x-section of your family

Big Brother Watching?

Do your dog's feet smell like buttered popcorn?

My Rant (Read at your own risk)

Kids say the darnedest things

How do you cook your turkey?

We're being released at 3PM - Have a Happy Thanksgiving, DU!!

Men with recipes

Have You Ever Been In A Parade?

For The Thanksgiving Gif-Jackers

here's a very interesting link

New sci-fi books?

Has anyone read 'Endgame' by Scott Ritter?

Can someone please suggest some good holiday movie rentals?

Will Pappy Bush be hosting the Bin Laden family for Thanksgiving?

Mark Morford loves William Rivers Pitt

Today I got a DWB and I am humiliated

Is Dubya the modern day Gerald Ford?

Harvey Fierstein Says He'll Be 'Mrs. Santa' at Thanksgiving Parade

United States Beer Drinking Team

If You Can't Be With The One You Love... Love The One You're With

Glen Campbell is the man! So ya'll quit hatin'

I have to bake a TURKEY guys

Yeesh, I'm such a blubbering baby!

Empty, empty house.


I dread tomorrow

I am so thankful for DU

How are you this evening?

which company is the most evil in the US right now?

What's your most hated management word?


Any Fans of "Bottom" here?

Caption this.. or, Gambling with *

Important Correction To This Week's Column: I'm Engaged!

9 o'clock on the DU definitely definitely time to CAPTION...suuure

Travel question

What herbs and spices make a turkey extra yummy?

What MrsGrumpy is thankful for this year.

I bad, just told AARP to Fuck off, pre-paid LOL

Is Thanksgiving A Christian (Or Theists') Holiday?


what is the best way to apply for a job

Why is Will Pitt writing about himself?

Big Boo Boo in front of a class today

Please pray/think good thoughts/send good wishes for my Dad...

Best Simon and Garfunkel album:

Yee hah! Going to the Macy's parade balloon blowing up this afternoon!

the famous NPR cranberry relish recipe of Mama Stamberg

WHOLEY MUTHA! Just Discovered Grand Theft Auto III

Thanksgiving Memorial thread...

Thanksgiving horror stories, anyone?

What kind o'pie makes YOUR pie hole drool?



Anyone else gonna be dealing with family freepers at the table tomorrow?

Who here is still dying to see the return of Six Feet Under?

I know it's early but....GO PACKERS....Make my Thanksgiving with

Late Night Theater no one watches- Noam Chomsky - Edition

Dubya's udder brother, Pimps, ho's and more

When You Get Caught Between The M O O N and New Yoooork City.....

Damn Those @#$% Mail-In Rebates!!!

Alice's Restaurant Massacree