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Archives: November 30, 2003

"The Turkey Has Landed"

Dec 20 - Bring the troops home/anti-occupation rally Orlando, FL

Seeking Frugal Living types....

I am having a problem with meeting room archives search

Just tried to post a reply in a thread

Amnesty Report 2003: Palestinian Authority

What the war does to us

GOP campaign ads question patriotism

Will endorsements have an effect on your final primary vote?

DEC 8 ...mail date for Iraqi Family care packages.. check in here

I need a good source for campaign schedules of the candidates

Captial Gang discussing *'s sneaking into Iraq

To the DU'er on the CA supermarket strike (don't rememer name, sorry)

An Observation

compendium of minority Congressional endorsements

Does anybody know where Kerry will be tomorrow?

candidates using their birthdays to raise funds for their campaigns

Clark reminisces with friendly hometown crowd

hourly cost of Air Force One

Our liberal pundits stink

Ohio newspaper uncovers Vietnam war crimes


Bush has 6 million people signed up for his campaign.

Clark had NO role at Waco, ex commander says

North of the border concerns

shrub's Baghdad photo-op 'dinner' happened at 5 AM !!!!!

2004 Election results

Dean raises party anxiety.

Deleted message

Constitutional Amendment to Ban Gay Marriage

How long will the USA have to stay in Iraq?

Our liberal pundits stink

See all the soldiers in the pics from W's latest photo op (graphics)

EZ News access for DUers

Three New Hampshire Political Legends Host Event for General Clark

We've lost electoral college votes already---according to this analysis.

The Photo Op

was the civil war exported from Europe?

I need a link, please.

what does the future hold, householdwise...?

CNN just asked for calls

If you get CBC set your VCR for tomorrow (Sunday) morning, re: Iraq.

Talked tonight w/my Republican parents re Bush, 2004, the future, Clark

Brokaw ripped the right wing

Wal-Mart sales hit new high record, 1.52 Billion in one day.

Georgia revolt carried mark of Soros: a coup?

Bush is no Lincoln

Everyone must see this! Be prepared to be stunned.

Why is there so much vitriolic hatred around here?

BBV: A Request From

Reverend Al Lives in Swanky Hotels While Dean Stays at Cheap Hotels

Terror camp Britons to be sent home

Oil Experts See Long-Term Risks to Iraq Reserves

CIA admits lack of specifics on Iraqi weapons before invasion

Tokyo Confirms 2 Japanese Killed in Iraq

Indian prime minister says opposition to job outsourcing will hurt West

Godamnit..went freakin' wind

Looking for a specific Iraq war pic

Cambridge Singers Christmas Album? Any good? Didn't have a "hook up"

Help me buy a lapdance from Matcom

Help me buy a LapDance

Question regarding Frank Capra

Caption: Military's true opinion of Jr?

I am having speaker problems, help me

an oldie, but a goodie

"Is your house on fire, Clark?"

Who would win in a DU vs. Free Republic Softball Game?

In the Seven Months Since May Day

Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy

Late night theater no one watches- Documentary Spin- edition

Joan Jett and The Bangles and Howard Dean!

Christmas tree season -- I love it, I hate it

Anybody watch "Carnivale" on HBO?

What would you rather watch:

Anybody know any good SHN or BitTorrent download sites?

Chinese fortune cookie says:

Anti-love songs

Let's all migrate to Liberal, Kansas!

Hypothetical Election Poll

"Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?"

Check out this pic! Dean is freekin' intense!

Calgary know who who are....Canucks/Flames tonight!

SURELY I am not the only DUer waiting for 'The Return of the King' ...

DU Retail Slaves: How bad is the X-Mas Music?

Is there any right-wing LOVE radio?

Do you care if you're on someone's Ignore List?

When I grow up, I want to be just like Paul Lynde!

Temperature check in thread

Anyone heard from Sweet Zombie Jesus in a while

Need help with Entourage/Apple email

Could use a law school exam pep talk....

Meanest thing to say when dumping someone

Is this an example of using marijuana:

Farting 101..... Instructions for the rookies, How to fart in the

ďHe looks like a deranged Easter Bunny.Ē

Trouble on Walton's Mountain....

Do you have a crush on someone here at DU?

the South Park movie is being shown unedited on Comedy Central tonight

Who would win in a DU v FR Rugby Match?

