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Archives: November 29, 2003

911 Victim’s Wife Files RICO Case Against GW Bush : Stigma weakens for pols who smoked pot

Facing the Horrific Every Day (Army Hospital Baghdad)

Kucinich to address CAIR, Sat., Nov. 29 in VA

Vote: How do you feel about same-sex marriages?

Folks, thought I'd post these ideas here, for STRATEGERY purposes:

Translate DU and other websites into different languages!

Republicans, Party of PUFF. A way of life built on a BLUFF

"Redemption Day" lyrics exerpt, by Sheryl Crow

William Sloane Coffin

How do you feel about gay marriage? Vote here:

We need a mod for a GD thread

Sorry EarlG and Will Pitt (an updated more concise apology .)

question, request, and group hug

PM limit?

I had a thread in the Lounge deleted,

Which rule is the most broken?

Thai terrorists planned to blow up Israeli Embassy

UN Says Israel Fails to Meet Demand to Halt WallĘ

Brokaw unfair to Kerry

Evidence of Media-Driven poll results and gatekeeping

"John did NOT help draft the Patriot Act" - Eizabeth Edwards@Edwards Blog

Never mind the rest, Dean was against IWR

"Dubya, the to Baghdad, there he goes....

Reagan on the dime?! This is a joke right?

I'd like to know why

SSS Director Brodsky: Health Care DRAFT "moved to front burner

Al Gore faces fight in bid for CBC-founded NWI--interesting tidbits re WND

Seattle TV news just sucks!

Why is Bush flying into Baghdad supposed to be heroic?

AWD's best day of campaigning ever was today!

The Politics of Indignity

evidence Bush trip to Iraq was for self-promotion

Condolieza: When are they going to make a bobble-head doll?

Re: Draft -- Where can I find list of medical exemptions?

I've been away....have a question about Bush's stunt

Repukes should tell bush to support OUR troops

cbc friday night comedy: Americans-hope you enjoyed your turkey.

It is that time of year again.

A little retrospective...

IMO - It's time to vote green for *every* election except for..

My Party has fallen....and it can't get up......

Trailer with 350 lbs of exposives stolen....


Potential negative fallout for Bush from the press. . .

disgusting repuke campaign strategy vs Dean--must read!

Limbaugh.Has anyone listened to him since his return?

What are they teaching kids?

The NeoCon plan to end Amercian Democracy is finalized

Where is Dick Cheney? Calling All Cars! APB for Dick Cheney!

How tolerant is Belgium?

Heroic? That POS slithering in and out of Baghdad was heroic?

White Rose Society Censored by Google...

Max Clealand Quits 9-11 Commission

Kerry on Bush's* trip to Bagdhad - paraphrasing . .

Black Box Voting: Is your Congressperson on this list? donation thread #2

The Military, the Left, and the rest of America. How do you see it?

- Action to get a 9/11 family member on the Kean Commission -

Some cities skip lights - can’t afford holiday lights

Kenyan Trio Charged with New U.S. Embassy Plot

Clark Post During Waco Gets New Attention

Meet talk-radio's `Great Liberal Hope'

Clark would suspend parts of the Patriot Act

Blacks Object to Gay Marriage Comparison

Anti-Chavez Signature Drive Starts Amid Fraud Claims

US army denies killing sisters (Iraq)

Army Reservist Accused of Insubordination

Alameda County hospital labeled a 'trouble spot'

“No Country in the World is Interfering in Venezuela”

Deathmatch: Britney versus Madonna. Who would win?

Beware the dogs of war! (and the fluffy bunnies of war, and...)

Who posted the picuture of the Bologna & Cheese Sandwich?

Which game should I play?

Is Jay Fiedler related to Arthur Fiedler?

I'm amazed, shocked, confused and questioning.

Oh what it is to be a “democrat” POEM by big bad easter bunny

In honor of my 5000th post...

This LOTR Thread Is Gonna Be A Work-In-Progress

Caption this photo of our glorious pResident, Shrub


Every Radio station is filled with Christmas music!!!!

Laws Concerning Food and Drink: Lamentations of the Father

Missing dog returns after six years

Oh god! Now Frosty the snow man is on!

pisses me off

Welcome to the Wacky World of Weird Ideas!

Have a new friend wondering about Will Pitt...

Any insurance professionals out there?

Simpsons Fans--How and when did Dr. Marvin Monroe die?

