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Archives: November 28, 2003

Documents: Neil Bush has Contract With Chinese

Be Thankful You're Not Dubya -- Mark Morford

The turkey has landed: (the Brits take on Bush upstaging Hillary)

Paul Krugman (NYT): The Good News

If you're still wondering who would be the strongest candidate ...

Genocide Survivors Love Clark

Clark shoots hole in campaign

What I'm most thankful for today? DU of course

Al Gore speaks out on race, civil liberties, and Bush Admin

Al Franken on CSPAN2 (from 11/15/03 at U of Missouri)

Propagandizing the troops continues...


Would a Gonzalez victory do as much for left wing local-level candidates..

If Everything is Hunky Dory--Why Need so MUCH Money?

The myth of this economic "rebound"

Shock and awe v2.0 (US shut down this network)

Any take on politics or mood of country from gatherings today?

Bumper Sticker Retorts

MUST READ: The Dallas Doctor's Warren Commission testimony.

I am almost ashamed to admit, I actually do hate Bush. (opinion piece)

Senator Zell Miller said in a speech for his book

All Bush, no Hillary

Are we fucked?

Iraq is Bush's war. Afghanistan is America's war. Thanks Hillary for

O'Reilly on CNBC with Russert

I think I have my answer re: Clark, Vietnam & Iraq

How do we know W was REALLY in Iraq ("Capricorn One" redux)?

Dean sure has a way of exploiting sick people - TNR report card

Baghdad Bush: All hat, no cattle - just another turkey.

Lots of tombstones out today,our collective yawn over Bush's stunt

CNN: Howie Kurtz is making sense?

Barry Lynn on C-Span Regent Univ???????? right now 2109 CST

Here's George with a soldier

Poppy's views on premarital sex

Inside Bush's Secret Trip to BaghdadÊ- (Reuters)

Al Franken on C-SPAN2

90% of Iraqis support US effort in Iraq...

Why Dean will Win the Nomination

Clark says he's "Product of Military Industrial Complex?" Quote/"Nation"

Paul Krugman: Bush worse than Nixon or Reagan

so, my sister asks: "do you want to buy dad TREASON for Xmas?"

Just had Thanksgiving Dinner with 12 Repugs

a questionW Thanksgiving (new art from Ivory_Tower!)

Who is the best Democrat to beat Bush?

We have a BIG BIG problem

Now do you believe in LIHOP?

Novakula exposes how the Pugs stole the Medicare vote

Read The Mariani Vs. Bush et al Amended Complaint Here

Do you consider Gavin Newsom a true Democrat?

How Wesley Clark spent Thanksgiving

Clark hires former assistant fired by Republican bosses

Some Iraqis Welcome Bush, Others Wish Him in Hell

Martin's Cove Bill on President Bush's Desk

Joan Jett Running to be a Dean Delegate

How British Charity Was Silenced on Iraq.

Powell Says No Quick Deal on Guantanamo Britons


Ashcroft vs. Greenpeace (UPI Article on Common Dreams? WTF?)

NYT Media: Amid Tight Secrecy, a Tip: Bush is Going to Baghdad

Some Iraqis Welcome Bush, Others Wish Him in Hell

The outsourcing of America’s jobs

Hillary Clinton Says U.S. Committed to Afghan Fight

Centre operator (Wakenhut) partly responsible for detainee's death

Iraq: Skeptics Scoff as US Again Turns to UN for Legitimacy

Saying GOP Broke Word, Kennedy Vows New Tactics

Once World Leader in Traffic Safety, U.S. Drops to No. 9

What I'm most thankful for today? DU of course

Never title your personals ad "Live like there's no tomorrow"

Love... Love will keep us together!!

Can Turkeys eat Dog neck?

Hey, what'd I miss?

Thai Man Stuck with His German Husband

Pizza.....why pizza?

If Bush's America were a TV show, it would be

Who's listening to Grapes of Wrath on NPR?

Happy Thanksgiving, DUers!

I came, I saw, I ate

Which C-SPAN should I watch?