Lounge Gallery Proposition:

Salt Lake Tribune: On murder, maturity and cynicism

Bush delivers a turkey - Berkshire Eagle

Delay's "Children's Charity Fund" Goes To GOP Convention

Conservatism, Um, Evolving (George Will wonders where his party is)

Shevy's big mistake: Crossing Uncle Sam

Randolph T. Holhut: 'Howard Dean isn't the politician you think he is'

Playing with fire...Saudis are considering atomic arms

The Unemployment Myth (we've been fed more lies)

Jill McGivering (BBC): Fruit no substitute for Iraqi security

Norquist Spreads Conservative/Corporate Agenda

Them's Fightin' Words (Interesting piece on linguistics/ Iraq war)

Only dictators ban television news (Helen Thomas)

"The Chant Not Heard" by Phony Tom Friedman

It was the worst-written Queen's Speech in history

Newsweek: No Way to Make Friends

Toronto Star: An image of U.S. lawlessness

United States set to Legalize Spamming on 1 January 2004

"UNBERABLE Lightness of Memory" by Dowd

The Productivity Paradox --We Aren't Working Smarter, We're Working Harder

Miami crowd control would do tyrant proud

NYT - CIA Coups Revisited

It's NOT Anti-Americanism, It's Anti-Republicanism

Noam Chomsky: The Elvis of Academia

Chris Lydon: great interviewer - now blogs (former "The connection" host)

Who wants to participate in polling American voters?

Make Election Day a national holiday

Alpha Males or Unintelligent, Big-Mouthed Morons (Read For Laughs)

Liberal Talk radio Ė some shows that should be book marked by folks at DU

Walter Cronkite: Is Bush's speech to be trusted?

Gov. Bill Owens in trouble?

Grand Theft America

Lost and dazed in DU (help, SoCalDem & others)

Weird question...about enemas

I need a recipe ....

Help! I need high calorie foods and eating tips for my toddler, please.

Winter is the best time for PRUNING ? right

Must read posts from the old DU forums

Plutonium from Sellafield in all children's teeth

Georgia Coup

$20 Billion? Allah Works In Wondrous Ways ...

Syria hands bomb suspects to Turkey

Bear witness to likely deportation injustice in New Jersey

New Jersey calls it an "assault weapon": California does not

The NRA right wingers are lying about Michael Moore's BFC

special, temporary feature suggestion (if possible)

what about a counterpart to conservative idiots?

Possible Plan to Disrupt DU Forums

What's with the suicide posts?

How Far Right is Too Far Right?

If I temporarily put someone on ignore

My NEW MAIL banner is flashing, but when I check

Indian-American woman confronts Israeli Terror with nonviolence

'The killing fields of Rafah'

Good, bad and ugly

The Killing Fields of Rafah

Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the OT

Liberal Nationalism by Gil Troy, 11/26/03

Israeli forces kill three unarmed Palestinian civilians

Every shekel for the settlements is a shekel against peace

No more ideas, we need implementation

Arafat's support for Geneva peace blueprint sparks protests

IDF to remove 6 uninhabited illegal W. Bank outposts

Fatah officials won't attend Geneva Accord ceremony

Anti-Zionism is anti-semitism (Guardian editorial)

Palestinian Militant Killed in Explosion

Transcript of Clark interview with Blitzer

Dean Gives Me Hope

USA, a democracy, a democratic republic, or something else?


Gephardt Supporters

Can someone explain or give me a link to...

Governor Dean Lays Out HIV/AIDS Policy

Anyone see the Dem Candidate posters in the NY Times Magazine?

Dean and Clark, the re-regulation issue.

What is it going to take to get any of the Dems to take on the media bias?

Clark on depleted uranium: "there is no indication it causes any trouble"

Make Bush debate in the primarys!

this is the thread where I gloat about the "DK" thread getting locked

Can I get opinions? Does google's new search pattern filter politically?

NY Times refutes Dean's claims about one-way bus tickets to Crawford, Tex.

Protestors Moon Republicans (stroll down memory lane)

Do You Know The Basic Difference Between Democrats and Repubs?

How do we win? Let me count the ways

Montana soldier describes duty in Iraq as a nightmare

Bush's panic visit is like of a thief that comes in the night

DUers have pledged anybody but Bush, our candidates should do the same...

3rd Infantry Division will close 3 Highways 144, 119, and 47 for TRAINING

Email Conversation About the Right Wing & Iraq -

How NOT to Pick A Candidate

What is the most effective way to get out the vote?

Uranium Purchase nothing compared to this...Backlash???

Wesley Clark: The New Anti-War Candidate? Want input on FAIR column pls.

We must force Bush's 9/11 stonewalling into front page news

Do we all agree that media is trying to help Bush win 2004?