Just saw Ron Howards' movie " The Missing"

I'm going to the Netherlands next week, ask me anything

Should I go out tonight?

Spurs/Lakers tonight

Boomers, X-ers - what happened to us?

My dirty little secret....

Better Ian McKellen Role --- Gandalf or Magneto?

Dean vs. Bush email virus???

You have just been promoted to host a one on one one-hour news show

Totally frivolous makeup post: anybody try that Bare Minerals stuff?

West Wing marathon on Bravo

I Finally Rented *Bowling for Columbine*. Ask Me Anything!

So is there any way to waste the stupid hacker posts?

New Bush Tape Raises Fears of Attacks

Wow the MODS are on the ball! Too bad for freeps!

Pop quiz: Who was Prime Minister of Britain...

This is scientific news?

Just did a double feature of "Bad Santa" and "Elf"

What is a 'feltcher'?

I missed something, didn't I???

New England Patriot fan alert on in DU tonight!

Dear God this movie is terrible (I rented Matrix Reloaded)

Hey people, posting from Maui !!!! :-)

I bet the Hacker has a bunch of screen names

The worst is these idiots keep saying "hacking" when they're "spamming"

Have any of you ever dyed your hair black?

Looks like an idiot freeper child discovered copy and paste

I have a crush on a guy. But I'm not gay.

One of my Teachers/Chefs was fired for accusations

the President in Baghdad

Rented "Finding Nemo" for Holiday Treat. Hated it! Why did you like it?

Worst commercial made of a great song...

Good glass cleaner for aquarium?

it's turkey-lurkey CAPTION time

Is making bread a sensual thing?

Please do not feed cigarette butts to the urinal weasels. Thank you.

Is there a way to find out if someone is dead?

Favorite C.C.R. 45?

Favorite sleazy talk show host

What have you listened to recently?

Best line from The Big Lebowski

Congratulations, Padraig18!!!

Condi Rice and Shrubya--the soap opera.

Schilling accepts trade to Boston

Favorite female comic:

SOteric's dirty little secret

Vinyl to CD Burning

NYC to Hold Ticker Tape Parade for Bush, a la Douglas MacArthur

Son absence

The Will Pitt Song

NYC area DUers, come see my husband's band 12/3!

The Shire... 60 Years Later

(NYT) Iraq Exit Plan: New Obstacles

Give thanks for Molly

Scaring Up Votes

For Alan Colmes, Nothing But Left-Handed Praise

cartoon, medicare - carlson nails it again

CBC presents 12 uncensored stores about Iraq (link, hope it's no dupe)

BE VERY AFRAID (Seattleites) | The Stranger

What if you heard this outside your house ?!

BBC News: Shevardnadze says US betrayed him

Home Truths--Mother Jones

Things you have to believe to be a Republican today

Woman Knocked Unconscious While Shopping

Stars and Stripes letters: Get Limbaugh off Armed Forces Radio

Bush Thanksgiving trip: "It's not about the Iraqis, stupid."

PNACZIs in our Midst FYI - In case you had not seen this one

Floridians - a REAL Impeach Jeb movement is afoot. Can you help?

Buy Union-Made Goods This Holiday Season

Help Save the Life of Fuad Moussa

Bushies vs Downie (Washington Post)

Poster Design for the Candidates.

Woman filed rape charge against Pres Bush last year now found dead

Joe Conason on Neil Bush's "Chinagate"

Military personal want Rush off AFN

Tarot Card DU'ers: Had first Reading at Borders Books, /Don't Understand!

Astrologer predicts possible crisis for Bush on Dec. 10.

Gays Under Occupation--Help Save the Life of Fuad Moussa

Elderly Man Kills Wife, Man and Himself

Missouri CCW injunction: implications for police

How many posts before a new member can start a thread?

When Is A Duplicate A Duplicate?

Hey, I got my DU bumper sticker but no star?!

I just wanted to toast the mods

Sanitizing Italian Fascism Sullies Fight Against Antisemitism

Attacks on Judt, Soros Reveal Blind Spots

Ha'aretz editorial (Saturday): Unacceptable differences in mortality rates

Al-Jazeera (Saturday): Oxford talks focus on 'road map'

PA police catch jewelry thieves, return them to Israel .