The Capitol Steps theatre group (political humour, parodies)

God I hate driving to Corpus Christi

Stupid Fox and that Christmas crap during THE SIMPSONS!

Do you think stations will soon DECREASE the # of commercials?

Fun Caption Time (Rummy for your Tummy)

I'm going to bed...

Good Lord!

Today on CSPN Molly Iver's said Dubya is so dumb he has to be watered

Did I have a ghostly experience?

What new movie should I rent tonight?

Can anybody else here do THIS?

Is William Shatner The Greatest Singer of All Time?

I picked up a half dead cat must have been run over

The poll to end all polls!

Vanished, scary story......

Our new Thanksgiving family tradition...staying up late to watch

I had to throw my Turkey in the garbage....and my onions were Gen Altered!

Jewish Ethnic Food = Completely Underrated (Yum!)

Did I do something bad?

Anyone read both Shrub and Bushwhacked?

A Christmas Story is on.....

What I would do as NFL comissioner

Happy thanks giving US Duers!...

Any DU reviews of the new live Dixie Chicks album yet?

Best songs for Dubya: The Musical

Canadian food-Completely underrated

What is most likely to induce world peace?

If one must be a whore, what kind of whore would one be?

The very few drivers on the road tonight are all drunk! Ask me anything!


Where are single people most likely to find someone?

Jonah Goldberg on Gay Marriage

Welfare Turns Into a Suite Deal - Rahm Emanuel


"The Love Him, Hate Him President" (CNN)

Byrd's Fable Fits Perfectly

David Corn (TomPaine): Sleeping With The Enemy

Get me out of here! Now!

Paul Reynolds (BBC): Into Iraq by stealth

CNN Nails it....


Chimpy's Media Circus, The Center Ring

Trip was response to Hillary - no planning- media lies to cover photo op

Limbaugh and his contractors...

I've come to a shocking conclusion: conservatives AREN'T evil.

Rush, Newspeak and Fascism: An Exegesis

Needed: A Glossary of Acronyms, Initials, and abbreviations used here....

White House blasts pagans

In the Future: Total Recall Glasses for the Absent-Minded and Forgetful

Raised to be a king, Shah's son preaches democracy

Canada preparing to enforce Islamic law

GUNS IN THE NEWS--November 28. 2003

What if.........

Dumb Question......

What Did I Do Wrong


Thanks To Everyone

My disagreement about General Discussion...

Sorry EG

People's voice rises above the clamour....

Israel urged to destroy nuclear arms...

Annan: Israel Violating U.N. Resolution

The turnabout occurred at Netzarim

Week-old Iraqi baby arrives in Holon for heart surgery

Geneva Sellout

Israel, Build the Temple Now!

Vandals Put Swastikas on Graves in France

Our Place in the World: Road map leads to darkness

Muslim scholar: Don't excuse hate speech

EU fraud office investigates aid diversion to bombers

The Israel Lobby and the Left: Uneasy Questions

Telling the Truth, Facing the Whip

Who's in favor of annihilating Israel?

The bad fence

How could Israel ever trust the United Nations?

Critics in Vermont Rally Around Dean

Queens (NY) Democratic organization Endorses Howard Dean

MP3 of the last presidential debate...

Bush's turkey-trip shows how much he fears Hill'


The other side of Howard Dean

Kucinich on Electronic Voting

New American Research Group Poll shows Clark in lead in SC

So Hitchens had dinner at the Edwards's house last night.

Ted Kennedy will explain it to those of you

What are your favorite Music Bands?

Debate now being reaired on CNBC

Article by a reporter "embedded" in bush's Iraq PR trip

This Canadian wishes to express his gratitude. . .

Clark -- the mark of character....

The Gross Unfairness Of It All.

Living in America now is like being on the Titanic Anyone Agree

This is probably the truest thing one can say about our times.

'DVD Jon' cracks iTunes

Mumia defense office burglarized

AWOL on Air Force One

Subversive donkeys?