Thanksgiving with a "moderate."

Wired magazine slams Annthrax!

are the high percentages of bankruptcy bad for big business?

First they came for the Muslims

Should any of the Democratic candidates go visit troops?

Howard Dean books were on the shelves yesterday.

Iraq: There are now an average of 130 attacks a day on coalition forces

Oil Experts See Long-Term Risks to Iraq Reserves

IRS Claims Powers to Punish Political Dissenters

A Military Coup in Education?

Bush plans new nuclear weapons

Why can't Daschle show this type of leadership?

Freepers Becoming Disenchanted with Chimpy

We Need to Get The Queen Bees - Fareed Zakaria

Why should I feel sympathy for those in the West?

Iraq: Chaos continues... Japanese, Spanish, and American Casualties

Boston Globe: Patriot Act stirs worry, but it's been little-used

Who is going to the RNC convention in NYC?

Long road ahead for many wounded troops

Kucinich's appeal

News deprivation in red territory

Merry globalized Christmas everybody !

How did gun control become a left wing issue?

CNN whores

Conservative "insight" into the cause of poverty

Posse Comitatus won't prevent using military in civilian law enforcement.

Our soldiers "in the field" are cold and hungry..(DU adopted soldiers)

Has Lieberman got a paid gig on Faux now?

Sign a petition regarding prescription drug benefit under Medicare Part B

Live on CNN: Some military guy giving the daily body count from Iraq

My letter to the editor re: Bush's request for us to help troops...

Hey GopisEvil - What did you guys do in San Antonio yesterday ?

Watching Washington Journal

Bush Plea Rings Hollow.

"The Vile Hatred Coming From The Democrats"

Matthews whoring for Bush

Catholic hierarchy's plan to overrun the world.

"Bush Asks Americans to Assist Troops"

My local library board thumbs nose at Patriot Act.....

editorializing beneath the surface (and above)

Does anyone have a link the story about Gulf War 1 prisoners sueing...

Alexa: Clark Blog daily traffic surpasses Dean Blog

WOW, anyone watching Face the Nation? "Nadar's war"

Robert Novak

Need help constructing a letter to my newspaper

The guilt over all of the death Bush has caused will...

Deleted message


Just saw a clip of the prez in Baghdad

Okay, I have cut off my Republican family tonight for good

How are the Republicans going to get out the Religious Right vote.

SNL hardball on now

How does the way the government is currently spending money

Deleted message

I saw the MoveOn ad

Seneca Falls

Anyone See The Janklow Story on "Today"?

Financial Advice: Win the maternity room lottery.

Iraq Governing Council to discuss Shia concerns ....trouble?

Does anyone have any info on Clarks VietNam injury story?

Bush Can't Fire Rumsfeld

"What do our opponents mean when they apply to us the label "Liberal?"

The FTAA in Miami: mission creep?

Seniors as voters: no longer solid Dem, but more critical of Iraq

Is Clark a working class hero? Is a working class hero something to be?

Congress Gifts FCC With Fewer Reviews On Media Ownership

We now measure Christmas by how Walmart Sales and how much debt

shrub forcing himself on female Black Soldier (pic)..pathetic

Thanksgiving trip a success because of lowered expectations.

The Iraq occupation

McCain for President!

Savings for you and support for me! - Help fight media deception!

please delete

911 Victimís Wife Files RICO Case Against GW Bush

Your top priority for Congress in 2004?

If you were running for President what would be your platform?

Anybody see John Breaux and Trent Lott on This Week?

CNNInternational - Italian's Intelligence Agents returning home

The cost of Leave

Do we let the Republicans co-opt "grassroots"?

Dean's secrecy starting to look just like Bush's*

My zip-code was the #2 largest Bush contributor...HELP!

Being jerked around by the Iraqis....

Millionaire Republican challenging * in 2004

$1500 flak jacket - "The Interceptor"

Democrats 2004 success CANNOT be built upon Bush/GOP failure. . .

Franks, Bush & a frank thought about the US becoming a military government

A great site with GW's resume on it!

Whether for Ayn Rand or Bill OReilly poison, Democrats need an antiserum

Call the RNC and ask WHO is attacking * for attacking the terrorists

CNN's "Truth in Advertising" segment just *destroyed* the RNC ad.

US Forces Kill 46 Iraqis in Central Iraq

Hey DU's, ya wanna attend the Clinton Library Celebration?

Thought better of it

What happened to the Dixiecrats?