BBC (Saturday): New peace plan challenges Sharon

The Back Page: ‘A Social Code of Discourse Doesn’t Exist in Israel’

Israel/OT: Children under siege (Amnesty report)

IDF suspends soldiers involved in death of Palestinian.


Capitol Hill Forum Rips Middle East Policy

Gianfranco Fini's penance

Parents of woman killed by Israeli bulldozer call for peace

BBC (Saturday): Palestinians tie talks to barrier

Sign this online petition to remove DeLay from office

Rush Limbaugh's tax cut argument fully debunked - in detail

Woman filed rape charge against Pres Bush last year now found dead

Critics in Vermont Rally Around Dean

Good, 22 minute interview with John Edwards with NPR from last January.

Who will become this year's San Francisco treat?

We might be in trouble..WP article

Dean: What a difference a year makes!

Why I'll Vote For Wesley Clark

Nader in 2000

Colorado reredistricting verdict will be out Monday

All right Clarkies, convince me to drop John Kerry as my top choice...

The Bush Iraq Photo Album: They hate his guts. Its a PR disaster!

bushes record as leader vs this Presidents record

Jim Gabbert on KGO

Anybody heard about the "Monster Friday Sales" statistics?

Does anyone know the name of the liberal think tank that

Are you still on the fence?

Is there any truth in this Freeper Rumour about Clark and Waco?

Does anyone read Foreign Affairs ?

Kristof (NYT) column: 'Name That War' contest winners announced

Why have Democrats forgotten what we learned from the GOP?

Bernie Ward has an ignorant freeper online now

Will a brave republican step up and run against * in the primaries?

Next time a military age male calls for war in Iraq do this

Now What? (bush* Iraq secret visit and KKKarl Rove)

For DUers Downunda: Who is Australia's next opposition leader?

Wag the Turkey

Microshaft once again retards the wheels of justice (California > Lindows)

I'm begging for an expert photoshopper for * flash

Where's where's Greg Palast?

Maybe the Democratic Party needs to get some Religion

Faces of War

Here's a little Thanksgiving Flash

"Their objective was not simply to tame the press but to transform it...."

Name that war column by Kristoff, must read

Historically speaking, how effective is Bush propaganda machine?

This is the kind of thing we are up against...

* not awol! he was testing secret airplanes!

newsday headline: AWOL on Air Force One

"We will, in fact, be greeted as liberators."

CNN was NOT invited to Iraq.

New Purported Bush Tape Raises Fear of New Attacks

Some lost jobs never come back

Hearts and Minds - US style technical question

Will Northern Ireland dominate the Sunday talk shows?

Does the Commander-in-Chief get an Income Tax break for having "served"

Rush Never Spoke Out Against Drugs....

Bush? Chicken Hawk or Turkey Hawk?

Who should win the democratic nomination?

Every single reporter that went to Baghdad with Bush should be fired....

98 dead in November, Army says no Al-Queda Link, Iraq police helping enemy

Goddamn you Bush!!! Damn you to hell!

bush* VS. Nature By RFK Jr.

Some Money For Iraq & Afghanistan went to Miami...

Soldier Killed in Iraq After Bush Visit

Nah, the Council of Concerned Citizens (CCC) isn't a racist organization

Living on air: what do you think of this ?

Soros and are our best shot at ousting Bush

How many DUers click off the news as soon as they hear Michael Jackson's

Today's Christine Amanpour CNN report is clean of pro-Bush Iraq spin!

Black vote or gay vote?

Dean raises party's anxiety.

Have Fun With Church Sign Generator

Bush governed a large state

Symbolism - the Turkey

Is the US Planning for "Global Union" by way of terror and financial fall?

Is the Guy James web site down temporarily?

Aides Prodded Reluctant Bush on Iraq Trip

I think the whole "turkey dinner" in Iraq was faked for the photo-op

Is the Space Program Progressive?

WHY do Democratic senators running for president "avoid" voting on bills?

How many flags will it take

Our industrial government

What conspiracies do you believe in? Why?

Chickenhawk Down

Bush forgot to bring something else to Iraq

For Those Worried About A Candidate's Foreign Policy "Experience".....

Voices of dissent in a Red State. Rove's media tricks not playing here.

What shall we call his splendid little war?

(bushgang) Crimes Against Nature by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Interesting term worked its way into the political rhetoric in Indiana...

Do you like Chris Matthews?