DU Deletes Morons account!!! "libertydeath" bites big one!!!

I Am Utterly Despondent Over *'s Iraq Theatrics

Remember the man who got fired for shaking Clark's hand?

Great article in Rolling Stone

The Tenant, the Inhabitant.

My country, drunk or sober!

A way for us to get it all back

Music group aims to charge Internet users

Front-page NYT image: Bush and the turkey

Electronic Frontier Foundation Sue Electronic Voting Company

Someone didn't get the memo.

War Zone Visits

Visiting the troops...

CNN beating the drum for Bush Economy


War Wounds: Who really supports the troops?

Should Dean reveal what he has in store for Medicare?

Will Farenheit 911 be released?

Patriot Act has benefits, no danger (Propaganda Alert)

Flight Suit, Part Deux.

Cdn Unite the right movement starts to bomb in light of Spencer's bigotry.

O'reilly getting a free pass with Russert on book interview, CNBC now!

"The Turkey Has Landed" - the UK Independent

Officer in trouble for questioning whether troop re-deployment legal.

Question for lawyers or law students on DU.....can citizens join

Sorry I have no way to show this to you

Bush is Toast (Liberals Will Kick Ass in 2004)

You Remember That CIA Leak Story Don't You. You Think If A Democrat

Bush Visit to Baghdad Sets Rotation Record of Two Hours

He´s not that popular

Alliance for Retired Americans - Anyone know about them?

Dubya's Baghdad Boondoogle

US army kills two Iraqi sisters in Baquba

Anyone have a list of the reporters who went with Bush to Iraq.?..

A Freeper's Thanksgiving Letter (and my response)

Sleep on it. The truth is still our ally.

Could the 04 presidential prize be won in Iraq?

Soros and Buffett betting against the $?

Bush Owns the Iraq War

Atlanta Journal editor slamming coward in chief's Iraq stunt

2nd wife and her child held hostage by the bushgang

Repeat after me: Bush did not visit THE TROOPS

Backers say U.S. Rep. Lincoln Davis of Tennessee to Endorse Clark

Were C-SPAN cameras in Iraq with Bush ?

Canadian spook warns of creeping Fascism

Bush moves to limit State's rights in pursuing Corp greed

"Bring 'Em On" Redux

Select group of Faux reporters with *, Thanksgiving

This guy wants to start the draft to fix Gen X & Y's "discipline problem"!

Americans are now Europe's "Cheap Labor"

Dr.Dean Finally Welcomes His Brother Home

Tom Delay is happy!

How many costumes did Dumbya wear in Iraq?

DUers with some $, you could see Al Gore

White House "Punks" CNN re: Bush's Baghdad Visit

RE: Southern Strategy. What if Rudy Guilliani ran for VP and then Prez?

Here comes Bush's "charm" offensive

how do we take care of eleven million orphans?

Saddam walked openly among Iraqi people, why didn't their "liberator"?

Brian Lamb was positively ORGASMIC today

Bush vs Clinton on soldiers funerals

A French journalist spent several days with the 101th Airborne in Iraq

CNN is calling the photo-op "Mission to Baghdad"

The Coming Race War by Carl Rowan

Hogtied and Abused at Fort Benning -(Disgusting)

"I came, I saw nothing, but I will conquer" smirk's PR stunt

MUST READ (we can beat smirk) Dem candidates must read also

Here in the KC market

TV censors treat Americans like children.


Once our nominee is chosen, what would you donate to air anti-Bush ads?

Discovered: The Original Astroturf Bush Freepers for Hitler

An idea for getting the news out on Bush's disastrous policies

C-SPAN ...reporter that went to Iraq with Dubya was given Flack Vest that

Did I accidently start donating to Free Republic?

BBV: Any DU'ers from Northern Ireland?

New nominee for "Most Disgusting Website"

Can a woman who had an abortion ever run for President?

CNN Finally Did It. THIS is what I expected since Bush's "visit"

Deleted message

COME ON DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karl Rove's BIG Strategy: The Unfinished Pendulum

All of these threads about Chimpy on Thanksgiving! Slow news

What to say to a Freeper if there is another 9/11 type attack.