Other than Jeb, who do you think could win the 2008 GOP nod?

Can we say anything negative about the Catholic hierarchy?

Want to join my campaign? (medical care costs)

Tennessee poll

Just saw the ad about Bush the "misleader"

Lee Scott (of WalMart) speaks with Forked Tongue.

Why Can't We Admit That It Was Morally Wrong To Invade Iraq?

Dollar plunges to all-time low against euro

If the prime suspect dies - is there a court case? JFK

So, you're worried about jobs going to China? Read this

A way to break through the controlled media

Chuck Hagel: This measure will not strengthen Medicare

Spending is still up 13% excluding Homeland Defense

A Winning Plan for the Dem Candidates. Join Forces

Question about depleted uranium dangers.

Drudge: Dean Consulting with Jimmy Carter

World Class Op-Ed Rant: "A Coward Goes to Baghdad"

Primary Poll! Who do you support in the Dem Battle?

Don't think in terms of "moral " and"immoral"

Edwards in Oklahoma on CSpan

The Reagans on Showtime tonight

Sanctions and Embargoes against Cuba. Why?

Are Repubs "hypocrites" for talking about Democrats' "hatred"?

Joe's Voting records and rhetoric are 2 different things.

Tee many martoonies for Bunnypants?

I found proof of poll freeping here at DU...

Are there more presidential candidates that we don't know about?

Call LIEberman's Office NOW!

High Tech Jobs Pour into India

C-SPAN 6:30PM EST- Edwards and Dean on Road to the WH

"Seven Spanish Agents".....Willie Nelson song?

Black uniforms?

Iraq -Bush spent one minute talking to nine GIs -- first-person story here

MSNBC: Whatís in Howard Deanís Secret Vermont Files?

Question regarding Christmas gifts for soldiers.

An analysis Howard Dean's effect on Democratic Senate and House candidates

What would you suggest the next Dem Pres do in this circumstance?

Why no Al-Qaeda playing cards?

guess where Jeb flew on 9/12

The Political Castes of the American Republic (a student paper, c. 2500)

Bloodthirsty Freepers celebrate Iraqi deaths

Two things I hold against Hillary Clinton and hope to overcome for 2008

Is Dean frugal or an exorbitant spender? You make the call...

Janeane Garofalo, David Cross & John Leguizamo raising money for Dean

Lieberman touts Fox News' ratings; blasts Democratic party's inclusiveness

I just signed up with Granny D to register new voters

Why does Neil Bush get a free pass when Clinton was crucified?

Defeatists, Defeatism, and the horse they rode in on...

The cold , hard truth... No one represents US..

Wes Clark on "Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer" CNN - Noon Sunday

Help - Need to clear up ques w/ Clark and his military record

National Debt clock

A Small Overlooked Item that Makes the Iraq Photo-op Ring Phony.

Security breach? FREEPER reports on Bush in Baghdad as it was happening!!

Dean Says No to Federal Money from "No Child Left Behind"

Lieberman despicable on Fox "News" this morning

How will internet voting affect the 2004 election?

Did You Happen To Watch Chris Matthews Show This Morning.

10,000 Wounded Troops -- 10,000

Straw poll of Democratic Presidential Candidates

Right Wing Violence

Ashby vs. Bush in primaries!!!

(N)ever (A)gain (S)hould (C)onservatives (A)ccept (R)epublican Bushit

The wrong Kerry is running for President

Ten suggestions to help prevent 2004 election fraud...

Did Bush people lie about British Airways pilot that spotted Air Force One

The Media Still Doesn't Get It About Dean, but the People Do....

Justice for Chaplain Yee

Cleric Renews Call for Election in Iraq

Pincus: U.S. Plan May Be in Flux as Iraqis Jockey for Postwar Leverage

Democrats Laud Pelosi's Style

LAT: Evangelical Colleges Make Marks in a Secular World

Venezuela closes Colombia border

Attacks Force U.N. to Suspend Operations on Two Afghan Roads

3 ex-officers challenging detentions at Guantanamo Bay

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Western Iraq

Reservist Army intelligence officer at Guantanamo Bay charged with violati

Two South Koreans Dead, Two Hurt in Iraq Shooting

As Stimulus, Tax Cuts May Soon Go Awry

Indian prime minister: opposition to job outsourcing will hurt West

The Pentagons Death And Deception

Two Foreigners Badly Wounded in Attack in Iraq

Poor World 'Cuts Climate Gases'

15 Kuwaitis Killed in Iraq Road Accident (from Karbala)

Seven dead bodies handed over to Iraqi police in Fallujah

Bishops SJC decision 'tragedy' (MA)

Enemy Fire Eyed in Iraq Chopper Collision

It was the worst-written Queen's Speech in history

What's fuss over 'Reagans'?