What An Incredibly Sad, Tragic Picture

Attack of the consumer whores- Woman crushed in rush at DVD sale

We need to multiply grassroots by 10x

Help me buy a laptop

non-defense spending skyrockets under Bush and Republicans

Bush PR trip backfiring?

DU this CNN poll. My God people are gullible.

Transcript detailing JFK's heroism during WWII

This DU site is really a creepy place!

What do they think of us in South Korea?

What do DUers REALLY focus on?

Black Box Voting: Rep. Robert Ney of Ohio stops HR 2239

Is this Clark quote a good thing or a bad thing?

Neil Bush has his fingers in Iraq too

Which nations have used weapons of mass destruction?

Panda Software Weekly virus report

Got this e-mail from it true?? Is FCC having a hearing?

The attack of the Patriotic Zombies - the grim reality of 2004?

want to see how BBBT&M works on a Charity? read on.........

George Soros: Defeating Bush is "a matter of life and death".

Floridians...remember Ray called Democrat?

on C-Span now - Future of US Intelligence (replay)

How would the draft apply to an American living abroad?

Wouldn't it be something if *W would not seek or accept the nomination....

What would make a good slogan against shrub in 2004?

I am a darn good cook but...


Jingoistic Patriotism

Beyond Bush II (fromthe like all his stuff this is an

Draft Dubya...

Anti-Clark media bias out of control!!

Reminder: No "Guy James Show" today

Requesting BBV links and Info - Please help if you can!

Repugs are rebelling from the administration. Bush will be toast.

Local Democrats may favor Kucinich, Dean

Why I'm for Dean (The Nation)

No Joke: RNC Excited That Kerry And Clark Are Behind Dean In The Polls


Feedback request by the UK government

Awright--gay marriage, YES or NO?

Dean and Gephardt Battle it out to the Political Death

Looks like MSNBC is "dumbing down" even further.

Take it w/ a grain of salt: Drudge says Dan Rather to retire

A Call to DU, need some help with media research

Elderly in Florida could determine the next president of US....

Unfreep this Poll!

Can I get help on a freeper making KKK comments about Byrd?

i speak fluent freeper...ask me anything

If Wesley Clark is elected, what do you realistically hope he'll do?(nt)

We are up against a monster

One man's opinion: Evidence indicates that Wellstone crash was no accident

Outsider Dean running insider-like campaign

This has been bugging me all week. re: Clark vs. Tweety post debate

If Bunnypants was testing secret airplanes

2004 Is Now for Bush's Campaign

Rockers Unite to Oust Bush

'tis the season to BOYCOTT WALMART


Look at This Poor Child!.......

Clark on Late Edition , Wolf Blitzer

Liberals With Brass Ones....

Just talked to a Marine who had been in Iraq

What election?!

Is Bush doomed to "die" in office?

Benamar Benatta: A Disappeared Speaks

Inside the Clark campaign... Many good questions. Policies vague.

Woman Knocked Unconscious By Wal-Mart Shoppers

who is the most underrated historical democrat?

Surprise Thanksgiving Dinner at 6 AM?

Mike Malloy - what is the story - anyone know?

If a campaign has reached the point of blaming the media for its woes

Clinton's Governorship of a population of 2,350,725

My response to 20 assertions made by a Warren Commission defender...

Why oh why did Dean bring his records to his induction physical?

BBV: new strategy re contacting Congress.

the neo-con quiz says I'm Pat Buchanan

4-page feature on Kerry in tomorrow's NY Times

TV Alert: Monday, Dean on Hardball...predictions

Which issue is more important to social conservatives? Abortion or gays?

A few words about a great liberal - and a great conservative.

Kerry On Ashcroft, Civil Liberties, and the NRA

Would You Vote For Someone Who Smoked Pot?

Why does america hate cube so?

How families learn of military deaths in Iraq

U.K., France, Germany OK EU Defense Deal (Poodle stepping out?)

Speculation mounts Bush may give way on steel

Runaway Car Kills Three in Texas

Democratic Race Sows Labor Disunion

3 Terror Network Suspects Arrested

U.S. Is Worried Foe Is Tracking Targets in Iraq

Official: Al-Qaeda plans something big

Iraqis express cynicism at Bush's 150-minute visit ( Me Too !!!!)