Aides Prodded Reluctant Bush on Iraq Trip

A Conservative Columnist Criticizes Right Wing Congress

E.J. Dionne on how the Dems got rolled on Medicare

He should have

Patriotism or Nationalism?

Lieberman is struggling and it's not just because of his policies

what is the (approx) US population? How much does 11 Billion

Dean and Kucinich Were The Only Ones to show up at Youth Forum

the picture

Why I am a Democrat

Clark on News Night Tonight with Aaron Brown

How many millions did Junior's little 2.5 hour turkey-bussing stunt...

What is this Bush* business?

The Truth Uncovered..Order the film now

Gephardt first among women, tied for 5th among men

Wandered over to freepville

Notice how the right-wing is so quiet in regards to Tommy Franks?

Centrist Democrat Lieberman struggles - BBC Coverage

Freeper Barbra Simpson plugs NEWSMAX on Art Bell SHow!

A Clark Promotional Question

While US plans oil-dependent future, Germans make big sustainable move

Hey DU Moderators

Flashback: Ted Kennedy on Biden-Lugar

Dean Also Makes a Play for South Carolina....

Let's go to the tape, shall we?

On CNN: Many Iraqi's Upset W/ Bush's Visit

Top 10 Thoughts I Had on the Bush-Baghdad Turkey Stunt

new (ARG) South Carolina poll

video of Joe Trippi speaking at Boulder, CO Dean grassroots summit

Bush can now claim that he has been in combat zone, hope Dean visits Iraq

Early heads up: Dean on Hardball Monday...

Bunnypants should have parachuted into Iraq

Can we agree that this Nation writer is a clowing clown?

Clark capitalizing on Bush’s fear mongering.

CNN poll: Should * have met with ordinary Iraqis, too? 61% NO!!!!

Draft Buchanan?

I had my dessert first on Thanksgiving because of a bumper sticker

Dean, Trippi, and handwritten letters to voters

Truth and Other Casualties

Interested in Venezuela? New documentary to air on FSRN tonight

New AMR Poll for South Carolina - Dean and Edwards up 2% Clark down 2%

another HUGE story resurfaces in UK... but is never mention in the US

Anyone notice something strange going on at CNN?

Clark on Newsnight, 10PM, CNN

A Clark Bush Timeline

Biden-Lugar -- the facts.

I wanted to clarify the meaning of *

Faced with Dean's Electability, Vermont Critics Rally Around Dean

Associated Press now using "internet chatrooms" as a source to slam Clark!

Meet the Press Listing for 11/30

Have you been able to influence any voter to come over to your candidate?

Meme memo: tax hikes for the middle class

Should Kerry remind voters he voted to cut Medicare spending?

Rules for Democrats:

Nasty response to reviews

Final Northern Ireland Election Results - DUP, Sinn Fein big winners.

Freeper: A vote against Bush is "voting to encourage the terrorists"

Support our troops like George W. Bush – Post-“Bring ‘Em On” Edition


Are most Americans Cowards?

Thumbs up to George Bush on his visit to Iraq

Neil Bush's Asian sex romps

Thinking of .. War Trials Agreement 1945

Debating Polygamy's Resurgence

Jimmy Carter gives thumbs up for Wes Clark

More important to freedom: first or second amendment?

Anyone know any dems that became repubs?

Officer: Clark Indirectly Involved in Waco

Surprise Front Page RE: Surprise Visit

I no longer have a reason to watch MSNBC

Democracy Now. Great Show Today! Bill Moyers Shredding...

Alliance for the New Humanity: OUTSTANDING

AP Gives Bush Another Free Pass On Cocaine Abuse (2000 Redux?)

Reagan's bust on dime touted...

Past debate videos

I bet Bushie just flew to

Democrats need to understand why Bush* is so 'popular'.

Some must read gems from the old DU (thanks Eloriel!)

When did the media become so RW?