Two U.S. Soldiers Among 12 Killed in Iraq This Weekend

Iraq attacks leave 13 dead

Troubled School dealing with grief

Iraq Scientists: Lied About Nuke Weapons

Inside story of how Washington is losing its bottle (battle?,typo?)..

US to Release 140 Detainees From Guantanamo: Report

US kills 47 Iraqis

Glow of bush Thanksgiving trip fades as rivals renew criticism over Iraq

Straw fuels fear of rift between EU and US

Dean says he would have turned down No Child Left Behind money

Democratic Debate Bingo makes game out of political buzzwords

Patriot Act Author Has Concerns [LA Times}

Toll on U.S. troops in Iraq grows as wounded rolls approach 10,000

Clark Says Bush Iraq Trip Does Not Change Anything

Dead Japanese, Spanish and US haunt general's "great two weeks" in Iraq

British prisoner 'confesses' plot to poison-bomb Parliament

Saudi King Grants New Powers to 'Parliament'

U.S. Says Three al-Qaida Caught in Iraq

Sludge: Democratic investment group planning to start liberal radio

("They Lied to Us") Tucson Mom Heads to Iraq

McCain Lashes Congress, Bush for Overspending

Microsoft Aims for Software in Every Car | Yahoo News

Big money subverts democracy, Timken tells $2,000 donors (at Cheney lunch)

Lieberman Warns of Global Religious War

U.S. Forces Kill 46 Iraqis Trying to Ambush Them

On eve of Janklow trial, victim's hometown is watching

Columbian Contractor Killed in Iraq Ambush

Venezuela Closes Border With Colombia to Prevent Petition Drive Fraud

Microsoft probes new Explorer holes

Clark enlists Hollywood to ignite campaign

Bush reelection team looking to register 3 million voters [scary stuff]

[Hillary] Clinton says, 'Stay the course'

American voters increasingly split along religious lines

LAT:Bush Now Directing Attention to Revamping Social Security

Newsweek: Whatís in Howard Deanís Secret Vermont Files?

Michgan DUers

Got my first Spock's Beard album today.

Mills Fleet Farm

I need a Mac Guru to help me out....

My latest car window flyer

"well she comes from Tallahasse!"

Have you ever crushed anyone on DU?

Head of the Class

Wonder if anyone will ever do a song called "Dubya got run over by a

Fire Marshal orders halt to construction of Alaskan ice hotel

Saw Matrix Revolution tonight - disappointing

Seneca Falls

Oy Vey! My cat just chowed down on a cricket...

Hurricane/Buckeye rematch in the Orange Bowl! Most Excellent!

Anyone else see David Gregory's impression of Tom Brokaw on C-SPAN?

Todays Dilbert

Hey GopisEvil - What did you guys do in San Antonio yesterday ?

I made Chicken Marsala, Crostinis and Pumpkin Cheescake - Ask me anything!

Hey GopisEvil - How was San Antonio yesterday ?

Karl Roves- training video for new white house employees

I'm making banana muffins.....

Ron Howard's "The Missing" - Rabrrrrrr's review contained herein

Meanest thing to say when someone dumps you

When are we going to see some new "Curb Your Enthusiasm" eps?

Bush's special Christmas plans uncovered

Happy 168th Birthday, Mark Twain!

why should I buy a MAC?

Paypal: Buyer Beware!

WOOOHOOO. I am going bowling sunday afternoon. I have not bowled

Anybody use Newsfeeds as their Usenet provider?

Remember your 1st crush here:

Got Snood? Wanna really creepy Snood graphics set?

My boyfriend's cat and chicken hate each other

Should I go drive through In'n'Out?

Your homework assignment

Calling all BCS Experts--Will Notre Dame get a bowl bid if they beat SU

Two of Slinkerwink's Dirty Secrets Now Out into the Open......

The Flu

Shostakovich, Where Are You When I Need You?

A Gift Suggestion for a Meaningful Gift.

True Facts - Feel Free to Add You Own

Christmas Gift Giving Idea For the Unemployed...

GOPisEvil: Did you take photos last night?


Zonies!! Let's get together for a holiday brew!

Proud Mom Moment!

What Would Brian Boitano Do?

Has anyone looked up today...?

Ohio roads suck!

Should Martin Sheen run for President?