NYT p.1 analysis -- Iraq Exit Plan: New Obstacles

NYT: No Escaping the Red Ink As Bush Pens '04 Agenda

US shoppers join counter revolution

Mike Allen: With Iraq Trip, an Afterglow, but Uncertain Aftermath

Blair tells Britons to get fit

Iraq Exit Plan: New Obstacles

U.S.-led coalition to distribute 200,000 radios in Afghanistan

Man found innocent in counterterrorism school charges has lots to give tha

AFL-CIO Employees Give Up Two Days' Pay to Avoid Layoffs

Reuters. Sharon plans withdrawal from W. Bank cities (11/28 - 4:35pm ET)

More U.S. Troops Die in November Than in Any Other Month Since Iraq Invasi

State Legislator Confronts 'liberal College Campuses'

Seven-year-old wielding Kalashnikov shot during Iraq raid by US troops

Protesters contend Miami police abused them, stepped on their civil rights

Soldier Killed in Iraq After Bush Visit (Comments by H.Clinton and J.Reed)

North Korea urges EU to keep Bush at bay

U.S. Suspends Aid to Nicaraguan Courts

WP: Intelligence...agencies not equal to needs of preemptive attack policy

US Is Worried Foe Is Tracking Targets in Iraq

Death penalty urged in corruption trial

Japan spy satellite launch ends in failure

Taiwan Allowed to Call 'Sovereignty' Vote

Unfriendly encounter lands activist in court

Stubborn Issues Unresolved for Congress

Aristide's Populist Appeal Dwindles in Haiti | L A Times

Giant Russian oil merger collapses

Deaths pile up in Iraq - 2 GI fatalities make month deadliest yet

America to mediate in Kony war | The Monitor (Kampala)

BBC (Saturday): US troops 'detain dozens in Iraq'

Taleban chief 'seen in Pakistan' | BBC

November Deadliest Month in Iraq

OMG people are gullible. DU this CNN poll

nuclear safety rules may be relaxed

Gun ban at church? Nope | Salt Lake Tribune

North Korea rejects Japan's participation in nuclear talks

Military families frustrated by military death notification

Guantanamo Bay Officer Charged (another one)

Iraq Should Conduct Census Before Elections -Chalabi

Stars give S. Africa AIDS benefit

Aides Prodded Reluctant Bush on Iraq Trip

Attacks on US Troops Down in Iraq - Top General

U.S. denies signs of deadly November (Reuters)

Oil Experts See Long-Term Risks to Iraq Reserves

How British charity was silenced on Iraq

Makeup of fund boards draws increasing criticism

Woman Escapes Abduction in Minnesota [45 miles from previous abduction]

Spanish Troops Ambushed

Florida Elderly Feel Let Down By Drug Benefit

Iraqui Police Behind Some Attacks? Can you say VietNam,

Chavez Foes Start Petition Campaign (referendum on ouster)

CNN: Officer accused of mishandling intelligence data

Guerrilla war in Iraq spreading

Clark had no role at Waco, ex-commander says | Chicago Sun Times

Spanish Intelligence Team Attacked in Iraq

Chaplain is called victim of hysteria | Boston Globe

U.S. commander sees no evidence of al Qaeda in Iraq

Bush asks Americans To "Volunteer" to help troops....

Iraqi Leaders Say U.S. Warned of Disorder After SH, but Little Was Done

Opponents Of Gay Marriage Divided | Washington Post

23 (Kenyan) girls on the run to evade circumcision | The Daily Nation

Veteran evicted over alleged terroristic threats files suit

November proves deadliest month yet for U.S. in Iraq

Troop Families Go to Iraq on Peace Mission

Euro hits high against dollar, ends just shy (of $1.20)

Hillary Clinton urges slower handover

Sen. Clinton: More time needed for Iraq Transfer

Two Japanese nationals killed in Iraq

Wal-Mart Tops $1.52 Billion in One Day (AP)

Al-Jazeera (Saturday): US urged to slow Iraq power transfer by Hillary

Governor agrees to parole killer (Da Terminator sets U free!)

How families learn of military deaths in Iraq

Church May Penalize Politicians

Apartment Glut Forces Owners to Cut Rents in Much of U.S.

Yesterday, Hail to the Chief; Today, Hail to the Senator

Iraqi council leader criticizes U.S. plan

High times in UK magic mushroom business

Clark: Dinner Not Enough

Woman Knocked Unconscious While Shopping (at Walmart)

The phrase "breeding like rabbits" may have acquired a new meaning...

Red Sox get Curt Schilling!