POLL. Clark vs. Bush.

Bush did not eat with the troops...Why?

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - Media consolidation, more...

Getting a CO will not be easy in new DRAFT, says SSS Director Brodsky

The latest wave of DU defeatism/negativism unsupported by the facts

Why do homophobes think gay rights will ruin everything else?

Why is America by far the most religious industrialized nation?

Candy Man tactics of the RIGHT WING PUBs

Great news from Newsweek: Men want Bush out by 51-45%. He's toast in 2004!

Paedophilic Repugs, rape, whoring, attempted murder and the BFEE,

Predictions wanted: when is the next race riot?

Fear of Poe drags peso to all-time low; stocks fall (Philippines election)

Thousands Protest Mexican President Fox

Congress Wraps Up Mixed-Bag Session

Milbank: A Defining Moment in a War and Presidency

Mussolini quits party after leader calls fascism 'evil'

Group wants investigation of police tactics (United Steelworkers)

How British charity was silenced on Iraq

'Ghost ships' snub for UK

Centrist Democrat Lieberman struggles

Soldier Dies From Gunshot Wound

Photographers Acquitted Over Diana Crash Photos

White House assertion of terror network in Iraq may undermine own case for

GOP pulled no punches in struggle for Medicare bill

Mortar Shells Kill Soldier in Mosul, Iraq

AARP Grows Into $636 Million Empire

LAT: Lawmaker Says Leftists Hold Sway at Colo. Campuses

Older Germans Being Pressured on Benefits

UK press: Bush's turkey mission thrills papers

Analysts: Medicare Drug Costs Will Rise

Chechnya Duty Hardens Russian Police

(Italy)Southern Poor Force Nuclear Dump U-turn

Sibneft Says Suspends Merger with YUKOS

Latest Ulster election results - DUP maintains NI Poll Lead (BBC)

CNN BREAKING: US Soldier Killed in Mortar Attack in Mosul [Dupe-- sorry]

Bush’s brief visit to Baghdad surprises Iraqis

(U.S.)Businessman Jailed for Drill Sales to Iraq

WP: Senate Opens Inquiry Into Leaked Memos

Russian energy merger on the rocks.....Interesting but only a blurb.

Priest Apologizes to Kennedy Family

S. Korea Explains Iraq Troop Deployment

Bauer sees S.C. trade potential in Cuba,Lt. governor considers visi

Stigma Weakens for Pols Who Smoked Pot

Ex-GCHQ official accused of spy leak 'was trying to prevent war'


Spending escalates under GOP watch [Wash Times]

State auditor to report on $27 million disabled funding dispute (Florida)

US robot bomber will leave no place to hide

Blix Says Hopes U.S. Learned a Lesson in Iraq

Clark Supporter Feels Called to Duty

Battlefield Cleanup Measure Wins Approval (including the United States !!

Hillary Clinton Wants Wider International Role in Iraq

Pentagon Funds Pro-U.S. Network in Iraq

Soros 'speculating against dollar'

Military DRAFT Could Include Women, Pacifists, Health care draft "likely"

UN Says it Needs Aid for Great Apes

Pawlenty laughs off rumors of vice presidential bid

Pincus: Senate Opens Inquiry into Leaked Memos

Bush's Iraq coup unlikely to boost US polls

Keeping Kilimanjaro on ice

Ohio Authorities: (10) Shootings May Be Linked (I-270)

US army kills two Iraqi sisters in Baquba

DNA Confirms Lindbergh Fathered 3 German Children

US forces kill Iraqi motorist 'in error'

Rice defens Bush's surprise Iraq visit

Some Understand Covert Journey; Others Fear Bad Precedent

Rice Downplays Security " Problems " in Iraq

Fox, but not CNN, was at Bush's Thanksgiving surprise

US Iraq occupation criticised in army report

U.S. soldier killed in mortar attack in north Iraq

Plan to limit aid alarms advocates for disabled

An Indelible Moment in A War and Presidency [Washington Post]

AFL-CIO Facing Major Financial Woes

Federal judge rules in favor of Cuban band promoter (in Miami)

BBC (Friday): Paisley's party tops Northern Ireland poll

Bush's Iraq visit a pre- election PR stunt: analysis

(UK) Tories back in the lead with Howard

Aides Prodded Reluctant Bush on Iraq Trip

Iraqis Ask Why Bush Didn't See Iraq on Surprise Trip to Baghdad

Sharp-eyed British pilot almost blows Bush cover

My really weird/embarassing dream.