Kleeb's not so dirty little secret but please look anyways

Showtime: The Reagans

Find the cost of freedom..

Best suicide method?

I just finished making my third batch of soap today (for holiday presents)

Cold Mountain

Pirates of the Caribbean

why lock the suicide thread?

John Kleeb is...

I want to give up Mountain Dew HELP

I'm feeling so morally clean this morning

Need help/advice with Playlists for DVD recording

Yesterday, I bought a membership @ Costco

I just bought a Dell...Don't ask me anything.

Bears vs. Cardinals.... at least one of these teams will have another win

Need creative help, big time! >

LOL...Check out my local papers editorial cartoon

Anybody just see Jason Sehorn's "catch"???

I like George W. Bush* because... Let's read between the lines!

Longest lasting music misinformation?

The Thread Thread!

I almost played the nastiest trick last night...

Wow, How about them Colts!

Bengals v.s. Steelers official game thread

The damn Vikings are going to give me cirrhosis

My little sister called the cops to file a complaint about her ex

Happy 75th birthday, Sen. Paul Simon!

Is Bush a moron or a moran?

Ah! Hair in my soup. This place needs better help.

Is it just me or has the Internet been exceptionally slow today?

I need some ideas for a Christmas card caption.

Ethical dilemma - just how nasty would this have been?

Ok. Where Has Crewleader Been. I Miss Her. I Hope Everything Is Fine.

Is Life worth living without beer?

I also got my first R.E.M. album yesterday.

I just bought a Doll. Ask me anything.

mmmm turkey soup with apples and mushrooms and craisin dumplings!!

Guess The Song (Volume I)

I just threw up on the prime minister of Japan - ask me anything!

I got some new wallpaper

The worst form or cause of suicide?

I know you all missed me - I'm back (and at 30lbs)

We should raffle Matcom off

Is the press trying to get Michael Jackson acquitted?

What do you do with limp lettuce?

Would You Bang Me...

Anyone here use Microsoft OneNote?

Kids can be so innocent and gullible...

I would start an official Browns/Seahawks thread but...


Things are looking good for a Carnivale season 2

Tech Question: JavaScrypt: Browser-Based Cryptography Tools

Word (or phrase) association: Three Dog Night

Should the good people of Connecticut recall Joe Lieberman?

A RANT...60's Music on PBS

Hawaii 37 Alabama 29.... stunning loss for the TIDE

why we love our children

mmmmm Homemade Chili & Cheese Dogs! What's on YOUR plate?

Which classic European film are you?

Queens of the Stone Age

The Movie Spoiler thread!

So what's your current impression of me?

Karmically Speaking - how do you feel right now

Anybody up for a DU chat

Should I go to work today?

I Hate That I Got Nuthin' To Say

When You've Looked Everywhere But Can't Find The Remote Control

When does Six Feet Under come back on?

Just saw Shattered Glass ask me anything

The best thing about a bush defeat in 2004 is....

Practical jokes gone bad.

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa!

OOOOOOOOOOO, Baby!!!!!! Caption me harder!!! Harder!!!!

Bummer. Lost my star

Hijack this thread while I go to church

What is the lowest thing you have ever seen another human being do ?

Favorite cure for constipation

Is there anything in the world Freepers could beat us at?


Once a military/police state is declared, will life be worth living?

Cities you've never been to but would like to live in....

Okay, I have cut off my Republican family tonight for good

Just for the hell of it..the names I like thread!

Is Ireland worth a trip in January?

Who is the sleaziest person at the Screw York Times?

Question about Freepers

NEWYAWKER99 HAS 55,000 POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!

DUers do D.C. Part ll: boilerbabe's pictures from the day of dissent

Who does your significant other support?

Wherein trof gets a name, hopefully temporary.

Anybody Seen Timeline Yet?

How about those 49ers?

Is life worth living without love?

Which bands aren't Sellouts?

I got my first Radiohead album yesterday.

It's tough being a busy, poor DUer ....

Show us your bookmarks..

Favorite forgotten (or mostly forgotten) Motown tunes

Weirdest family name contest.

Need help finding link -- British (?BBC) about ignorant Americans

Best movie of 2003

WAAH! My new kitty is missing!

What Bands are Sellouts?

I just switched to Mozilla web browser! Ask me anything.

My kids just marched in the Macy's parade...ask me anything!

Geographically where are you right now?State,province or country.

just crested 8 days with no cigarettes!!!

kinda spooked here people.

More of SOtericís dirty little secrets

Now THIS is absolute stupidity!