They're running "Apollo 13" on Sci-Fi channel

For DUer's staying in tonight...let's chat.

Any good Wellstone wallpaper pics out there?

Any DUers in Asheville, NC?

Well I Had A Pretty Good Friday. My Red Sox Trade For Curt Schilling

Most ribald movie scene?

Kinsey Scale Poll (for Lungs)

YO! Will Pitt, Mark Morford gives thanks for YOU!!

Is Condi a lesbian?

Hey Red Sox fans. Did that trade between A-Rod and Garciaparra...

The tryptophan is wearing off.....

Help me find a song...

New cool radio station on encrypted radio

Anyone up for a quick game of Calvinball?

The official "I Hate Car Stereo Retailers" post...

is there nothing that corporate America won't commodotize?

It's snowing outside!! And I'm watching "the twin towers" on DVD! A.M.A?

Anybody admit to eating bologna?

I got to prank my old High School over the holiday. Ask me anything! Needs Your Help !

good night folks

Who is on DU?

Ok I have an Idea...

Anybody Play Poker at ?

"Of All the Girls I've Loved Before" - Yours? Have you ever loved?

Law School help, please! Finals soon! Any DU attys?

sorry wrong post

Must-see joke from Bartcop....LMAOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Classroom rebellion

Japanese police make first file-sharing arrests

Does anyone know where I can purchase a special lamp/light

(joke) Miracles of Texas Surgeons

Who at DU is Chas. Lindbergh's secret love child?

50 ways to leave your lover (Bush/Saudi version)

I learned a new word today! Ask me anything!

Neil Peart Is The Best Living Drummer

The Madcap Laugh

Just saw a ad against Bush on CNN Headline News

Oh, man, what a ripoff! See if I go to Holland NOW!

I don't know if I should be posting this question but....

Cspan Will Televise Live Ceremony of Bush Being Award Battle Ribbons.

And you think Rumsfeld is scary? Georgia's Defense minister

Genius idea

Palestinian Foreign Minister..... CAPTION

45 and counting till freeper father in law is here

"Women think of sex the same way men think of flowers:"

Ummmm, Farah still looks good at 56 even after all the weird things

Non Political comment of the day

Got CAPTIONS for this Dick pic? (not a sex thread)

PhotoShop DUers, please do something wth this! (Rehnquist)

Yay New York City - named a street after JOEY RAMONE

So.... What's New With You?

kef...saw Thousand Corpses the other night.....

The Kim Cattrall Song

First female coup leader? Georgia again...

I left my home in Norfolk Virginia,

I just got invited to a party with the Governor

Need links to articles of the actual recount

250 Million Pre-approved Bank Cards Sent to Iraqis.

While * was in Iraq, Pickles took a drive.... oops.

Currently in my CD player

Cool Edit question.

You put your left foot out....... and CAPTION

For the Star Trek fans!

When did shopping become a contact sport?

Very interesting reading here. Regarding the BFEE's plan for

I miss guitar solos.

Old Wives' Tales... Can you think of any good ones?

So, just what WAS the first rock and roll record???

Monthly request for help in accessing the DU gallery.

Osama Got Run Over by A Reindeer

Okay, I was on vaccation when this happened... S-148

We're still sick over here...

WOO HOO! An Iowa couple just wrote me back!

On perpetual HOLD; listening to Michael Bolton!

which AFC team will win the big one this year?

Have you ever known a polite, well-mannered mouse?

Which Campaign Poster Is Better?

I'm heading down to NYC for the night; don't ask me anything!

Puppies 50/ Gay Palestinian 0

Guess Will Pitt's Zodiac Sign

I really gotta get over this "Puff the Magic dragon" thing

Anyone here read Hyperion by Dan Simmons?

Our Wedding Plans Are Now On Hold.

Scientists trace evolution of Indo-European languages to Hittites

Animated Banner Ads On Television Shows (A Rant)

Along the theme of "Christmas cards for freepers" ...

Anyone wanna help me try to understand something weird that happened to me

Need help

I'm a mom again!

Down with Cubes!

Iron Giant marathon on Cartoon Network

What's your most addictive game?

Question for people who have read A. Scott Berg's "Lindbergh"

Help with new laptop - Please?

I am sitting here with a group of kids.

Did anyone know theres a new James Carville book out?