My Thanksgiving dinner with the Kucinich interns!

I got my turkey from Chevronsanto! Mmmm.....

Week 13 NFL predictions

Exporting IE favorites...

Favorite pro skateboarder?

CSPAN 1 showing MSNBC Dem Debate NOW.....almost midnite...

I had the "date" of a lifetime last night

Yay! Cooking turkeys in imus makes the NYTimes!

Do my eyeballs sound funny?

If there were a CSPAN Sweeps Week

So Bush had dinner with the troops. Just another photo-op.

Afgan Elvis

Sex, Chips & Rock N Roll

Turkish food on Turkey Day

Is it true Hoover vacuum got its name from Pres. Hoover because he sucked?

I just saw Finding Nemo.

Favourite Stompin Tom song!

Let Me Guess

Band fight!

New Dave Matthews CD

Ahhhhhh... just poured the post-Thanksgiving Bombay martini. Who's in?

Canuck Amok was the first to welcome that freeper

Saw the new Russel Crowe movie - Commander in something or other

Anyone hear any good Republican jokes this Thanksgiving?

Songs you would have sworn were by someone else

Canadian Fight!

more new Hate radio advertisers

My mom said today that she doesn't really like Al Franken

Where were you when the Oswalds played their last gig?

Pilgrims flock to Kabul to pay tribute to the Afghan Elvis

I just submitted an article to DU

That great, but heartbreaking, Japanese song

Another 30 yards of this burlap for my wife's Xmas outift please

Diamonds and Rust

The Return of the King: Last of Lord of the RingsTrilogy premiere

Stephen King hospitalized

Saw my first Guardian Angel tonight on the subway


The Turkey has Landed: dishing up some tinfoil hats next

My country, drunk or sober!

its 9:00 am and I JUST WOKE UP!!

Let There Be Peas On Earth

ITT commercial for education

If I had a nickel for every _ _ _ _ ,

Here's a thanksgiving food you probably never heard of...

Do I look like I've been drinkin' ?

The Doomsday Machine

Yesterday was my first birthday, ask me anything!

My Thanksgiving day...

What's a good age for a child to start piano lessons?

Ann Margaret Spent More Time in Vietnam, than Bush Spent in Iraq.

Locating the jugular

Will Limpballs be a guest on Ricki?

Man Caught With 177 Packs Of Cigarettes In His Pants

check out

Dick Cheney Balloon at today's Thanksgiving parade!

Anyone gonna watch the world junior hockey championships?

I'm Henry the 8th, I am.................................

Bah Humbug!

When your grandchild ask you “where were you during the war?”

Talk To W's Hand.....(CAPTION TIME!!!)

Drunk Finnish Judge Blames Toothbrush in Defense

Who likes boiled potatoes?!

Where are you on Christmas shopping?

Department store windows

5 and 10

Tiger Woods: officially out of circulation, to marry girlfriend

How many costumes did Dumbya wear in Iraq?

I've come to a conclusion about technology:

Is the band Aerosmith as bad as I think they are?

Last night I dreamed

How did his handlers get chimpy to go to Iraq?

Mid day theater no one watches- Bush family- edition

Are you single? Are you damn glad you're single?

Comcast Telephone Service ??

This will make Don CHerry even madder!

What is the quickest way to alienate a crowd?

I'm sick of all the fucking rules in General Discussion.

How strong is a child's imagination?

A Family Problem

I've been in bed sick for 16 hours....ask me anything.

The RNC Dream team

Saddest Christmas song?

See, Americans aren't the only ones to have RW wingnuts running amok....

Is there any way to print that pin-up of Clark?

Any tech folks decipher this?

One day at a cabinet meeting....

My Mom, converted!

I need to switch my cell phone carrier....

Any web designers here?

What I did with our thanksgiving left-overs

How much would you pay to save a post?


Kidnapping Victim escapes.. to (Cal) Ripken's House

Album Lennon signed for killer for sale

Anyone see Bad Santa?

Why the heck did I chase IN AMERICA with LOVE ACTUALLY?



A unique friend of mine is in town

test (eom)

HEY !!!! I changed my sigline

Best Doctor Who.

Whoa! look at GD!

We do have a Gandhi avatar, don't we?

Quicktime sucks!

Mickey Mouse was a racist pig!

On a lighter note..... I like ketchup,but I love mustard.

Can you get Retin-A without a prescription these days? Anyone?

I saw Michael Moore at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Not offend anyone that works at Wal-Mart but....

Anybody know where to discuss Moxy Fruvous?

I love the ^%#@ out of Thanksgiving leftovers!!!

Ok, so you're on the program Blind Date--how far will you go?

Anyone else feel that John Cippolina was a great rock guitarist?

Who ELSE is inundated with "The Ultimate Helicopter" SPAM???

I need suggestions for my Holiday Baskets for the Troops

It's 2:30 and dark as hell out

Does having a larger society make people less ethical/moral?

Favorite Thanksgiving Leftover...

Best Non-Santa, Non-Jesus Winter Solstice Song...

Do you post identical threads in more than one forum?

ZombyPoll #35H: Why Am I Watching CNN?

Happy thanksgiving advice for dieters

Why is there never enough stuffing?

I am thinking about asking a very personal question

Is Mike Malloy website down?

The movie will probably be fluff... but Jessica Alba... dayum!


Is anybody going to take one for the team and watch the Reagan hagiography

Just finished my Christmas Shopping!!!! Tee Shirts for my buds

Leaving for a while

When is the best night to go to social places (bar, coffeehouse, etc)

Let it Be Me

Should I make a poll?

Anyone with wholesale/retail pricing experience

What's more depressing?

you are not me



Lennon killer's signed LP on sale for $525,000

Workplace Pollyanna Gift-Giving

Is there anything you hated when young that you like now?

Christmas Gifts for Baby Boomers

"Honey, When We Get Married, Lets Not Discuss Either Politics or Religion"


Rocker Joan Jett a Howard Dean Delegate

Who went shopping today for the great bargains?

Is Radiohead the greatest band around today or what?

When a freeper declares bankruptcy and loses everything

Favorite BEATLES flip side?

What is the best era for top-40 radio, and why?

Space Planning 101 of all CAPTIONS

dress incognito and CAPTION

What are your favorite Music Bands?

the Mess Hall Messiah of all CAPTIONS

I Love Margaret Rutherford!

Lady Scrooge Question???

Day after Thanksgiving Shopping---a cautionary tale...

New study demonstrates men who post on freerepublic are impotent.

Favorite type of Maury episode

"Dubya, the to Baghdad, there he goes....

How do you get back into the Dating scene?

OMG, Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer! Ask me Anything!

I am thankful for today

Just saw Timeline

Was W really in Iraq, or was it a staged event in Nevada?

Okay, so the Xmas music has begun. I have a fabulous CD for this!

What languages do you speak?

How many DU personalitites do you own?

Best Freeper impersonation


2004 Presidential voting machine by Diebold

Who at DU enjoys having a fireplace?

Okay wussy feelings time

More reflections on "Puff the Magic Dragon"

How did you know he/she was "The One"??

"Rebuild my web page" contest!

A quarter-life rant....and then sleep:)

Gateway update

The NEW Battlestar Galactica

Can someone that's a Policeman answer a question PLEASE

Drug Experiences

Saddest NON-Xmas song?

Need some help from any vegetarians.

Post your best anti-Bush insults, tirades, epithets, and screeds!