Help me buy a laptop

80's Hairfarm Metal Lined up on the mp3 Player today

Mud Football on ESPN! BGSU vs Toledo game thread

Script: Peter Cook Memoirs of a Miner: Sex & Violence Down the Mines

Need Help w/ my Christmas cards to Freepers!

any other Christmas snobs here?

How many DUers click off the news as soon as they hear Michael Jackson's

Just finished my Xmas shopping...didn't set foot in a store!

If Media Whores had to get real jobs, they would....

Corona vs. Budweiser vs. Coors vs. Guinness

Wooo!!!! Virginia Beats Virginia Tech!

Opinions on a business idea solicited

Hah! Can't fool us over here!

What was the first rock and roll record? (Part 2)

Anyone have an opinion regarding the new “Hog Line” rule?

Which electric train is bigger?

WEBMONKEYS: Get Search Results as RSS

Political philosophy quiz

Do complete strangers ever tell you you're cute?

I No Longer Have a Full Beard

in the words of a hero of mine...

Just a little something to make you smile

Anybody here collect Sid Dickens tiles?

Ok I finally got my sound back kinda

Who wants to be....a Senator?!

OK everyone. I'm getting ready to meet my fellow DUers!

Guess Who Wants to Be Governor (Kinky Friedman in Texas)

DNA ties Lindbergh to German family

Funny office cartoon

I Probably Shouldn't Say This, But....

Any strength athletes out there?


Zomby's governorship of a population of pies

Hottest Xmas toy?!? -

I am a darn good cook but...

I'm on my way to see the new Tim Robbins Play "Embedded"

Fuzz's leftover turkey recipe of the night.

XU - IU basketball, WGN tv, NOW

Can we vote people off the island...

Has anyone fed the yak today?

Does anyone know if Solly Mack's husband

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

I just made sugar free pudding

Mannheim Steamroller

I'm postin on a newly installed wireless keyboard and mouse

Anyone have a quick-n-easy Beef Stroganoff recipe?

Dean and Clark's Book. Where's dubya's?

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful....

Arizona State vs UC Riverside Official Game Thread

New York old school Punks: what can you tell me about "Beirut Slump"?

Starting to get carpal tunnel, do I return the game?

The most stupid WalMart manager in the world...

If any of you down here are good with "Tarot Cards" I need Help! Here's

Oh Yes! Let me see the cruel shoes!

New Jersey GOP's Conservative Babe of the Week...

Proof of *'s war wound, leading to Purple Heart Award

Anyone else snowbound?

How, pray tell, in the hell did I miss THIS??????

Workplace stupidity.........

I'm grading papers and one student drew me a picture of Mr. Happy should I

Watching ~The Return of the King~ will make me

Official Miami vs Pitt Big East Conference Title Game Thread

Care Packages for Soldiers

Who has seen 28 Days?

It's my birthday, I'm 45, and it sucks. Talk to me...

I'm Proud to be an Okie from Misgoukee - - WTF???

How many posts do YOU have right now?

I'm crabby, come share the moment with me!!!!!!!!

How do you find a yoga instructor?

Public Service Annc: Dogfish Ale has made it to Massachusetts

I have a crush on DU

"Alas, Babylon" by Pat Frank.

Did I say the world was safe? I think I meant, "SCREWED"...


Favorite Christmas song?

Just got a new dog

What Christmas song did everyone love to hate

I think it's time to come out at work

Rubio's or Costco Chicken?

while the gallery's getting figured out, show us your picture!

Does Christmas music suck or what?

Yesterday would have been an old friends birthday. He died this summer.

Living on air: what do you think of this ?

Anyone have that pic of Ann Coulter's man hands?

Have Fun With Church Sign Generator

Which of these NFL teams will be in the playoffs?

OK folks, here is our wedge issue for 2004:

Ladies (or gentleman if that's your thing), Do you wear makeup?

Who's Better.......LSU or SoCal?

Gay and bi DU-ers: LTR, or...

My Health - Continuing saga.

Post your pic, thread #2: Moderators please indulge us dialup users.

Right-wing hate site discusses DU:

What is the hardest drug you've ever tried?

Is the “French Kiss” a Lost Art Form?

Friends--I haven't been posting much lately, and here's why.

Guns and Roses...ahhhh...the memories

Anyone here ever have anyone break up with them over religion/race?

Do any any Gen X and Y DU'ers "GET" the Movie "A Christmas Story?"

What would be your five "deserted island" discs?